Empower PlaygroundNationalOyarifa Adentan roadAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/3740
D.I. 14/10/2020
Exp. 13/10/2021
Westphallan Children’s VillageNationalEffiduase - KumawuSekyere EastAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/24 D.I.17/2/14
Darlings InternationalNationalNorth KaneshieAblekuma West MunicipalGreater AccraFarming and Vocational TrainingDSW/1125
Joint Aid Management InternationalNationalA-409 Abotsi St, East Legon AccraAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/4642
Exp. 9/1/14
Projects AbroadNationalKotobabi Road AccraLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/1121
D.I 30/12/19
Exp. 29/12/20
Redeem Africa Leadership FoundationNationalNear NCCE Agona WestAgona West DistrictCentralEducationDSW/5078
Exp. 9/1/14
Aldiaa SocietyNationalH/No. 39/5 Madina AccraGa East MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/3695
Exp. 21/1/2022
Christian Rural Aid NetworkNationalNear Wudek Hotel PeduCape Coast Metro.CentralEducationDSW/671
D.I. 29/9/2020
Exp. 28/9/2021
Enablis Entrepreneurial Network GhanaNationalSDA School or Hilone RestaurantAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEntrepreneuship TrainingDSW/4944
D.I. 20/3/19
Exp. 19/3/20
Christ’s Global Passion for Legacy FoundationNationalPlot 8 Block B, 70 Tafo RoadKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHuman RightsDSW/3848
D.I 10/7/14
Exp. 9/7/15
Brotherly Life FoundationNationalTema Comm. 11 Market TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraEducationDSW/3800
D.I 4/9/2020
Exp. 3/9/2021
Education Assessment and Research CentreNationalDEL International Hospital, East LegonAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/2308
D.I. 15/7/19
Judy Vollert FoundationNationalH/No. 12, Troas Cresent, Osu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/2280
D.I 17/1/13
Exp. 16/1/14
Eagle consciousness AmbassadorsNationalAfrifa Junction, Ayeduase New SiteKumasi MetropolitanAshantiYouth DevelopmentDSW/5232
D.I 17/1/13
Exp. 16/1/14
Embracing Hidden Talents NetworkNationalAhanta West, Opposite Bisua D/A J.S.SAhanta WestWesternEducationDSW/2012
D.I. 19/12/19
Exp. 18/12/20
Sickle Cell Condition AdvocatesNationalAdjacent to Total Filling Station, Spintex Junction Opposition Sakumono EstatesTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/3460
D.I 19/11/2020
IF FoundationNationalNear the Industrial AreaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraYouth Development DSW/2504
D.I. 24/1/13
Exp. 23/1/14
Eagle KidsNational2nd junction, after Chief’s PalaceAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/4222
D.I. 11/4/18
The Global Alliance For Community DevelopmentNationalHouse No. HEL/G/066 (Mr. Ametepe’s House)Ho MunicipalVoltaHealth/PopulationDSW/5263
D.I. 24/1/13
Exp. 23/1/14
Centre For Training Of The DisabledNationalNear Budumburam CampCentralVocational TrainingDSW/5108
D.I. 24/1/13
Exp. 23/1/14
Sun-Life GhanaNationalOfankorGa West MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSD/4609
D.I. 21/4/16
Exp. 20/4/17
Autism Awareness Care And TrainingNationalTop Radio and Harvard College, KokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2447
D.I. 5/3/2020
Exp. 4/3/2021
GEDA (GHANA)NationalTDC shopping mallTema Metropolitan Greater AccraCommunity/Rural Development, DSW/3535
D.I. 24/1/13
Exp. 23/1/14
Life Development FoundationNationalSIC High Court Road Ho (200 metres from Goil)Ho MunicipalVoltaAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/2134
D.I. 24/1/13
Exp. 23/1/14
Nimba Community Support ServicesNationalTop floor of ECOBANK (GH) Okponglo Branch OfficesGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/1999
D.I. 4/2/13
Exp. 3/2/14
Child Research And Resource CentreNationalHaatso – Atomic Road, Opposite Emefa JeweryGa East MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/4094
D.I. 19/3/2020
Exp. 18/3/2021
Youth EngineeringNationalNear NADMO Head OfficeTema Metropolitan Greater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/1890
D.I. 4/2/13
Exp. 3/2/14
Environmental Protection Youth ClubNationalAdjacent to paper house.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/925
D.I. 6/2/13
Exp. 5/2/14
Global FlocksNationalBehind Baptist Calvary ChurchAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraFighting PovertyDSW/5188
D.I. 6/2/13
Exp. 5/2/14
Gold Fields Ghana FoundationNationalAirport View Hotel Airport Residential areaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSD/2446
D.I. 11/4/19
Exp. 10/4/20
Calvary Enterprise Development FoundationNational Okaikoi - NorthGreater AccraTo promote Socio-Economic Development and Self-Reliance.DSW/3429
D.I. 12/2/13
Exp. 11/2/14
Window Of Change FoundationNationalDownright Chemist on the Mamprobi Road.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5047
D.I. 12/2/13
Exp. 11/2/14
Tehayon FoundationNationalNear ECG low costNkwanta SouthVoltaHealth/PopulationDSW/4229
D.I. 4/10/18
Exp. 3/10/19
Water In Africa Through Everyday ResponsivenessNationalAcross TUC BuildingAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater & Sanitation DSW/5266xx
D.I. 31/1/19
Exp. 30/1/20
Adom Foundation GhanaNationalBehind Glory Hill School or Legon Hospital, towards MempeasemAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/1960
D.I. 27/5/19
Exp. 26/5/20
Aged Focus FoundationNationalNear Director of Health’s bungalowLawra DistrictUpper WestVocational TrainingDSW/4815
D.I. 14/2/13
Exp. 13/2/14
H 4 PNationalRoosetett Crech & Preparatory School - Dansoman last stopAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5040
D.I. 4/9/2020
Exp. 3/9/2021
Legal Resources CentreNationalSID TheatreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightsDSD/2580
D.I. 7/4/14
Exp. 6/4/15
Volunteer Partnerships For West AfricaNationalOpposite Dokua Royal HotelGa WestGreater AccraIncome generating/Finance ServiceDSW/3932
D.I. 23/12/19
Exp. 22/12/20
The Bible Society Of GhanaNationalOpposite James Fort PrisonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraBible translation and Publishing, Religious Development Education- HIV AIDS.DSW/542
D.I. 19/10/16
Exp. 18/10/17
Ohayo Ghana FoundationNationalOpposite Shangri-La HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/2020
D.I. 30/7/2020
Exp. 29/7/2021
The Grand Charity FoundationNationalGolden Pearls International SchoolGa South MunicipalGreater AccraAssisting OrphansDSW/4182
D.I. 20/12/17
Exp. 19/12//18
Buruli GhanaNationalNear Central HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater & SanitationDSW/5051
D.I. 12/12/18
Exp. 11/1219
Wuso Forntau Health OrganisationNationalBugri, Upper EastBawku MunicipalUpper EastCommunity Health ServicesDSW/4224
D. I. 4/10/2020
Exp. 3/10/2020
Initiative Development Ghana (FNGO)NationalDansoman SSNIT FlatsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPoverty AlleviationDSW/1093
D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Gate Of Hope FoundationNationalNot far from cluster of schoolsGa SouthGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/2540
D. I. 7/3/13
Exp. 6/3/14
Ghana-West Africa Program To Combat AIDS-STI (WAPCAS)NationalOpposite All Saint Anglican ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/Population/HIV AIDSDSW/4392
D.I. 7/5/2020
Hopexchange -GhanaNationalNear Apire on the Opoku Ware School (OWASS) Apire RoadKumasi MetroAshantiTo Provide Clean water, Health Care and Relaible Food Supplies for the NeedyDSW/4149
D.I. 19/11/2020
Aged Concern FoundationNationalFisheries Commission BuildingLawra DistrictUpper EastHealth/Population, Vocational Training and Community/Rural Development.DSW/2711
D.I. 26/3/13
Abibiman FoundationNationalOpposite TDC Navy Southern Command ResidenceTema Metropolitan Greater AccraEducation, Women & Children Affairs, Advocacy/Research and Environmental Protection.DSW/2525
D.I. 23/12/2020
Exp. 22/12/2021
Holistic Christian MinistryNationalCrown LibertyAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity/rural DevelopmentDSD/4002
D.I. 12/7/19
Exp. 11/7/20
Save Them Young MissionNationalRising Soul SchoolTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/1398
D.I. 29/9/2020
Exp. 28/9/2021
Africa ICT RightNationalEast Legon American Building or behind Hannah School ComplexAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraInformation Communication Technology (ICT) DSD/3613
D.I. 16/2/18
Exp. 15/2/19
Sen’s ProgramNationalBehind Cathedral, near Asylum DownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearhDSW/2609
D.I. 30/9/14
Africa Migration And Research FoundationNationalSanta Maria family friends bus stop first building upGa SouthGreater AccraHuman Rights and Advocacy/Research.DSW/4845
D.I. 26/3/13
Exp 25/3/14
Africa Advancement CampaignNationalNear Kotobabi Police StationGa SouthGreater AccraWater & Sanitation, Education and Health/PopulationDSW/4396
D.I. 26/3/13
Exp 25/3/14
Rural Watch GhanaNationalNear Friday's RestaurantTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/1488
D. I. 30/10/2020
Exp. 29/10/2021
World Youth Outreach OrganisationNationalEjiratia Community CentreKumasi MetroAshantiYouth Development, Education, Health/Population and Religious DevelopmentDSW/5339
D. I. 3/4/13
Exp. 2/4/14
Ebaahi FoundationNationalOpposite the Methodist ChurchAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraWater and Sanitation and Health/PopulationDSW/5504
D. I. 3/4/13
Exp. 2/4/14
Student & Youth Travel OrganisationNationalOpposite UNDP Office, Ring Road East, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth Development and EducationDSW/838
D. I. 23/5/19
Exp. 22/5/20
Princess Umulhatiyya FoundationNationalBl. 17-19 Legon AveLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraEducation and Women & Children AffairDSW/4439
D. I. 3/4/13
Exp. 2/4/14
Evangelical Presbyterian Development & Relief AgencyNational E.P Church Mawuko Girls' Senior High Schol, HOHo MunicipalVoltaAgriculture & Food SecurityDSW/4082
D. I. 21/11/19
Exp. 21/11/20
Mayday Rural ProjectNationalMayday Clinic, Lartebiokorshie AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/132
D. I. 3/4/13
Exp. 2/4/14
Orthopedic Training Centre, Adoagyiri – NsawamNationalOpposite St. Martin’s Secondary SchoolNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternRehabilitation of Physically ChallengeDSW/375
D. I.11/10/19
Centre For Sustainable Development InitiativeNationalNear the Post OfficeBolga MunicipalUpper EastEducation, Women & Children Affairs and Advocacy/Research.DSW/1492
D. I. 13/9/19
Exp. 12/9/20
Care Net GhanaNationalElectricity Company of Ghana main yardHohoe MunicipalVoltaHealth/Population, Education and Environmental ProtectionDSW/939
D. I. 5/4/13
Exp. 4/4/14
Human Development Association InternationalNationalPlant Pool Link, Alajo Polo ParkAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/4428
D.I. 14/2/2020
College For AmaNationalOpposite US Group of CompaniesGa WestGreater AccraEducationDSW/3224
D.I. 21/6/19
Hope For Future GenerationNationalNorth Kaneshie – SwanlakeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/2410
D.I. 13/8/2020
Good Schools For AfricaNationalSarpeiman, U-turn Nsawam road or near Electoral CommissionGa WestGreater AccraEducationDSW/5329
D.I. 25/7/18
Trax Program Support (GH)NationalGhacoe Wonfen streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraVocational TrainingDSW/305
D.I. 7/5/2020
AG Care GhanaNationalShare a wall with GIFTY Fashion Design Ltd.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/Population
The POS FoundationNationalSt Mary’s Junior High SchoolLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraHuman Rights, Youth Development and Environmental Protection.DSW/3400
D.I. 10/4/13
School for Life (SEL)NationalModern City Hotel, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/4411
D.I. 26/6/2020
Orphanaid AfricaNationalFirst building in the town (After Ayikuma Village)Dangme WestGreater AccraOrphans and Vulnerable ChildrenDSW/1951
D.I. 12/6/2020
Aid To the Vulnerable FoundationNationalAyeduase New Site, near Darken Hostel/KNUST KumasiKumasi MetropolitanEasternHealth/Population, human Rights and Women & Children Affairs.DSW/4585
D.I. 17/4/13
Development Fortress AssociationNationalNear GCB/Assin Fosu roadLower DankyiraCentralCommunity/Rural Development DSW/3293
D.I. 18/9/15
Integrated Development In FocusNationalNear Era, Apostolic church, Lomoko house, Charles laneAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/2710
D.I. 15/2/2021
Great Faith International MinistriesNationalBehind Aburaso Methodist ChurchFoasie DistrictAshantiYouth Development DSW/2300
D.I. 8/7/15
Nubuke FoundationNationalMensvic Grand HotelLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAgriculture and food SecurityDSW/3127
D.I. 18/6/2020
Exp. 17/6/2021
Jaynii Streetwise OrganisationNationalBehind Lighthouse, JamestownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5287
D.I. 24/7/2020
Institute for Democratic Governmance (IDEG)NationalThe ABC Mall, East LegonAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/ReseachDSW/5142
D.I. 8/8/14
City Of Refuge MinistriesNationalDoyumu, Shai HillsTema MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and Children Affairs DSW/3976
D.I. 31/12/2020
United Way GhanaNationalBehind Fan Milk, Adjacent to DannexAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/3681
D.I. 24/7/2020
Good News MissionNationalGoshen Street Community 12/Witsand international SchoolTema Metropolitan Greater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/1613
Hope For Rural Humanity – GhanaNationalOpposite Atabu R.C. ChurchHohoe MunicipalVoltaCommunity/Rural Development DSW/5260
D.I. 2/12/19
Exp. 1/12/20
Obaatanpa Women’s HospitalNationalNearer to Miklin Hotel East LegonGa East MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5366
D.I. 8/6/2020
Exp. 7/6/2021
Open Learning Exchange GhanaNationalNext to RLG office near Christian CouncilAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation DSW/3736
D.I. 10/11/17
Sanford World Clinics – GhanaNationalNext to Tantri Lorry StationCape Coast Metro.CentralHealth/Population DSW/5348
D.I. 19/11/2020
Bright Generation Community FoundationNationalAdjacent National Service SecretariatKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSW/4331
D.I. 17/1/19
Darlings InternationalNationalLight House Christian Mission SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/1125
Presbyterian Relief Services & Development (PRS & D)NationalIn the premises of Presbyterian Book ShopAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraDisaster Management / EducationDSW/3500
D.I. 19/8/2020
Mighty Men & Women of Valor Foundation `NationalNear the Bus StationTamale MetropolitaNorthernWomen & Children Affairs, Community/Rural Development and Religious Development.DSW/4899
D.I. 30/4/13
Cafacayo Charity OrganizationNationalRasta beach roadLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraEducationDSW/1419
D.I. 4/9/2020
Exp. 3/9/2021
Pro-Link OrganizationNationalAbrantie College of Fashion & Cosmetology/Kasapreko JunctionTema Metropolitan Greater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/1152
D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Humanitarian Project GhanaNationalEast AirportKrowor MunicipalCentralPoverty ReductionDSW/4621
D.I. 11/2/2021
International Youth Fellowship (Ghana Branch)NationalTema Community 12 Goshen Street near Assembly's of God ChruchTema Metropolitan Greater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/1599
D.I. 12/3/19
Environmental Health Education FoundationNationalOpposite Naura MosqueKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducation, Environmental Protection and Agriculture & Food SecurityDSW/4898
Javsalynn FoundationNationalThe Prudential Bank, Ike Quartey Building, zongo junction branch, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/1847
Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief OrganizationNationalOpposite State Transport Yard (STC)BolgatangaUpper EastAgriculture & Food SecurityDSW/4370
Nour - Ul – Alam Mission Of GhanaNationalClose to Egon German ClinicAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSD/4866
Foundation For Security And Development In AfricaNationalOff ARS junction near Twumasiwaa Clinic East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & ChildrenDSW/3885
Exp. 14/1/2022
Emmaus Mission Of GhanaNational H/No23/47 Community 10 TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraEducationDSW/1024
Exp. 29/6/18
House Of Refuge $ Prayer MinistryNationalSaltpond bypass KomantheMfantimanCentralHealth/Population, Education and Agriculture & Food Security.DSW/3913
Exp. 8/5/14
Young Educators FoundationNationalOpposite Lapaz Community Hospital, AchimotaGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo promote literacy amongst children and youth in Ghana.DSW/4907
Cancer Health Foundation (C.H.F.)NationalOpposite Bantama Church of PentecostKumasi MetropolitanAshantiAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5213
Edugha OrganisationNationalAdjacent BISCO/business Senior High SchoolTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducation, Community/Rural Development and Agriculture & Food Security.DSW/4190
Afro Global AllianceNationalLa-bawaleshie Traffic lightAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/Population, Youth Development and Advocacy/Research.DSW/2624
Mercy Foundation NationalOpposite A.A. Mensah Pharmacy Shama AhantaWesternStreet ChildrenDSW/1177
Exp. 16/6/20
Rural Education And Development ProgrammeNationalKing Solomon Garden for Enyam Abaasa officeAdumako Enyam EsiamCentralEducationDSW/1345
Send GhanaNationalRegimanuel Estate Nungua BarrierLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/1799
D.I. 24/7/2020
Center For Development InitiativesNationalLocated at Top Flour at the Shopping Mall, AdentaAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraHuman Trafficking & HIV/AIDSDSW/4780
International Accelerated Mission – GhanaNationalNear Zonka Guest House or opposite Sunyani Sports StadiumSunyani MunicipalBrong-AhafoEducation to Needy ChildrenDSW/5246
D.I. 14/9/18
Exp. 13/9/19
West Africa Aids FoundationNationalNear Haatso Total Filling Station, Yam MarketGa East MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/1648
Juniper TreeNationalNODA Hotel, Crop and Research BRRIKumasi MetropolitanAshantiWomen & Children AffairDSW/3844
Exp. 18/3/2021
Pen Plus BytesNationalNear the Methodist ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTraining of Journalist/monitoring of elections and to equip Journalist on reporting through ICT.DSW/4079
Foundation For Future Christian Workers InternationalNationalNo. 41 Nemnmge road LaterbiokorshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/Population, Human Rights and Environmental Protection.DSW/3315
Exp. 29/3/14
Christian Outreach complexNationalBehind PH Hotel, opposite the resident of Sierra Leon High CommissionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children Affair, Community/Rural Development and Religious Development.DSW/5429
D.I. 17/6/13
Exp. 16/6/14
Volta Educational Renaissance FoundationNationalShares building with South Dayi District office of the Ghana Naional Fire Service.South Dayi VoltaEducationDSW/4937
D.I. 30/7/2020
Ghana Missions And Bible CoursesNationalNsawanNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternReligious DevelopmentDSW/1108
D.I. 13/8/2020
Exp. 12/8/2021
People’s Dialogue On Human SettlementsNationalOpposiste Arch Indternational School, LartebiokorshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater & SanitationDSW/2461
D.I. 4/9/2020
Exp. 3/9/2021
Crusades For Christ InternationalNationalNsawam Bypass road near Nsawam Junction, DobroNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternReligious DevelopmentDSW/3052
D.I. 23/10/2020
Exp. 22/10/2021
Hope For Children And Aged Rehabilitation CentreNationalOpposite Olise Senior Secondary SchoolSunyani MunicipalBrong-AhafoPhysical Challenge and less priviledgedDSW/5404
D.I. 8/12/14
Exp. 7/12/15
WACAMNationalU/16 Community 4Tema Metropolitan Greater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/1547
D.I. 17/9/2020
Exp. 16/9/2021
A Rocha GhanaNationalNear ISODEC or adjacent to Wallam ClothingAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/2750
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT GHANA)NationalOpposite Emefa Jewelery, HaatsoGa WestGreater AccraWater & SanitationDSW/8
D.I. 5/3/2020
Safi InternationalNationalAbout 50 metres from Ocean View Estate, across from IRS Director’s Residence.Cape Coast Metro.CentralEducationDSW/2743
D. I.7/8/14
Exp. 31/7/15
Inter-Generational Initiative ProgrammeNationalAxim – Nkroful Road near Kikam Cold StoreWesternHealth/PopulationDSW/3168
D. I.7/9/15
Exp. 6/9/16
Muslim Teachers Training InstituteNationalBilal CentreKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSW/3696
D. I.24/12/18
Exp. 23/12/19
Research and Counselling Foundation For African MigrantsNationalBetween Dome Excel Filling Station and Gym Bus StopAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/2520
D. I. 12/11/2020
Basicneeds GhanaNationalBehind Regional Feed roads office, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernMental HealthDSW/1480
D. I. 15/2/2021
Exp. 14/2/2022
Gaede FundNational2nd Floor – D3 RND PlazaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraEducationDSW/5402
D. I.8/7/13
Exp. 7/7/14
Global Poverty Reduction SupportNationalDansoman last stopAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAlleviating Poveety and Inspiring HopeDSW/5202
D.I. 27/8/2020
Exp. 26/8/2021
Global MamasNationalBehind Koala in OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraIncome Generating/Finance ServiceDSW/3847
D.I. 24/3/2020
Exp. 23/3/2021
Finatrade FoundationNationalNear CCTC Gh. Ltd (opposite Goil Filling Station)Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraAgriculture & Food SecurityDSW/3560
D.I. 7/9/15
Exp. 6/9/16
Rainforest AllianceNationalEast Legon H/No 36 Abotsi StreetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/4588
Exp. 16/12/2021
Shalom Indigenous FoundationNationalBehind AGLOW Day Care Centre, MadinaLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/282
D.I. 17/12/2020
Exp. 16/12/2021
International Centre for Enterprise And Sustainable DevelopmentNationalAmerican house, 38 Adjirigano street East Legon down to Prestige ShopAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/1060
Exp. 4/11/2021
The Hope Foundation For CharityNationalKuottam Estates, OyarifaLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAssist Orphans and VulnerableDSD/3538
Exp. 9/3/17
Trois Alliance Relief Foundation InternationalNationalBehind Paloma, Dankwa CycleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/2896
D.I . 18/6/2020
Exp. 17/6/2021
Jacob’s Well Appeal GhanaNationalOpposite Nadowli District HospitalBolgatangaUpper WestHealth/PopulationDSW/ 4535
D.I 17/7/13
St. Peter’s Care For MalariaNationalBehind Kofi Baako’s Storey BuildingNew JuabenEasternWater & Sanitation, Religious development and Health/PopulationDSW/ 4459
D.I 17/7/13
Brave Aurora AssociationNationalIn the school compoundWest MamprusiNorthernOrphans and Vulnerable ChildrenDSW/4533
D.I. 15/5/2020
Exp. 14/5/2021
African Peace Network (APNET)NationalOpposite Kotobabi Taxi rankAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSD/1068
D.I. 12/8/16
Youth And Women EmpowermentNationalInfront of Pentecost Church, ONJADORNYAOdumaseEasternHealth/PopulationDSW/2242 D.I. 6/10/17 Exp. 5/10/18
Project Peanut ButterNationalKumasi, Next to the sawmill, Near Daban StationKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/5464
D.I. 19/11/2020
Exp. 18/11/2021
Nothing Pass God FoundationNationalNo. 8 Asuofua Market SquareKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSW/2841
D.I. 11/7/19
Exp. 10/7/20
Commonwealth Human Rights InitiativeNationalAdjacent Bank of Africa, Head Office, Asylum DownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman Rights DSW/2887
D.I. 17/9/2020
Enterprise Opportunity Forum GhanaNationalChrist Apostolic ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraIncome-generating/Finance Service, Youth Development and Advocacy/Research.DSW/5453
D.I. 26/7/13
Campaign For Female Education (CAMFED)NationalNear GT Bank, East LegonLa Kwantanan Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/3921
D.I. 17/9/2020
Afram Plains Development OrganizationNationalDonkorkromKwahu Afram Plains NorthEasternWater & SanitationDSW/1310
D. I. 13/8/2020
Exp. 12/8/2021
Ghana OutlookNationalArea 51Ho MunicipalVoltaHealth/Population, Education and Water & SanitationDSW/1178
D. I. 2/8/13
Exp. 1/8/14
Learning Helping Living NGONationalAdjacent SDA ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/Population DSW/327
D. I. 5/3/2020
Exp. 4/3/2021
Innovation For Poverty Action - GhanaNationalClose to Dzorwulu Special SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/4510
D. I. 12/11/2020
Exp. 11/11/2021
Pointhope GhanaNationalOfankor Police stationAccra MetropolitanGreater Accra Women & Children AffairsDSW/2721
D. I. 24/7/2020
Exp. 23/7/2021
Global Action For Women Empowerment (GLOWA)NationalOpposite Volta Advertising Printing Press and Adjacent house No 3Ho MunicipalVoltaHealth/PopulationDSW/1836
D. I. 29/4/2020
Exp. 28/4/2021
Socioserve – GhanaNationalGhana Commercial Bank roadAsuogyaman EasternHealth/PopulationDSW/2441
D. I. 8/7/2020
Exp. 7/7/2021
Ransom Foundation InternationalNationalNkroful roadElembele DistrictWesternEducationDSW/3195
D. I. 13/7/18
Exp. 12/7/19
Meltwater Entrepreneurial School Of TechnologyNationalAmerican house Est Legon opposite Lizy SportAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/3465
D. I. 14/10/2020
Exp. 13/10/2021
Global Search And Support Humanitarian Aid FoundationNationalDansomen Sahara off Dr. Bichem roadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/Population, Women & Children Affair and Advocacy/ResearchDSW/5299
D. I. 13/8/13
Exp. 12/8/14
Afrikids GhanaNationalCIDA junction, opposite GNAT Hostel Bolga – Navrongo roadBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastWomen and Children AffairDSW/3024
D. I. 23/10/2020
Exp. 22/10/2021
Northern Network For Education DevelopmentNationalDirectly opposite SDA Primary School, Kalpohin, Tamale/Close to SSNIT Flats, TamaleTamale Metro NorthernEducation DSW/2000
D. I. 12/3/2020
The Samuel Wellington Botwey Foundation (SWEB)NationalHaatso Video Club Atomic Energy RoadGa EastGreater AccraVocational TrainingDSW/4695
D. I. 3/7/19
Exp. 2/7/20
Iqra Foundation for Educational and DevelopmentNationalAdoato Masalachi From Suame run About to Abripo JunctionKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSW/2980
D. I. 28/1/2021
Exp. 27/1//2022
Women Peace and Security Network Africa ( WIPSEN - Africa)NationalNear Acquatec and Facol Road PremisesAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth Development, Community/Rural Development and Women & Children AffairDSW/3422
D. I. 20/8/13
Exp. 19/8/14
Sabre EducationNationalnear Relax Court Hotel, DansomanAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/4852
D. I. 3/2/2021
Exp. 2/2/2022
New EnergyNationalKM 7, Opposite SOS Children’s VillageTamale MetropolitanNorthernWater & SanitationDSW/1192
D. I. 14/2/2020
Exp. 13/2/2021
TOWDA FoundationNationalAhemanse House Aslyum DownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/1021
D. I. 20/8/13
Exp. 19/8/14
Islamic Voluntary ServicesNationalCanada High way/next to KEE-GEE HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/2774
D. I. 12/4/17
Exp. 11/4/18
Water International AfricaNationalNear Post Lodge Hotel CapriceAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater & Sanitation and Women DSW/5494
D. I. 20/8/13
Exp. 19/8/14
Traditional Medicine and Home Care FoundationNational.Adiembra RidgeWesternHealth/Population DSW/3170
D. I. 23/8/13
Exp. 22/8/14
Coalition of NGO’s In Water And SanitationNationalAdjacent to PEDEX officerAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater & SanitationDSW/4649
D. I. 29/5/2020
Exp. 28/5/2020
Association Of Church Development ProjectsNationalOpposite Barclays Bank, Gumani BranchTamale MunicipalNorthernAgriculture & Food SecurityDSW/642
Organization For Community Empowerment And Social AdvancementNationalGye Nyame BuildingAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity/Rural Development.DSW/5039
D.I. 14/5/15
Grace And Peace ChurchNationalOpposite Pro life Pharmacy Teshie or Opposite Teshie LEKMA HospitalLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraHelp the Poor and Needy ChildrenDSW/3463
D.I. 14/10/2020
Exp. 13/10/2021
Healthcare LinksNationalBehind the Ghana Commercial BankGreater AccraHealth/Population, Education and Advocacy/Research.DSW/5214
D.I. 3/9/13
Youth As A Mission Development AssociationNationalNear Catholic Basic School AdawukwaoCentralHealth/PopulationDSW/2075
D.I. 3/9/13
Rashfa-Aid Foundation GhanaNationalAchimota MarketGreater AccraEducation Street Children and Agriculture & Food SecurityDSW/5456
D.I. 3/9/13
Progressive Women’s MovementNationalOpposite Subin Valley Hotel Com. 7Tema Metropolitan Greater AccraVocational Training, Advocacy/Research and Agriculture & Food SecurityDSW/1180
D.I. 3/9/13
Jesus Vision FoundationNationalOpposite the Lady of Fatima International School, AkosomboEasternHealth/Population, Human Rights and Income Generating/Finance service.DSW/4669
D.I. 10/9/13
Salomey Volunteers GroupNational.Vibes CaféKwahu SouthEasternWater & SanitationDSW/4119
D.I. 12/3/2020
Kraban Support FoundationNationalSt John’s to Dome before Railway LineGa South MunicipalGreater AccraIncome Generating/finance service, Agriculture & Food Security and Advocacy/Research.DSW/1085 D.I. 10/9/13
Opoku FoundationNationalAdogate Lodge, AchimotaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAgriculture & Food SecurityDSW/2137
D.I. 8/6/15
West African Action Network On Small Arms (WAANSA)NationalAdjacent to Victory Presbyterian Church or America House, opposite Ampoman HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProliferation of Small Arms and building of secure Environment of the sub-regionDSW/3431 D.I. 23/9/15
Keba AfricaNationalOpposite Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association office – off Sakaman/Dansoman high streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/4216
D.I. 19/1/18
Building For Eternity FoundationNationalNear Social WelfareGreater AccraCommunity/Rural Development, Religious Development and Vocational Training.DSW/4932
D.I. 13/9/13
Pan –Africa Organisation For Research & Protection Of Violence On Women and ChildrenNationalSchool of Hygiene road, One-Plus-One Local Gas StationTamale MunicipalNorthernTo Protect Women and Children from Gender based Violence and AbuseDSW/4437
D.I. 22/1/2021
Christian Helpwork For Africa AssociationNationalDr. Alex ClinicBirim CentralEasternEduationDSW/948
D.I. 28/2/2020
Exp Social Marketing FoundationNationalNear Morning Star SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/4085
D.I. 29/9/2020
Echoing Hills Village, GhanaNationalOpposite Superior Gas Filling station OgbojoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5025
D.I. 15/2/2021
Partners In DevelopmentNationalAdjacent to old Ann Liza Internationl SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity/Rural Development DSW/4416
D.I. 17/9/13
Literacy Bridge GhanaNationalBehind Upland Hotel, Kpaguri Estate Jirappa – WaJirapa MunicipalUpper WestAgriculture and Food SecurityDSW/5221
D.I. 6/2/2020
Exp. 5/2/2021
Mental Aid FoundationNationalPolice Post Tafo KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshanti DSW/2869
D.I. 19/9/13
Exp. 18/9/14
Precious Destiny Hope For The HopelessNationalTeshie AdjormanLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraRoad SafetyDSW/3910
D.I. 19/9/13
Exp. 18/9/14
Akwapim Development FoundationNationalBehind Nsawam Education OfficeNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternVocational TrainingDSW/1305
D.I. 19/9/13
Exp. 18/9/14
Ghana United Nations Association NationalCompound of PURC. RidgeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2795
D.I. 18/5/18
Exp. 17/5/19
Ghana Women’s Voices FoundationNationalNext to East Legon Guest LodgeAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSD/3729
D.I. 15/5/17
Exp. 14/5/18
Organisation For Strategic Development In AfricaNationalN/No. 8 Homowo Street AshongmanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/5436
D.I. 26/9/13
Exp. 25/9/14
Theatre For A ChangeNationalBehind University of Professional StudiesAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/
D.I. 24/10/14
Exp. 9/10/15
Care And Concern Action GroupNationalRight of Akroful Bame road at Sokode-GbogameHo MunicipalVoltaHealth/PopulationDSW/1313
D.I. 26/9/13
Exp. 25/9/14
Firm Lifeline MinistriesNationalNear Ultimate Power House international Sschool, JirapaJirapa DistrictUpper WestWomen & Children Affair DSW/4699
D.I. 30/7/2020
Exp. 29/7/2021
Defence For Children InternationalNationalOpposite Adansi Rural Bank, AtonsuKumasi MetropolitanAshantiWomen & Children Affairs DSW/1610
D.I. 5/11/19
Exp. 4/11/20
Akrowa Aged – Life FoundationNationalDanfa Health CentreGa WestGreater AccraHealth/Population DSW/3323
D.I. 25/6/15
Exp. 24/6/16
Right to Play GhanaNationalNVTI Head Office East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSports and Play EducationDSW/2132
D.I 12/1/2021
Hope and Living Your Best Life Now FoundationNationalHouse Number C 22/4Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation on Poverty Alleviation and Eradication DSW/5327
D.I 23/12/19
Al-Rayaan International SchoolNationalFacing CASA TrasaccoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2379
Nature Conservation Research Centre - NCRCNational2nd Floor of the Ecobank Building Formally the Trust Bank – Abeka JunctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/1016
D.I 11/2/2021
Ghana Trade and Livelihood CoalitionNationalBetween Abavana Junction and Maamobi PolyclinicAsiedu Keteke Sub Metro.Greater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/4159
D.I 30/12/2020
Families of Today for Tomorrow, GhanaNationalFormer GTMC - TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraEducationDSW/3949
D.I. 10 /1/19
Exp. 9/1/20
Worldreader . OrgNationalBehind the Trust Hospital OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5568
D.I 23/12/2020
Project Reach OutNationalPlot No. INST/A/208-Vetical Centre SKM)Tema Metropolitan Greater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/414
D.I 11/12/2020
Concern For Healthy Eye Sight
NationalAdjacent the Kwame Nkrumah MausoleumAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/4365
D.I 29/9/2020
Challenging HeightsNationalOpposite Baptist Hospital/School Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2707
D.I. 11/2/2021
The Redeemed Christian Church of GodNationalNear Kasapreko bus stop, SpintexAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraVocational TrainingDSW/5090
D.I 26/11/2020
Infant Malaria Prevention FoundationNationalNear M Plaza HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/2917
D.I 14/4/15
Methodist Development and Relief ServicesNationalOpposite Total HouseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/4402
D.I. 8/8/2020
Exp. 7/6/2021
Self-Help Initiative Support Services (SISS)NationalAdjacent Leonardo Clinic, Behind ASN OfficeGa SouthGreater AccraVocational TrainingDSW/1204
D.I 31/10/13
African Street Kids FoundationNationalMamprobi I.B.E AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation DSW/4167
D.I. 9/1/2020
ActionAid GhanaNational13 La Tebu Street East CantonmentAccra Metropolitan Greater AccraEducationDSW/3064
D.I 16/7/2020
Friends of the Handicapped International (FHI)NationalNsumfa/Anyaa, Near Old CP Quarry on Awoshie/Ablekma Road AccraGreater AccraEducationDSW/1403
D.I 31/10/13
Cleaner Community NetworkNationalCommunity 18 Police StationTema Metropolitan Greater AccraWater and SanitationDSW/4635
D.I 7/11/13
Society for The Assistance of The Orphans And DisabledNationalOpposite Las Palmas Chop Bar, LapasAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation DSW/1380
D.I 24/4/19
Alive & Kicking GhanaNationalTurn Right After DBS on Spintex RoadTema MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth Development DSD/5500
D.I 8/4/16
Solidaridad Network West AfricaNationalOpposite the new Mosque at East Legon close to ADC MallAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/5574
Healthkeepers NetworkNationalNear Top Town Lorry StationLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/4875
D.I 19/9/19
All Nations Charity HomeNationalNear Global Evangelical Church ASyieya – KNUST KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiStreet ChildrenDSW/4364
D.I 7/8/2020
Agricultural Rural Development AssociationNationalNear Melcom shop, Agona SwedruCape Coast MetropolitanCentralCommunityRural DevelopmentDSW/1825
D.I 28/11/18
Syband AssociationNationalKetu South Municipal Hospital, Makavo HotelKetu South MunicipalVoltaHealth/Population DSW/4081
D.I 14/10/2020
College of Islamic StudiesNationalNext to Madina Central MosqueLa Kwantanan Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/4025
D.I. 18/2/2020
Exp. 17/2/2021
Faith Evangelization Explosion Training Ministry (Feet Ministry)NationalSt. Paul Church KpeheAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/3410
D.I. 5/11/2020
C.A.R.E Computers for Developing CountriesNationalDansoman Traffic Light Bus StopAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/4550
D.I. 15/11/13
S O S Children’s Village GhanaNationalNear Old SNAPS JHSAccra Metropolitan Greater AccraChildren Affair and EducationDSW/2335
D.I 26/11/2020
NORSAACNationalGumani Barclays Bank RoadTamale MetropolitanNorthernHealth/PopulationDSW/4834
D.I 21/11/19
Exp. 20/11/20
Wuzda GhanaNationalAdjacent Chief Guma-Naa’s PalaceTamale MetropolitanNorthernWater & SanitationDSW/5153
D.I 14/10/2020
International Needs GhanaNationalNear the SSNIT Flats, Kris View Hotel DansomanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightsDSW/440
Theovision InternationalNationalNmai Dzor Police StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTransform peoples lives though Audio and BiblesDSW/3109
D.I 22/1/2021
Regional Advisory Information and Network SystemNationalOpposite Metropolitan Fire ServicesTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/1103
D.I 19/11/2020
NationalOpposite Emmanuel Eye Centre (Shiashie) East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/ Error on Certificate
D.I 14/5/15
Exp 13/5/16
Concern Health Education ProjectNationalNear Nativity Presby Church/Bola Junction Road La Kwadjo Sardme OFF Palmwine Junction La Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/3635
D.I 12/1/2021
Calvary Chapel Bible Training CentreNationalAt the Old State FarmsAshantiEducationDSW/4690
D.I 2/12/13
Improve Ghana FoundationNationalD.T.D Community 8 Arku Korsha Street W/10 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5103
D.I 14/8/15
Rafiki Foundation INCNationalAdjen Kotoku Approxinalaly 4 KM From MedieGa WestGreater AccraEducationDSW/381
D.I 29/5/2020
Exp. 28/5/2021
Blessed Little AngelsNationalNear District Police HeadquartersGomoa AbosoCentralYouth DevelopmentDSW/3798
D.I 10/5/18
Exp. 9/5/19
Touch a Life FoundationNationalNear Kensbi FC StadiumAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/4469
D.I 12/6/2020
Exp. 11/6/2021
Development Gateway InternationalNationalNew AchimotaAccra MetropolitanAshantiYouth DevelopmentDSD/3897
D.I 31/10/16
Exp. 30/10/17
Community Action For Development (CAD)NationalKatariga-Yapala junction – Plant Medicine Demon Garden’sTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/959
D.I. 7/8/15
Cansuyu Charity And Solidarity AssociationNationalMadina old road near central mosqueLa Kwantanan Madina MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/4131
D.I. 2/4/19
Exp. 9/4/20
Reach The ChildrenNationalOpposite ICGC (Holy Ghost Temple) Adenta-FrafrahaAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/Population/HIV/AIDS DSW/1663
D.I. 27/8/2020
Life For Relief and DevelopmentNationalMadina Taxi RankLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/4422
D.I. 31/7/19
Waking Up The MightyNationalKpodkpo Bus StopLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraStreet Children, Youth Development and Religious Development.DSW/3267
D.I. 12/12/13
Young Men’s Christian AssociationNationalAdabraka AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5560
D.I. 3/12/2020
Health Access NetworkNationalNear Haatso-EcobankLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/2927
Global Shea AllianceNationalGa Presby Office Kukuhill 3RD FloorAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAgricultural & Food SecurityDSW/5577
D.I.27/8//2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Rural Water Development Programme of Church of ChristNationalAshaimanAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraWater and SanitationDSW/59
4-H GhanaNationalOpposite Koforidua PolyclinicNew JuabenEasternYouth DevelopmentDSW/2455
Search For Rural DevelopmentNationalKwame DansoSene DistrictBrong-AhafoHealth/PopulationDSW/2167
Vision For Alternative DevelopmentNationalOpposite the ECG pay point – Pig Farm – AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Sensitize the Public on Tobacco and Alchohol controlDSW/3819
D.I. 13/11/19
Gateway Of Hope (GH)NationalNear TV 3 Kanda EstatesAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/Population, Education and Youth Development.DSW/4735
Dr. Osei’s FoundationNationalAboabo Akorem near Sawaba junctionKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/Population and Community/Rural Development.DSW/5026
Conservation & Management Integrated Resource InitiativesNationalMOFA second gate, opposite chocolate city restaurantKumasi MetropolitanAshantiCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/5205
Abrono Organic Farming ProjectNationalOpposite Kesse Basanyia, Forikrom TechimanBono EastBrong-AhafoTo Improve indegenous Agricultural Extension Delivery, To Offer Advise on Organic Agro Services to Farmeres and to Propmote Income Generating Activities amongst the Youth.DSW/4722
Rosemond Girl Child FoundationNationalE.C.G. pay point or poultry junctionNew Juabeng MunicipalEasternWomen & Children Affair, Education and Human Rights.DSW/5178
Aiesec GhanaNationalBubuashie AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth Development.DSW/5217
Cuts AccraNational30 Oroko Ave, KokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/6055 D.I. 28/3/14 Exp. 27/3/15
Nurses Aid FoundationNationalTafo Nhyiaeso Near the Police StationKumasi MetroAshantiHealthDSW/6041
Run For A Cure Breast Cancer Foundation GhanaNationalKPI Primrose Place, Airport Residential Area AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSW/6044 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Media Foundation For West AfricaNationalBehind Multi TV Building, Joy FMAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightsDSW/4004 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp.20/5/2021
Trade Aid Integrated AssociationNationalCivil Servant Association Block Bolgatanga Regional HospitalBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastAgricultureDSW/4355 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp. 27//2022
Patriots FoundationNationalWalanta near Great Promise SchoolAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralWomen & Childen AffairDSW/6045 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp. 22/12/2021
Imperial Women TrustNationalCommunity 18 junction, Spintex RoadLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/6042 D.I. 21/2/14 Exp. 20/2/15
Awurama Memorial FoundationNationalH/No. SD/37 Hardware Bar, KoforiduaNew JuabenEasternCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/6012 D.I. 14/4/15 Exp.13/4/16
Eduation Impact Family GroupNationalBlock 36 opposite Agape junction OyarifaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6049 D.I. 5/3/14 Exp. 4/3/15
Jasboa International FoundationNationalMaase - Offinso Offinso South MunicipalAshantiHealth/Population/Drug AbuseDSW/6014 D.I.17/1/14 Exp. 16/1/15
Club Pumega Of All NationsNationalAdenta Adenta MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/6017 D.I. 20/8/15 Exp. 19/8/16
Zakat And Sadaqa Funds of Ghana National3rd Floor right B Plaza Accra NewtownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious/Welfare DevelopmentDSW/6051 D.I. 5/3/14 Exp. 4/3/15
Francis Eshun Baidoo FoundationNationalMary Queen of Peace Preparatory SchoolCape Coast Metro.CentralHealth Population and Drug AbuseDSD/6040 D.I. 19/1/18 Exp.18/1/19
Salesians Of Don Bosco Anglophone West AfricaNationalTema Akosombo road near Blessed Laura Catholic ChurchAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraStreet ChildrenDSW/6057 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp. 22/12/2021
Kings And Queens Care Centre For Mentally And Multiple Disabled ChildrenNationalNear Quality Care Hospital - AdukroOffinso DistrictAshantiProviding clothing for Mentally Handicapped, Disabled and the Needy.DSW/6020 D.I. 23/4/19 Exp.22/4/20
Africa Centre For Energy PolicyNationalNorth Legon HospitalLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5703 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Home Of Care And ProtectionNationalNear Witsand School, formerly Goshen SchoolTema Metropolitan Greater AccraEducationDSW/4358 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp.17/10/20
The United Youth LeagueNationalOkai Mensah street, Adabraka, Odorna ClinicAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEdudcation on Reproductive health and HIV/AIDSDSW/5725 D.I. 22/4/2020 Exp 21/4/2021
New Hope Charitable Outreach Service For The AgeingNationalTanoso Newsite (GPRTU) near Kingdom Hall of Jehova WithnessAfigya KwabreAshantiEducationDSW/4969 D.I. 10/8/18 Exp. 9/8/19
Nour-Ul - Alam Mission Of GhanaNationalClose to Egon German ClinicAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmtneDSW/4866
Connecting Kids Edu FoundationNationalH/No. 9 Kotoka HillAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5789 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp.28/5/2021
Nana Deborah's Safe HeavensNationalTimber Market AnyinamKumasi MetroAshantiReligious DevelopmentDSW/3350 D.I.12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Youth Development, Research And Innovation CentreNationalCloser to Glory Hills School, OyarifaLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/5746 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Association Of Retired Person's In GhanaNationalInside Trade Fair LaLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraAgedDSW/1362 D.I. 23/4/14 Exp. 22/4/15
Lifetime Wells For GhanaNationalMANET Cottage Spintex road - Batsona-AccraKetu NorthVoltaWater & SanitationDSW/3877 D.I. 17/11/15 Exp. 16/11/16
Rising Village FoundationNationalNear to the PalaceAfigya KwabreAshantiEducationDSW/6063 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
Plight Of The Child InternationalNationalAkyem OfoaseAkyemansaEasternAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/6062 D.I. 16/4/14 Exp. 15/4/15
Borderless AllianceNationalGa Presby OfficeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5791 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp.14/5/2021
International Service GhanaNationalOpposite Ghana Education Regional Office, SagnariguTamale MunicipalNorthernPoverty ReductionDSW/6064 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp.5/2/2021
Save Our Lives - GhanaNationalAwiankwantaBekwai MunicipalAshantiEducationDSW//6073 D.I. 6/10/15 Exp. 5/10/16
Mennonite Economic Development AssociationNationalAdjacent Plan Ghana/Plot 20, Kanvile TunayileTamale MetropolitanNorthernWomen and Children AffairsDSW/5387 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
CNB Non-Governmental OrganisationNationalFrafraha washing bay opposite cement deportAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/5802 D.I. 31/8/18 Exp. 30/8/19
Breast Care International (BCI)NationalOduom KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/1726 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Dream For Peace And Development FoundationNationalNear Asawase Juvenile Community CentreKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHuman RightsDSW/6079 D.I. 20/5/14 Exp. 19/515
Gany Gany GanyNationalWarantu. BuipeTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/6083 D.I. 23/5/14 Exp. 22/5/15
Ghana Make A DifferenceNational Behind Dabayin D/A School, GomoaGomoa AfransiCentralWidows, Aged and VulnerableDSW/6081 D.I. 2/7/2020 Exp. 1/7/2021
Ghana Integrity InitiativeNationalNear Abelenkpe Traffic LightAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5192 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Ripples O R GhanaNationalKumbuyiliSagnariguNorthernEmpowering WomenDSW/6086 D.I. 30/5/14 Exp. 29/5/15
The Gideons International OrganizationNationalPlot 22 Block C KwadasoKumasi MetropolitanAshantiReligious DevelopmentDSW/5645 D.I. 9/3/18 Exp. 8/3/19
The Affum-Darkwah Mission InternationalNationalNear US Pure WaterTema Metropolitan Greater AccraEducationDSW/5720 D.I. 25/11/15 Exp. 24/11/16
Research InitiativesNationalAhwiaa-OverheasKwabre EastAshantiResearch & AdvocacyDSW/6085 D.I. 30/5/14 Exp. 29/5/15
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT GHANA)NationalOpposite Emefa Jewelery, Haatso/Shalomshalom old Winneba roadGa WestGreater AccraEducationDSW/8 D.I. 13/6/14 Exp. 12/6/15
Ministerial Development and Relief ProgrammeNationalBlock 312 SCC, Junction GhanaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairDSW/3076 D.I. 19/9/19 Exp. 18/9/20
New Image FoundationNationalNear Ohwin R/C Basic School New Sit KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiYouth DevelopmentDSW/6090 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp. 30/7/20
Northern Ghana Youth Migrant CentreNationalAtnima KoforiduaNkwabiagyeAshantiVocational TrainingDSW/6091 D.I. 20/6/14 Exp. 19/6/15
Leadership For Conservation In Africa Ghana ChapterNationalAirport View HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/5534 D.I. 20/6/14 Exp. 19/6/15
Charity Eye FoundationNationalNear Maria Montessori SchoolKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth, Free Eye ScreeningDSW/5576 D.I. 25/10/18 Exp. 24/10/19
Apana Sauv Mimi GhanaNationalAwhiaaKwabre EastAshantiCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6092 D.I. 23/6/14 Exp. 22/6/15
Friends Of Akwamu/Akwamu VennerNationalAkwamufieAsuogyamanEasternHuman RightDSW/6094 D.I. 27/6/14 Exp. 26/6/15
Professional Network Association (PRONET)NationalNear North Legon Clinic La Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraWater/SanitationDSW/856 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Akuapem Community Development ProgrammeNationalOpposite Dawu-Awukugua Presby Primary SchoolAkuapem SouthEasternWater & SanitationDSD/421 D.I. 25/11/15 Exp. 24/11/16
Brahma KumarisNationalBehind Labone Coffee ShopAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2387 D.I. 29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Madina Islamic CentreNationalMadina Central MosqueLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/4116 D.I. 29/6/15 Exp. 28/6/16
Health For Africa FoundationNationalLaterbiokoshie H/No B116/3 Adama RoadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSW/6104 D.I. 29/6/15 Exp. 28/6/16
Kingdom Lifestyle Mission GhanaNationalAssemblies of God Church, Flower Pot Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5754 D.I. 18/7/14 Exp. 17/7/15
Street Library GhanaNationalBehind Urban Roads.or opposite Dokua RoyalGa WestGreater AccraEducationDSW/5857 D.I. 18/9/15 Exp. 17/9/16
Youth Advocacy On Rights And Opportunities (YARO)NationalOn the Kugungu road, Behind Busac Office TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernHealth/PopulationDSW/3620 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Community Empowerment AssociatesNationalHse No K57 Krapa-EjisuKumasi MetropolitanAshantiPromote Soci-Economic DevelopmentDSW/6111 D.I. 22/12/17 Exp.21/12/18
Inclusion GhanaNationalAccra Rehabilitation CentreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightsDSW/5209 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Loszu Ghana AssociationNationalGreat Achievers Educational ComplexKumasi MetropolitanAshantiIntercultural LearningDSW/4413 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Madina Foundation For Science And TechnologyNationalLakeside Police StationAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6113 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp. 5/6/20
Liberty House FoundationNationalAdjiriganor near Ashaley Botwe Sraha Police StationLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6116 D.I. 28/8/15 Exp. 27/8/16
Child Rights InternationalNationalBehind Fiesta Royal HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightsDSW/4488 D.I. 18/10/18 Exp. 17/10/19
Souls For Christ Outreach MinistryNationalBatsonna, ECO BankTema MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/5069 D.I.2/12/19 Exp.1/12/20
Hope Alive InitiativesNationalJisonayili TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSD/5422 D.I. 24/1/17 Exp. 23/1/18
K Nyame Educational FoundationNationalOffumanTechiman NorthBrong-AhafoSupporting Needy ChildrenDSW/6119 D.I. 8/8/14 Exp. 7/8/15
Community UpliftNationalSouth La Estate - 40th OtweAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraHealthDSD/6118 D.I. 24/10/16 Exp. 23/10/17
Lifecare GhanaNationalOpposite Fallahia School football park, WaBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastEducationDSW/5462 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp.11/3/2021
Adomah Mensah FoundationNationalNew BortianoGa SouthGreater AccraStreet ChildrenDSW/6121 D.I. 15/8/14 Exp. 14/8/15
Intercultural Exhange Programmes (Ghana).NationalH/No.13 3rd Crescent, Nii Owoo St Parakuo Estate DomeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraIntercultural LearningDSW/6128 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp. 5/6/20
Belojosh FoundationNationalNo 10 Nii Owoo Street West Land AccraGa EastGreater AccraVocational TrainingDSW/6131 D.I. 22/8/14 Exp. 21/8/15
Save The Youth For Christ FoundationNationalSerwaakuraa residential areaKumasi MetropolitanAshantiYouth DevelopmentDSW/6133 D.I. 29/8/14 Exp. 28/8/15
Agency For Health And Food SecurityNationalNear Trust Care HospitalKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/4112 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Touch-Base InternationalNationalBehind Agrimate Building at Firestone Madina roadLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/5345 D.I. 29/12/17 Exp. 28/12/18
NGO InfoNationalAdjacent to Royal Richester Hotel East LegonLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5011 D.I. 28/11/18 Exp. 27/11/19
Filth Free Ghana FoundationNationalKwadaso EstateBekwai MunicipalAshantiSanitationDSW/6137 D.I. 5/9/14 Exp. 4/9/15
Care And Social Development OrganizationNationalNew road Madina - 100 meters from Asanka LocalLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/2456 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Maata - N - Tudu Association (FNGO)NationalVittin EstatesTamale MetropolitanNorthernAdvocacy/ResearchDSD/5497 D.I. 18/3/16 Exp. 17/3/17
PAIS GhanaNationalPremises of Royal House Chapel near Obetsebe circleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/6144 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Ghana Ostomy Support GroupNationalRev. Adjei Nazareth House, La AbormiLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5563 D.I. 28/3/18 Exp. 27/3/19
Agyin Asare FoundationNationalNo. 8 Elshadai street, Otano AccraLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraOrphans and WidowsDSW/3948 D.I. 13/2/2020 Exp. 12/2/2021
The Salvation ArmyNational11th Lane Embassy, ringway Estate OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/140
D.I 11/11/15
Hopeful Way FoundationNationalPeace Be ClinicAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5768 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp.14/5/2021
Creative Storm NetworkNational65a Senchi sstreet, Airport residential AreaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEquality and Democratic GovernanceDSW/6200 D.I. 21/11/19 Exp.20/11/20
Xornametor FoundationNationalDansoman Police StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6196 D.I. 24/1114 Exp. 23/1115
Rural Water Aid InternationalNationalLapaz community HospitalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraRural DevelopmentDSW/6192 D.I. 24/11/14 Exp. 23/11/15
Rural Evangelism CrusadersNationalPlot 22 Block C, Atiwa Adwaase Atwima Kanwoma DistrictAshantiReligious Development DSW/6193 D.I. 24/11/14 Exp. 23/11/15
Raylight Rescue FoundationNationalAfrican Angel building/ /transformer bus stop/Green House, Divine Lane, Lashibi Transformet B/T 10-50Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraServices to PrisonersDSW/6191 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Planned Parenthood Association of GhanaNationalNear Radio GoldAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/627 D.I.13/11/19 Exp.12/11/20
Louis Bolk Institute GhanaNationalChristman house, Asuma Banda MosqueAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAgriculture & Food SecurityDSW/5369 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp. 22/12/2021
Salt to Ghana NationalAhomka FM, ItureElmina MunicipalCentralIncome Generating/FinanceDSW/5905 D.I. 24/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
Community Development AllianceNationalBlk 125 Opposite SSNIT Guest HouseWa MunicipalUpper WestWomen & Children AffairsDSW/6190 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp.16/12/2021
Centre For Local Governance AdvocacyNationalPlot 20 Emi Quarshie Plaza Nmai DjornAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraNational and Local Actors to promote effective local governanceDSW/6189 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp. 10/2/2022
Voice Of People With Disability GhanaNationalNear World Vision and E.P. Schools, Ho KpodziHo MunicipalVoltaDisability IssuesDSW/5710 D.I. 12/11/12020 Exp. 11/11/2021
Centre For Population, Health & Nutrition CentreNationalOpposite Ghan Water Company treatment pland/Plot 46 Meat Factory road DuluguBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastHealth and NutritionDSD/6166 D.I. 31/10/16 Exp. 30/10/17
True Divine Care FoundationNationalKokrobite/Arts CentreGa South MunicipalGreater AccraSupport for Needy ChildrenDSW/6167 D.I. 10/10/14 Exp. 9/10/15
John A Kufuor FoundationNationalNo.. 9 Sixth circular road Cantonments/Akai Clinic or Chinese EmbassyAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraLeadership and Democratic Governance and DevelopmentDSW/6163 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp.5/6/20
Mercy Land OrganizationNationalAsokwa Kumase near StadiumKumasi MetropolitanAshantiSupport Brillian but Needy SchoolDSW/6174 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Glorious DestinesNationalSakaman - DansomanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraVulnerable ChildrenDSW/6176 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Girls Education Initiative of GhanaNationalAprade junction, Kumasi Glory OilKumasi MetropolitanAshantiVocational SkillsDSW/6173 D.I. 17/10/14 Exp. 16/10/15
Japan-Ghana Economic & Cultural Co-ordinationNationalNo. 8 Puni Mensah Street, West LegonGa EastGreater AccraSports and CultureDSW/6184 D.I. 31/10/14 Exp. 30/10/15
Global Cervical Charity FoundationNationalSantasi Anyinam near KokobenKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/5690 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Centre For Popular Education and Human Rights, GhanaNationalNear the Kiddie Care International School Teshie Nugua EstatesTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightDSW/2231 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp. 29/1/2021
United Civil Society Organisations For National DevelopmentNationalShama GPRTU StationShama District AssemblyWesternAdvocacyDSD/6172 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Forsports FoundationNationalD67/2 Area 3, SunyaniSunyani MunicipalBrong-AhafoSports and DevelopmentDSW/6205 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Saq Sports AcademyNationalNo. 6 Alliguntugu street, East Legon/Lizzy Sports CentreGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraSports EducationDSW/6204 D.I. 21/7/17 Exp. 20/7/18
Village Bicycle Project GhanaNationalUnit 3 White Plaza huse, Lomnava AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraVocational SkillsDSD/6203 D.I. 12/12/16 Exp. 11/12/17
Ansaar Internationa GhanaNationalNew town five five MosqueAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAssist OrphanagesDSW/6208 D.I. 8/12/14 Exp. 7/8/15
Grace Amey - Obeng Foundation InternationalNationalNorth Ridge adjacent Merchant Bank Head OfficeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairDSW/4794 D.I. 14/7/17 Exp. 13/7/18
The Light FoundationNationalOpposite UBA BankAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSW/3058 D.I. 11/12/14 Exp. 10/12/15
Printaid FoundationNationalNear Alive Chapel - Police Deport AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5942 D.I. 16/2/2021 Exp. 15/2/2022
International Health and Development NetworkNationalOff Accra Aflao trunk roadHo MunicipalVoltaHealth/PopulationDSW/940 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp.22/10/2021
International Unique Human Welfare Institution NationalKanda HighwayAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHelping the Needy and PoorDSW/6147 D.I. 19/9/14 Exp. 18/9/15
Girl In Need FoundationNationalH/No. 55 Olympic Avenues, KokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTrain abused girlsDSW/6155 D.I. 30/9/14 Exp. 29/9/15
Bacheyjiwa FoundationNationalMile - 7 New AchimotaGa West MunicipalGreater AccraAlleviate povertDSW/6153 D.I. 19/9/14 Exp. 18/9/15
Festive Kids International FoundationNationalAquarium, near Oguaa Teacheers Cooperation Credit Union, Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEducationDSW/6158 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Milabban Population Network GhanaNationalBriskfield Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralData and PopulationDSW/6157 D.I.28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Hopefin TrustNationalNo. 11 Apple Road, Supermarket Down, HaatsoGa East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraWomen and Children in DevelopmentDSW/6216xxxx D.I 21/4/16 Exp. 20/4/17
Africa Development & Resources Research InstituteNationalAdjacent Moses School of Accountancy, AdwesoNew JuabenEasternAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5982 D.I 20/4/20 Exp. 19/4/2021
Young Women"s Christian AssociationNationalNest to National Achives & Opposite to KRIF StationaryAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/361 D.I. 19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
Books for Africa Library Project, GhanaNationalKukurantumiKukurantumiEasternEducationDSW/1298 D.I. 1/2/16 Exp. 31/1/17
Water In Africa Thorugh Everyday ResponsivenessNationalMalaria Control compound TVC buildingAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater and SanitationDSW/5266 D.I. 10/5/18 Exp. 9/5/19
Ghana Baptist Mission/Baptist Medical CentreNationalJudicial Training School CantonmentsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/139 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Training Research and Networking for Development (TREND)NationalNear PerfectTouch Restaurant - Perez ChapelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater & SanitationDSW/1183 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Village of HopeNationalGomoa FettehGomoa DistrictCentralEducationDSW/1372 D.I. 15/1/14 Exp. 14/1/15
Projects AbroadNationalOpposite Jacers Or La General HospitalLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/1121 D.I. 23/2/18 Exp.22/2/19
Tim Africa Aid GhanaNationalZongo High Street near the MosqueKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/1542 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp.10/2/2022
West Africa MissionNationalBehind TIGO office Osu Oxford street/near Top Oil Filling station.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/965 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Brothers And Sisters In Christ ServingNationalBehind Chorkor Police StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/1835 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp.22/102021
Imani: Centre for Policy educationNationalNear Bush Canteen Restaurant, East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth PopulationDSW/5652 D.I 17/12/2020 Exp. 16/12/2021
Ohayo Ghana FoundationNationalOpposite Ghana Home Loans BankAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/2020 D.I 10/5/18 Exp. 9/5/19
Savana SignaturesNationalBehind Gariba Lodge, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernHealth/PopulationDSW/4711 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Reach Out for A ChildNationalNear Ham International School, DansomanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/4377 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp. 17/6/2021
Springforth Foundation International LBG NationalNear the Solid Rock ChurchGa East MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/4988 D.I. 18/1/2021 Exp. 17/1/2022
Universal islamic and Cultural Trust GhanaNationalA & C Mall East LegonAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/2560 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Firdaus Foundation for Social ServicesNationalOpposite GRA NimaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/3144 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Alzheimer'sNationalClose to Afienya Toll GateTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5480 D.I. 6/2/14 Exp. 5/2/15
Mental Health Society of GhanaNationalClose to Abelenkpe Taxi StationGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/4191 D.I. 17/5/18 Exp. 16/5/19
Network For Women's Right in GhanaNationalMIKLIN HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairDSW/3751 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp. 30/7/20
Share FoundationNationalNear Republic road Basic Schools, Com 4Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2361 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Community Livelihoods Support OrgnisationNationalDareen Monssori School near GbaweWeija MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5198 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Co-operative Centre for Education and Relief ServiceNationalKawokudi junction near Gold HouseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairDSW/4434 D.I. 21/11/18 Exp.20/11/19
Pyxera GlobalNationalBehind Trust Hospital Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraIncome GeneratingDSW/3354 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp. 16/12/2021
Mission of Grace MinistriesNationalNear American House and PH HotelGa EastGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/3916 D.I. 20/2/14 Exp. 19/2/15
Centre for the Development of PeopleNationalThe Church of Pentecost, Atonsu Central AssemblyKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/456 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
United States Pharmacopeia-GhanaNationalBehind Fiesta Royal HotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5658 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Association of Childless Couples of GhanaNationalSSNIT block oppositse Ashaiman timber marketAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSD/5704 D.I. 22/3/16 Exp. 21/3/17
Fairtrade Africa - West Africa NetworkNationalNear National service SecretariatAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraAgriculture & Food SecurityDSW/5397 D.I. 14/12/18 Exp. 13/12/19
Lordina FoundationNationalChado EstatesAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/5718 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp. 14/1/22
FYSSO GhanaNationalOn the Circuit Court Lane Near Vodafone MastSogakofe DistrictVoltaWomen & Children AffairDSW/5661 D.I. 8/11/18 Exp. 7/11/19
True Vision GhanaNationalOpposite the Mosques, near air stripWa MunicipalUpper WestWomen & Children AffairDSW/3523 D.I. 20/4/18 Exp. 19/4/19
Rural Project Support NetworkNationalAjacent the Police StationGa East MuncipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/1005 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Cheerful Hearts FoundationNationalBehind Great Promise SchoolAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralHuman RightDSW/4622 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp. 25/11/2021
Gyeyen - Save Us OrganisationNationalKpone Michiel CampTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5787 D.I. 21/3/14 Exp. 20/3/15
Kiku-Kinderhouse NationalAirport Round About KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiWomen & Children AffairDSW/5544 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
African Youth Empowerment And Development, GhanaNationalNo. 5 Born Again - Dome, Lolababy StreetGa EastGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/6222 D.I. 7/1/15 Exp. 6/1/16
Asaf GhanaNationalAdabrakaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraConservation and Preservation of EnvironmentDSW/6221 D.I. 7/1/15 Exp. 6/1/16
Lawa (Ghana) Alumnae IncorporatedNationalEast Legon H/N 4 Street 12D AdjiringanorTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightDSW/1248 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp.11/3/2021
Deeper Life AidNationalH/No. 14 Mccarthy Hill AccraGa SouthGreater AccraHumanitarian and Emergency Relief and Development.DSW/6225 D.I. 14/1/15 Exp. 13/1/16
Paf-Periyar African FoundationNationalOpposite Nadia - Rhama HouseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen EmpowermentDSW/5771 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Glove FoundationNationalSanta Maria SchoolGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5914 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Feeding The OrphansNationalNo. 124 Numo Sai Kojo Crescent, Westland, AccraGa EastGreater AccraEmpower widowsDSW/6233 D.I. 22/1/15 Exp. 21/1/16
Risale - Inur FoundationNationalAdjiriganor - Est LegonLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraIslamic EducationDSW/6232 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Patriots for DevelopmentNationalOpposite Esaase Primary School and Adjacent Methodist ChurchNkawia DistrictAshantiWater & SanitationDSW/5861 D.I 2/2/15 Exp. 1/2/16
Justiceghana GroupNationalNear Suncity Last Trotro StationGa EastGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSD/5939 D.I 8/4/16 Exp. 7/4/17
Marshallan Relief and Development Services (MEREDES)NationalCompound of Holy Spirit Cathedral, AdbrakaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/5912 D.I. 22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
New Horizon Special SchoolNationalOpposite Togo EmbassyAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/934 D.I. 16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Ghanaian Institute of WeldingNationalAkwetemanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6238 D.I. 12/12/18 Exp. 11/12/19
The Peace Foundation For Human EmpowermentNationalAdjacent to Crystal TelevisionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairDSW/5945 D.I. 11/4/19 Exp. 10/4/20
Pioneers - AfricaNationalNear Islamic University, Adjiriganor (plot 99)Adenta MunicipalGreater AccraTraining and supporting Missionaries to remote and deprived communitiesDSW/6246 D.I. 19/2/15 Exp. 18/2/16
Leadafrique InternationalNationalWorship Street SHC Estate, Adenta Housing DownAdenta MunicipalGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/6245 D.I. 5/3/19 Exp.4/3/20
African Centre For Parliamentary AffaisNationalNalag House, tetteh Quarchie roundabout La Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/Research/PolicyDSW/6249 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp. 10/12/2021
Hofmission FoundationNationalHouse of Faith Central Church, near Suame roundabout, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiYouth DevelopmentDSW/6250 D.I. 19/2/15 Exp. 18/2/16
Okyeman Peace FoundationNationalHumanitarian Building, BoG Est. AshongmanGa EastGreater AccraSupport Brilliant but Needy SchoolDSD/6247 D.I. 10/7/17 Exp. 9/7/18
Net Organisation For Youth Empowerment and DevelopmentNationalJisonaayili road, Tamale-GhanaTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/6240 D.I. 17/6/19 Exp. 16/6/20
Fatih FoundationNationalNyohini street opposite Tamale StadiumTamale MetropolitanNorthernVocational SkillsDSW/6242 D.I. 22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
German-Ghana Aid AssociationNationalAgblisaaLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraBuilding Boreholes and SchoolsDSW/6089 D.I. 17/2/15 Exp. 16/2/16
Cosmopolitan Aid FoundationNationalHSE No. 8 Near Alhuda Guesthouse, Dome Pillar 2Ga East Greater AccraEducationDSW/6256 D.I. 24/2/15 Exp. 23/2/16
Amoako Atta FoundationNationalAshiyie, Minerals Commission, Plot No. 23Adenta MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6255 D.I. 24/2/15 Exp. 23/2/16
Youth Empowerment SynergyNationalSecond left after UPSALa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/4489
D.I 24/10/19
Komla Dumor Memorial FoundationNationalNo. 123 Komla Dumor Avenue, Haatso AccraGa EastGreater AccraUpgrade knowledge and skill in broadcastingDSW/6266
D.I 3/12/2020
Liams Foundation for Disabled And The Less PriviledgedNationalHse No C/16/B/35 Nyehe AfifeKetu NorthVoltaLess Privileged and DisabledDSW/6271
D.I 4/9/19
Alcohol And Drug Free MissionsNationalBayere junction - DzorwuluAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCreating awareness of the dangers of Alcohol and Drug Addicts DSW/6265
D.I 11/3/15
The Move ProjectNational29 Mango tree Avenue Asylum DownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPoverty Alleiviation DSW/6269
D.I 25/10/18
Lepers Aid CommitteeNationalWeijaGa SouthGreater AccraEducation on LeprosyDSW/6274
D.I 11/3/15
Engage Now AfricaNationalNo. 85, 4th Ringway Estate, Osu (Opposite the Children Centre)Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist the UnderprivilegedDSW/6267
D.I 17/9/2020
Little Drops Helping Hand AssociationNationalGlata Street near Mun HospitalHo MunicipalVoltaPoverty Alleiviation DSW/6279
D.I 23/3/15
Community Land And Development FoundationNationalBehind Blue Waters Hotel TakoradiSekondi-Takoradi MetropolitanWesternCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/4971
D.I 24/7/2020
Association For African Women In DevelopmentNationalWench lorry stationWenchi MunicipalBrong-AhafoHealth/PopulationDSD/2026 D.I. 5/5/16 Exp. 4/5/17
Divine Royals Foundation InternationalNationalAshaimanAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/3504 D.I. 11/4/19 Exp. 10/4/20
Advocates And Trainers For children And Women's Advancement And RightsNationalC32 Airport RidgeSekondi-Takoradi MetropolitanWesternLegal and Advocacy TrainingDSW/6281 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Obuobia FoundationNationalOld BarrierGa South MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6270 D.I 11/3/15 Exp. 10/3/16
Reachout Global FoundationNationalNo. 221 Numo sai Kojo AveGa East MunicipalGreater AccraHealth DSW/6275 D.I 23/3/15 Exp. 22/3/16
Pagoa Welfare OrganisationNationalCivic Centre, HoHo MunicipalVoltaHealthcare ServicesDSW/6284 D.I. 1/4/15 Exp. 31/3/16
Sustainable Mission Aid InternationalNationalAdjacent Presbyterian Chairman's residence on Zinko road Sunyani MunicipalBrong-AhafoPoverty Alleiviation DSW/5809 D.I.12/1/2021 Exp 11/1/2022
Global Children Action NetworkNationalC 33 Ahinakwa StreetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6287 D.I. 1/4/15 Exp.31/3/16
Madamfo Ghana FoundationNationalDompoase - Aprabon Taxi station Methodit Church roadKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth/PopulationDSW/4284 D.I. 23/4/19 Exp. 22/4/20
De-Sosoo Foundation For Women And Children Development, GhnaNationalNo. 5 Afunyan street Nii Boi TownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/6291 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Centre For Pregnancy and Childbirth EducationNationalBeauty Bank SaloonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairDSW/5811 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp. 17/3/20
Nimbus FoundationNationalNear Crusading Guide NewspaperAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightDSW/5853 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp. 17/3/20
African Focus FoundationNationalAshanti New Town (Ash Town) Kumasi near SDA ChurchKumasi MetropolitanAshantiVocational SkillsDSW/6320 D.I. 13/5/15 Exp. 12/5/16
Enslavement Prevention Alliance - West AfricaNationalAt ATTC, KokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairDSW/4012 D.I. 14/5/15 Exp. 13/5/16
Women Empowerment Foundation InternationalNationalA & C shopping mall at Christin CentreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraUnder Previlege and VulnerableDSW/5541 D.I. 28/2/19 Exp. 27/2/20
Reachout Education FoundationNationalNew Weija AccraGa SouthGreater AccraEducation to Needy ChildrenDSW/6308 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp.16/9/2021
Environment 360National38 Antey22 at AbelenkpeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/6312 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp. 11/1/2022
Save Our Beaches GhanaNationalGicel Block A1 /same builoding with SSNIT, S.C.C. - Weija Ga SouthGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/6321 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp. 16/5/20
Just SheaNationalD20 Kappohin Estates, first road TamaleSavelugu/Nanton MunicipalNorthernHealthDSW/6314 D.I. 7/5/15 Exp. 6/5/16
Helpers Hand FoundationNationalOld BarrierGa SouthGreater AccraEducationDSW/6301 D.I. 7/5/15 Exp. 6/5/16
Multikids AfricaNationalAdjirigano, East LegonLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6307 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp. 29/12/2021
Solace FoundationNationalNo. 12 Reindorf street Parakuo Estate, DomeGa East MunicipalGreater AccraWomen & ChildrenDSW/6315 D.I. 7/5/15 Exp. 6/5/16
Edify Ghana OrganizationNationalC304/14 Adotey Tsui street, Dzorwulu, located on the last floor of Adane houseGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6311 D.I 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Tucee OrganizationNationalNo. 221 Numo Sai Kojo Ave. HaatsoGa EastGreater AccraEducationDSW/6302 D.I 7/5/15 Exp. 6/6/16
Offinso Grassroots Community FoundationNationalBuasi Cjief PalaceOffinso MunicipalAshantiTo educate orphans, needy and disabled children.DSW/6323 D.I 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Good Shepherd Development OutreachNationalNear Roman J.H.S. AkwatiaDenkyembour District AssemblyEasternTo Support Orphans and Vulnerable ChildrenDSW/6329 D.I. 22/5/15 Exp. 21/5/16
Agapelove Nations Human Rights MissionsNationalAubuid Court, Adjiriganor, East Legon H/NO 23La-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraAdvocatingDSW/6324 D.I. 22/5/15 Exp. 21/5/16
Centre For Human Rights & Civil LibertiesNationalHouse C645/3Asylum DownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightDSW/6325 D.I. 22/5/15 Exp. 21/5/16
Double Dream FoundationNationalNkoranza on the Ejura road/behind Bangi HotelNkoranza South MunicipalBrong-AhafoFood SecurityDSW/6328 D.I. 22/5/15 Exp. 21/5/16
World of FriendsNationalBiadan, BerekumBerekum MunicipalBrong-AhafoHumanitarian ReliefDSW/2403 D.I 8/6/15 Exp. 7/6/16
The Anidaso Nsae FoundationNationalAbokobi SchoolGa EastGreater AccraHealthDSW/5892 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Plan AfricaNationalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation, Women Empowerment and good Governance.DSW/4040 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Kings And Queens Colour Dates FoundationNationalAbeka junctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/6336 D.I. 8/8/16 Exp. 7/8/17
Brain Aneurysm Foundation GhanaNational AgbogbaLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraHealthDSW/6351 D.I. 8/6/15 Exp. 7/6/16
Kae MeNationalH/No. 31/3 Awoshie near the Christian Workshop CentreGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraFacilitate Development ProgrammeDSW/6349 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp. 10/12/2021
TTS FoundationNationalTema Com. 4 behind Top Up PharmacyAshaiman Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraCater For Aged and NeedyDSW/6339 D.I. 17/11/17 Exp. 16/11/18
Yoga Meditation TeachingNationalH/No 3626/4 Mataheko AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/6346 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp.29/7/2021
Mane Line GhanaNationalNaaluro Estate TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6345 D.I. 8/6/15 Exp. 7/6/16
Run Mission AssembliesNationalPlot 22 Offinso New TownOffinso MunicipalAshantiReligious DevelopmentDSW/6352 D.I. 8/6/15 Exp. 7/6/16
Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism GhanaNationalNear Bank of Africa International near Beige CapitalAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/283 D.I. 11/10/18 Exp. 10/10/19
Youth Harvest Foundation - GhanaNationalAdjacent Bolgatanta Girls Senior High School at YikeneBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastYouth DevelopmentDSW/3265 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp. 17/6/2021
Dream Africa Care FoundationNationalBehind Nungua Barabora HotelLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraFree Education to Less PrivilegedDSW/5911 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible TranslationNationalGushegu Road, Kanvilli, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernReligious DevelopmentDSW/6355 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp. 17/6/2021
Becky's Foundation (Beckfound)NationalOhiama Adwen, Senya BerakuAwutu Senya West MunicipalCentralEducationDSW/6365 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Restore Africa Health and SanitationNationalDansoman Hansonic RoadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSW/6362 D.I. 25/6/15 Exp. 24/6/16
Seven Hearts GhanaNationalPlot 55/1 Daewoo Street, Comet estate, KwabenyaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraHealthDSW/6373 D.I. 25/6/15 Exp. 24/6/16
Bible Lecture Series and Humanitarian ServicesNationalUEW, North Campus New Bungalow Sections, EinnebaEffutu MunicipalCentralReligious DevelopmentDSW/6377 D.I. 25/6/15 Exp. 24/6/16
Northern Patriorts in Research and AdvocacyNationalNear Catering Rest House at Bukere in the Bolgatanga MunicipalBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6367 D.I. 8/8/19 Exp. 7/8/20
B. Y. FoundationNationalNear Bristish Council and Opposite Ramsyer Presbytarian Church Sekyere East DistrictAshantiTo Educate the Youth DSW/6371 D.I. 8/7/15 Exp. 7/7/16
African Islamic Heritage FoundationNationalTamaleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6370 D.I. 8/7/15 Exp. 7/7/16
Hopeline InstituteNationalSocial Welfare Premises, MadinaLa Nkwantang MadinaGreater AccraHealth Care to rural communitiesDSW/3724 D.I.17/12/2020 Exp.16/12/2021
United Network For Integrated Development Plaining and Management (UNIDPM)NationalKokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/4646 D.I 29/6/15 Exp. 28/6/16
Treasure Chest ClubNationalOpposite TT Brothers, Aflao roadTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHIV/AIDSDSW/537 D.I 23/12/2020 Exp.22/12/2021
Safe Water Network GhanaNational12 Tanbu Street Shashie East Legon behind Ghana LinkAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraWater and SanitationDSW/5276 D.I. 5/3/2020 Exp. 4/3/2021
Children And Youth In BroadcastingNational27 Akpakpa Road Kokomlemle near JOY FMAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCapacity BuildingDSW/3034 D.I 3/8/18 Exp. 2/8/19
World Science FoundationNationalKumasi MetropolitanAshantiBrilliant But Needy StudentDSW/6385 D.I 16/6/15 Exp. 15/6/16
J. InitiativeNationalNational Sports AuthorityAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSocio - Economic DevelopmentDSW/ 6379 D.I 16/6/15 Exp. 15/6/16
Environmental Justice FoundationNationalnear street café Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/6380 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Save The Girl Child FoundationNationalHNO. 53A Granite House, Airport Road Tel: 0276111967 / 0262596257Adentan MunicipalGreater AccralllllllllDSD/6382 D.I 29/7/16 Exp. 28/7/17
R And V FoundationNationalNear the Weija Dam - Ga south Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraVocational SkillsDSW/ 6381 D.I 16/6/15 Exp. 15/6/16
TeereNationalOpposite Lands Commission Block Ministries Block BolgatangaBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastPublic Sector EmpowermentDSW/6388 D.I.21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Child Malnutrition FoundationNationalNorth Kaneshie CMB FlatAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraMalnutrition in ChildrenDSW/6403 D.I 16/11/18 Exp. 15/11/19
Centre For Social InnovationsNationalPlot K21 Sofoline Interchange Opposite Alignment Patasi, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducation (Social Innovation and Training)DSW/6386 D.I. 7/8/17 Exp. 6/8/18
Intuition Foundation GhanaNationalSanta Maria House No. SM/B/415Ga Central MunicipalGreater AccraVocational SkillsDSW/6401 D.I 7/8/15 Exp. 6/8/16
Joncaring FoundationNationalBehind Khema Outreach ChurchAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSD/3011 D.I. 9/9/16 Exp. 8/9/17
Agape Gospel Mission - GhanaNationalNear Pentecost Church, East LegonLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/1254 D.I.17/12/2020 Exp. 16/12/2021
Dream WeaverNationalJoe CinimaAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraHealthDSW/4564 D.I 4/10/2020 Exp.3/10/2021
Pledge GhanaNationalNear Jubilee Park KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiPoverty ReductionDSW/5927 D.I 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
The Ark Foundation, GhanaNationalQueens Street, Opposite Step PublishersAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightDSW/1268 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Nova Community Development OrganisationNationalMpehuasemAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6409 D.I 14/8/15 Exp. 13/8/16
Soronko FoundationNationalPig farm roundabout, Total filling stationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraInformation TechnologyDSW/6410 D.I 15/2/19 Exp. 14/2/20
Good Governance AfricaNational8th Floor, Premier TowersAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraDemocracy and AccountabilityDSD/6404 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
Centre for Active Learning and Integrated DevelopmentNationalAgric Traffic, SWAD Fafi Food, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/3053 D.I.15/2/2021 Exp.14/2/2022
Values for LifeNationalOkantey street block 43Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacyDSW/4884 D.I 11/5/17 Exp. 10/5/18
African Assistance PlanNationalGnatt HostelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater & SanitationDSW/468 D.I 29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Ghana Society of the Physically DisabledNationalAccra Rehabilitation CentreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPersons with DisabilityDSW/2872 D.I 11/10/19 Exp.10/10/20
Voices of Inspired Children Engaging SocietyNationalGhana Commercial Bank roadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPublic HealthDSW/3644 D.I 31/1/19 Exp.30/1/20
Pure Trust Social Investors FoundationNational1st Floor Yaa Musah Building, Plot 19 Waterworks Road, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6427 D.I 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Mercy for Mankind FoundationNationalHSE No. J148 AdoagyiriNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternPoverty Alleiviation DSW/6413 D.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Endogenous Development Service (EDS) GhanaNational54 Napogbakole ExtensionsWa MunicipalUpper WestCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6415 D.I. 23/5/18 Exp. 22/5/19
Blessworld FoundationNationalOkpoi Gonno, Near Orielly Senior High Schol, Spintex AcademyLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTraining In ICTDSW/6420 D.I 23/12/2020 Exp.22/12/2021
Abdul-Aziz Charitable Foundation Madina - ZongoNationalMadina Zongo ( Before Lybia quarters)La-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/6419 D.I 21/3/19 Exp. 20/3/20
Prime RescueNationalTantra HillAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraNeedy ChildrenDSW/6414 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp. 22/5/20
G E P Social MarketingNationalMaccarty Hills Mango lineAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHIV/AIDSDSW/6439 D.I. 15/7/19 Exp. 14/7/20
Reading Aid FoundationNationalH/No. 74 Komla Dumor Crescent, west Legon AccraGa EastGreater AccraReading Aid to deprived schools in GhanaDSW/6429 D.I. 7/9/15 Exp. 6/9/16
The African Collaborating Centre For Pharmacovigilance National18 mango tree avenue, Asylum Down AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/6432 D.I. 29/1/18 Exp. 28/1/19
NGO Technology CentralNationalNo. 4 C387/4 Paraduse streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraICT InfrastructureDSW/6430 D.I. 7/9/15 Exp. 6/9/16
Aid Without Borders (AWB)NationalUniversity for Development Studies, SMHS, Tamle Tamale MetropolitanNorthernHealth DSW/6434 D.I. 7/9/15 Exp. 6/9/16
Nhyiramma FoundationNationalNo. 9 Plot Dr. 620, Ecomog, Haatso, opposite Haatso Yam marketGa EastGreater AccraCommunity/Rural Developmentf
Lotus Educational CentreNationalAmerican House junction, Est Legon AccraLa Nkwantang MadinaGreater AccraEducationDSW/6438 D.I. 7/9/15 Exp. 6/9/16
Save the Children's MinistriesNationalEcowas street North LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCaring for the Needy, Orphaned and Street ChildrenDSW/950 D.I. 3/12/2020 Exp. 2/12/2021
Sinapi Aba TrustNational22A Ellis Avenue Ahodwo roundabout, Capital RadioKumasi MetropolitanAshantiIncome Generating/Finance ServiceDSW/661 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp.28/9/2021
African Relief Mercy MinistriesNationalNear Goshen Schools ComplexTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/355 D.I. 22/8/19 Exp. 21/8/20
Appomense Hope For AfricaNationalOpposite Finny HospitalGa South MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/5641 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Save Baby 'N' Mama Ghana NationalKofi Shitor 2 street, teshie-Nungua Estqte, off the cemetery roadLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraSensitization and EducationDSW/6448 D.I. 11/9/15 Exp. 10/9/16
Ispace FoundationNationalF618/2 Anumansa, Lokko St. Osu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding free information Technology Hubb ServiceDSW/6444 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp.17/12/2021
African Aurora Business NetworkNationalBehind Paloma Hotel No. 13 Star Aenue St. Kokomlemle AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSkills and Capacity BuildingDSW/6443 D.I. 15/2/2021 Exp. 14/2/2022
Prosma InternationalNationalPlot No. D 620 Westland, Haatso, accraGa East MunicipalGreater AccraDental HealthDSW/6450 D.I. 23/9/15 Exp. 22/9/16
Northern Accelerated Intervention For DevelopmentNationalLabour DepartmentTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/6463 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
House Of Hope Ministries GhanaNationalHaatsoLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/6457 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Balm of Joy FoundationNationalEast Legon off Lake AvenueLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Aid to the NeedyDSD/6456 D.I. 13/3/17 Exp. 12/3/18
Health Messenger InternationalNationalWeija - ChoiceGa SouthGreater AccraTo help the VulnerableDSW/6455 D.I. 6/10/15 Exp. 5/10/16
The Moore FoundationNationalNorth KaneshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSW/6462 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp.10/4/19
Emofra AfricaNationalNear O'Reilly Secondary SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ReserchDSW/2509 D.I. 6/7/18 Exp. 5/7/19
Grey Aid FoundationNationalHse No. I/P 266 Plot 15 Westand, HaatsoGa East MunicipalGreater AccraAgedDSD/6467 D.I. 19/10/15 Exp. 18/10/16
Enlighten GhanaNationalNo.24 Royal Castle road, Kokomlemle AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/6473 D.I. 21/10/15 Exp. 20/10/16
SodemNationalAlajo AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSD/6474 D.I. 21/10/15 Exp. 20/10/16
Theatre For Social ChangeNationalNear former Asanka Local or behind UPSAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2202 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Mental Health Well-Being FoundationNationalNext to Good Shepherd Methodist ChurchDangme EastGreater AccraMental HealthDSW/5904 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Fountain of Hope Global MissionNationalAbiriw, Akropong AkuapemAkuapem North MunicipalEasternProvide for basic needs for Drug Addict, MentallyRretarded Person and Orphans.DSW/6478 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/18
Days For Girls InternationalNationalDome Pillar two, Supermarket LaneGa EastGreater AccraReproductive Health EducationDSW/6477 D.I. 5/2/18 Exp. 4/2/19
Operation Smile GhanaNational1st Ringway Close Osu-AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEradicate Cleft in GhanaDSW/6480 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Judah Mahama Vocational CentreNationalDimala NorthernVocational TrainingDSD/6485 D.I. 3/11/15 Exp. 2/11/16
Hogfe FoundationNationalAwoshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraStreet ChildrenDSD/1386 D.I. 11/11/15 Exp. 10/11/16
Legal Resources CentreNationalSID Apartments, Queenstar Plaza, Fedility BankAyawaso WestGreater AccraHuman RightDSW/2580 D.I. 16/8/19 Exp. 15/8/20
Christ Our Mission Relief FoundationNationalNO. 48 Frafraha, Temporary Office Location though Self-OwnedAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/6489 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp. 13/5/20
Aflao Traditional Area Development OrganisationNationalHNO. 26 Boundary Road, East Legon Near Tenko Plaza HotelAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSD/6490 D.I. 11/11/15 Exp. 10/11/16
Safe DemocracyNationalTA/A 145, Black Child Preparatory School Taifa Burkina,AccraGa EastGreater AccraPromote Democracy and Human RightDSD/6491 D.I. 11/11/15 Exp. 10/11/16
Informal Sector Development FoundationNationalNO. 8 1st Osu, 1st Street , Kuku hill OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraVocational SkillsDSD/6493 D.I. 11/11/15 Exp. 10/11/16
Race 4 AidNationalAdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraWater and SanitationDSW/6488 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp. 25/11/2021
Zainab Foundation InternationalNationalKokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth CareDSD/6492 D.I. 13/2/17 Exp. 12/2/18
Bambenninye Development ServicesNationalLarabanga Near National Park RoadDamomgo DistrictNorthernCommunity DevelopmentDSW/1842 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Wings Aviation Solid Support InternationalNationalMadina , Firestone Adjacent SG-SSB BankLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraEducationDSD/6495 D.I. 13/11/15 Exp. 12/11/16
The Truth Humanity FoundationNationalHSN. G 94/1, A kamafio Loom, LaLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraChild Labour AwirenessDSW/6498 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Goodness and Happiness FoundationNationalSt. Peter's Catholic Church OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPersons with DisabilityDSD/6500 D.I. 13/11/15 Exp. 12/11/16
Mum for EveryoneNationalPrampram Near Ghana Water CompanyNingo Prampram DistrictGreater AccraNeedy ChildrenDSD/6497 D.I. 13/11/15 Exp. 12/11/16
Vodafone Ghana FoundationNationalManet Tower A South Liberation Link Airport City AccraLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraCharity ActivitiesDSW/6501 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Marcel Desailly FoundationNationalLizzy Sport Complex, Near A&C Shopping Mail East LegonLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraSporting ClubDSD/6502 D.I. 7/6/17 Exp. 6/6/18
Identify, Equate & Solve (IES)NationalNo. 2,3rd Close, Tesano (Near Mizpah International School)Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation on the use of road signs.DSD/6503 D.I. 25/11/15 Exp. 24/11/16
Ghana Federation of Disability OrganisationsNationalPremises of Accra Rehabilitation CentreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocate and Promote Right of Disabled PersonsDSW/6506 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Da-Ark FoundationNationalAhado HohoeHohoe MunicipalVoltaSupporting Less PriviledgeDSD/6508 D.I. 25/11/15 Exp. 24/11/16
Global Women Development PromotersNationalLkeside Estate road, Telad PharmacyHohoe MunicipalVoltaPromote Gender IssuesDSW/6509 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Awake Trust FNGONationalDome Konka. Behind Dome Anglican School, Adjacent SDA ChurchGa EastGreater AccraEntrepreneurship TrainingDSD/6507 D.I. 25/11/15 Exp. 24/11/16
Ghana International Women's ClubNationalLabone near Labone Secondary SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupporting the NeedyDSD/6512 D.I. 25/11/15 Exp. 24/11/16
Hope Charities InternaitonalNationalECG No. 26 Pantang HospitalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide aids to Distressed CommunitiesDSD/6514 D.I. 25/11/15 Exp. 24/11/16
Possibility Plus OrganisationNationalDarkumanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunty/Rurl developmentDSW/6515 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Multitechs FoundationNationalOpposite Tema General Hospital junction plot 161, Com. 9Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation to people Living with DisabilityDSD/6517 D.I. 2/12/15 Exp. 1/12/16
Mercy Seat FoundationNationalPunni Mensah Avenue, H/No. 15Ga EastGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSD/6519 D.I. 2/12/15 Exp. 1/12/16
Royal Kids FoundationNationalAgyeiwaa Lodge street, Betom KoforiduaNew JuabenEasternChildren AffairDSD/6520 D.I. 2/12/15 Exp. 1/12/16
Overseas Project InitiativeNationalKoforidua New JuabenEasternHealth EducationDSD/6521 D.I. 10/12/15 Exp.9/12/16
Widows & Orphans MovementNationalAjacent Red Cross OfficeBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastWomen & Chidren AffairDSW/1656 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp.21/1/2022
First ove Medical ReliefNationalNsawam, Opposite Emmanuel Presbyterian ChurchNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalGreater AccraFree Health Care for Mentally Deprived DSD/6523 D.I. 15/12/15 Exp.14/12/16
Bestcare Humanitarian Aid FoundationNationalSouth Odorkor AsoredanhoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6525 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp.17/10/20
Accra Drill OrganizationNationalNo. 203 Ashongman Estate AccraGa EastGreater Accra Drilling of free boreholes in communities in GhanaDSD/6524 D.I. 15/12/15 Exp.14/12/16
Evergreen Princess FoundationNationalFlat TopGa SouthGreater AccraNeedy ChildrenDSD/6528 D.I. 21/12/15 Exp.20/12/16
Lead For GhanaNationalManna House Shiashie road East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTraining and Placement of Teachers .DSW/6527 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
West Africa Behavioural Health, Addiction & Recovery Management FoundationNationalNear the traffic lightAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/6529 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp.28/9/2021
Farmers Society of West AkimNationalAdeisoWest AkimEasternAgriculture & Food SecurityDSD/2658 D.I. 5/1/16 Exp.4/1/17
Darlings Christmas ChildNationalDansomanAblekuma West MunicipalGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/3582 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp. 11/1/2022
Integrated Development CentreNationalE.P. Church compound Tamale MetropolitanNorthernAgriculture & Food Security
Worldwide Council of Prophetic AllianceNationalTuba Akosua Adjepong junction AccraGa South MunicipalGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSD/6534 D.I. 18/1/16 Exp.17/1/17
Sankofa Community Resources And Development InitiativeNationalSouth La EstateAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote EducationDSD/6535 D.I. 18/1/16 Exp.17/1/17
Karisa FoundationNationalNo 52 Ayebeng Street, Housing Down, Adenta Ga East MunicipalGreater AccraCounseling services on Reproductive HealthDSW/6533 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp.11/3/2021
Full Circle Support FoundationNational2nd Floor, Christ The King Office Complex AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCounseling services for Talent DevelopmentDSD/6530 D.I. 29/1/15 Exp.28/1/16
National Coalition of NGO's in Environment GhanaNationalAccra Nyamekye Last Stop No. 3 Namo AleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSD/4509 D.I. 6/4/17 Exp.5/4/18
I - Texon Company LimitedNationalSpintex JunctionTema MetropolitanGreater AccraFormulating of ActivitiesDSW/6555 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Moremi Initiative For Women's Leadership In AfricaNationalOpposidte Ampomah Hotel/behind the laundryAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraInitiative for Empowerment DSW/6552 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp. 24/7/19
Sabin Adrofrom Chairty FoundationNationalSabin AkrofromKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducation to needy but Brilliant ChildrenDSD/6541 D.I. 1/2/16 Exp.31/1/17
Esther's Rescue FoundationNationalBawiaseCape Coast MetropolitanCentralSupporting Less PriviledgeDSW/6548 D.I. 25/10/17 Exp.24/10/18
Nneka Youth FoundationNationalTemaNingo Prampram DistrictGreater AccraEmpowerment of Less PriviledgeDSW/6549 D.I. 19/3/2020 Exp.18/3/2021
Node InitiativeNationalSIC building Pedu HighwayCape Coast MetropolitanCentralAlliviate PovertyDSD/6556 D.I. 1/2/16 Exp.31/1/17
I - Texon Company LimitedNationalSpintex JunctionTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducatonDSD/6555 D.I. 1/2/16 Exp.31/1/17
African Gifted Foundation GhanaNational12 Osu Avenue Ext. CantonmentsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6553 D.I. 27/5/18 Exp. 26/5/19
Planetarium Science Centre GhanaNational12 Osu Avenue Ext. CantonmentsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6554 D.I. 20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Mother of Many FoundationNationalShell sign board junction, SpintexTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5899 D.I. 24/8/18 Exp.23/8/19
Make A Move Charity FoundationNationalNyankyerenase - KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo promote Child RightsDSW/6564 D.I. 6/2/19 Exp.5/2/20
Nature And Development FoundationNationalCenter for Africa Wetlands, University of GhanaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6565 D.I. 20/3/19 Exp.19/3/20
Humans Life FoundationNationalGolgotha near Bronyibima, Elimina Takoradi roadKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem Municipal AssemblyCentralEducation on Reproductive HealthDSW/6558 D.I. 28/3/18 Exp.27/3/19
Ananseman Play HouseNationalOsu Kuku Hill near MARK COFFIEAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy for Gender & Equality for the DisabledDSD/6559 D.I. 9/2/16 Exp.8/2/17
Accord For Poverty Reduction Empowerment And DevelopmentNational3 Slamako Gbawe MalamGa SouthGreater AccraProvide Education for the poorDSD/6568 D.I. 11/2/16 Exp.10/2/17
Larra InternationalNationalLebanon Ashaiman, Zone 3Ashaiman MunicipalGreater AccraHelp Needy in Rural CommunitiesDSW/6542 D.I. 21/6/19 Exp.20/6/20
Hope Restoration NetworkNationalOpposite Blue Gate Hotel, Kanew Tema WestTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/5672 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp.7/9/18
Centre for Indigenous And Organizational DevelopmentNationalBehind African Support NetyworkNkwantanan MadinaGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSD/3158 D.I. 23/2/16 Exp.22/2/17
World Peace VolunteersNationalOpposite Happy Dasy Bus StopAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo help bring Peace in AfricaDSD/5013 D.I. 24/2/16 Exp.23/2/17
Born to be Free FoundationNationalKimo building, opposite State Trasnport Corporation, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/5273 D.I. 25/2/16 Exp.24/2/17
Asaasiam Vision InternationalNationalAsuom Catholic MissionKwaebibiremEasternYouth DevelopmentDSW/6570 D.I. 15/12/17 Exp.14/12/18
Climate Change Resource Centre - GhanaNationalE.N Omaboe build complex, University of GhanaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation and Public awarenessDSW/6575 D.I. 23/2/18 Exp.22/2/19
Vision for AllNationalAdjacent PWD premisesNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternEducation on Teenage PregnancyDSD/6574 D.I. 25/2/16 Exp.24/2/17
Destiny Community developmentNationalN/No 1094 Cocobeach - NunguaLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraYouth Empowerment and DevelopmentDSW/6576 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Royal Family Children VillageNationalMason lane NsawamNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternCare for Orphans and abandoned childrenDSD/6577 D.I. 25/2/16 Exp.24/2/17
Madina Institute of Science And TechnologyNationalLakeside New AdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/6569 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp.28/9/2021
Alattaa Society for Development of the AfricanNationalAboabo Near Asokore MampongKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHumanitarian ReliefDSW/6580 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp.4/10/2021
Easy Birth FoundationNationalPlot 24 Block 12 KoteiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiMaternal MortalityDSD/6579 D.I. 3/3/16 Exp.2/3/17
Mama Rina FoundationNationalAsylum downAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraStreet ChildrenDSW/6578 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp.14/5/2021
The Potters VillageNationalAccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and Children in DevelopmentDSW/1571 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp.17/10/20
Dacarm MissionNationalAnyaa Opposite Bethesda JunctionGa WestGreater AccraWomen and Children in DevelopmentDSD/5466 D.I. 3/3/16 Exp.2/3/17
Humanitarian Aid FoundationNationalNungua Cold Store roadLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraEducationDSD/6591 D.I. 10/3/16 Exp.9/3/17
Galaxy Aid & Relief FoundationNationalH/No 28 Boundary road, Eas LegonGa EastGreater AccraEmpower underpriviledge communitiesDSD/6583 D.I. 10/3/16 Exp.9/3/17
Energy For OpportunityNationalTesano Abeka junctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraDisability IssuesDSD/6584 D.I. 10/3/16 Exp.9/3/17
Juvenile Reform Foundation - GhanaNationalA 38, Patase High street KumasiAtwima Kanwoma DistrictAshantiWelfare of Deaf PersonsDSD/6585 D.I. 10/3/16 Exp.9/3/17
Youth Movement For African UnityNational1055, 12 Pamford road Pigfarm AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/6596 D.I. 22/3/16 Exp.21/3/17
The Family TrustNationalTema Com. 12 Near Adonia Church Ministries, the Guava LeaneTema MetropolitanGreater AccraPromote Youth AdvocacyDSD/6595 D.I. 18/3/16 Exp.17/3/17
Global Support Foundation And Research InstituteNationalMandransoAhafo-Ano SouthAshantiEducational Sponsorship ProgrammesDSD/6594 D.I. 18/3/16 Exp.17/3/17
Salvation Aid For AfricaNational1st turn on the right from Kaukudi traffic light intersection towards Kanda Highway.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightsDSW/4890 D.I. 16/7/2020 Exp.15/7/2021
Baptist Relief & Development AgencyNationalAbelenkpe traffic light, Baptist houseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/4615 D.I. 21/7/17 Exp.20/7/18
Future Hope Outreach FoundationNationalBoade NunguLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraAgriculture AdvocacyDSD/6598 D.I. 22/3/16 Exp.21/3/17
The Safeway Chemists FoundationNationalSouth La EstateAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSD/6601 D.I. 23/3/16 Exp.22/3/17
Scan Life GhanaNationalGsidi H/No. 86 Off Obuasi MunicipalKumasi MetropolitanAshantiAgriculture & Food SecurityDSD/6606 D.I. 1/4/16 Exp. 31/3/17
Brooks Dreams FoundationNationalOgbojoLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraSkill DevelopmentDSW/6608 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp.25/6/2021
Literacy 4 LifeNationalAfienya, JerusalemNingo-PrampramGreater AccraSkill TrainingDSW/6607 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Pen to Paper GhanaNationalAbrepo junction, opposite Shell Filling StationKumasi MetropolitanAshantiVocational TrainingDSW/6604 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Brain of Oak AssociationNationalPlt 30 block premises of Vicande School off Prof. Quarm street, Asuoyeboa-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSD/6602 D.I. 1/4/16 Exp. 31/3/17
The Dentoc ProjectNationalAbility SquareLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraWater & SanitationDSD/4294 D.I. 8/4/16 Exp. 7/4/17
Indigenous Women Against Hunger And PovertyNationalSoe - Bolga and Kiwi Avenue B.32 Emef Estates, LashibiBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastEducationDSW/6611 D.I. 15/12/17 Exp. 14/12/18
Touch to Heal FoundationNationalLagos Avenue opposite Western Automobile service, East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraNeedy but Brilliant ChildrenDSD/6610 D.I. 8/4/16 Exp. 7/4/17
Golden BaobabNationalEbony MTN Office, April RustAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/6052 D.I. 17/5/18 Exp. 16/5/19
Micro Finance Society for the Vulnerable GhanaNationalNo.35 Yellow Sign Board, Madina AccraLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSD/6617 D.I. 12/4/16 Exp. 11/4/17
Lada InstituteNationalHJ/No. 3, Otinshie-AdjiringanoAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraSports EducationDSW/6616 D.I. 29/6/18 Exp. 28/6/19
Project Nyame NsaNationalKingsby roundabout Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacyDSD/6573 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Young Heart FoundationNationalRawlings Circle, Maind New roadLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraStreet ChildrenDSD/5305 D.I. 21/4/16 Exp. 20/4/17
United Support Services OrganizationNationalNyame Bekyere Street, H/No. 17/2 MadinaLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraEmpower Physically and Mentally Challenged FinanciallyDSD/6623 D.I. 21/4/16 Exp.20/4/17
Annur Organization For Humanitarian ServicesNationalRitz junction, adjacent Adentan E.P. C hurchLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraProvide Financial Support and Training to ApprenticeDSW/6624 D.I. 24/1/2020 Exp.23/1/2021
Wash 4 all FoundationNationalGoodwill road, H/No. 28 opposite Palm Lodge KokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupply Quran to Islamic SchoolsDSW/6621 D.I. 17/1/19 Exp.16/1/20
Acts 2 Collective FoundationNationalAnum Asikuma Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEducationDSW/6626 D.I. 19/1/18 Exp.18/1/19
Proud Donors NetworkNationalH/No. 28th street No. 29, Dansoman Exhibition AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/6618 D.I. 6/7/18 Exp.5/7/19
Juliana Holistic Healthcare ServicesNationalMadina Estates, akosombo junction adjacent Love Montessori SchoolLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraEnhancing Effective Management of ChildrenDSW/6622 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Education and Health for Economic Empowerment GhanaNationalPlot No. 37, Newsite, Nkanfoa Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralHealth/PopulationDSD/6633 D.I. 29/4/16 Exp.28/4/17
Tarkwa Breman Community AllianceNationalAbaase, Dzorwulu off George Walker Bush HighwayAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen EmpowermentDSW/6628 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Abongo FoundationNationalh/No. F190/4 Sodja House, Ako Adjei Agbawe St. AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHumaniterian Relief DSD/6636 D.I. 5/5/16 Exp.4/5/17
Rural Urban Partnership for AfricaNationalKwashieman Trafic Light close to Sowutuom Lorry StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupport Ghana Military Veterans and their families in Health and EducationDSD/6634 D.I. 29/4/16 Exp.28/4/17
Great Faith International MinistriesNationalBOEao opposite Methodist ChurchKumasi MetropolitanAshantiProvde for less disadvantaqge and orphansDSD/2300 D.I. 10/5/16 Exp.9/517
Recognition of Services Awards InternationalNationalTema Com. 2Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducating the youth in ICT DSD/6640 D.I. 10/5/16 Exp. 9/5/17
Institute of Teacher Education and DevelopmentNational37 Odel Tsul stdreet, Dzorwule (close to maxi mart)Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity Services AwardDSW/6641 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Cornerstone Aid InternationalNational14 Guara Crescent RegmauelTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/6638 D.I. 10/5/16 Exp. 9/5/17
Christian Labour Association of GhanaNationalBetween AM Bosco Vocational/Technical School and Afariwaa junctionTema MetropolitanGreater AccraCombating of human traffickingDSW/6639 D.I. 20/4/2020 Exp. 19/4/2021
Aidez Small Project International GhanaNationalB22/13 LapazAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraJournalism Training Capacity DSW/2057 D.I. 30/8/17 Exp. 29/8/18
Movement For Natural RegenerationNationalAdjacent CODAC and Municipal Town & Countryu Planning offices, Second floor room 6Bolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastCommunity DevelopmentDSD/6650 D.I. 31/5/16 Exp. 30/5/17
Livelihood & Environment GhanaNationalOpposite St. Mary's Preparatory, Airport Ressidential Sunyani Sunyani West DistrictBrong-AhafoUplift Women and Girls in various form of DistressDSD/6651 D.I. 31/5/16 Exp. 30/5/17
Shape Lives InternationalNationalSanko station Hohoe ZongoHo MunicipalVoltaCapacity Building and TrainingDSW/3348 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp. 13/2/2021
Kokoo Pa Farmers AssociationNationalMankranso off Sunyni roadAhafo-Ano SouthAshantiCharity ActivitiesDSD/6654 D.I. 10/6/16 Exp. 9/6/17
Master Dako Memorial FoundationNationalAbiriw, H/No KK8 around Abiriw Durba groundAkuapem North MunicipalEasternHealth and Educational NeedsDSW/6656 D.I. 20/4/2020 Exp. 19/4/2021
Thrive Africa OrganisationNationalSofoline Inter-Change PSU/R53 KwadasoKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHelping the Needy and Poor through EducationDSD/5822 D.I. 22/6/16 Exp. 21/6/17
Ubora Quality InstituteNationalEast Legon American HouseAyawaso WestGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/6659 D.I. 19/11/12020 Exp.18/11/2021
Center For No - Till AgricultureNationalPlt 8Block P opposite Goodhope Chapel, Santasi-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHealth IssuesDSW/6660 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Great Volta Dialogue CenterNationalH/No 28 Boundary road, East LegonGa East MunicipalGreater AccraEducation through Information Communication Technology and Innovation.DSD/6662 D.I. 22/6/16 Exp. 21/6/17
ClithNationalNo. 110 Asafo Adjei DomeGa East MunicipalGreater AccraProvide free basic Health and Education to Schools.DSD/6661 D.I. 22/6/16 Exp. 21/6/17
Development Action AssociationNationalOpposite total filing station, near Ecobank, Dark junctionGa West MunicipalGreater AccraAgriculture and Food SecurityDSW/1082 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Federation of Gender And Development Network InternationalNationalAdjacent theAdenta Shoppping Mall, Adenta HousingAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSD/6663 D.I. 30/6/16 Exp. 29/6/17
Greater Works Restoration FoundationNationalAccident Emergency 1st Floor, Burns Unit KATH-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiWomen EmpowermentDSW/6665 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2020
Oyemam Autoimmne FoundationNationalEast LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSW/6666 D.I. 1/11/17 Exp. 31/10/18
Soul revival Widows Ministry InternationalNationalAshaley Botwe,Old Town StationGa EastGreater AccraYouth SportDSD/6669 D.I. 11/7/16 Exp. 10/7/17
Educational ResourcesNationalNTHC, SPINTEXTema MetropolitanGreater AccraDiscipleship EducationDSD/6675 D.I. 2/8/16 Exp. 1/8/17
Williehans Hope For Deprived communitiesNationalDamfaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6676 D.I. 30/12/19 Exp.29/12/20
Abuse Relief CorpsNationalNear SSNIT Office, Opposite Timber Market AshaimanTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Victims of Physical and Sexual AbuseDSW/6677 D.I. 2/3/2020 Exp. 1/3/2021
Lift the Child UpNationalBehind togo store/opposite Medie International School Medie AkutunaseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraAid to Victims of Rape and AbuseDSD/6678 D.I. 2/8/16 Exp. 1/8/17
Millennium Hope For the Rural Generation OrganizationNationalAdentan Municipalkity Frafraha-Foster Home 1st Pharmacy Junction down H/S No. B48 F/HAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Computers to SchoolsDSD/6681 D.I. 2/8/16 Exp. 1/8/17
Minister O.B.Y. FoundationNationalPlot 4 Block 8 near St. Peters School Ohwimase-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiVocational TrainingDSW/6683 D.I. 17/11/17 Exp. 16/11/18
Zeehans Empowerment OrganizationNationalclose to Elder Taylor's Church of PentecostSekondi-Takoradi MetropolitanWesternSocial, Mental and Economic EmpowermentDSW/6684 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp. 16/5/20
Passion For Mother And Child MinistryNationalFirst junction behind LEKMA office, TeshieLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraEducationDSW/6686 D.I. 9/2/18 Exp. 8/2/19
Insana Deger Veren Dernekler FederasyonuNationalNew Ogbojo, near the sun fruit factoryAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide assistance to Single Parents and their childrenDSD/6687 D.I. 2/8/16 Exp. 1/8/17
Rios Foundation - GhanaNationalDadiban ssdtreet, North industrial area.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo help the NeedyDSD/6688 D.I. 8/8/16 Exp. 7/8/17
Yokama Care InternationalNationalHockey Pitch AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/6689 D.I. 8/8/16 Exp. 7/8/17
Planet Survival InternationalNationalAnyaa - NICAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraChildren's support servicesDSD/6690 D.I. 8/8/16 Exp. 7/8/17
Union For African Population StudiesNationalRIPS/ISSER ComplexAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducate TeenagersDSW/3217 D.I. 30/8/17 Exp. 29/8/18
Ghana Network of Persons Living With HIV/AIDSNationalPerpetual Help School or St. Anthony Catholic ChurchLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5022 D.I. 11/7/19 Exp. 10/7/20
Kids At Heart Foundation InternationalNationalSakumono Tema H/No. 108 Ghacem EstatesTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSD/2433 D.I. 12/8/16 Exp. 11/8/17
Peasant Farmers Association of GhanaNationalMaamobi Polyclinic roadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/3854 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp. 29/12/2021
Volta Organised Youth Development AssociationNationalNear Top Radio/FMAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSD/6011 D.I. 12/8/16 Exp. 11/8/17
Peki Christian Council Peace Union InternationalNationalH/No. 9, New Asghongman, MusukuGa East MunicipalGreater AccraHealth/EducationDSW/6692 D.I. 17/5/18 Exp. 16/5/19
Angel Televison GhanaNational5 light industrial area, Nyaneba Estates, near Darko Farms OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide good nutritional food to malnurish childrenDSD/6694 D.I. 12/8/16 Exp. 11/8/17
EnactusNationalKisseman - Legon near GIMPALa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraPromote religious Scientific Education through TelevisionDSD/6695 D.I. 12/8/16 Exp. 11/8/17
African Foundation For Human Advancement NationalAdjacent Emmanuel Eye Clinic, East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSD/6696 D.I. 25/8/16 Exp. 24/8/17
Ghana Mental Health Coalition NationalAbelenkpe 2333/18 Tenbibian streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraBuilding of SchoolsDSD/6697 D.I. 25/8/16 Exp. 24/8/17
Green Light Initiative Foundation GhanaNationalAccra Rehabilitation CentreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacyDSD/6698 D.I. 25/8/16 Exp. 24/8/17
Common WorldNationalNkwanta SouthNkwantaVoltaCommunity EducationDSD/6699 D.I. 25/8/16 Exp. 24/8/17
Doctorsact GhanaNationalKoforiduaNew JuabenEasternEducation and Training ServicesDSW/6701 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp. 30/7/20
Helping Angel OranizationNationalDarkum NyamekyeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth care to Deprived communitiesDSD/6702 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Friends of Safelife And DevelopmentNationalPlot 6 Block E, Fankyenebra-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHelp the poor and needyDSD/6703 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Educoa - GhanaNationalLa - AccraLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraHealth care for vulnerableDSW/6704 D.I. 30/12/19 Exp. 29/12/20
Marat FoundationNationalH/No 39 Osu on the Nii Saban Atsen street.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromoting Intrepreneurial Skills of Youth in AfricaDSD/6705 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Precise Productions GlobalNationalF 502/4 Nyaniba EstateAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromote Education and Child CareDSD/6706 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Centre for Development and Intercultural CommunictionsNationalAsylum Down round aboutAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEmpower men through Science and Economic DevelopmentDSD/6707 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Health 4 FreeNationalH/No 10 Osu Badu street, Dzorwulu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth EducationDSD/6709 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Abrido - GhanaNationalTema Community 3 Site B Block 27 AAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide Free Basic Health care to the Poor and Needy.DSD/6710 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Linda Agyeiwaa Atiase Scholarship Fund for GirlsNationalEplaza 2 building, Osu Badu street Dzorwulu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist Govrnment in proving social housing for the community.DSD/6711 D.I. 5/9/16 Exp. 4/9/17
Deeper Life AidNationalNo. 14 Mccarthy HillAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Educdational FacilitiesDSW/6224 D.I.30/10/2020 Exp.29/10/2021
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, GhanaNationalHse No Ext. 385 Jisosonayili Gurugu roadTamale MetropolitanNorthernReligious DevelopmentDSW/5517 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp.17/10/20
Rollout FoundationNationalRingway AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraArt and Practice of Monitoring and Evaluation EducationDSD/6717 D.I. 16/9/16 Exp. 15/9/17
Dreamlifters InernationalNationalAba Fusua Plaza Community 5 Adjacent ICGCTema MetropolitanGreater AccraAssist the Needy and less Priviledge in the CommunityDSD/6718 D.I. 16/9/16 Exp. 15/9/17
Concern Society for Muslim EnvironmentNationalAyawaso Central Sub MetroAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEmpower Teenagers through EducationDSW/6719 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp.29/1/2021
Mother Margaret FoundationNationalAdabrakaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Propagate Islamic Doctrine to the Mulim UmmahDSD/6720 D.I. 16/9/16 Exp. 15/9/17
Green Environmental Solutions GhanaNationalAbelenkpeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReach out to the Needy and SickDSD/6726 D.I. 16/9/16 Exp. 15/9/17
Friends of the Earth - GhanaNationalOpposite Emmanuel Eye Centre (Shiashie) East LegonLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraVisiting Prison CellsDSW/258 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Biblionef GhanaNationalPresby junction Somper VillaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity/Rural DevelopmentDSW/6729 D.I. 29/6/18 Exp.28/6/19
Touching Lives Outreach InternationalNationalAdam Nana, KasoaAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo supoport children through distribution of children's booksDSW/6730 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp.1/12/20
Sunkids GhanaNationalEdern Court, No 5/7 Sallam StreetAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraAssist orphan and vulnerable childrenDSW/6731 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp.21/3/19
Alice Dede Bright & Needy Memorial FoundationNational200 Yiyiwa Drive Abelenkpe Opposite DSTV officeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHunger Elimination and Orphan MentoringDSW/6732 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp.12/9/20
Capstone MinistryNationalKpone Greater AccraTo Support EducationDSD/6733 D.I. 29/9/16 Exp.28/9/17
Axiomaread Self-Reliance FoundationNationalAyawaso Central Sub-MetroAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo raise funds to suuport needy schoolsDSD/6736 D.I. 29/9/16 Exp.28/9/17
Serendipalm FoundationNationalAmankwaakrom-AsoumKwaebibirem DistrictEasternTo Conduct Sustainable Communities, Social and Economic DevelopmentDSW/6737 D.I. 7/9/18 Exp. 6/9/19
Sustainable Development & Relief AssociatesNationalHSE No. 9 Nii Oko Street Mepeasem East LegonAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraWidows and OrphansDSD/6739 D.I. 29/9/16 Exp.28/9/17
Maralitha Care FoundationNationalB729/30 Dzen Ayoor, East LegonAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraCapacity Building and Self-SufficiencyDSW/6740 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Giving Life Nature VolunteerNationalTuba Near Kokrobite behind Hope of Restoration School, IroncityGa South MunicipalGreater AccraVocational TrainingDSW/6741 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp.22/12//2021
BoldinitiativesNationalNo. KW 10 near Kwabenya House Abuom junction, KwabenyaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSD/6742 D.I. 29/9/16 Exp.28/9/17
Centre for Citizen's EmpowermentNationalFestus junction (Pokuase)Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraUsing music and the media as a tool to rescue souls for Christ.DSW/6747 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp.13/10/2021
Agape Humanitarian OutreachNationalAchimotaGa West MunicipalGreater AccraDemystify the process and access to Justice by providing free advice and legal assistance.DSD/6748 D.I. 6/10/16 Exp.5/10/17
Grand ProjectsNationalMamfe-Akuapem, opposite former SSNIT officeAkuapem North MunicipalEasternSupport to Needy persons and victimsm of disasterDSD/6750 D.I. 6/10/16 Exp.5/10/17
Gospel International OutreachNationalAborkorpe, PokuaseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraRural DevelopmentDSW/6751 D.I. 21/7/17 Exp.20/7/18
Empowerment AidNationalOfankorGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Vocational Training to the YouthDSD/6756 D.I. 6/10/16 Exp.5/10/17
O'ia-da InternationalNationalBehind Mary Queen of Peace SchoolCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEducationDSW/2443 D.I. 2/7/2020 Exp.1/7/2021
Enliven Mama AfricaNationalSofoline Kwadaso EstateKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSW/6757 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Lively Minds GhanaNationalGu 1014, Gumani TamaleKumbungu DistrictNorthernTo prepare children in the remote area to meet the growing IT WorldDSW/6759 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Volunteermatch GhanaNationalManna Hospital junctionLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo Creat Awareness on the Benefits of Eduating the Girl ChildDSW/6763 D.I. 4/10/18 Exp. 3/10/19
Islamic Welfare AidNationalBoston BeachAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/6309 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
Sungmah OrganisationNationalH/No. F.3 Yoofi Close, Roman Ridge, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupporting Women in Groups to form Saving HabitDSW/6765 D.I. 22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
Stepping Stones For AfricaNationalOpposite High Hope School, AmrahiaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo contribute to the improvement of maternal and child health.DSW/6766 D.I. 30/12/12020 Exp. 29/12/2021
Abundant Charity OrganisationNationalHouse No. 15/18 Adentan Commandoes, opposite Sky High Int. SchoolAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/6767 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Back To School FoundationNational2nd Nii Afotey Brutu Stsreet, AdjirigarnorAdentan MunicipalGreater Accrato Assist the Less Privilege in the Society.DSW/6768 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp. 14/1/2022
Samuel Amo Tobbin FoundationNationalOld Atinka FM Building, KokomlemleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist the Underpriviledged in Society with Educational Materials.DSW/6769 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Association of Charity Organisation of AfricaNationalLakeside Estate, Down Engineer roadAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraSupply of Medical Educational products to assist in the Healthcare Delivery.DSW/6771 D.I. 11/7/19 Exp. 10/7/20
Dels FoundationNationalNear karketo market, AshaimanAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraHealth EducationDSW/6775 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp. 10/2/2022
Bupogas Sownmi TaabaNationalNear Assemblies of God Church Ashongman EstatesLa Nkwantanang Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy on Sexual Reproductive Health and RightsDSW/4805 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Daddy Lumba FoundationNationalAdjiriganor, Adonai Lane 07/09Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo reduce vulnerability among disadvantated women in deprived communities through economic empowermentDSD/6776 D.I. 7/11/16 Exp. 6/11/17
The Combat TeamNationalOti - KymasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo help the Poor and Needy in the Community and other social worksDSD/6777 D.I. 7/11/16 Exp. 6/11/17
Macedonia Trust FNGONationalOsu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Propagate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.DSD/6778 D.I. 7/11/16 Exp. 6/11/17
Ghana Wellness FoundationNationalPadmore Street, Com 1 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Financial Aid to the NeedyDSD/6779 D.I. 7/11/16 Exp. 6/11/17
Zeve Health FoundtionNationalHse No 44, Koney Akpor street, AdentanGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo raise Awareness on Hypertension and Diabeted Prevention and ManagementDSD/6780 D.I. 7/11/16 Exp. 6/11/17
Nyonyo FoundationNationalH/No 70 Wuogon street Cantonments, AccraACcra MetropolitanGreater Accra DSD/6781 D.I. 7/11/16 Exp. 6/11/17
The Ghana Mission FoundationNationalH/N 5, 12 Avenue McCarthy Hill AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraBiblical Teaching and Training and Youth Training in Vocational and Technical SkillsDSD/6785 D.I. 14/11/16 Exp. 13/11/17
Cubic FoundationNationalNo. 6 Borstal Avenue Airport ResidentialAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraStreet ChildrenDSW/6786 D.I. 31/519 Exp. 30/5/20
Praisc-o FoundationNationalH/NO. B9/5, Near Kings Uiversity College, Aplaku AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraOrphans and WidowsDSD/6787 D.I. 14/11/16 Exp. 13/11/17
Queen of Hearts FoundationNationalNkawkaw BarrierKwahu WestEasternWomen and Children in DevelopmentDSD/6788 D.I. 18/11/16 Exp. 17/11/17
Ibadul Hanan Humanitarian OrganisationNationalNsawam Djankrom Near Sunwah MosqueNsawam Adoagyire MunicipalEasternEducationDSD/6789 D.I. 18/11/16 Exp. 17/11/17
Amani Med FoundationNationalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/2475 D.I. 13/3/2020 Exp. 12/3/2021
MazaNationalUniversity for Development Studies, International Conference Centre - Business Room, Tamale Chereponi District AssemblyNorthernEvangelisation. teach children about God and raise them.DSW/6794 D.I. 15/12/17 Exp. 14/12/18
Indego Africa ProjectNationalDovewell building 108 Prempeh I street, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo provide accessible and reliable transpotation for Health Emergencies in rural areas.DSW/6795 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp. 26/3/20
Passion for NeedyNationalPremises between Helpaged, Ghana and Manhean SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo support women artisans in Africa by marketing their products internationally.DSW/ D.I. 23/11/2020 Exp. 22/12/2021
Global Development FoundationNationalOpposte the Amenfi West District AssemblyAmenfi West DistrictWesternCaring for the NeedyDSD/6797 D.I. 12/12/16 Exp. 11/12/17
Hllix FoundationNationalKokroko House Number K.25Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraHealth EducationDSD/6798 D.I. 12/12/16 Exp. 11/12/17
Agripreneurs AfricaNationalSCC, GICELGa South MunicipalGreater AccraHealth (Gestational Diabetes)DSD/6799 D.I. 12/12/16 Exp. 11/12/17
Mercy GivesNationalD 36 Vixen close, Com. 18 LashibiTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Support the Needy and Vulnerable in Society with Basic Human Needs.DSD/6801 D.I. 12/12/16 Exp. 11/12/17
Sisterhood For Change GhanaNationalOpposite Sport Stadium, BolgatangaBongo District Upper EastCommunity DevelopmentDSD/6804 D.I. 12/12/16 Exp. 11/12/17
RUFINLITNationalSunyani Avenue Kanda Estate, Opposite Asamoah Washing BayAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Human Right of Women and ChildrenDSW/6806 D.I. 27/6/19 Exp. 26/6/20
Lovesprings Charity FoundationNationalNo. 2 Tackie Tawiah Avenue, AdabrakaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromotion of Rural Financial LiteracyDSD/6807 D.I. 12/12/16 Exp. 11/12/17
Rising Star Home Blessed InternationalNationalHSN 418, Israel Tabora AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromoting Education of Re-skilling Mentoship and Self Empowerment DriveDSW/6808 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Help Is Here FoundationNationalHse No. F 377/4 Nyaniba EstatesLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraNeedy but Brilliant Children and AgedDSW/6809 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
GHSCIENTIFICNationalBurma CampLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Buil Community Schools in Rural areas.DSD/6810 D.I. 16/12/16 Exp. 15/12/17
Job Creation And Training Centre For The DeafNationalPLT 7A Blk R Asuoyeboah-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiDisseminating News and Impementing ProjectsDSW/6811 D.I. 21/6/18 Exp. 20/6/19
Clafjes Fashion and Music Training FoundationNationalAhwiaa overseas - adjacent to Supreme College Buokrom Estate Nana appiah KumasiKwabre EastAshantiTo Train the Deaf to be independentDSD/6812 D.I. 21/12/16 Exp. 20/12/17
Islamic Daawa And Education And Development Services CentreNationalH/No DAJ/124B Jericho Dromaa AhenkroDormaa Central MunicipalBrong-AhafoVoluntary Training in Fashion DesigningDSD/6813 D.I. 21/12/16 Exp. 20/12/17
Caring Volunteers NetworkNationalWa Poly road Kpong TechWa MunicipalUpper WestProvision on Education on Islamic Teachings and Values.DSW/6814 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Potter's Hand Dream CentreNationalEagles' Temple, Calvary Charismatic CentreCape Coast MetropolitanCentralReproductive Health CareDSD/6819 D.I. 23/12/16 Exp. 22/12/17
Concerned Africans Youth ForumNationalOsu Labadi roadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraOrganising Evangelic Outreaches and Conferences.DSD/6820 D.I. 23/12/16 Exp. 22/12/17
Infinity 970National18 Klanaa st. Os Ako Adjei parkAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraStudents and Youth Empowerment and Employment Creation.DSW/6821 D.I. 8/11/18 Exp. 7/11/19
Mothering The NationNationalHouse No. 1 Agbawe Link Osu Ako AdjeiAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPublic Health EducationDSW/6822 D.I. 24/7/18 Exp. 23/7/19
Wildaf - Ghana (Women In Law And Development In Africa)NationalNear Manna Msion Hospital, Teshie TsuibleeoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and ChildrenDSW/6823 D.I. 19/9/19 Exp. 18/9/20
T.L.C. International MinistriesNationalH/No. 611 Nii Operku Link, near Darkuman Post Office, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation fo the needy and orphans in the remote areas.DSD/6824 D.I. 12/1/17 Exp. 11/1/18
Ananse Reach Ghana *ARG)NationalParasitic Disease Control Unit building, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernHelping the Needy and Propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.DSD/6825 D.I. 12/1/17 Exp. 11/1/18
Global Appreciation And Skills Training NetworkNationalWeijaGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo provide formal Basic Secondary Vocational and Tertiary Education to Youth with Hearing Disability.DSW/6828 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp. 1/5/20
Van De Wiel GhanaNationalAfari, at Akrofuom junctionAtwima NwabiagyaAshantiSkills Training DSW/6829 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp. 27/1/2022
United Ansah Islamc Almuttahida SocietyNationalBusori KumasiKwabre EastAshantiSupport the Needy but Brilliant StudentDSW/6830 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp. 27/1/2022
Africa Partner Medical (Ghana)NationalKanda HighwayAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo spread the Religion of IslamDSD/6831 D.I. 12/1/17 Exp. 11/1/18
Enough Is Enough FoundationNationalAbuakwa end Floor GN Bank building Atwima NwabiagyaAshantiTo provide Education to children in the Nsawam area.DSD/6833 D.I. 12/1/17 Exp. 11/1/18
Ansarudeenul IslamieyaNationalC/719/4 Kokomlemle Cotton Avenue AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEntrepreneurship TrainingDSW/6834 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp. 16/12/2021
Boys And Girls Club of GhanaNationalNew Bortianor AccraGa South MunicipalGreater AccraHospital Street, No. 10 ManetDSW/6837 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Advocacy For Women Empowerment And Children Initiative FoundationNationalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Health Care and Education with Sports.DSD/6839 D.I. 24/1/17 Exp. 23/1/18
Young At Heart GhanaNationalOld EstateNew Juaben MunicipalEasternAdvocacy for Women EmpowermentDSW/6840 D.I. 7/6/18 Exp. 6/6/19
Generation For Youth TransformationNationalH/No 14S Anaji, Takorad, Ga Central MunicipalGreater AccraWomen Empowerment through training in production of Biomass Briquette.DSD/6842 D.I. 24/1/17 Exp. 23/1/18
Patience Community ServicesNationalNuumo Ayitey Kobla street KokomlemleGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo promote Networking and Education to Transform lives.DSD/6843 D.I. 24/1/17 Exp. 23/1/18
Start From Ghana FoundationNationalTema Community 10Ashaiman MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/6844 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp. 1/5/20
Rural Initiative for Self-Employment - GhanaNationalMinistries Block A. Room 28 and 30.Bolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastKids EducationDSW/6845 D.I. 8/8/19 Exp. 7/8/20
Mpuntusem FoundationNationalTraining and capacity building of youth.New Juabeng MunicipalEasternHuman RightsDSW/6846 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp. 30/7/20
Voice of People With Disability GhanaNationalAdjacent Ho Municipal Teacher's resource CentreHo MunicipalVoltaEmpowerring the youth especially the needy and vulnerable.DSD/5710 D.I. 2/2/17 Exp. 1/2/18
Jaldhaara FoundationNationalAmoawi - OffinsoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Empower People with Disability at the Grassroot levelDSW/6850 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Matha's CompassionNationalH/No F84/4, Labone Crescent, Near Catholic Relief centre North LaboneAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater and SanitationDSD/6851 D.I. 13/2/17 Exp. 12/2/18
Bethel Mercy MissionNationalNear Alajo 1 and 2 Basic SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupport to Needy and UnderprivilegedDSW/6852 D.I. 24/4/19 Exp. 23/4/20
Caritas GhanaNationalCentenary House, ShiashieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthcare for the AgedDSW/6853 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp. 10/12/2021
International Executive Service CorpsNational3rd Floor, Emerald House plot number 173 Block 2 Section 6 roman Ridge Residential area Accra.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraEmergency Relief in the areas of Natural Disaster.DSW/6854 D.I. 31/1/19 Exp. 30/1/20
Paagba Empwerment FoundationNationalTamale Agric RangeEast Gonja DistrictNorthernManagerial and Technical SkillsDSD/6855 D.I. 13/2/17 Exp. 12/2/18
Jpaak HelpsNationalAdentan CommandoesAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Empower Women through Training and Capacity buildingDSD/6856 D.I. 13/2/17 Exp. 12/2/18
Africa Centre For International Law And AccountabilityNationalOpposite Block Factory at Commandoes last stopAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTraining, Education and Free Basic SchoolDSD/6857 D.I. 13/2/17 Exp. 12/2/18
Royal LivingNationalApowaMpohor DistrictWesternResearch and Educate Civil Society organizationDSD/6858 D.I. 13/2/17 Exp. 12/2/18
Dr. Yaw Safo FoundationNationalAmoawi - OffinsoOffinso MunicipalAshantiSkills Training to Young AdultsDSD/6859 D.I. 13/2/17 Exp. 12/2/18
Rural Communities Empowerment CenterNationalCalvary Presbyterian ChurchOkere DistrictEasternPromote good Governance and AccountabilityDSW/1582 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Holy Qur'an Heritage SocietyNationalMedie bus stop - ZongoGa West MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSD/6860 D.I. 21/2/17 Exp. 20/2/18
Mount ProvidenceNationalWeijaGa South MunicipalGreater AccraFinancial Assistance to Needy but Brilliant children and to distribute food items for fast breaking during the month of Ramadan.DSW/6861 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Makola InstituteNationalHouse No. 468 Asafoatseey Nettey road AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater Accra To Help Widows and their children under the age of 20 years.DSD/6862 D.I. 21/2/17 Exp. 20/2/18
Dominion Balm of Gilead OrganisationNationalAdentan Housing DownAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo provide Free Basic Financial Technological Training and Business Advocacy Services to the Academically Challenged market place business operators in four Ghanaian languages. DSD/6863 D.I. 21/2/17 Exp. 20/2/18
Trinity Foundation House of GraceNationalAnwomaso KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducation and Skill Training and Shelter for Street ChildrenDSW/6864 D.I. 8/7/2020 Exp. 7/7/2021
Global Peace Association of GhanaNationalLa International Trade Fair CentreLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraSensitization and Training of Masons and Apprentices to Facilitate the building ofnaffordable housingn inn theNorthern GhanaDSD/6866 D.I. 21/2/17 Exp. 20/2/18
Pervita FoundationNationalTema Com. 4 behind Top Up PharmacyTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6867 D.I. 11/10/19 Exp.10/10/20
Human Relief FoundationNationalCommandoes AdentanGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraLess Privileged and FortunateDSW/6869 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp.17/3/20
Ewuraba Nyamekye FoundationNationalTrasaco Extension House No. 346Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraProvision of Portable drinking /water to Deprived areas as well as Education.DSD/6870 D.I. 2/3/17 Exp.1/3/18
InheritedNational5 Oak street, Teshie-Nungua EstateLedzokuku-KroworGreater AccraTo Assist Prisoners and Orhanages in the country.DSD/6871 D.I. 2/3/17 Exp.1/3/18
Ambit FoundationNationalH/No TA/439 Market street, Taifa NorthGa East MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy and Public Educationn on Cultural Natural and Scial Heritage.DSW/6872 D.I. 21/11/19 Exp.20/11/20
Tactical Educational Approaches to Character and HealthNationalAteifu WinnebaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo provide Humanitarian aidDSW/6875 D.I. 5/11/12020 Exp. 4/11/2021
New Vision Foundation- InternationNational8 Low cost first street, OLA Low cost Estates Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEducation opportutnies that support the Healthy well-being of communities.DSW/6876 D.I. 15/2/2021 Exp.14/2/2022
Vision For GhanaNationalCape Coast - Tsibu DarkoCape Coast MetropolitanCentralImproved the Livelihood of the Marginalized and Vulnerable in the Rural or Deprived Communities.DSW/6877 D.I.29/6/18 Exp.28/6/19
Hope for Refugees FoundationNationalEgyeikrom refugee CampCape Coast MetropolitanCentralPerform Eye Sight ExaminationDSW/6878 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp.23/10/20
Don Bosco Youth Network-West Africa Organization NationalMTTU Barrier, Afariwa Road,Don Bosco Technical InstituteAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Reading materials for the Islamic Mass Media.DSW/4634 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Centre For Energy, Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentNationalPlt. 31 block D Ayigya near Ojampa HotelKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSD/6887 D.I.10/3/17 Exp.9/3/18
Hapa FoundationNationalAdum Dovewell Village, Opposite STC TerminalKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo promote market-oriented business in clean energy in rural communities.DSD/6888 D.I.10/3/17 Exp.9/3/18
Loud Voice In Aid FoundationNationalAyawaso Central Sub-MetroAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth Capacity Building through Entrepreneurship Training and Empowerment.DSD/6889 D.I.10/3/17 Exp.9/3/18
Hope Setters Autism CentreNationalGolden Age Youth Training Centre Com. 7 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Livelihood to the Less Privileged in Society.DSW/6890 D.I.20/4/2020 Exp.19/4/2021
Maktab Nuur FoundationNationalMaccarthy Hill off Accra Winneba road, AccraGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Rain and Teach Persons with autism and Speech Problems and to create Autism Awareness in Ghana.DSD/6891 D.I.10/3/17 Exp.9/3/18
Salah FoundationNationalH/No. 3/31 Tobah road AmanfroGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Drill Boreholes in the Communities of Ghana for better drinking water.DSD/6892 D.I.10/3/17 Exp.9/3/18
Age - JoyNationalPlot 6 Dzorwulu extension opposite Nestle Ghana Ltd.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Women and Childlren of remote villages the opportunity of Basic Education and Skills Training for sustainable income generation.DSD/6893 D.I.10/3/17 Exp.9/3/18
Mother and Care InternationalNationalMamprobiAccra MetropolitanEasternReligious DevlopmentDSD/6894 D.I.13/3/17 Exp.12/3/18
Institute For Liberty and Policy InnovationNationalTema Ciommunity two(2) Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and ChildrenDSW/6895 D.I.25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Healthy Spine AfricaNationalAsylum down, Kanda highway near Sunny FM Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocating for the Youth to go into Entrepreneurship.DSD/6896 D.I.13/3/17 Exp.12/3/18
Gideon Baah Yachal FoundationNationalNew AchimotaGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraEducate children in Basic Schools about maintaining Healthy Spines.DSD/6897 D.I.13/3/17 Exp.12/3/18
Foundation for Talent HuntingNationalH/No. 160 A (2) Ambassadorial Enclave, East Legon.Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo help the underprivilege in societyDSD/6898 D.I.13/3/17 Exp.12/3/18
The Springfield FoundationNationalPlot 43 Airport West Osu Badu street Dzorwulu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraUnearthing Talents in Sports and other Disciplines.DSD/6899 D.I.13/3/17 Exp.12/3/18
Renel Ghana FoundationNationalNo. 44 Pawpaw street, oposite Roral Richester Hotal, Est LegonAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraImproving of Education by promoting world class education at ElementaryDSD/6900 D.I.13/3/17 Exp.12/3/18
Padre Pio Rehabilitation CentreNationalAhotokurom near AtonkwaKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem Municipal AssemblyCentralTo Promote TourismDSW/6901 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp.21/3/19
Young Bridge FoundationNationalPlot No.6 Dzorwulu extension opposite Nestle Ghana Ltd.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide care and Assistance to those struggling with Disabilities or affected by Leprosy.DSD/6902 D.I.13/3/17 Exp.12/3/18
Angel Smile FoundationNationalOpposite Sky Filling station, TemaLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraVovational Training for YouthDSW/6903 D.I.18/6/19 Exp.17/6/20
As I GrowNationalLarteh - AkuapemNew Juaben MunicipalEasternHelp improve the general status of children and provide medical care DSW/6906 D.I.10/12/19 Exp.9/12/20
Ezekiel Ansah FoundationNationalAlalomo Sstreet, AdentaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraSupporting the less privileged in the society,.DSW/6907 D.I.20/8/2020 Exp.19/8/2021
Centre for Capacity Improvement For the Wellbeing of the VulnerableNationalpposite Tamale Sports Stadium next to Centre for DisabilitySagnarigu District AssemblyNorthernHelping the Needy in the Society.DSW/6908 D.I. 15/2/12021 Exp. 14/2/202
The Forgotten OnesNational107 royal Castle road KokomleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo create cancer awareness.DSD/6910 D.I.17/3/17 Exp.16/3/18
Star of Hope International GhanaNationalTabola Alhalji No 6 adjacent fo Star Oil filing stationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/98 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp.18/3/2021
Access to Life FoundationNational3rd Crescent Street Plot 6 Sabin Akofoum, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiWomen & Children AffairDSW/5693 D.I.27/8/2020 Exp.26/8/2021
Institute of Leadership and DevelopmentNationalKawukudi KandaAccra MetropolitanGreater Accra Legal Services to JuvenilesDSW/6916 D.I.14/10/2020 Exp.13/10/2021
Foundation for International Human Development AidNationalCaprice, Behind Caprice Hotel KpeheAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSD/6917 D.I.6/4/17 Exp.5/4/18
Good Steward Ministries GhanaNationalTopbase GbaweGa South MunicipalGreater AccraICT Education DSD/6925 D.I.6/4/17 Exp.5/4/18
Durud FoundationNationalNear the Gbawe Trotro stationGa South MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSD/6926 D.I.19/4/18 Exp.18/4/19
Perfect Future FoundationNationalUNN plot within the Premises of Aviange Cargo VillageAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo enhance and promote Education through creative Arts.DSD/6928 D.I.6/4/17 Exp.5/4/18
Baobab Sankofa FoundationNationalAdabraka, opposite the Police StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo seek the welfare of children in rural area.DSW/6929 D.I.12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Zoomlion FoundationNationalNmai DzornAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo create job opportunities for Women and the Youth who are less Deprived in the Society.DSD/6935 D.I.12/4/17 Exp.11/4/18
Exglo FoundationNationalHse.RD41 East Legon Hills Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Educate people on Waste Management, to Help promote efficient recycling system and Promote Good Sanitation.DSW/6936 D.I. 16/2/2021 Exp.15/2/2022
Akwaaba Volunteers FoundationNationalH/No F663/3 South La Estates behing Lgeneral HospitalLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraFacilitate Education and Healthcare in the Community to Empowerment Women.DSW/6937 D.I.11/10/19 Exp.10/10/20
S & B International Football FoundationNationalBehind the CourtAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraVoluntary Services in Medical, Education and Sporting Activities.DSD/6938 D.I.12/4/17 Exp.11/4/18
Jabneel FoundatinNationalOpposite Fdrench Embassy near TV 3Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraFootball Scouting, Training and Management.DSD/6939 D.I.12/4/17 Exp.11/4/18
Career Youth AfricaNationalH/No. F2/6 Kisseiman - Achimota AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraGirl Child EducationDSD/6940 D.I.12/4/17 Exp.11/4/18
Tiger Eye Social FoundationNationalH/No. 5 Kings Lane off Blohun street, Dzorwulu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraGender Development SolutionsSocial ResearchDSD/6941 D.I.12/4/17 Exp.11/4/18
Child Ghana Resource Institute, InternationalNationalTeshie Tebibiano roundaboutLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo create public Awareness through the use of Visual and Digital and Media and Train Journalists to raise awareness about society's ills.DSW/6942 D.I.18/6/19 Exp.17/6/20
Upkeep And Support For West African HospitatsNationalEstate junction Spintex road Parakuo EstateTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo extend palm oil processing to under priviledged communites.DSD/1012 D.I. 20/4/17 Exp. 19/4/18
Hope Alive 360 FoundationNationalWafie, Sefwi JuabosoDormaa East DistrictBrong-AhafoDisabiity WelfareDSD/6944 D.I. 20/4/17 Exp. 19/4/18
Kagas FoundationNationalpposite Adawso main market, Adawso-AkuapemAkuapem North MunicipalEasternAdvocacy on Conservation, Forestry and the Water Bodies.DSD/6945 D.I. 20/4/17 Exp. 19/4/18
Centre for Learning and Childhood Development GhanaNationalMadina No 1 Clusdter of Schools parkiLa Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Greater AccraQuality Education to all Ghanaians DSW/6946 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
BBNZ Live FoundationNational Opposite Nima Police Station, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraResearch and Development and Implementation Relating to Child Development.DSW/6947 D.I. 24/1/19 Exp. 23/1/20
Advocacy For Biodiversity Offsetting Group (ABOG)NationalThe John A Kufuor Foundation building CantonmentAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Health Education and Empowerment Services for YouthDSD/6949 D.I. 20/4/17 Exp. 19/4/18
Rainbow Trust FoundationNationalKlagon Polie StationTema MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/6950 D.I. 27/9/19 Exp. 26/9/20
Food for All AfricaNationalH/No. 4th Palm Link Street,Teshie-Nungua Estate near LEKMALedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo provide Aid to Children of School going AgeDSW/6951 D.I. 22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
Beacon Of Hope FoundationNationalMotorway Extension, KwashiemanAkuapim South DistrictEasternEducationDSW/6952 D.I. 8/5/17 Exp. 7/5/18
Abbemission Youth For Technology FoundationNationalOsu AccraLa Dade-kotoponGreater AccraTo ensure Safety on our roadsDSD/6954 D.I. 8/5/17 Exp. 7/5/18
Foundation for A Drug Free World-GhanaNationalTabora No.5 Lapaz Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo offer Information Communication for Youth in the CommunityDSD/6955 D.I. 8/5/17 Exp. 7/5/18
Readers LeadNationalOlebuGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraPrimary Health CareDSD/6957 D.I. 8/5/17 Exp. 7/5/18
Naa Paulaisha Eco-VillageNationalH/No G75 Community 9 junction, Tema AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Educational Assistance To Schools, University and Students.DSD/6959 D.I. 8/5/17 Exp. 7/5/18
Deseret Ghana FoundationNationalSowutuomGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy but Brilliant Children to give Free Vocational Training to the Community.DSD/6960 D.I. 8/5/17 Exp. 7/5/18
Helping People In Need FoundationNationalOsu Ako Adjei at House No.1 or opposite the Osu Ako-Adjei parkAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo render Health Assistance and to Help in areas of Health Issues . DSW/6961 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp. 24/7/19
International Federation of Skate SoccerNationalNo. 9 Jubilee Wells Labone AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHelping the Less Privilege in career development. DSW/6962 D.I. 8/5/19 Exp.7/5/20
Positive Action for Porter Girls - MadinaNationalMadina AccraLa Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Greater AccraTo Develop Skate Ssoccer for the Physically Challenged.DSW/6963 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp.28/5/2021
Mercy Project GhanaNationalFirst Kajaano street H/No F256/3Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo identify and assist migrant porter girls (Kayayei)DSD/6964 D.I. 11/5/17 Exp.10/5/18
Changing Souls FoundationNationalH/No 575/20 Weija AccraGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help eradicate Child TraffickingDSD/6965 D.I. 11/5/17 Exp.10/5/18
Melcom Care FoundationNationalNorth Industrial AreaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Poor, Brilliant but Needy Puplil to acquire Education.DSD/6966 D.I. 11/5/17 Exp.10/5/18
Macedonia-Jerusalem MissionNationalWithin the church premises of Solution Ground of Mount Moirah ChurchAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Charity and Community DevelopmentDSD/6967 D.I. 11/5/17 Exp.10/5/18
Zizikarl FoundationNationalNo. GF 13, 2nd drivAkosomboAsuogyamanEasternTo Propagate the Word of God DSD/6968 D.I. 11/5/17 Exp.10/5/18
Youth Sports InitiativeNationalAdabraka AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Poor and Needy in the Society.DSD/6972 D.I. 15/5/17 Exp.14/5/18
Kiddy Garden FoundationNationalH/No. 203 Near Darku Estate, dme Pillar 2Ga EastGreater AccraTo comfort and Assist the afflicted both spiritually, materially and Educationally.DSW/6974 D.I. 17/8/18 Exp.16/8/19
Bragtag Child Care FoundationNationalYNN House, opposite Ayele Plaza UPSA roadAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSD/6976 D.I. 15/5/17 Exp.14/5/18
Clement Care For The Nedy FoundationNationalPlot No. 105 AdomakoBrong-AhafoTo Support Children and Individual living with Cerebral Palsy, to realise theirfull potential and increase their ability to participate in communities.DSD/6978 D.I. 26/5/17 Exp.25/5/18
Global Hand On Natural Environmental CareNationalAtebubu Office, same Office premises with World VisionAccra MetropolitanBrong-AhafoPromote Equal Acces to Quality Education for Youth.DSW/6979 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp.25/6/2021
Islamic Medical Association of GhanaNationalKorlegonor, AccraSunyani MunicipalGreater AccraTo Pomote Gender EquityDSD/6980 D.I. 26/5/17 Exp.25/5/18
Chrisbuck FoundationNationalDansoman Market Kenka street AccraAtebubu-Amantin DistrictGreater AccraTo Facilitate the understanding and improve relation among Muslim Physicians and other Health related professions in Ghana.DSD/6981 D.I. 26/5/17 Exp.25/5/18
Child Crest FoundationNationalBethel Avenue, elminaAccra MetropolitanCentralTo provide the Bsic Needs for the Childrebn who are Orphans, Abused or Abandoned on the Street.DSD/6982 D.I. 26/5/17 Exp.25/5/18
Rural ProgressNationalAveyime IDA yardTamale MetropolitanVoltaTo establish and operate open minds club in schools.DSW/2731 D.I. 22/1/ 2021 Exp.21/1/22
Jesse Brooks FoundationNationalGloryland Unitded workshop centreSunyani MunicipalVoltaEnvironmental ProtectionDSD/5566 D.I. 2/6/17 Exp.1/6/18
Baamayi Sai AllahNationalZongo KoforiduaHo MunicipalEasternTo Eradicate MalariaDSW/6986 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp.2/10/20
Joy to The Earth FoundationNationalPlot 12 block D Kronum (opposite Emmanuel Assembly, The Church of PentecostAccra MetropolitanAshantiSkill Training of Club MembersDSD/6987 D.I. 2/6/17 Exp. 1/6/18
VIS GhanaNationalAshaimanCentral Tongu (Adidome) Greater AccraHealth Education on Preventable and Non Preventable Diseases.DSW/6990 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Last Days Gospel MissionNationalNear Ravenah Hotel or Dote Chief PalaceGa South MunicipalAshantiCarrying out Projects of International cooperation for developmentDSD/6991 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp.29/1/2021
Partners of Nature AfricaNationalH/No. 16/84 U, Kakatsofa street North KaneshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducating the Society on Hypertension and Provision of Free Health ScreeningDSW/6994 D.I. 28/11/18 Exp. 27/11/19
World Child Cancer GhanaNationalNo. 129 Mothers Hostel, Department of Schild Helth Korle Bu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist the Needy and Poor in Society.DSW/6995 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
The Tiida OrganizationNationalAccra Newtown -Ayawaso Cenral Sub-metroAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraInvest in Diagnosis Support Treatment Train Health PersonnelDSD/6996 D.I. 7/6/17 Exp. 6/6/18
Society of Muslim IntellectualsNationalB 361/13 Sukura Market AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/6998 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
Pajgeverel Humanitarian InitiativesNationalNkawkawGomoah East District EasternCommunity DevelopmentDSD/6999 D.I. 7/6/17 Exp. 6/6/18
Young Visionary Leaders InternationalNationalFise Amasaman Calnary StreetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the underprivilegeDSD/7000 D.I. 7/6/17 Exp. 6/6/18
FECNAPP GHNationalKuntsford Avenue AccraKwahu West MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSD/7001 D.I. 7/6/17 Exp. 6/6/18
Proforest Initiative AfricaNationalNear East Legon MosqueAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/7003 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/19
Lotus Women's FoundationNationalHSE No. 167 Paradise estatre HebronAccra MetropolitanEasternPromote the Use of Solar EnergyDSD/7005 D.I. 7/6/17 Exp. 6/6/18
Colourful Steps FoundtionNationalNear Oguaa PWDAccra MetropolitanEasternGive total Medicdal Care to the under PrivilegedDSD/7011 D.I.14/6/17 Exp.13/6/18
Heritage And Cultural Society of AfricaNationalMovenpick Emporium AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Under-Privileged ChildrenDSW/7012 D.I.7/5/2020 Exp.6/5/2021
Medgram Intdernational Humanitarian aid OrganisationNationalH/No 77 East Airport AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Transform the Lives of Children in Poverty DSD/7014 D.I.14/6/17 Exp.13/6/18
Yevu FoundationNational17 Osu Badu Avenue (next to Diplomat Guesthouse) Dzorwulu, AccraAgotime-Ziope DistrictGreater AccraHumanitarian Aid for Conflict VictimsDSD/7015 D.I.14/6/17 Exp.13/6/18
Ghana Islamic Society for Education and ReformationNationalNear KPMG or Barcelos RestaurantAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Build Educational FacilitiesDSW/4097 D.I.28/2/2020 Exp.27/2/2021
Quest Empowerment FoundationNationalH/No 52/D Addokope, Ada West DistrictAda West DistrictGreater AccraPromoting the Consumption of SoyabeansDSW/7018 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 17/2/2021
African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation CentresNationalBehind Alang building (Suame Kumasi)Kumasi MetropolitanAshantiChild Welfare and EducationDSW/4719 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp. 13/5/20
Mobile Business Clinic (MBC) AfricaNationalARS round aboutAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/6115 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp. 8/1/2021
Heart of Gold FoundationNationalMadina MayehotLa Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Greater AccraOffering Integrated ServicesDSW/7019 D.I. 30/6/17 Exp. 29/6/18
Inerela + GH AssociationNationalCentral Mosque Abossey OkaiAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCounselling and PsychotherapyDSW/7023 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp. 11/1/2022
Less Privileged Ghana FoundationNationalHSE No. BB1/302 Bronibima EstateKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem MunicipalCentralNetwork of Religious Leaders Living with HIV/AIDSDSW/7024 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp. 25/11/2021
Boa Nnipa FoundationNationalOdorkor Errazo RoadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/7025 D.I. 30/6/17 Exp. 29/6/18
SimplykidsNationalMadina Off Ashalay Bowtse RoadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupporting education in GhanaDSW/7026 D.I. 30/6/17 Exp. 29/6/18
Y T FoundationNationalPlot 1A Sakumono EstateTema MetropolitanGreater AccraBasic Health Care for ChildrenDSW/7027 D.I. 30/6/17 Exp. 29/6/18
G & A Health and Fitness Services LimitedNationalKasoa American DownAwutu Senya EastCentralHealth CareDSW/7028 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp. 17/3/20
Generational Force FoundationNationalDjama Road, Oblogo weija Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraStreet CchildrenDSW/7032 D.I. 18/10/18 Exp. 17/0/19
Kokrokoo Charities FoundationNationalHSE No. 25 Haatso, Mango LaneAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSetup Learning Clubs in SchoolsDSW/7033 D.I. 12/4/19 Exp. 11/4/20
Bildog EducationNationalSowutuomGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraDSW/7034 D.I. 10/7/17 Exp. 9/7/18
Canada Ghana Chamba of CommerceNational8th Floor Silver Tower, Airport City AccraLa Dade-kotoponGreater AccraEducational CharityDSW/7035 D.I. 10/7/17 Exp. 9/7/18
Ark Lifestyle FoundationNationalDzorwuluAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraImprove Businesses in GhanaDSW/7036 D.I. 10/7/17 Exp. 9/7/18
Our Help To Ghana InternationalNational22 Afi Street, Nii Boi Town - Lapaz AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEstablish Information CentreDSW/7038 D.I. 10/7/17 Exp. 9/7/18
Police Wives AssociationNationalPolice Headquarters, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Child EducationDSW/7039 D.I. 10/7/17 Exp. 9/7/18
Agibusiness Entrepreneurship DevelopmentNational1st St. Joseph Street, Laterbiokoshie AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo promote Physical, Spiritual, Social and Economic Development of MembersDSW/7040 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp. 26/3/20
Bio FoundationNationalWenchi B/AWenchi Municipal AssemblyBrong-AhafoPromote Healthy Life Style and Good environmental HygieneDSW/7042 D.I. 17/6/19 Exp. 16/6/20
Remould FoundationNationalBehind Akporman Football Park, Ga East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraHealth and EducationDSW/7045 D.I. 10/7/17 Exp. 9/7/18
North American Women's Association of GhanaNationalGemini Court, CantonmentAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAlleviate PovertyDSW/2256 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp. 25/11/2021
White Angels FoundationNationalNear Franco Hostel Ayeduase-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiAssistant to the Needy ChildrenDSW/7050 D.I. 14/7/17 Exp. 13/7/18
Learn For Life - GhanaNationalPlot 91 Block A, EseresoBosomtwe District AssemblyAshantiTo Help the Needy and Vulnerable in the SocietyDSW/7051 D.I. 14/7/17 Exp. 13/7/18
Stichting Able MenNationalPlot 6 Block 11 Atonsu KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiImproveving Literaccy Rate and Offering Scholarships in Various Basic SchoolsDSW/7052 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Hiya FoundationNationalBLK 10 Parakutasomanso KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Assist Persons with DisabilityDSW/7053 D.I. 14/7/17 Exp. 13/7/18
Maritime Life Precious FoundationNationalTakoradi/Cape CoastCape-Coast MetropolitanCentralFacilitate Socio Economic Development of the VulnerableDSW/7054 D.I. 27/9/19 Exp. 26/9/20
Made In Heaven FoundationNationalTrassaco Valley, Douchess Court, 141Techiman MunicipalGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/7059 D.I. 21/7/17 Exp. 20/7/18
Development Research And Advocacy CentreNationalHouse No. B160 Daporetindongo Stadium roadAdentan MunicipalUpper EastSupport the Needy and Charity WorksDSW/7060 D.I. 21/7/17 Exp. 20/7/18
The Ato - Kwamena Dadzie FoundationNationalDzorwulu - next to Fidelity BankMfantseman MunicipalGreater AccraEnvironmental Education Biodiversity Utilisation and Development DSW/7062 D.I. 21/7/17 Exp. 20/7/18
Agam MinistriesNationalRegimanuel Estate AE 5, Com. 15 Phase 3Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Underprivileged ChildrenDSW/7063 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp. 13/5/20
I'm Powered GhanaNationalH/NO F16 Birim Street, Comm 22 Tema Ledzekuku-KroworGreater AccraGospel Missions and unearth Talents & Skills Training for Youth.DSW/7064 D.I. 27/7/17 Exp. 26/7/18
Bozz Sikaman Progtagha FoundationNationalWeijaBirim North DistrictGreater AccraTo give Moral Encouragement Guardian Support to Girls for Leadership Positions.DSW/7067 D.I. 2/8/17 Exp. 1/8/18
With God Cerebral Palsy GhanaNationalTeshie-Demo, opposite African-American International SchoolGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Peace, Unity and Tolerance among GhanaiansDSW/7069 D.I. 11/7/19 Exp. 10/7/20
Iraisers InternationalNNationalNo. 103 Newtown road, KokomlemleGa South MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Books to Indigenous Ghanaian Childrenn in Rural Urban CommunitiesDSW/7071 D.I. 8/8/19 Exp. 7/8/20
Kwasi Appiah FoundationNationalAdabraka behind the Holy Spirit CathedralAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraLinking Sports and Sustainable Community DevelopmentDSW/7077 D.I. 2/8/17 Exp. 1/8/18
Amugisco Disability Sports FoundationNationalAdjacent Happy Star Hotel, SekyikromTamale MetropolitanEasternTo Empower Rural Women and offer Educational Support to Needy.DSW/7079 D.I. 2/8/17 Exp. 1/8/18
True Faith Church, GhanaNationalAdjacent to the Presby Mission HouseNsawam Adoagyiri Municiple AssemblyAshantiTo Provide Skills and Training to Disability Persons.DSW/621 D.I. 18/12/18 Exp. 17/12/19
CBN GhanaNationalNew Achimota KinsbySagnarigu MunicipalGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/7080 D.I. 17/6/19 Exp. 16/6/20
Smart Kids Foundation GhanaNationalPlot 45 Block B (in the premises of University of Winneba campus)Sagnarigu DistrictAshantiTo Provide Legal Education and Service to Correctional and Social Institutions.DSW/7082 D.I.. 7/8/17 Exp. 6/8/18
Advance Lifestyle Mcmarie FoundationNationalBungalow 10 Ellis Avenue near Kapital Radio Nyiiaeso-KumasiKwabre East DistrictAshantito Help Needy in the Society.DSW/7084 D.I..5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Manasseh 2012 FoundationNationalPlot 22 Ayeaduase, near Darkens HostelOffinso MunicipalAshantiTo Offer Counseling Services to the Youth Engaged in Drug Addition.DSW/7086 D.I. 11/8/17 Exp. 10/8/18
Asieduwaa Adepa FoundationNationalGyinase - RamseyerKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Enable, Enhance and Promote Youth amd African Women.DSW/7087 D.I. 11/8/17 Exp. 10/8/18
Pregnance Stress FoundationNationalNAGRAT BUILDING 2ND FLOOR Donkirk-BompataKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Help Children of Single Parenting to Further their Education. DSW/7088 D.I.26/11/2020 Exp. 25/11/2021
CleanacwaNationalH/No. 19, GIMPA Down West LegonEkumfi DistrictGreater AccraxxxxxxxxxxxxDSW/7090 D.I. 11/8/17 Exp. 10/8/18
The Young Shall GrowNationalJameca-Woe-AnlogaLa Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Greater AccraProvision of Water and SanitationDSW/4290 D.I.16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Centre for Environmental Impact AnalysisNationalAbura MarketAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraVocational TrainingDSW/4432 D.I..15/5/2020 Exp.14/5/2021
Jesus Loves Street Child InitiativeNationalVanguard Assurance office, AdentanCape Coast MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/7091 D.I.16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Crown of Love Development OrganisationNationalP 9 - North Suntreso-Kumasi AshantiAdentan MunicipalCentralTo ensure that every child has the opportunity to be schooled.DSW/7092 D.I.27/6/19 Exp. 26/6/20
Challenges Group GhanaNationalF 393/4 Ostwe street near Asanka Local Osu Kintampo Municipal Greater Accrato Eradicate Poverty among Children and the Youth.DSW/7093 D.I. 24/8/18 Exp. 23/8/19
Birim Charity OrganisationNationalF 33 Water Lakeside Ashaley Botwe Madina Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraBusiness Development Services and Vocational Training.DSW/7094 D.I.31/7/19 Exp. 30/7/20
Saving Arm FoundationNationalH/No. 19 Akrowa house street La-Trade Fair AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo build a Mosque, Islamic School and Boreholes for the Community.DSW/7095 D.I.16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Faith Missions Health FoundationNationalOfankor BarrierAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHelping the Needy in Education and HealthcareDSW/7096 D.I.16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Joining - Hands FoundationNational18 Nii Bonnie street, Dzorwulu Accra or GraceHill School of Technology, Ankaful road cape coastGa West MunicipalCentralTo Help Prevent the Spread of HIV/AIDS and other Communicable and non-Communicable Diseases.DSW/7097 D.I.16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Earlybird FoundationNationalTop floor of Taniri street, Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEntrepreneur TrainingDSW/7098 D.I.. 16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Christ Centered Counseling NetworkNationalNtotoo T-junction/Abom-Nkondze houseCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEntrepreneur TrainingDSW/7099 D.I.12/12/18 Exp. 11/12/19
New Partnership For Women DevelopmentNationalOpposite the SSNIT Office, NkawkawCape Coast MetropolitanEasternBiblical CounselingDSW/7100 D.I.16/8/17 Exp. 15/8/18
Abofra FoundationNationalBehind Ogbojo Market Metro MassLa-Nkwantanang MadinaGreater AccraProvide Training and Employability Skills to Women.DSW/7101 D.I.25/10/18 Exp. 24/10/19
Gender Students and Human Rights Documentation CentreNational34 Church Crecent, North LaboneAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraImprove Health and Socio-Economic Wellbeing of the PoorDSW/1144 D.I. 30/8/17 Exp. 29/8/18
Tzedek International Development FoundationNationalInside School for Life Na Luro EstatesAccra MetropolitanNorthernReligious DevelopmentDSW/7105 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp. 24/7/19
The Light FoundationNationalAmerican House, East LegonKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem MunicipalGreater AccraWomen & Children AffairsDSW/7108 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp. 30/7/20
Under Previleged Children's Development CenterNationalTubaKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem MunicipalGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/7111 D.I. 30/8/17 Exp. 29/8/18
Centre For Natural Resources and Environmental ManagementNationalNear Star Gas, Community 9 Hospital BypassGa South MunicipalGreater AccraHealth CareDSW/7112 D.I. 28/9/18 Exp. 27/919
Francis Addai-Nimoh FoundationNationalClub 10, Kanda EstatesTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/7113 D.I. 30/8/17 Exp. 29/8/18
Ohemaa's Health Care And Youth Deelopment FoundationNationalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSkill Training to the YouthDSW/4305 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Friends of Mental HealthNationalThird Floor At Tang Palace Hotel, South-West AirportAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraSkills TrainingDSW/7114 D.I. 31/5/19 Exp. 30/5/20
The Livingstone Legacy FoundationNationalNear Old Lebanon Police StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraMental Health CareDSW/7115 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Viva Support FoundationNational76/H, Clayton Road WinnebaAshaiman MunicipalCentralTo Assist Student who are unable to pay their school feesDSW/7116 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
SG Cancer FoundationNationalAdirigarnor, Near Ghana Canadamedical CentreEffutu MunicipalGreater AccraEducational Support For Children with special needs.DSW/7117 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Ghana National Education Campaign CoalitionNationalEast Legon, Near ICGC Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraFinancial Counselling to Cancer PatientsDSW/7118 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Youth Education And Awareness SocietyNationalGomoa AkrofulAdentan MunicipalCentralEducationDSW/7119 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Minsheh Child and Family Welfare ServicesNationalHNO. E222/9, Kanda Estate, Aboso Road, Near Bawumia HouseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHumanitarian ServicesDSW/7120 D.I 19/9/19 Exp. 18/9/20
Mercy Without LimitsNationalRedco Flats 24 FeetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCounselling on ParentingDSW/7121 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Ar-Rahmah Trust FoundationNationalMadina ZongoLa-Nkwantanan MadinaGreater AccraYouth EmpowermentDSW/7122 D.I 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Amazing Grace Children's FoundationNationalBlock 25/21, GICEL EstatesLa-Nkwantanan MadinaGreater AccraTo Alleviate PovertyDSW/7123 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Public Interest Research And Advocacy NetworkNationalAwima-Agogo, Near Lifegate International SchoolGa South MunicipalAshantiHealthDSW/7124 D.I. 8/9/17 Exp. 7/9/18
Ashesi UniversityNationalBerekuso Eastern RegionAtwima Nwabiagya DistrictEasternResearchDSW/2679 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
Health Crescendos FoundationNationalRoyal Avenue Tseaddo, Trade Fair LaLa DadekoponGreater AccraClimate ChangeDSW/7125 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Society Aid InternationNationalBawjiase Church of ChristAccra MetropolitanCentralHealth EducationDSW/7126 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
Go Girl GhanaNationalAkweley Newtown Kasoa H/No. NT 70/8Awutu Senya District AssemblyCentralWomen & Children Empowerment ProgrameDSW/7127 D.I. 3/7/19 Exp. 2/7/20
Garden of Eden FoundationNationalH/NO 209 Adjacent Water Gold Hotel, Dome Parakou estateAwutu Senya District AssemblyGreater AccraGirl Child EducationDSW/7128 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
Lifebirthday GhanaNationalPlot 78 TrassacoGa East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraAgriculturalDSW/7129 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
Dromo FoundationNationalSowutuomAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraPoverty AlleviationDSW/7130 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
This Grace of Giving FoundationNationalH/No 238B 7th AvenueGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraDisabiity WelfareDSW/7131 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Community Development and Advocacy CentreNationalSecond Floor, red Cross Block, Ministries bukere-BolgatangaLedzekuku-KroworUpper EastChildren and WidowsDSW/7132 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
Future for AfricaNationalBank Quarters, H/No 1B Bukere BolgatangaBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastEnvironmentalDSW/7133 D.I. 24/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
HHI Humanity Health InternationalNationalH/NO 8, Nii Afrotse Street, west Legon Westland BvldGa East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraReduce Teenage Pregnancy among school ChildrenDSW/7136 D.I. 20/9/17 Exp. 19/9/18
Kelly Hadfield's Ghana Medicdal HelpNationalH/No. W6128 Wiaga-SiyansaBuilsa NorthUpper EastHealthDSW/7139 D.I. 6/10/17 Exp. 5/10/18
Shea Network-GhanaNationalH/No 86 Naa Luro EstateSagnarigu DistrictNorthernPlatform to share Shea InformationDSW/7140 D.I. 16/5/19 Exp. 15/5/20
Global Health Technology GroupNationalKwashieman Trafic Light close to Sowutuom Lorry StationGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraSeek solutions to complex Health ProblemsDSW/7142 D.I. 6/10/17 Exp. 5/10/18
Melian Kidney FoundationNational6 Westland bourhvard - West LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Create Awarseness in Kidney Diseases by organizing educational programmes.DSW/7143 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Womchild FoundationNationalGICEL main street, WeijaGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help improve maternal and child health in GhanaDSW/7145 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Youth For Human Right AfricaNationalNii Noi Kwame street, behind Peter Pan Restaurant, DzorwuluAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Education DSW/7146 D.I. 6/10/17 Exp. 5/10/18
Bone Maarrow Transplantation GhanaNationalGreater Accra Regional Hospital AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPatients with Sickle Cell Anemia and cure by Bone Marrow Transplant.DSW/7148 D.I.10/1/2020 Exp.9/1/2021
One Ghana Cedis FoundatiomNationalAdweso SSNITNew Juabeng MunicipalEasternHelping to Pay fees of Needy Tertiary StudentsDSW/7149 D.I. 12/10/17 Exp.1110/18
BISID FoundationNationalN. B693/19 General Ankrah High Street, oppoosite Blue Lagoon Allied Oild Filling station Sakaman-DansomanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Inspire and Groom the Single Ladies to become Virtuous Women into Marriage in a Godly way. DSW/7150 D.I. 12/10/17 Exp.1110/18
Cradle To Crayon FoundationNationalNorth KaneshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Educate the Community to Reduce AnemiaDSW/7151 D.I. 12/10/17 Exp.1110/18
Angel - Zoe FoundationNationalOpposite Dregi Emmanuel EstatesTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo undertake Research into Better ways of Rehabilitatiing Prison Imates.DSW/5846 D.I. 25/10/17 Exp. 24/1018
Pure Passion foundationNationalCabin of Tech roadKumasi MetropolitanAshantiCommunity DevelopmentDSW/7152 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
AmoawimanNationalOffinso-Amoawi Municial Junior High SchoolOffinso MunicipalAshantiEducational Development DSW/7153 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
Centre for Integrated Rural and Child DevelopmentNationalNkawie Kuma opposite Chie Palace Atwima Nwabiagya DistrictAshantito Promote the Health Status of Deprived Children.DSW/7154 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
Dizway And Team OrganizationNationalSikka Fm building Krofrom - KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Fight Against Exploitation, Injustice and Corruption.DSW/7155 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
Projectgenesis AfricaNationalAll Nations University CollegeNew JuabenEasternTo Inspire African to Develop the Character, Attitude and Action Oriented tendercies for the Transformation pf AfricaDSW/7156 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
Welfare of Children And Youth AssociationNationalHouse No. 468, Abofou AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote the Welfare of Children and Youth in GhanaDSW/7158 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
Cyrus Africa FoundationNationalReid Bethonie building, 2nd floor, Vertical Centre, Com.6Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help give Micro finance to small scale Enterprises and Individuals.DSW/7159 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
Perkins International AfricaNationalAccra Rehabilitation Centre, opposite National Museum Barnes road Adabraka Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo enssure that children with Disabilities receive an Appropriate Education.DSW/7160 D.I. 23/10/17 Exp.2210/18
Heag FoundationNationalH/No. 713-2B Tabora container AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Render Quality Health care and Educational assistance to GhanaiansDSW/7161 D.I. 25/10/17 Exp.2410/18
My Sister's KeeperNationalRoman Ridge shopping AcadeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo support Women and Children in Ghana.DSW/7163 D.I. 25/10/17 Exp.2410/18
Ghaspora FoundationNationalDzorwulu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo curb the saniation problems in Ghana which the government alone cannot handle. DSW/7166 D.I. 25/10/17 Exp.2410/18
Let Us Shine GhanaNationalJane Ann SupermarketAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraEducationDSW/3303 D.I. 1/11/17 Exp.31/10/18
BEC FoundationNationalRitz junction-adjacent Swan ClinicLa Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Greater AccraTo Care for Children with Special Needs.DSW/7167 D.I. 8/11/18 Exp.7/11/19
Chamey Foundation of HopeNationalH/No. 34 near Holy CrossGa Souh MunicipalGreater AccraTo Care for the NeedyDSW/7168 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp.22/10/2021
Noble Touching Lives FoundationNationalOppossite Korle Bu Teaching Hospital main entranceAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help People with DeformityDSW/7170 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp.13/2/2021
Career for AllNationalEast LegonLa Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Greater AccraYouth Development, Career Development and ParentalDSW/7172 D.I. 1/11/17 Exp.31/10/18
Integrated Community Development Foundation (ICODEF)NationalKalpohin Estates - E14 first road TamaleBunkpurugu/Yunyoo District AssemblyNorthernTo Promote Education and ServiceDelivery on Adolescent Reproductive Health.DSW/7174 D.I. 1/11/17 Exp.31/10/18
Association of Sincere ParentsNationalH/No. C 897/1 KotobabiAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraOffer a Temporal Accommodation to the Less PrilegeDSW/7175 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp.16/5/20
Shiloh-Goshen Foundation-GhanaNationalOpposite Mamprobi Girls School parkAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Alleviate Poverty through education, Health and Social Services.DSW/7176 D.I. 1/11/17 Exp.31/10/18
Dream Believer Achieve foundationNationalDzorwulu near Dzorwulu Special SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Mentorng Support and Services for the Youth..DSW/7177 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp.27/2/2021
African Evaluation AssociationNational1st Floor Silver Star TowersLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Support Development in Africa to Encourage the Development and Publication of High Quality Evaluation.DSW/7180 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp.27/2/2021
360 Expert NetworkNationalH/No 20 Abotsi Avenue, (Despite propertie) Adjacent MJ Grand Hotel East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Health Care to Deprived People in the Society.DSW/7182 D.I. 7/11/17 Exp.6/11/18
Anansi Educational NGONationalMpeasem CapecoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Link Students with Sponsors who have disposale income they want to use to pay school fees and boarding rooms for Qualifiying Students.DSW/7185 D.I. 7/11/17 Exp.6/11/18
Wheeled BooksNationalCantoments AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraMobile Library, to Organize Literacy Programme for Children in Rural Northern Ghana and Upper Volta.DSW/7190 D.I. 7/11/17 Exp.6/11/18
Accra Symphony OrchestraNationalICGC - Abbsey Okai, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraMusiscal PerformancesDSW/7192 D.I. 7/11/17 Exp.6/11/18
Impact Hub AccraNationalKlamaa Stret Osu Ako Adjei park (near Methodist Church) Accra Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromote Establishment of Socially Responsible BusinessDSW/7193 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp.22/12/2021
Watered Kindness FoundationNationalLapaz, Nyamekye junction (next to the Goild filling stationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHelping Sick Homeless Needy Pregnant Women.DSW/7194 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Green Life International FoundationNationalDomeGa East MunicipalGreater Accrato Improve the Health Needs of the People by establishing Health Posts.DSW/7195 D.I. 10/11/17 Exp.9/11/18
Pastors Care InitiativeNationalNear Fountain Gate Chapel. OfankorGa West MunicipalGreater AccraProvide support for Pastors in rural Areas.DSW7198 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Aspire Food Group GhanaNationalKNUST Animal Science Department. Kumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Research and Develop Palm Weevi Larvae as a source of Food and NutritionDSW/7199 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp.22/12/20
Afrian Youth for ProgressNationalAmasamanGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Empower African Youth to undertake Leadership Roles.DSD/7202 D.I. 17/11/17 Exp.16/11/18
Holy Royal Christian AcademyNationalKwabenyaGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Poor and the N eedy.DSW/7203 D.I. 17/11/17 Exp. 16/11/18
Mercy For All FoundationNationalNew site domeabra - Anwomanso and opposite the Government School.K2547Kumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Care for the Needy and Vulnerable in the Society.DSW/7204 D.I. 30/12/19 Exp. 29/12/20
Save the Hopeless CentreNationalPlot 3 Block A Tawiah street Atwima Darko Akrofrom, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Help the Less Privileged in the SocietyDSW/7205 D.I. 17/11/17 Exp. 16/11/18
Muslim Health Workers Association of GhanaNationalPlot 2 Block R, Opposite Victory Baptist ChurchKumasi MetropolitanGreater AccraPromotion of the Welfare of Muslim Health Workers.DSW/7207 D.I. 17/11/17 Exp. 16/11/18
Bamboo For Integrated Development GhanaNationalHilltop Platinum School Premises, Daban, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Initiative sustainable Development of Bamboo Agroforestry for Quality Culms and Effective Rdesource.DSW/7208 D.I. 8/7/2020 Exp. 7/7/2021
The Orphan Talent FoundationNationalSantasi Anyinam, opposite Goil stationKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Help the Needy in Society especially the Orphans. DSW/7209 D.I. 24/11/17 Exp. 23/11/18
Love Train NetworkNationalJamaicaso, AburiAkwapim Sout DistrictEasternTo Reach out to the Underprivileged and Needy Children in Deprived ardeas and Communities by showing them Love.DSW/7210 D.I. 17/11/17 Exp. 16/11/18
Pregnancy Help GhanaNationalOfankorGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Charitable Health and Social Services to Vulnerable Pregnant Women in Ghana.DSW/7211 D.I. 24/11/17 Exp. 23/11/18
Touch-Life World Global FoundationNationalGB - 321-C, Michel Camp road TemaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Shelter, Food and Free Education for the Less Privileged.DSW/7214 D.I. 21/3/19 Exp. 20/3/20
Hiya Agro-Aquatic FoundationNationalBlock 10 Paraku Estate Atasoman so-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiRe-Afforestation Protection of River Bodies and Seal Galamseay holes.DSW/7215 D.I. 24/11/17 Exp. 23/11/18
Ghana Glaucoma-Cataract FoundationNationalMataheko near Faith CathedralAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Create Awareness in GlacomaDSW/7216 D.I. 24/11/17 Exp. 23/11/18
Footprints Development InternationalNationalBLK 4 SFC, Community 11Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraPeople and community developmentDSW/7217 D.I. 24/11/17 Exp. 23/11/18
Osteogenesis imperfecta Foundation GhanaNationalPedu LayoutCape Coast MetropolitanCentralAdvocate For Osteogenesis Imperfecta Awarened and Healthcare TreatmentDSW/7218 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Excellent Hope Centre GhanaNationalKwashieman Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraGender Sensitive Education in Slums and Poor LocalitiesDSW/7219 D.I. 24/11/17 Exp. 23/11/18
Families Mentoring FamiliesNationalDaban New Site KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducation and Cultural Exchange programmes among familiesDSW/7220 D.I. 8/7/2020 Exp. 7/7/2021
Al-Furqan Foundation for Education and DevelopmentNationalAmrahia Dodoa Road, Near the Ghana Christian University CoAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraProviding Social Amenities Like Clinics, Schools, Wells and MosquesDSW/7223 D.I. 24/11/17 Exp. 23/11/18
love Community ChapelNationalKeta Main StreetKeta DistrictVoltaHumanitarian Services DSW/3617 D.I. 30/11/17 Exp. 29/11/18
Taimako FoundationNationalOpposite Accra High SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducational Assistance to Rural and Urban Poor CommunityDSW/7224 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Footprints 365 GhanaNationalBokuruwa KwahuKwahu East DistrictEasternTo Empower the Next Generation through Education.DSW/7226 D.I 26/3/2020 Exp. 25/3/2021
Hankorea FoundationNationalAwukugua Nyensi Akuapem Akuapem North MunicipalEasternTo Help the Underprivileged in Society.DSW/7227 D.I. 30/11/17 Exp. 29/11/18
Interfaith Diversity Network of West AfricaNationalNo. C250/1 Omega Drive, Adabraka (Ner East Cantonment Pharmacy Ltd).Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity Development and AdvocacyDSW/7229 D.I. 12/3/19 Exp. 11/3/20
Kwami-Ablewor Sablah CentreNationalSouth Odorkor,DEVEGO AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Qualitty and Gender Sensitive Education in Slums and Poor Farming Villages.DSW/7230 D.I. 11/4/19 Exp. 10/4/20
Mokasa Women's Trust Foundation InternationalNationalNo. 10 Abeka road Tesano AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Bring Women of Like Mind Together to Advocate and Promote Health nd Lifesyles.DSW/7231 D.I. 20/3/19 Exp. 19/3/20
The Frempong FoundationNationalAt SCC, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. WeijaGa SouthGreater AccraTo Grant Scholarships to Support Special Projects, Youth Development and Education Projects.DSW/7232 D.I. 8/12/17 Exp. 7/12/18
Edah International FoundationNationalAt UNN ofice Awoshie NIC in the Accra MetropoliisAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Donate to the Needy, provide Scholarship to the Brilliant but Needy, and Provide good health to the Vulnerable.DSW/7233 D.I. 8/12/17 Exp. 7/12/18
Naa Dei FoundationNationalOdorkorAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHelping members in the Community in Diverse ways.DSW/7234 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions of GhanaNationalElmina - Iture roadCape Coast MetropolitanCentralChurch Planting and Church Assistance.DSW/7237 D.I.12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Canadian Cooperative Association - CCANationalGrumani Rice City, House No. RC8Tamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Establish an grow Cooperatives Credit Union and Community Based organisations to Reduce Poverty.DSW/7239 D.I.15/12/17 Exp. 14/12/18
Millennium Child Support GroupNationalNear Mascarpony Restaurant, off Soboro RoadKumasi MetropolitanAshantiEducationDSW/3477 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Mawulolo Youth NetworkNationalTetteh Lane block 124 Christian Village, Accra Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in ICTDSW/7241 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
BTL FoundationNationalHNO. 632 Abofu junction, Along N1 HighwayAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraChild EducationDSW/7243 D.I.28/2/20 Exp. 27/2/2021
Apple HomesNationalHNO. 22, NISSI Plae, Manhean Loop. Abelenkpe, Accra Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraCare for Orphans and UnderprivilegedDSW/7244 D.I.5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Danbaki FoundationNationalHNO. B715/27, Akweteman, Achimota Accra Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Support Needy Children and Community DevelopmentDSW/7245 D.I.17/6/19 Exp. 16/6/20
Helpstay Africa FoundationNationalAccra CentralAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in Society.DSW/7247 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 20/12/2018
633 FoundationNationalH/No. 22 Nissi Place, Manhean Loop, AbelenkpeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSpiritual and Rural Development.DSW/7248 D.I.13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Special Mothers ProjectNationalSalem Estate, House number 93Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy and Education on Cerebral PalsyDSW/7249 D.I.27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Research And Grant Institute of GhanaNationalNear Jefkins Hotel Rojoe Commey Street. H/No. 141Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Conduct Research, To Fund Research and To Recognise and Award Researchers.DSW/7250 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Firdaus Youth Association F.D.YNationalAyawaso EastAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Tolerance and Co-Existance among Community members.DSW/7251 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
WWR-Help e.VNationalAshaley Botswe, Near the ST. Francis Catholic SchoolAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraHelping the P.oor and NeedyDSW/7252 D.I.5/5/2020 Exp.4/5/2021
Healthy Career InitiativeNationalAshongman EstatesGa East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Provide Digital Literacty to Children, Wiomen and the Needy and Agricultural Adocacay.DSW/7253 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Stichting Ecosan GhanaNationalGICEL Estae Block D7/99Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Ecological Toilets and Clean Water Supply to Rural areas in Ghana.DSW/7254 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Amend Road Safety GhanaNationalNo. 7 thid Dade link, North Labone Estates AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraRoad Safty Education and Infrastructure.DSW/7255 D.I.11/2/2021 Exp. 10/2/2022
Nolbed FoundationNationalFrom Anloga rght before the Post OfficeKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Uplift Underprivileged Communities by Bridging the Gap between exceptional Students and Grooming Ethical Leaders.DSW/7256 D.I.29/8/19 Exp. 28/8/20
Youth Bridge FoundationNationalEast Legon near PharmacyLa Nkwantang MadinaGreater AccraTo strengthen and develop youth capacity.DSW/7258 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Nationwide Technologies FoundationNational16B Nime street Airport residential area AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHelp Needy Children with their Educational Costs.DSW/7259 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp. 5/6/20
Mohammed VI Foundation of African ONationalAbavana down, Ayawaso CentralAccra MetropolitanGreater Accra.DSW/7260 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Radon Traditional Handicdraft and Teach LimitedNationalB 645/25 Castle road Osu.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraDealers in Bolgatanda Baskets and Leather WorksDSW/7261 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Enabling Lives FoundationNational Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraDSW/7262 D.I.20/12/17 Exp. 19/12/18
Banda Kairos Global MissionsNationalKokobenKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo help the Women know ChristDSW/7263 D.I.4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
SEDNationalNorth Kaneshie opposite Adordo hotelAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Schools and Wells to Deprived Communities.DSW/7264 D.I.29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Reaching Out FoundationNationalCalvary Life Chapel Int. premisesKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Help Children with Chronic Diseases.DSW/7265 D.I.29/12/17 Exp. 28/12/18
African Development Organisation for MigrationNationalAlong the high tension poles at KpandoTamale MetropolitanNorthernEducationDSW/3494 D.I. 26/6//2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Ghana Heamophilia SocietyNationalOpposite Lancastar UniversityTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHelth/PopulationDSW/3356 D.I. 24/1/2020 Exp. 23/1/2021
New Era Women in DevelopmentNationalOff Free Pipe near St. Gabriel Preparatory SchoolGa West MunicipalGreater AccraVocational Skill TrainingDSW/2072 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp. 14/2/20
Institute For Policy AlternativesNationalNear Gariba lodge and Fa Milk Ltd.Tamale MetropolitanNorthernAdvocacy/ResearchDSW/1584 D.I. 12/1/18 Exp. 11/1/19
Chances FoundationNationalHasu AdakluAdaklu DistrictVoltaTo Offer Healthcare and Educations to the Needy in Adaku CommunityDSW/7266 D.I. 12/1/18 Exp. 11/1/19
Action Sanitation And HumanitarianNationalDansoman Akoko fotoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo undertake in general Sanitation Activities.DSW/7267 D.I. 12/1/18 Exp. 11/1/19
EA FoundatiobnNationalHaatso AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAcademic Scholarship Fund SetDSW/7270 D.I. 12/1/18 Exp. 11/1/19
Amansan Network FoundationNationalNear Boi - Abokobi GBC pole AdjankoteGa East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraCurbing Teenage Pregnancy Migration Menace.DSW/7271 D.I. 19/1/18 Exp.18/1/19
Femine Star AfricaNationalDirectly opposite the National Investment Bank and adjacent Electricity Company of Ghana.Nkwanta South Municipal VoltaTo Prmote Girls Education and Prevent Teenage Pregnancy.DSW/7272 D.I. 19/1/18 Exp.18/1/19
Universal Hands FoundationNationalSchool drive block No. 16 New AchimotaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater and SanitationDSW/4976 D.I. 5/3/2020 Exp.4/3/2021
Ash-Shuruq Benevolent FoundationNationalSognaayili TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Promote Peace and Love among people, Helping the Poor, Sick, Orphanage and Performing all Kinds of Benevolent work.DSW/7274 D.I. 26/1/18 Exp. 25/1/19
Gladys Asare's FoundationNationalAdjacent Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist and Provide Financial Support o Deprived Persons in the Country.DSW/7275 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Tipagya GhanaNationalH/No Block 344 A Aboagye Sir House TamaleKumbungu DistrictNorthernTo Provide Functional Employable Vocational Skills Training to the DSW/7277 D.I. 26/1/18 Exp. 25/1/19
Life Ally GhanaNationalTamale, SSNIT FlatsTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Provide Boreholes for the Communities.DSW/7278 D.I. 26/1/18 Exp. 25/1/19
Laugh For Lives AfricaNationalKaneshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Support to the Vulnerable in the Society.DSW/7279 D.I. 26/1/18 Exp. 25/1/19
Teen Talk GhanaNationalWaWa MunicipalUpper WestYouth Employment and Adolescent Sexual Reproductive.DSW/7280 D.I. 20/8/2020 Exp. 19/8/2020
African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH-PRA)NationalNorth KanviliTamale MetropolitanNorthernProvide Professional Analysis of Healthcare Policy.DSW/7281 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
African Youth Employment Initiative (AYEI)NationalNear St Louis Training College, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiAgricultureDSW/7282 D.I. 22/8/19 Exp. 21/8/20
Macedonia Helps MinistriesNationalAjumako-BrofoyeduruAjumako-Enyan-Essiam MunicipalCentralTechnical Vocational School for Training Street Children from Poor Families.DSW/7283 D.I. 2/2/18 Exp. 1/2/19
Harnessing Youthful Talents for Rural DevelopmentNationalNdowli Wa MunicipalUpper WestDSW/7284 D.I. 2/2/18 Exp. 1/2/19
Helping Ordinary People SurviveNational725, 18th Lane, Osyu REAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist Deprived People in the areas of Health, Education and General Charitable works.DSW/7286 D.I. 2/2/18 Exp. 1/2/19
EDFGNationalAmasaman Station Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Guide and Help Vulnerable Persons in their Social and Professional Integration.DSW/7287 D.I. 2/2/18 Exp. 1/2/19
West Africa Forum on Aids and Violence Against Women and ChildrenNationalTabora 2 raecourse linkAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen AdvocatesDSW/7288 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Zwergenschoen UnitedNationalNo. 34 old Winneba road Korle-GonnoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEmployment and DSW/7290 D.I. 2/2/18 Exp. 1/2/19
Cherubs Foundation International (GH)NationalAfter Police Post Apire-Heman road first junctionKumasi MetropolitanAshantiStreet ChildrenDSW/2473 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Future of AfricaNationalNear Global Evangelical ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/5055 D.I. 9/2/ 18 Exp. 8/2/19
Ghana Coalition of NGOs In HealthNationalOpposite Prince of Peace Maternity HomeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth/PopulationDSW/5379 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp. 14/1/2022
Sedarvp GhanaNationalTamale Technical University junctionTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children EducationDSW/7292 D.I. 16/6/2020 Exp. 15/6/2021
Bonabear Foundation GhanaNationalNungua KatanmantonLedzokuku-Krowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children EducationDSW/7293 D.I. 9/2/ 18 Exp. 8/2/19
All Faith Christian HomeNationalN/No. 7 Afriyie Plaza, Honourble Ave BaatsonaLedzokuku-Krowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo Share the GospelDSW/7294 D.I. 9/2/ 18 Exp. 8/2/19
Rebekah Awuah FoundationNationalKanda AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Take the Vulnerable through school from donors funding.DSD/7300 D.I. 9/2/ 18 Exp. 8/2/19
Save Homeless Community OrganizationNational20 Destiny Lane old AshongmanGa East MunicipalGreater AccraOrphanage SupportDSD/7301 D.I. 23/2/ 18 Exp. 22/2/19
Aurum Institute GhanaNationalNo. 1 Yapei link, Airporrt Residential Area Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraTo carry on and support Scientific Research and Health System Strenghtening.DSW/7302 D.I. 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Community Connect NetworkNationalAlong the cemetary road AmasamanGa West MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy, Lobbying and Implemwentation of Sustainable Community Intervention Projects.DSW/7303 D.I. 16/2/18 Exp. 15/2/19
Heaven FlightNationalFidelity Bank Abeka Lapaz roadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Outreach Services for Women involved in Prostituition,Sex, Trafficking, widows and to Provide Prayer and Counselling Sessions.DSW/7304 D.I. 16/2/18 Exp. 15/2/19
The Bismark Hammond Nerquaye-Tetteh FoundationNationalKanda AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth Empowerment and EducationDSW/7305 D.I. 23/2/18 Exp. 22/2/19
Zango Empowerment FoundationNationalOsu Ashante street, Pig FarmAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Quality and Accessible Education in the Zango Communities.DSW/7306 D.I. 28/3/18 Exp. 27/3/19
Sir Miink SupportNationalH/No. B995/10 North Kaneshie Akwbi street AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEmpower Excluded but Potential Young Adults Build a Financial sound and Inclusive World with access to Economic Opportunithy for All.DSW/7309 D.I. 23/2/18 Exp. 22/2/19
Al-Kauthar FoundationNational37 Military Hospital MosqueAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraIn Aid of Offering Dawah and Humanitarian Services to Prisons, Hospoitals and Orphanages.DSW/7310 D.I. 23/2/18 Exp. 22/2/19
Junior Foster FoundationNationalH/No 8 Agooji street P Plaza, Tantra Hills, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo give Assistance to Sickle Cell patience.DSW/7311 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp.1/12/20
Mercy Samaritan OrganizationNationalMadina Calvary Dredemption, Near UPSALa-Nkwantanan MadinaGreater AccraTo Help and Support the Needy Through Income Generating Activities.DSW/7312 D.I. 23/2/18 Exp. 22/2/19
Meta FoundationNationalAbokobiGa EastGreater AccraCapacity Building.DSW/7313 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Orped Social Development InitiativeNationalSenya BerakuAwutu Senya District AssemblyCentralAdvocate for Social Development.DSW/7314 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp. 5/6/20
Centre For Peace and ReconciliationNationalC 393/29 off Elican street Mempeasem East Legon - AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTraining in Peace-making, Alternative Dispute/Conflict Resolution, Professional Counselling and Mediation.DSW/7315 D.I. 27/2/18 Exp. 26/2/19
Hamburg-Ghana Bridge-GHNationalKorle-Bu Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Seek the welfare and provide effective Re-integration of Returnees.DSW/7316 D.I. 2/3/18 Exp. 1/3/19
African Neighbours FoundationNationalAdabraka near Citi FMAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Empower the Youth to make them Responsible citizen.DSW/7318 D.I. /3/18 Exp. /3/19
Osorase Shepherd VillageNationalAkim OsoraseBirim Central MunicipalEasternTo set a Practical Technical School.DSW/7319 D.I. 2/3/17 Exp. 1/3/18
Hatof FoundationNationalKlagon junction or K. Ofori towards AshaimanTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental ProtectionDSW/1819 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Treasure of Life FoundationNationalDzorwuluAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide educational support to Needy but Brilliant Children from all background.DSW/7320 D.I. 2/3/18 Exp. 1/3/19
40 To 40 InitiativeNationalGbaweAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAwareness creationDSW/7321 D.I. 2/3/18 Exp. 1/3/19
Jungle House FoundationNationalCom 11 Opposite Jatrico Ent./HotelTema MetropolitanGreater AccraOrganise Health Programme and healthcare Delivery.DSW/7322 D.I. 2/3/18 Exp. 1/3/19
Kalabash AidNationalNorth Yikene areaKassena Nankana MunicipalUpper EastWater and SanitationDSW/7323 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Charity And Da'wah FoundationNationalNima 441 near Anani Memorial SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Charity Assisgtance to the Less Privileged in Society.DSW/7324 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp. 22/12/2021
His Vision MissionNationalOpposite Asempa Hotel, TarkwaTarkwa-Nsuaem MunicipalGreater AccraReligious DevelopmentDSW/3714 D.I. 15/3/18 Exp. 14/3/19
Kingdom Intercessory and Missionary OutreachNationalAuthoritative Kingdom Chapel, Botwe streek AbekaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Support Community Development.DSW/7325 D.I. 15/3/18 Exp. 14/3/19
Development Interventions GhanaNationalH/No. 432 Madina road near the lorry station, MadinaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Improve the Quality of Profesional Services to People particularly Women and Children.DSW/7326 D.I. 15/3/18 Exp. 14/3/19
Obaapa Development FoundationNationalNear Ability Square, Adonai Lane, AdjiringanorAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraSupport for Gender Development especially Women and Children in Capacity Building.DSW/7327 D.I. 15/3/18 Exp. 14/3/19
Royal Ornament FoundationNationalH/No. A 5981/34 Abekuma AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Care for Orphans, Learn Trade and School them.DSW/7328 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
HNA FoundationNationalTrassaco ValleyAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help build the capacity of the national judicial systems in Ghana and across Africa to adress crimes of concern to the International Community.DSW/6796 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp 22/10/2021
The CSR HubNationalDzorwuluAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Develop Communities using Corporate Social ResponsibilitiesDSW/7329 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Well-Live GhanaNationalPlot 3 block Q GyinyaseKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Provide Health Care and Support to the Vulnerable in Society.DSW/7330 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Divine Grace AfricaNationalH/No. 12 Near IMPC, 12 lane links, Adegon-NunguaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromote Peace and LoveDSW/7331 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Christiana Addo Memorial FoundationNationalOpposite Asante Akyem Ruran Bank, JuasoAsante Akim North DistrictAshantiTo Offer Credit and other Financial Support to low income Families.DSW/7332 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Al-Waiz Chairty FoundationNationalPlot 1, Block 7 Babal-Waiz School AboaboAsokore Mampong Municipal AssemblyAshantiTo fund Islamic Schools.DSW/7333 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Westcoast Women AmbassadorsNationalNaa Atwee street Sakaman/DansomenEllembelle DistrictWesternTo Promote the interest of Members.DSW/7334 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Riverjay FoundationNationalGod is king, Akuapen AburiAkwapim South District AssemblyEasternEmpowerment of Women and Children.DSW/7335 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
The Me Within MeNationalACP House Number 116 Nearcherryfield Montessori KwabenyuaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Holistically equip African youth with the tools to discover their purposeDSW/7336 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Act for ChangeNationalJames TownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducate and Train Young people to develop their self-esteem.DSW/7337 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Citizens Road Safety TrustNationalOpposite sweet Aroma, East Legon Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Road Safety Awareness and Education.DSW/7338 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Revelation Band FoundationNationalWeija Block factoryGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Raise Funds to Support the Blind, Deaf, Handicaps and Deprived Aged Persons.DSW/7339 D.I. 22/3/18 Exp. 21/3/19
Lifesavers Pre-Hospital Care FoundationNationalH/No 67 Boame Street, Darkuman AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of First Aid EducationDSW/7340 D.I. 15/3/18 Exp. 14/3/19
Foundation for Frafra Alternative Livelihood (FOFRAL)NationalNear the Nyariga-Gambrongo road, beside the St. anthony Catholic Church, Nyariga-AmikiyabisiBongo District Upper EastTo Organised Farmers and Basket Weavers in the Community to Improve their Standard of Living.DSW/7342 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp. 11/1/2022
Amazing ShepherdNationalNew Sebrepor, Boadua streetKpone-Ketamanso MunicipalGreater AccraTo Care for Orphans and Widows.DSW/7348 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Zosimli Naa FoundationNationalLamashegu, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Help the Rural Poor and some sections of the Urban CommunitiesDSW/7350 D.I. 28/3/18 Exp. 27/3/19
Love Tree FoundationNationalAmanfro - AmasamanGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Environmental Issues and Rights of Resources to Revenue/Royalty benefits through its Exploitation.DSW/7351 D.I. 25/7/19 Exp. 24/7/20
Maarif Foundation GhanaNational3rd Floor Nalag house, near Gulf House LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide formal and Non-Formal Education on the Basis of Common Accumulation and Values of Humanity in line with the Purpose of the Foundation.DSW/7352 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Cancer Support Network of GhanaNationalAbelenkpe Swaniker streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Ensure that all people impacted by Cancer in Ghana are empowered by Knowledge.DSW/7353 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
Women in Family For Poverty AlleviationNationalSusuanso close to the Chief PalaceGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Work with people and Communities Experiancing Poverty to empower them, Address Poverty.DSW/7354 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
Green Stewardship InternationalNationalDamax Estate No.106 near KuntuseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Undertake Environmenta Education, Advocacy, Project and Research.DSW/7355 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/19
Rescue Me Foundation InternationalNationalLaboneAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth CareDSW/7357 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
Impact Care and Rehab FoundationNationalKanda AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Operate A Free Day-Care and Psysiotherapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy.DSW/7358 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
The Negenta FoundatiobnNationalB 645/25 Osu Kinkawe AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth, Sports and Education for Children.DSW/7359 D.I. 2/7/2020 Exp.1/7/2021
Outreach Care FoundationNationalPlot 102 behind SSNIT flat Asuoyebon KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiAssist the Destressed and Disadvantaged in Deprived Communities.DSW/7360 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
Debbiecares Global FoundationNational13th Avenue behind Maccharty Hill View HotelGa South MunicipalGreater Accrato Educate Children and Youth about Sexually transmitted Diseases.DSW/7361 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
Save a Victim FoundationNationalAyigbetownGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Assist Accident Victims, Raped Victims and Spousal Abused Victims.DSW/7362 D.I. 9/9/19 Exp. 8/9/20
RFC FoundationNationalB549/8 Dadeban road, Industrial Area, North Kaneshie, Near the royal Bank AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraBuilding a Better World for Children.DSW/7363 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Ghana Muslim MissionNationalH/No N2G winneba road Korle Gonno BeachAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEngage in Advocacy for Peaceful Coexistence with the Muslim Communities and their Relationship with other Religious Denominations.DSW/7364 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
West African Human Relation OrganisationNationalH/Ho. 0471 Regal Estate Osu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman Right Activist and Scholarship Programme.DSW/7366 D.I. 11/4/18 Exp. 10/4/19
Save A Street Child FoundationNationalOpposite GN Bank UTC Beautiful creation building.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Reduce Statistics of Street Children .DSW/7368 D.I. 19/4/18 Exp. 18/4/19
Sahara Hustlers AssociationNationalBeside ghana Commercial BankAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCampaigning Against illegal migration and Human Trafficking from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and how the youth can be Productive in their own Homelands. DSW/7369 D.I. 12/7/19 Exp. 11/7/20
Rohi Rescue MissionsNationalKwabenyaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraWater Aid ProjectDSW/7371 D.I. 19/4/18 Exp. 18/4/19
A.G.L. FoundationNationalTS-26 Devtraco Courts, Community 25 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraDonating of Chemicals and Insecticides to Farmers.DSW/7372 D.I. 19/4/18 Exp. 18/4/19
Lady Rebecca Home Care FoundationNationalAmpia Ajumako along the Chief's PalaceAjumako-Enyam Essiam DisstrictCentralProviding shelter, education, care, medical and counseling for orphans, Mentally Retarded and Underprivileged Children.DSW/7374 D.I. 20/4/18 Exp. 19/4/19
Project Maji FoundationNationalNo. 9 Jubilee wells street Labone AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Portable Water and Drilling of Boreholes.DSW/7375 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Dreamoval FounationNational2nd Floor Crystal Plaza Building SakumonoTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTraining and Teaching ICT.DSW/7379 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp. 5/6/20
Stop Abuse GhanaNationalOff Ogbojo Madina road East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Create Advocacy on Issues of Abuse.DSW/7380 D.I. 26/4/18 Exp. 25/4/19
Fire Service Ladies AssociationNationalGhana National Fire Service, Near Police HQ Ring Road CentralAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Unite all Female Officers in Ghana Fire ServiceDSW/7381 D.I. 26/4/18 Exp. 25/4/19
Save My WellNationalPlot K13 Motorway Extension Tema roundaboutTema MetropolitanGreater AccraRehabilitation, Reconstruction, Maintenance Commissioning and Drilling of Wells in Deprived CommunitiesDSW/7383 D.I. 26/4/18 Exp. 25/4/19
Community Change AfricaNationalNo. 1 , 730, 18th Lane, Davies Arcade, Osu RE, Accra Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Educate Students through Activities that Assist in Defining and Pursuing their Career Ambitions.DSW/7393 D.I. 23/4/19 Exp. 22/4/20
West African Public Library ProjectNationalE16/168 GICEL, Weija AccraGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Build Community Learning Centers that consist of a Library ICT Center.DSW/7395 D.I. 4/5/18 Exp. 3/5/19
Eyecare For AfricaNationalKassajan road, Atekuem KoforiduaNew Juabeng MunicipalEasternProvision of Eye Care for People.DSW/7396 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
African Women Lawyers AsociationNationalNear Dua Clinic Asylum DownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromote Networking among women Lawyers through Law Reform.DSW/1364 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Kinded Hearts FoundationNationalNear Sir Max Hotel KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Organize an Award Scheme and Talented Shows in Orphanagesand Raising funds to Support Orhanages and Community Development.DSW/7398 D.I. 8/5/18 Exp. 7/5/19
The Children's Heart Foundation GhanaNationalAirport HillsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist Children with congenital Heart Condition undergo Medical Treatment.DSW/7399 D.I. 10/5/18 Exp. 9/5/19
Dr. Monk Foundation GhanaNational13 Frema Avenue West LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Launch Fresh IdeasDSW/7402 D.I. 10/5/18 Exp. 9/5/19
Albert Anderson FoundationNationalH/No. 7 Taifa-Norway AccraGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Medical Care for the Rural People.DSW/7404 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp. 11/1/2022
Back to the Garden OrganisationNationalOpposite Bevy Bi-Lingual Schoo. BawalasheAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraEmpowering Women and Children through Positive Christian Media.DSW/7405 D.I. 10/5/18 Exp. 9/5/19
Smilebaba FoundationNationalSpintex Road, Opposite Bank of Africa, Tema Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Needy but Brilliant students to Attain Higher Heights in their Educational Endeavours.DSW/7406 D.I. 17/5/18 Exp.16/5/19
Pleroma AcademyNationalCommunity 18, Collins Dauda Road TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraProfessional Training in Laguages and /skills Development.DSW/7407 D.I. 3/2/2021 Exp. 2/2/2022
Fish Reef Project Africa NationalTema New TownTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist and Empower Fishermen by Building Fish Reef Units and deploying them into the Ocean.DSW/7408 D.I. 17/6/19 Exp. 16/6/20
Essential Relief International FoundationNationalCommunity 18, TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraSupporting the Less Privileged.DSW/7409 D.I. 24/1/2020 Exp. 23/1/2021
Mentorship Outreach & Vanguard Evangelicalism InternationalNationalNorth Ridge, C,lose to Alise Hotel and German y EmbassyAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraYouth and Corporate Mentorship and to Promote Community Relations and Development.DSW/7411 D.I. 17/5/18 Exp. 16/5/19
Friends of FarmersNationalACP Estate, PokuaseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Improve the Standars of Farmers.DSW/7413 D.I. 17/5/18 Exp. 16/5/19
Developers In Vogue FoundationNationalH/No. F393/4 Otswe street Accra, near Pennywise School, South La EstatesAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTraining Young People in the latest Technologies and Connecting them to Jobs.DSW/7415 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Carelink Outreach FoundationNationalGhana International Trade Fair, Pavillion ELa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraMobilize Intercessors who could Intercede on the needs of Families and Nations.DSW/7418 D.I. 18/5/18 Exp. 17/5/19
Lamp And LightNationalH/No. 18 Near Good Shepherd Church,Swanlake North KaneshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Give Formal and Informal Education to the SocietyDSW/7419 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Abantu for DevelopmentNationalBelfor junction - Spintex roadTema MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and Children AffairDSW/1232 D.I. 21/11/19 Exp. 20/11/20
Optimal Change PartnershipNationalAdjacent Electricity Company of Ghana Dambai Nkwanta roadNkwanta South Municipal VoltaWomen EmpowermentDSW/5681 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp. 22/12/2021
Missionaries of CharityNationalPolice Barrier - AshaimanTema MetropolitanGreater AccraOffer Free Services to the PoorDSW/1317 D.I. 23/5/18 Exp. 22/5/19
Live Your Life Well Foundation NationalNear the market, AdentaAccra MetroplitanGreater AccraTaking Care of Abandoned Children.DSW/7420 D.I. 23/5/18 Exp. 22/5/19
Getup to Success Care CentreNationalDodowa Obom old Methodist Mission HouseShai-Osuduku DistrictGreater AccraTo Provide Development and future Community leaders who can contribute to Social Education.DSW/7424 D.I.31/12/2020 Exp.30/12/2021
Hope for Social & Development ProgrammesNationalNear Italian Flats Com. 2 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Pprovide Health Care Assistance to Women and Children.DSW/7426 D.I. 20/4/2020 Exp. 19/4/2021
Sahara 4G FoundatiionNationalNear Poupele FM and New Regional HospitalWa MunicipalUpper WestTo Support Charity ProgramsDSW/7427 D.I. 30/7/19 Exp. 29/7/20
Candle Night GlobalNationalOdorkor Tipper near the Roman Catholic School in the Accra MetropolitanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Create Awareness on Depression and Mental Health Issues.DSW/7429 D.I. 7/6/18 Exp.6/6/19
Wigice FoundationNationalH/No 23/4 Kwashieman, Near Global Access BankAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Girl Child Education and to Support Widows.DSW/7430 D.I. 3/7/19 Exp. 2/7/20
The Shepherd's Centre of Ageing, GhanaNationalRural Training Centre (RTC) HoHo MunicipalVoltaTo bring Ageing people together within interfaith community based centres.DSW/3879 D.I. 11/7/19 Exp. 10/7/20
Global Alliance for Poverty ReductionNationalDansoman Sakaman main road Blue LagoonWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Train people with Vocational Skills and to have Clubs and Societies in Schools.DSW/7431 D.I. 7/6/18 Exp. 6/6/19
Centre for Jevenile Delinquency NationalH/No 26 Mile 7 Achimota AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReearch/Advocacy on Jevenile Justice.DSW/7436 D.I. 7/6/18 Exp. 6/6/19
Akwaaba GhanaNationalH/No. 7 Etrue, behind Deltof School, ElminaKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem MunicipalCentralBreakdown Cultural Stereo Types through International School Partnerships.DSW/7438 D.I. 7/6/18 Exp. 6/6/19
Literacy and Development Through PartnershipNationalChoggu YapalisiTamale MetropolitanNorthernCommunity driven and Policy Supportive Environment.DSW/7439 D.I. 7/6/18 Exp. 6/6/19
Teens and Crime EducationNationalChantan Market - fas filling stationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Teenagers with new information, Practical advice and competency building actitivities designed to enalbe them understand the civil problem of crime and to take action and prevent it.DSW/3912 D.I. 8/7/19 Exp.7/7/20
Beneficial ProjectsNationalTubaGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Assist the Needy schools with Learning Aid.DSW/7440 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
Integrated Rural Development InitiativeNationalOpposite Bvolta Regional HospitalHo MunicipalVoltaTo assist Rural Communities to Formulate and carry out new Initiatives aimed at improving their social infrastructure,health, education, environment, agriculture and tourismDSW/7441 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
PFM Network - GhanaNationalGICEL Estates Block A10 Rooms 16-17Weija MunicipalGreater AccraTo Strengthen Demand-Side Capacity in Advancing Social Accountability.DSW/7442 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
Artisans Association of GhanaNationalDon Bosco street, Golf City-SakiKpone-Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraTo Reduce Unemployment rate in the Country and to Bring Artisans together as a Union.DSW/7443 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
Masaakin OrganisationNationalMmalejor, AdentaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide support for Needy Muslims and their Community by Empowering and making them Productive in the Economy.DSW/7445 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
Community Alliance FoundationNationalH/No 91, School junction road, KwabenyaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Improve Education, Sanitation and Hygienic Environment in the Communities using approriate Skills and Technologies.DSW/7448 D.I. 14/6/18 Exp.13/6/19
Kasa FieNationalAdjacent Ghana Institute of JournalismAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAssisting Orphans and DisabledDSW/5491 D.I. 22/6/18 Exp.21/6/19
Association of Gambian Community in Africa-GhanaNationalNo. 14/15 Nima Alaska, NimaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Gambians in need in Ghana and to offer help to the orphanage in Ghana and Gambia.DSW/7452 D.I. 21/6/18 Exp.20/6/19
Christianborg Herritage FoundationNationalH/No. F18/3 Amantra Street via Castle drive OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Uplift, Motivate and Educate the Youth by Promoting Knowledge of the Heritage of the Ga-Adangme Community among the Youth.DSW/7454 D.I. 21/6/18 Exp.20/6/19
Initiative Black and White GhanaNationalNew Dormaa SunyaniBrong-AhafoCreating global Network of Schools in abrod and ghana such as Culture and Education.DSW/7455 D.I. 2/7/2020 Exp.1/7/2021
Care EnoughNationalH/No. 11 Codyline street, Exhibition DansomanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraDSW/7456 D.I. 21/6/18 Exp.20/6/19
Kofi Adomako FoundationNationalYaw Larbi street near Jehova Witness Kingdom Hall, Dawu-AkuapemAkuapem North MunicipalEasternTo Support Deprived and Rural Schools to have access to Computer Education. DSW/7457 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp.12/9/20
Babies in Deformities Care FoundationNationalTantra HillGa West MunicipalGreater AccraHelping babies with Deformities in Deprived Communities.DSW/7459 D.I. 29/6/18 Exp.28/6/19
Aim InitiativeNationalJungle street, East LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help deal with Tropical diseases by sourcing for funds.DSW/7464 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp.13/10/2021
Ahomka FoundationNationalMutundu 24 Mensah Wood Avenue, East LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraRaising Funds through Bazaars, Fashion Shows, soliciting corporate donations and empowerment as well as other fund raising activities using the proceeds to undertake projects.DSW/7465 D.I. 24/1/20 Exp.23/1/2021
New Vision For DisabilitiesNationalSpintex Road,next to Adom Plaza Ledzokuku-Krowor MunicipalGreater AccraProviding Job Opportunities for Person with Disabilities.DSW/7466 D.I. 24/10/2020 Exp.23/10/2021
Holy Quran Custody Society-GhanaNationalAdabraka AccraAccra MetroplitanGreater AccraEducation and Training for Islamic Communities in Quran Momorization.DSW/7467 D.I. 6/7/18 Exp.5/7/19
African Fashion Fund FoundationNationalAirport City (One Airport Square)Ayawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraFashion Awareness and CampaighDSW/7468 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp.14/5/2021
Alxy Derks FoundationNationalMile 11 TransformerWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Empower the less Priveged to Build Brighter Families Future and the Communities.DSW/7469 D.I. 6/7/18 Exp.5/7/19
Foundation For Community Empowerment Programme (FOCEP)NationalPresby Mission House, Bolga ZongoGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Facilitate Agricultural and Agri-Business value chain Development.DSW/7470 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp.12/8/2021
Nurture Economy People Connected (NEPCON)NationalDzorwulu, H/No. 6 Abotsi streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEnvironmental Sustainability Awareness.DSW/7471 D.I. 13/7/18 Exp.12/7/19
Giraffe Mobile Education ProjectNationalAround Larteh junction, Akropong-AkuapemAkuapem North MunicipalEasternRun Mobile Library, Distribute Books, Organize Library Courses and Reading Competitions.DSW/7472 D.I. 13/7/18 Exp.12/7/19
Not In Employment Apprenticeship or Training (NEAT) GhanaNationalLamakara, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernYouth Empowerment and Livelihood Improvement and Reduce Vulneralbilities among the Youth through Capacity Building.DSW/7473 D.I. 13/7/18 Exp.12/7/19
Malak Christian Book Centre MinistryNationalKasulgu, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Help the people of Ghana to Attain Good Quality Christian Books and Bibles.DSW/7474 D.I. 13/7/18 Exp.12/7/19
Total Family Health OrganizationNationalNo. 20 Dorwulu CresentAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraSocial DevelopmentDSW/7475 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp.16/9/2021
The Rheumatology InitiativeNationalKorle-bu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy Education and Research on Rheumatological ConditionsDSW/7476 D.I. 19/7/18 Exp.18/7/19
Heapcy FoundationNationalSepe Timpon near Boafowaa NsuoPremise, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Promote and Support Health and among Afram Plains Children and Youth.DSW/7477 D.I. 19/7/18 Exp.18/7/19
Grass Roots Eye FoundationNationalAgogo - Asante AkyemAsante Akim North DistrictAshantiTo Connect the Grass roots in the Respective Metropolitan , Municipal and District Assemblies to the Local Government Systems and Development.DSW/7478 D.I. 13/7/18 Exp.12/7/19
First Step FoundationNationalAgyeimpra-OffinsoOffinso MunicipalAshantiTo Uplist and Restore Hope to the Needy.DSW/7479 D.I. 19/7/18 Exp.18/7/19
Help OrphansNationalKakpayili road opposite GH Libya, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo support the NeedyDSW/7480 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp.6/8/2021
EL Olam FoundationNationalEjisu-Krapa, Plot 23 Block CX KrapaEjisu-Juaben MunicipalAshantiShare the Word of God and donate Bibles to Needy ones at Prisons, Cells, Hospitals, Churches, Rural areas and other Individuals, Distribute Christian Literature Books and Care for the Needy.DSW/7481 D.I. 16/7/2020 Exp.15/7/2021
Bright ConcernNationalB 91 old GNTC building BantamaKumasi MetropolitanAshantiProvide Care for the sick and Vulnerable, Provide Education for the Poor and Needy Children.DSW/7482 D.I. 19/7/18 Exp.18/7/19
Mabia - GhanaNationalController building, BolgatangaBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastTo Provide Women, Men and Adolecents access to quality Family Planning in Northern Ghana.DSW/7483 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Hands Environment AssociationNationalAbout 100 meters south from the Church of Pentecost, Mamfe-AkuapemNew Juaben MunicipalEasternTo Promote Community HealthDSW/7484 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Soaring - The Youth Empowerment GroupNationalH/No 12 Amankwa Adehye Crescent, School link KumasiAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEmpwering the Ylouth through workshops to help them build a strong Mental Capacity and Develop a Positive self esteem.DSW/7485 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Fado MissionNationalWAM Village, Community 25 (New DawhenyaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Changing Lifestyles of the Youth through the Teaching of the Gospel, Educational Support, English and Technical Skills, Accomomodation and Access to Medical service through the NHIS. DSW/7487 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp.29/8/20
Bliss Minds FoundationNationalNear Success Preparatory School, AdeisoUpper West Akim DistrictEasternExcursion Promotion, Inter-Cultural Development and Career Development.DSW/7494 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Network for African Organizations for Migration and DevelopmentNationalDome Kwabeyna road H/No 207 Dome - GymAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Network African Organizations.DSW/7495 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Sivas Original Solution For LanguagesNationalWinnebaEffutu MunicipalCentralTo Collaborate with Schools in the Country and beyond to introduce the Youth and Students to Both Local and Foreign LaguagesDSW/7496 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Inaki FoundationNationalKlagon - LashibiTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEmpowering the Youth and Giving them Hope.DSW/7497 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Centre for Constitutional OrderNationalH/No. 6, 1st Mensah Mamfe St. ShiashieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Ensure total compliance of One Community to Freedom, Justice, Probity and to attain the ideas of Rule of Law.DSW/7498 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Ultimate Africa FoundationNationalOsu RE 3rd link near PapayeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Improve Opportunities for Children in Poverty stricken areas. DSW/7499 D.I. 25/7/18 Exp.24/7/19
Melip OrganisationNationalNear Wesley Grammar Akokor fotos, DansomanAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraManagement, Entreprenuership and LeadershipDSW/7500 D.I. 30/7/18 Exp.29/7/19
The Canopy FoundationNationalOpposite Juaso Government Hospital Asante akim South DistrictAshantiProviding Education for Physically Challenged.DSW/7501 D.I. 30/7/18 Exp.29/7/19
Medical Simulation Skills InstituteNationalKorle-buTeaching HospitalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Organize Training Programmes for Medical and Surgical Health Providers.DSW/7503 D.I. 30/7/18 Exp.29/7/19
Firefly AidgroupNationalH/No. A7 Pokuase-KataporGa West MunicipalGreater AccraReduce Rural Urban Migration through EntrepreneurshipDSW/7506 D.I. 3/8/18 Exp.2/8/19
Generational Concern Systems OrganisationNationalBehind Church of Pentecost, Estate AssemblyAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraIdentify the Socio Economic Challenges of the Existing Generation and Carry out Advocacy and Developmental Programmes and Projects.DSW/7507 D.I. 3/8/18 Exp.2/8/19
Global Reformation OrganisationNationalAshaiman New Town near Nii AmuiAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity DevelopmentDSW/7508 D.I. 3/8/18 Exp.2/8/19
Kutia Global Aid AssociationNationalBehind Sunyani Jebile ParkAsutifi South District AssemblyBrong-AhafoTo Provide Basic Infrastructure to Needy or Poor CommunitiesDSW/7510 D.I. 8/8/18 Exp.7/8/19
Blessed Aid FoundationNationalDansoman Keep Fit, Martey Armah StreetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Support Children's Health, Educational Needs, Orphans, The Aged and the Needy in the SocietyDSW/7511 D.I. 8/8/18 Exp.7/8/19
Jaddia InternatinalNationalH/No. KC/09/B, Behind Kasoa Police Station, KasoaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraImprove Quality Care for Vulnerable ChildrenDSW/7512 D.I. 10/8/18 Exp. 9/8/19
Ecclesia Network Community Outreach Mission InternationalNationalPlot 5, Block VII Ohwimase Kwadaso-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiReligious DevelopmentDSW/7514 D.I. 10/8/18 Exp. 9/8/19
Global Life SaversNationalPlot TA 40 Old Tafo AhenbronumKumasi MetropolitanAshantiProviding emergency Care Training and Medical Supplies to Deprived CommunitiesDSW/7515 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Reproductive Advocate Health Education GhanaNationalAkweley, Kasoa close to Presbyterian Church of GhanaAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo Promote Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in GhanaDSW/7517 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Brothers Keeper Reforming HomeNationalH/No. B57/7 Nii Okai Adjaba Street, KaneshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Set up a home for mentally challenged persons living on the street and other placesDSW/7518 D.I. 10/8/18 Exp. 9/8/19
Global Citizens RightsNationalAblekuma, Agape TopGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo Educate the Citizens to Know their Rights as Citizens.DSW/7519 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp. 16/12/2021
Rehoboth Home Kings Royal ChildrenNationalKasoa-Rock City near the Pentecost ChurchAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo Raise and skill Disabled Persons to FunctionDSW/7520 D.I. 10/8/18 Exp. 9/8/19
Pomaah Nhyira FoundationNationalClose to Akofo StreetGreater AccraTo Help the Brilliant but Needy StudentsDSW/7521 D.I. 10/8/18 Exp. 9/8/19
Great Commission Movement of GhanaNationalNear Minerials Commision, CantonmentsLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity Health DSW/599 D.I. 22/8/19 Exp.21/8/20
Oduom Community FoundationNationalH/NO 19, Near Kingsby Hotel, AchimotaGa East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Promote EmancipationDSW/7522 D.I. 17/8/18 Exp.16/8/19
Adolescents, Youth and Health InternationalNationalNear Gologo Block 13, Borteyman SSNIT Flat, Community 18 AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Create Awareness on Sexual Reproductive Health for Both Men and WomenDSW/7523 D.I. 17/8/18 Exp.16/8/19
Savanna PlusNationalBolga Town Ga East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraFood SecurityDSW/7524 D.I. 17/8/18 Exp.16/8/19
Community Development VoltaNationalA130/14, Agege Mpuase, Glefe Road, Accra Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide Humanitarian Help, Education, Vocation, Social WelfareDSW/7525 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp.13/10/2021
Human-Legal Right and Care Development FoundationNationalNear Thunder TV Premises, Off Old Barrier Bortianor Road Along Accra-Kasoa RoadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Educate the Public on Human Right Issues and to Provide Vocational Skills to Deprived IndividualsDSW/7527 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp.12/11/20
TM Care FoundationNationalAbeka JunctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen Empowerment, Provide Counseling Services to Victims of AbuseDSW/7528 D.I. 17/8/18 Exp.16/8/19
Ghana Girls Guides AssociationNationalMakola-Adjacent ECG Office, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Train Girls in Habits of Courtesy, Obedience and Services to otherDSW/7529 D.I. 17/8/18 Exp.16/8/19
Foundation For Environmental WatchNationalH/NO. B261/26, Near Globen School, Tabora NO. 2Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Advocate for Environmental ProtectionDSW/7530 D.I. 17/8/18 Exp.16/8/19
Seafarers Welfare SocietyNationalBehind Main Harbour Police Station, TakoradiSekondi Takoradi MetropolitanWesternTo Provide Support Services to SeafarersDSW/7531 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Heys AfricaNationalH/NO. 1 Lagos Avenue, East Legon, Near KFCAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraContribute in the areaof HealthDSW/7532 D.I. 24/8/18 Exp. 23/8/19
HPGH Global FoundationNational492 Martey Tseru Street East Airport.Tema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraCreating EmploymentDSW/7533 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
Finest World OrganisationNationalAdaenta Sch. Junction Nanakrom Road, Transformer Bus Stop (Time Plaza)Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraPrevention and Rehabilitation of Victim of Human TraffickingDSW/7536 D.I. 24/8/18 Exp. 23/8/19
Foresee Football ClubNationalH/NO. 4, Redrow Property Adjacent Lakeside Police StationAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Run a Football ClubDSW/7537 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Yaa Serwaah Adwenpa FoundationNationalSenkyere Building, Airport Roundabout, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Support Abandoned Children to Learn Trade DSW/7540 D.I. 31/8/18 Exp.30/8/19
Hope For Pink FoundationNationalOfankor Hills Franco Estates, KasoaGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Care and Support to Persons Living with or Having Breast CancerDSW/7541 D.I. 31/8/18 Exp.30/8/19
Unijah Amaleboba FoundationNationalAsokwa, Opposite KFC Near Hotel La Belle, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Help the Needy and Vulnerable especially Girl ChildDSW/7542 D.I. 31/8/18 Exp.30/8/19
The David FoundationNationalAdentan SSNIT Flat Block 87 A1Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraHelp the Vulnerable in Society, Assist Aged, Disabled and Women and ChildrenDSW/7544 D.I. 31/8/18 Exp.30/8/19
Symbol of HopeNationalOpposite Advans Savings and Loan Accra New TownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Fight against Child Trafficking, Child Labour and AlcoholismDSW/7545 D.I. 31/8/18 Exp.30/8/19
The Green Republic ProjectNationalOpposite Advance Ghana Accra New TownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTree PlantingDSW/7546 D.I. 31/8/18 Exp.30/8/19
Grapa Care International FoundationNationalAccra Sport StadiumAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo provide Home Care and Nursing Assistance to the PeopleDSW/7547 D.I. 7/9/18 Exp. 6/9/19
Act Right FoundationNationalNear School Park, Weija Oblogo,Weija MunicipalGreater AccraHelping the Poor and Needy in SocietyDSW/7548 D.I. 7/9/18 Exp. 6/9/19
Farmers Organisation NetworkNationalDarkuman Junction Opposite the Toatal Fiiling StationAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater Accra Capacity and Information Network among FarmersDSW/7549 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Adonai Hagios FoundationNationalH/NO. B39/24, Allotey St. Mantseman, abekaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Educational Opportunities to the Poor through SchoolingDSW/7550 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Rising Hope FoundationNationalBuokrom Estate PLT 26 BLK 31 (A-Line)Kumasi MetropolitanAshantiSupport Interventions for the Needy, Right and Social Inclusion for the Disabled.DSW/7551 D.I. 14/9/18 Exp. 13/9/19
Modern Vocational CentreNationalBoanim AshSekyere South District AssemblyAshantiTo equip the Youth with Vocational Skills in Electronics, Electricals and Resettle themDSW/7552 D.I. 14/9/18 Exp. 13/9/19
Centre for Knowledge Management and ResearchNationalNO. 12 Mango Tree Avenue Asylum DownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraResearchDSW/7553 D.I. 14/9/18 Exp. 13/9/19
Global Aid for the Marginalized-GhanaNationalH/NO. 265/4 Faanofa Road Kokomlemle Accra Greater AccraEmpowering Groups through Agriculture and Industrial SkillsDSW/7554 D.I. 14/9/18 Exp. 13/9/19
Grace of God TabernacleNationalOpposite Main Taxi Rank, Bolga Zebilla RoadBolgatanga Municipal AssemblyUpper EastTo Assist the Poor and Needy in societyDSW/7555 D.I. 14/9/18 Exp. 13/9/19
Our Generation Voluntary OrganisationNationalNear State Transport Company WorkshopKumasi MetropolitanAshantiVoluntary WorkDSW/4215 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp. 27/1/2022
West African Health and Education FoundationNationalKotokuraba Kingsway Road, Top of Mama T ShopeCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Promote Our Rich Culture DiversityDSW/7556 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Intellectual Icon GroupNationalAwoshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEntrepreneur and Vocational Training and Skills Development for the YouthDSW/7557 D.I. 14/9/18 Exp. 13/9/19
Changing FatesNationalGbaweWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Shelter and Accommodation for Disadvantaged GirlsDSW/7558 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Begreen Life GhanaNationalH/NO. 12 Copper Lane AchimotaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Grow Trees to curb the negative impact of deforestation in Ghana and climate changeDSW/7559 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Enhancing Learning and Playing in AfricaNationalH/NO. A 766/74, 5th Avenue Haatso Ecomog Road, Last StopAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/7560 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
KO-OHO Charity FoundationNationalNima Highway Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo ensure Peace and TranquilityDSW/7561 D.I. 8/7/2020 Exp. 7/7/2021
Youth Volunteers Network GhanaNationalH/NO B15F58/5, Clottey Close Labone AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Establish and Maintain Mutual Relationship B/N Voluntary services OverseasDSW/7562 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Sportslife TV MinistriesNationalPV Obeng Roundabout, Community 3, TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTelevision MinistryDSW/7563 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
The Virginia Geraid FoundationNationalH/NO 4 Addis Avenue, Holy Hill PokuaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Relief Poverty and Advance The Education of Disadvantaged DSW/7564 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Agyeman Eye FoundationNationalPlange Close, AdabrakaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Educate and Raise Fund for People in Need of Eye CareDSW/7566 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Willing Hands FoundationNationalRoom NO. 7 Adalison House. AGI Building inside Trade Fair Complex La- AccraLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Less-Privileged Women and Children in HospitalDSW/7570 D.I. 20/9/18 Exp. 19/9/19
Play-Soccer-GhanaNationalMfantsipim SchoolCape Coast MetropolitanCentralDevelop and Implement Soccer programs fpr Physical and Social Development .DSW/7573 D.I. 24/3/2021 Exp. 23/3/2021
Paradise Way International SocietyNationalNear Think Ahead supermarketAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and Children AffairDSW/7574 D.I. 28/9/18 Exp. 27/9/19
Laughter charity FoundationNationalH/No 32 Ashiokai street - DzorwuluAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Needy Communities and Needy Persons.DSW/7575 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp. 8/1/2021
Sankofa Children"s Educational Foundation International GhanaNationalAccra NewtownAyawaso North MunicipalGreater AccraEducation and Environmental ImprovementDSW/7576 D.I. 2/7/2020 Exp. 1/7/2021
United Parents Against Child AbandonmentNationalH/No. W 186A Akropong AkuapemAkuapem North MunicipalEasternTo Support Childre and Vulnerable ChildrenDSW/7577 D.I. 28/9/18 Exp. 27/9/19
African Library & Information Association & InstitutionsNationalOff Agostino Neto road behind gold House, Airport residential areaAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy and Capacity Building for National LibrariesDSW/7578 D.I. 28/9/18 Exp. 27/9/19
Empowered Independent Care FoundationNationalNear Cedar Mountain Chapel East LegonAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide social education and Healthcare Services to the Disabled and Elderly.DSW/7583 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp. 8/1/2021
Mylife Fair OrganizationNationalNear Shell filling station Chogu Yaplisi - TamaleSagnarigu MunicipalNorthernHIV/AIDS Education AwarenessDSW/7584 D.I. 4/10/18 Exp. 3/10/19
Dominion Leaders FoundatiionNationalCape Coast Technical InstituteCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Assist Ghanaian Youth to make Right Choices of Career.DSW/7585 D.I. 4/10/18 Exp. 3/10/19
Redeeming Hope And Glory FoundationNationalH/No 31 Low cost Estates Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Help Vulnerable in Society.DSW/7587 D.I. 5/10/18 Exp. 4/10/19
Millestone International Human Rights/Child ProtectionNationalNear Allied oil filling stationLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraStreet ChildrenDSW/3887 D.I. 11/10/18 Exp. 10/10/19
The Salvation Army Health Services GhanaNationalOsu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Health and Rehabilitation Services.DSW/7589 D.I. 11/10/18 Exp. 10/10/19
Ayi GhanaNationalTeshie Guest Inn opposite corner barLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo support the developmentand educationof young people and also support the vulnerable in society DSW/7590 D.I. 11/10/18 Exp. 10/10/19
Hope for Virtues Ghanaian Women FoundationNationalSport 'M' OfankorGa West MunicipalGreater AccraHelping one another through work creating and Helpiing Orphanage.DSW/7591 D.I. 11/10/18 Exp. 10/10/19
SCAI Organization GhanaNational10 Amoo street, North Dzorwulu behind Fiesta RoyalAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy for Sickle CellDSW/7592 D.I. 12/10/18 Exp. 11/10/19
Hope International Medical MissionsNationalHope View Estates near Central University, Miotso, AccraAccra MetroplitanGreater AccraTo Conduct Medical Mission among the Needy in Poverty stricken areas by providing screening and HealthcareDSW/7593 D.I. 12/10/18 Exp. 11/10/19
Logos-Rhema Foundation For Leadership Resource DevelopmentNationalBehind Ghana Trade Fair Site LaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducationDSW/879 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
D'Noble Ressurected FoundationNationalAbuom juction on Kwabenya Agya Nzema streetGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Equip the Vulnerable with Vocational Skills and Support People living with Disabilities.DSW/7594 D.I. 18/10/18 Exp. 17/10/19
Joella Humanitarian InitiativeNationalHaatso, Westland, Adjacent the Barclays BankGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support and Help the Needy.DSW/7595 D.I. 18/10/18 Exp. 17/10/19
Adonai Child Development FoundationNationalH/No 14 Nii Afrotse stree - West LegonAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraChild Care CentreDSW/7596 D.I. 18/10/18 Exp. 17/10/19
Mamacare-Ghana OrganizationNationalH/No AM 193 near Loan Star Gas filling stationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Train local women in Traditional Birth Attendants duties.DSW/7598 D.I. 3/2/2021 Exp. 2/2/2022
Magma CharitiesNationalSpintex road Hydraform EstatesTema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraThe Needy in SocietyDSW/7599 D.I. 18/10/18 Exp. 17/10/19
Advocacy for Medical Malpractice VictimsNationalAhdwo KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiAdvocacy for Medical Malpractice VictimsDSW/7602 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp. 27/1/2022
Queentech InitiativeNationalTechnology Consultancy Centre (TCC) KNUSTSuame MunicipalAshantiTo Provide subsidised Agricultural and Food Processing Machine accessible to rural Women.DSW/7604 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
NGO's Coalition on the Right of the ChildNationalOpposite former Ryan's Irish Pub, OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and Children AffairDSW/3301 D.I. 25/10/18 Exp. 24/10/19
Ghana Center For Democratic DevelopmentNationalOpposite Prison Training SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHuman RightDSW/1133 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp. 11/1/2022
Salisarp FoundationNationalOpposite Kama Plaza Adum-KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Provide social intervention for the Less Priviledged in GhanaDSW/7606 D.I. 18/10/18 Exp. 17/10/19
Easy Water For EveryoneNationalAdjirigarnoAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraPurifying Water in Rural areas.DSW/7609 D.I. 25/10/18 Exp. 24/10/19
Crib To Crayon OrganizationNationalLaboneAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Support for OrphansDSW/7610 D.I. 25/10/18 Exp. 24/10/19
Plastic PunchNationalNear Poly-clinic PrampramNingo PrampramGreater AccraWaste Management Education, Awareness and Communication on Recycling and PlasticsDSW/7611 D.I. 29/10/18 Exp. 28/10/19
Global Strategic Alliance, GhanaNationalHighways Junction, Ashaley Botswe Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Environmental Sanitation Programmes.DSW/7612 D.I. 1/11/18 Exp. 31/10/19
Center For National Transformation GhanaNationalOpposite Holy Cross Church, Choggu/GunbihiniTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Enhances Human Livelihood and Protects interest of Vulneerable Groups and Individuals by Estaqblishing Farms.DSW/7613 D.I. 1/11/18 Exp. 31/10/19
African Foundation for Premature Babies And Neonatal CareNationalH/No 27, 22nd street, New Achimota AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraImplementing High Quality Treatment and care and Raising Public Awareness.DSW/7616 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp. 10/12/21
Simon Diedong Dombo FoundationNationalNear TV AfricaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation and Development Training and research in Leadership Development and Human Services. DSW/7617 D.I. 1/11/18 Exp. 31/10/19
A Better Life for KidsNationalKofferkrom near Anglo Gold Ashanti School, ObuasiObuasi MunicipalAshantiTo Provide Food, Medicine and Educational opportunities for Orphaned and Needy Children in Ghana.DSW/7618 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Givers of Hope InternationalNationalRitz junction opposite Redco FlatLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdvancing Christian Values, Human Rights Advocacy.DSW/7619 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Pronet NorthNationalOld Deprico building,or behind GWCL, WaWa MunicipalUpper WestTo Facilitate Community Development in the ares of Sanitation, Education and Health Care.DSW/7622 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp. 29/1/2021
Hope Works GhanaNationalNii Shipi area NunguaLedzokuku-Krowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Free Technoloty and Enterpreneurship Training and Job Placement to the Youth.DSW/7623 D.I. 8/11/18 Exp. 7/11/19
Tomefa FoundationNationalNo. 22 Korney Akpor street-commados, AdentaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Privude Vocational Training to the Poor and the Needy in Society.DSW/7626 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp. 8/1/2021
Centre for Empowered VoicesNationalDzorwulu Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocating Youth Development.DSW/7628 D.I. 9/11/18 Exp. 8/11/19
El-Foundation For The NeedyNationalSukura Banku junction behind Alhaji Pede MosqueAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHelping the Needy.DSW/7629 D.I. 8/7/2020 Exp. 7/7/2021
Child Manutrition Foundation NationalAdjacent CMB flats, North KaneshieOkaikoi SouthGreater AccraMalnutritionDSW/6403 D.I. 16/11/18 Exp.15/11/19
Childfocus FoundationNationalAdjacent Mammens restaurantTema MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy on Children and Child Right ProtectionDSW/5797 D.I. 31/12/2020 Exp.30/12/2021
Gender Centre For Empowering DevelopmentNationalBaba Sariki street Ashaley BotweAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraWomen and Children AffairDSW/5068 D.I. 5/3/2020 Exp.4/3/2021
Goodman Impact NetworkNationalManet Ville, Orrange stret, Spintex AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHumanitarian Aid and Development Projects and Priogrammes.DSW/7631 D.I. 16/11/18 Exp. 15/11/19
Serve Humanity Foundation GhanaNationalSepe Timpom junction opposite the marketAsokore Mampong Municipal AssemblyAshantiProviding the Basics for the Needy such as Education, Shelter, Food and Clothing.DSW/7633 21/11/18 Exp. 20/11/19
Koko Plus FoundationNational1st Floor, SEDCO Publishing House, 5 Tabon street/\houphoet Boigny stree, North Ridge, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater Accrato Improve Malnutrition situation of Infants in Ghana.DSW/7634 22/10/2020 Exp. 21/10/2021
Sprout Foundation AfricaNational91 Boundary street, East Legon near American House AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Host Fora and provide holistic Training for Women and young Girls.DSW/7635 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Adamah Veh ZerahNational1st floor, SEDCO Publishing House, 5 Tabon street/\houphoet Boigny stree, North Ridge, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraConstruction of Eco-Sustainable Houses in Villages.DSW/7636 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Love Seed FoundationNationalCommunity 5 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in the Community.DSW/7637 21/11/18 Exp. 20/11/19
Viderphrem Save A Life FoundationNationalTakwa Maakro near Police HouseSuame MunicipalAshantiTo Help the Needy and bring Peace among members living in the Society.DSW/7638 21/11/18 Exp. 20/11/19
The Shop Accra By Eyetsa CreationsNationalNear Ako-Adjei parkAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide a Platform for Locally Craft Design Innovations and to Help them Exhibit their products in the Nation and odther market Environs.DSW/7642 D.I. 4/12/18 Exp. 3/12/19
Humanitas InternationalNationalAwutu AyensuakoAwutu Senya District AssemblyCentralTo Transform the quality of Life and Empower Disadvantage children in the Rural and Peri urban deprived areas.DSW/7646 D.I. 6/12/18 Exp. 5/12/19
Spirrow FoundationNationalOracle FM buildingAwutu Senya District AssemblyCentralSporting Club and Vocational Training.DSW/7647 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Development Alliance For Literacy Education and TrainingNationalLarbie off Papase road near New Apostolic ChurchAwutu Senya District AssemblyCentralTo Provide early Childhood Education for poor and underserved, underprivileged children.DSW/7648 D.I. 6/12/18 Exp. 5/12/19
Noah Care FoundationNationalMadina Polyclinic road - DokuLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo link Professionals abroad for local services and to provide professional advice and consultation to local services.DSW/7649 D.I. 6/12/18 Exp. 5/12/19
Reiner Development OrganizationNationalLybia quartersLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraBuilding of Schools and Cultural Centres, Helping orphans and Sponsoring Students, Organizing programmes to Empower women and Drilling of Boreholes & Wells.DSW/7650 D.I. 6/12/18 Exp. 5/12/19
Kaya Childcare CentreNationalMadina Taxi rand, opposite the Methodist ChurchLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Early Childhood Development and Education to the Children of Kayayo women.DSW/7651 D.I. 6/2/12020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Great Mission InternationalNationalBehind Bigade Police StationLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo Reachout and Rescue Poor and Destitute Children and Orphans withing our Society with the Love of God.DSW/7652 D.I. 16/6/2020 Exp. 15/6/2021
Ecological Restoration ClubNationalAban Street Dansoman SSNIT FlatsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Educate the Public on Environmental issues.DSW/1283 D.I. 13/12/18 Exp. 12/12/19
Let Children Be Children GhanaNationalNear Christ Apostolic Church, AgegeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraChild Rights Advocacy.DSW/7654 D.I. 12/12/18 Exp. 11/12/19
Dr. Amponsah Road ProtectionNationalSpintex road BaatsonaTema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo initiative and Promote social Intervention that will make Road usage Safe for all and to Create Awareness on Road Safety.DSW/7655 D.I. 12/12/18 Exp. 11/12/19
Dynamic Vessels InternationalNationalEjisu Bebease chop bar junction close to the MosqueEjisu-Juaben MunicipalAshantiProvide Support for Needy Orphans and Street ChildrenDSW/7658 D.I. 18/12/18 Exp. 17/12/19
Frhab GH Charity FoundationNationalOld Tafo Miles 4 opposite Tafo MarketOld Tafro MunicipalAshantiTo Help the Needy in the Society.DSW/7659 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Pure Truth Christian CentreNationalJamestown Palledium-Kofi Oku road Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraDisciplinig and Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.DSW/7660 D.I. 18/12/18 Exp. 17/12/19
Kotek SolutionsNationalPlot number B9 BatsonaaTema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Tackle challenges that are preventing the Widespsread and Effective implementation of Science and Technology as a Field of Stude in Schools and Colleges.DSW/7661 D.I. 18/12/18 Exp. 17/12/19
Dignity Plus FoundationNationalKokrobiteGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Reach out to People in Society by providing Spiritual, Medical and Educational Support.DSW/7663 D.I. 19/12/18 Exp. 18/12/19
Eugenius FoundationNationalMamprobi Plaza AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraBuild a Supportive home for the Needy and Develop Tools to help Fight Stigmatization.DSW/7664 D.I. 19/12/18 Exp. 18/12/19
Eska Foundation NationalThe Orangery 169/4A, Otwe TehieshieAccra MetroplitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy, Homes, Disabled and Less Privileged in Society.DSW/7665 D.I. 19/12/18 Exp. 18/12/19
Ivolu InternationalNationalTantra Hill Accra Ola Catholic ChurchGa West MunicipalGreater AccraVoluntary Work/Work Camp Environmental Preservation and Cross Cultural Solutions Health Child Educaion Aid.DSW/7666 D.I. 19/12/18 Exp. 18/12/19
Henry Djaba Memorial FoundationNationalTesanoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEmpowering Vulnerable Children, Women and Persons Living with Disability.DSW/7667 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Executive Women NetworkNationalSamalina Plaza Building, East LegonAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraBuild Leadership Capacity of Women in Ghana to Increase the numbe of Quality Women in Executiv Positions.DSW/7668 D.I. 24/12/18 Exp. 23/12/19
Youth Against Corruption InitiativeNationalHouse No.6 Adjei Panda Street, AdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraEducating and Sensitization Youth Against Corruption.DSW/7669 D.I. 24/12/18 Exp. 23/12/19
The Cross Bearing FoundationNationalHouse No. WEID037 GBI-Wegbe HohoeHohoe MunicipalVoltaAdvance the Training of the School Dropouts and Teenage Mothers in Acquisition of Techinical and Vocational Skills.DSW/7672 D.I. 24/12/18 Exp. 23/12/19
Link - GhanaNationalBehind SOS Kambonnayili, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Provide the the Poor and MarginalsedDSW/7673 D.I. 27/12/18 Exp. 26/12/19
Kolors FoundationNationalNew AprakuGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Impact the Lives of Less Privileged Kids within our project sector as par of our corprate social responsibilityDSW/7677 D.I. 10/1/19 Exp. 9/1/20
Accra Animation Film Festival - (AAFFIA)NationalNo. 806 Bond Bank buildingGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Animations across Africa through screenin g and competitions.DSW/7678 D.I. 10/1/19 Exp. 9/1/20
African Agribusiness Incubation NetworkNationalH/No. 664/14 Nii Noi Kwame street, DzorwuluAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Scale up best Practices and share Knowledge.DSW/7681 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Busia Institute For Rural Aid Democratic Development - BIRDDNationalAgbogba H/No. 324 near Agbogba Police StationGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Advocate for Rural Development and Capacity Building for Good Governance.DSW/7685 D.I. 17/1/19 Exp.16/1/20
Ethical Apparel Africa AssociationNationalAdjacent to KAAF UniversityAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Technical Vocational and Soft Skills Training to Local Apparel Manufacturing Company.DSW/7687 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp.13/10/2021
White Ribbon Campaign, GhanaNationalFirst Floor Onansis House AneAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraStop Violence Against Women.DSW/7688 D.I. 17/1/19 Exp.16/1/20
Golden Chef FoundationNationalBlue Gate Mempasem East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraFood Research and Offer Scholarschip for Chefs.DSW/7691 D.I. 17/1/19 Exp.16/1/20
Ideal Life Gliobal empowerment Foundation (ILGEF)NationalSwalaba Bolgatanga Bawku roadBolgatanga Municipal AssemblyUpper EastTo Offer general Support to the Less Privileged in Poverty Alleviation and Women and Youth Empowerment.DSW/7692 D.I. 17/1/19 Exp.16/1/20
The Rebecca FoundationNationalOffice of the First Lady Ridge AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and Children Issues, Promotin Education on Childhood Cancer and Malnutrition.DSW/7693 D.I. 22/1/19 Exp.21/1/20
Samira Empowerment And Humanitarian ProjectsNationalD2 1st Circular road CantonmentsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen Empowerment, Education and Health, Entrepreneur Development.DSW/7694 D.I. 22/1/19 Exp.21/1/20
Osei AcademyNationalH/No. 6 Sakumono Estaqtes Junction, Osiabour Plaza Com. 13 TemaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraA Garment manufacturing Industry Training Young Adults especially Women to Reach their Potential and Work at the Highest International Standards.DSW/7695 D.I. 24/1/19 Exp.23/1/20
Abantu+Iabwa OrganisationNationalOpposite Dromonaa International school, off Nyamekye road OdorkorAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Information on Music and Art through Lectures and symposium.DSW/7696 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp.20/5/2021
Royal Construction Training CentreNational27 Volta Avenue matahekoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Offer Free Training in Construction to the Needy in the Society.DSW/7697 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp.12/8/2021
Renewed Education GhanaNationalOpposite ghana Standards AuthorityAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Fundamental Education on Renewable Energy and Agriculture in GhanaDSW/7698 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp.8/1/2021
Community Health Education and Wellness FoundationNationalOkyerekrom Ejisu-Juaben MunicipalAshantiAssistance in Community Health Care Education an d Keep Fit Center.DSW/7699 D.I. 24/1/19 Exp.23/1/20
Charity Awards GhanaNationalInstitute of Local Government StudiesLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Platform for the Award of Charitable Organization and Individual.DSW/7700 D.I. 24/1/19 Exp.23/1/20
Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational DevelopmentNationalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraDSW/3154 D.I. 31/1/19 Exp.30/1/20
International Medical Associates For Global Health EmpowermentNationalBeside Frimps Oil Filling StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo undertake Free Health Fairs, Free Health Screening and Health and Wellnes Education.DSW/7701 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp.22/12/2021
Swadaqa Train FoundatiionNationalFuo, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernPreaching out to Muslims in Deprived area, giving out charity to Muslims in Need and to Propagate Islam.DSW/7703 D.I. 31/1/19 Exp.30/1/20
Buawolor FoundationNationalOld Estate, KoforiduaNew Juaben MunicipalEasternTo Provide Social Intervention to Needy Persons and Communities withyin the Eastern region and beyond.DSW/7706 D.I. 31/1/19 Exp.30/1/20
Effutu DevelopmentNationalNear Neeny Ghartey PalaceEwutu Senya EastCentralCmmunity DevelopmentDSW/2717 D.I. 15/10/2020 Exp.14/10/2021
Kelverett FoundationNationalCommunity 11 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraChild Right AdvocateDSW/7707 D.I. 6/1/19 Exp.5/1/20
International Child Care Ministry, GhanaNationalNear Free Methodist Church, KwabenyaGa EastGreater Accrato Invest in Children's welfare and Education.DSW/7708 D.I. 6/1/19 Exp.5/1/20
Women of Dignity AllianceNationalJames Town AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocates for the Rights of Women, Capacity Building on Behavior Change Workshop Advocacy.DSW/7709 D.I. 6/1/19 Exp.5/1/20
Gertrude FoundationNational44 Tetteh Quarshie street DzorwuluAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Financial support for Students who Demonstrate Strength and Courage in Pursuit of Excellency.DSW/7710 D.I. 21/2/19 Exp.20/2/20
MYZ Capital Foundation - FNGONational4070 Sakumono, Tema Tel: 0274838710/0501400910/0208207442Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Non-Commercial Micro Credit to the Economically Active Poor People in the Society.DSW/7711 D.I. 6/1/19 Exp.5/1/20
Otinkorama Memorial FoundationNationalBurma Hills near Discon International Tse AddoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Mentorship for Students and Providing Library Services.DSW/7712 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp.20/5/2021
Third Dimension FoundationNationalEagle Height Properties, Ridge Commey Street Adentan AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTraining Development and Capacity Building for Christian Ministers.DSW/7713 D.I. 6/1/19 Exp.5/1/20
Youth Foundation For Development And Orphanage ServiceNationalNear Fadama night marketAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist the Youth Education and to Provide Financial Assiatance to the Needy.DSW/7714 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp.22/12/2021
Crime Check FoundationNationalMcCarthy Hill traffic Light Area opposite the first storey building on the right en-route to Kaneshie from Weija)Weija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraSensitization to the Public on the Consequences of Crime through Prison documentaries and Lectures, Organizing Student visit to the Prison to Create Awareness on Prisons Conditions. DSW/7715 D.I. 7/5/2020 Exp.6/5/2021
Global Compassion NetworkNationalTantra Hills Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Asist in the Education of the Needy and Deprived in the Society,to Promote Sanitation and the Provision of Portable Water.DSW/7716 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp.27/2/2021
Action Against Child Trafficking and PovertyNationalEsereso behind Lambark GasBosmtwe District AshantiFight Against Child Trafficking.DSW/7717 D.I. 6/1/19 Exp.5/1/20
Community Health Education and Wellness FoundationNationalPeace Villa, Ploti 15/16 Block G OkyerekromEjisu-Juaben MunicipalAshantiAssistance in Community Health Care Education and Keep Fit Center.DSW/7718 D.I. 6/1/19 Exp.5/1/20
Move The WorldNationalDagara Music Centre, MedieGa West MunicipalGreater AccraYouth Engagement Activities in Various Communities with Key interest in the Attainment of United Nations Development Goals.DSW/7719 D.I. 19/3/2020 Exp.18/3/2021
Tech Era OrganisationNationalPalace Pharmacy premises B/9 off Ringroad East, near Danquah CircleAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Inclusive Basic Education to the Less Marginalised, To Provide Practical Sccience , Technology , Engineering and Mathematics in Schools.DSW/7720 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Cleantech & Skills Builder's NetworkNationalH/No. Y2 Agape High Stree Ablekuma AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCreate the Platform for Skills Building in Professions and Trades such a in Sanitation and Environment and ICT. DSW/7721 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Joana Gyan FoundationNationalH/No 4 Garden street near A & C Mall East Legon AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Schorlarship for School Children especially Orphans in the Mining Communitiesand also to Provide Health care.DSW/7722 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
SHE Achieve AfrikaNationalAki Ola Street, Nmai Djorn (Platinum Apartment (A2APS)Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide a Supportive and Stigma free Environment that Educates and inspires less priviledged girls in Africa through EducationDSW/7723 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Jelas Drug Rehabilitation Centre NationalNear Delcam College and Prudential Bank, AdentaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraAlcoholism Rehabilitation Services, Counselling and Prayer Services.DSW/7724 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Girls In Future Development Foundation NationalDodowa OdumasiShai OsudokuGreater AccraProvide Support Service to Girlsand Young Women.DSW/7725 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Atchakoli FoundationNationalNima near Islamic Research InstituteAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help under Privileged Families Financially through Education, Health and Social Issues.DSW/7726 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp.13/2/2021
Manye Dede International FoundationNationalH/No. Coida close near IMPM School - NunguaLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraCampaign Against Teenage PregnancyDSW/7727 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp.3/10/2021
Pinamaa FoundationNational3rd Ginger stret, East Legon near Christian Centre.Ayawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraMobilize Optimum Resources Plans and Implement Products to Promote Women EmpowermentDSW/7728 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Agri-WebNationalAshiyie Fulani, near the Merthodist Church of GhanaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Enhance Human Resource Development to Reduce Unemployment and increase Producgtivity in Agriculture.DSW/7729 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Foundation For Empowerment and Talent DevelopmentNational123 Trasacco road, Adjiringano East LegonAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Develop leadership in the Children and Youth in Ghana for a Transformative Leadership.DSW/7730 D.I. 15/2/19 Exp.14/2/20
Roshelle Brago Boakye FoundationNationalBehind Kingdom Bookshop, Osu mainAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Quality Life for People Living with Downs Syndrome.DSW/7731 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp.14/1/2022
Join Us SMS Foundation NationalAdotey Mingle street, DansomanAblekuma West MunicipalGreater AccraWomen Empowerment and to Help Needy Communities.DSW/7732 D.I. 28/2/19 Exp.27/2/20
Jos MinistriesNationalRhoda Street GCB - Dome BranchGa East MunicipalGreater AccraEvangelism and soul Winning and Planting of |Trees to Green the Environment.DSW/7733 D.I. 28/2/19 Exp.27/2/20
Kisseman Children's FoundationNationalFrema Avenue, West Legon AccraGa East MunicipalGreater AccraProvision of Scholarship for In-Need Children to Attend Local Schools.DSW/7734 D.I. 28/2/19 Exp.27/2/20
Gapbuster GhanaNationalEffiduase, Methodist SchoolNew Juaben North MunicipalEasternPositive Youth Development, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths Education.DSW/7735 D.I. 28/2/19 Exp.27/2/20
Emerging Public Leaders of Ghan a NationalVice Counselor's Ghana Office Complex UPSAAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraMentoring of Future Public Sector Leaders.DSW/7736 D.I. 16/7/2020 Exp.15/7/2021
Life Caregiver Limited NationalIn the premises of Top FMAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide Help Care and Rehabilitation for Sick People.DSW/7737 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp.28/5/2021
Solw Afrik FoundationNationalNsawam off Prisons roadNsawam Adoagyiri Municipal AssemblyEasternHelping the Needy and Sharing the Word of God. DSW/7738 D.I. 29/4/2020 Exp.28/4/2021
Ehi Dvelopment CouncilNationalVY - 1080-3600, Mawuli Estate, Near roman Catholic Church Ehi,Volta RegionLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTrustees for Community Development and Advocacy.DSW/7739 D.I. 5/3/19 Exp.4/3/20
Hannies Afterschool ChildservicesNationalDar-salem street Haatso, around ANTISGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Create a Safe and Fun Development for Children after School hours nd Vacation.DSW/7740 D.I. 12/3/2020 Exp.11/3/2021
Resource Allocation for Control of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and TuberculosisNationalCantonment near Coffe ShopLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraHuman Immunodeficiency Virus/Tuberculosis Management and Related Activities.DSW/7741 D.I. 5/3/19 Exp.4/3/20
Savemum GenerationNationalOpposite Glory Covenance Chapel ABC junctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Empower Women and the Girl Child and to Reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality.DSW/7742 D.I. 5/3/19 Exp.4/3/20
Chaint Afrique AcademyNationalSpintexAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraResearch Training and Public Sensitization for Sustainable Life Styles and Associated Topics.DSW/7743 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp.26/8/2021
Voice of The Voiceless FoundationNationalOsu Post OfficeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Support he Underprivliege Women, Children and Youth.DSW/4597 D.I. 12/3/19 Exp.11/3/20
Centre for Migration And Africa DevelopmentNationalAdjacent Guy godrinking Spot - jema NkwantaKintampo SouthBrong-AhafoDiabetes Screening, Counselling and EducationDSW/7744 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp.22/12/2021
Mega Kharis Internatioanl MinistriesNationalAdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraReligious ActivitiesDSW/7745 D.I. 12/3/19 Exp.11/3/20
Africa Youth JusticeNationalGreater AccraHuman Rights Protection, Youth Training and Mentoring, Anti-corruption Advocacy and Anti-Trafficking Advocacy.DSW/7747 D.I. 14/3/19 Exp.13/3/20
Epikouria GhanaNationalFrafraha-Adentan MTN Mast/Superior Oil Filling StationAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraHealth, Education and Social Intervention Advocacy Services.DSW/7748 D.I. 14/3/19 Exp.13/3/20
Artlife MattersNationalAmerican House, Shell filling StationAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraArt Project Management Exhibition.DSW/7749 D.I. 14/3/19 Exp.13/3/20
Dimentia Awareness GhanaNationalAdenta BarrierAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraCarrying out Adverts on Dementia, running Courses on Dementia and to Set up Training Centres to Train Dementia Carers.DSW/7750 D.I. 14/3/19 Exp.13/3/20
Black Mission AfricaNationalEast Legon, Lily Street Zylophone Art ComplexAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Embark on Projects related to Clean Water and Sanitation, Energy and Environmental Projection.DSW/7751 D.I. 14/3/19 Exp.13/3/20
SG Mobile Health CareNationalSSNIT Area near Pelican HotelWa MunicipalUpper WestHealth Care ServicesDSW/7752 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp.17/3/20
Osa Medical Aid GhanaNationalAtwima TwedieAtwima Kwanwoma DistrictAshantiAssisting Health Facilities especially in the Rural ares in administdering Heaqlth Care.DSW/7753 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Spiritus SpiritualismNationalPlot 10, Paraku Estate Atasemanso KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiHumanitarian ServicesDSW/7754 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp.17/3/20
Ethnobiology And Conservation Research GroupNationalPlot 51 Ahwiaa OverseasKwabre East MunicipalAshantiTo Conduct Research into Natural Resources Management and Biodiversity.DSW/7756 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp.17/3/20
Charity for Charity FoundationNationalKronom - KwapraKumasi MetropolitanAshantiSeeks to Provide Education, Surgical and Medical Interventions to the less Priviledged in the Society.DSW/7757 D.I. 18/3/19 Exp.17/3/20
21st Century Mums Care FoundationNationalAmerican House, Shell filling StationAwutu Senya District AssemblyCentralTo Help the Needy and Vulnerable in the Community.DSW/7760 D.I. 16/7/2020 Exp.15/7/2021
Go Help AfricaNationalAccra French School, East LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Needy Children get Access to Adequate Nutrition and ShelterDSW/7761 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp.14/5/2021
Fresh StartNationalSouth Ofankor near MenskromWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraHelping the Poor and the NeedyDSW/7763 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Smart Nature Freak Youth Volunteers FoundationNationalTeshie NunguaKroma MunicipalGreater AccraEnvrionmental Protection and Urban Coastal Water Bodie Preservation Ocean and Wildlife Conservation.DSW/7764 D.I. 20/3/19 Exp.19/3/20
Aid on Whels FoundationNationalAbavana down Mohammed Issaka CloseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAssist the Needy and the Vulnerable and Support Schools under Trees.DSW/7765 D.I. 20/3/19 Exp.19/3/20
Betibel Development Center FoundationNationalClose to Bmoba DamBawku West MunicipalUpper EastWomen EmpowermentDSW/7766 D.I. 20/3/19 Exp.19/3/20
Yes Ghana FirstNationalEast Legon, Mango Street AH Hostel - Dl HospitalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraDSW/7767 D.I. 20/3/19 Exp.19/3/20
Arise Ghana Youth FoundationNationalDawhenya, off Afienya roadNingo PrampramGreater AccraWorking together with Ghanaians in Developing Ghana into a First World Country.DSW/7778 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp.10/2/2022
Source of Hope FoundationNationalKasoa around CP Awutu Senya East MunicipalCentralPoverty Alleviation, Human Rights Advocacy, Women Empowerment and Water and Sanitation.DSW/7786 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp.26/3/20
The Litapeh GroupNationalKrobitey near Frederick Addo estate house.Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Undertake Development in the Community.DSW/7787 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Footprints Bridge InternationalNationalNear MTN & GN Savings & LoansAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEngage in Economic Development Models and Work with the Under-served.DSW/7788 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp.26/3/20
Reve Africain FoundationNational42 Watergate street, Lapaz AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCivil Society Advocacy and Human Potential Development.DSW/7789 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp.26/3/20
Lighting The Candle AssociationNationalNear King David Guest House KasoaAwutu Senya District AssemblyCentralTo Offer Skills Development to the Youth. DSW/7790 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp.26/3/20
Deliverance Worldwide MinistriesNationalAkateng D/A PrimaryUpper Manya KroboEasternTo Conduct and Carry on Religious Services and Divine Worship.DSW/7791 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp.17/6/2021
Rare Disaase Ghana InitiativeNationalImpact Hub AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Improve the Well-being and Quality of Life of Families Affected by Rare Disease in Ghana.DSW/7792 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp.26/3/20
Smile For Hope Ghana FoundationNationalH/No. 26 Mile 7 Achimota AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducation and Health Care Solutions.DSW/7794 D.I. 27/3/19 Exp.26/3/20
Ghana Twins FoundationNationalCommunity 12 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraEducational Sensitization for Mothers Begging with Twins, Advocacy Prgramme to Create Awareness on the Right of Twins.DSW/1273 D.I. 2/7/2020 Exp.1/7/2021
Abroskebs Humanity And School Canteen FoundationNationalSt Mary's Preparatory School - Main stationSuhumDSW/7795 D.I. 2/4/19 Exp.1/4/20
Felt InternationalNationalNo.13 Kofi Annan Avenue, North Legon AccraLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraSchool and Library Services Seupport nd Mentorship Programs.DSW/7796 D.I. 2/4/19 Exp.1/4/20
Driver & Road Safety Awards FoundationNationalMadina - Rawlings CircleLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraOrganizing Driver and Road Safety Awards.DSW/7797 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp.25/6/2021
Development Gold GhanaNationalMary Mother of God Counsel Catholic Church, Airport WestAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTraining and Certification of Small Scale Miners, to Promote Sustainable and Responsible Gold Mining and Production.DSW/7799 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp.25/6/2021
Rescue Volunteers GhanaNationalNear Ravico HotelKroma MunicipalGreater AccraTo Reach out to the Needy in Ghana and Assist them to be self Reliant Through Ministry work.DSW/7800 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Sustain InternationalNationalMadina Hannah roadLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Assist Rural and Deprived Communities in the Areas of Education.DSW/7801 D.I. 2/4/19 Exp.1/4/20
Semada FoundationNationalSpintex near Kakanka PlazaKroma MunicipalGreater AccraAttaining the mark of Leading a Stop to Stigma and Dissemination and Creating Equal World opportunities for Disadvantaged Persons.DSW/7803 D.I. 2/4/19 Exp.1/4/20
Wubu Foundation For Deaf Children Development InternationalNationalAsylum down Brim street near Iran Clinic C 176/3Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Take Care of the Blind and the Deaf in our Communities in terms of Education, Shelter and Financial Support.DSW/7804 D.I. 2/4/19 Exp.1/4/20
R & F FoundationNationalNo. 13 Oakvilla Estate, OyarifaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Children in Rural Areas stay in School and to Assist Deprived Schools with teqching Logistics.DSW/7805 D.I. 2/4/19 Exp.1/4/20
Cerath Development OrganizationNationalSam J HospitalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAgricultureDSW/7807 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp.28/9/2021
The Ghana Initiative Mobile Medical Mission NationalH/No M556/6 MadinaAkwapim South District AssemblyEasternProvide Free Medical Dental and Optical Care.DSW/7812 D.I. 8/7/2020 Exp.7/7/2021
Vocational Training For Females (VTF) ProgrammeNationalOpposite Osu Presby Girls School.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Enhance Employeable Skills Training for FemalesDSW/7813 D.I. 11/4/19 Exp.10/4/20
Girls Excellence MovementNationalBehind the Job 600 Building, State House QuartersAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Sensitize the Girl Child Through Motiovational Outreach Programmes to Aspire to Greater Heights.DSW/7817 D.I. 11/4/19 Exp.10/4/20
God's Supply House Ministries InternationalNationalH/No. B/049 behind Benjy's Pub South Mccarthy, Accra Weija MunicipalGreater AccraPreach the Word of God and Winning Souls for Jesus.DSW/7818 D.I. 22/4/2020 Exp.21/4/2021
St. Charbel International School Moronite Mission FoundationNationalOpposite EcobankAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Free Education to All.DSW/7819 D.I. 11/4/19 Exp.10/4/20
Givengain Ghana FoundationNationalNear Oduman Polyclinic Ablekuma AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in the Community to Build The Community through Education.DSW/7820 D.I. 12/4/19 Exp.11/4/20
Africa Knowledge TreeNationalNear University of Education FacultyAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide Child Development Education and Offer Training to Local Community Health Institution.DSW/7821 D.I. 12/4/19 Exp.11/4/20
Holistic Girl Education FundNationalGbawe ZeroWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Raise Support for Girl Chil Education in Deprived Communities.DSW/7822 D.I. 12/4/19 Exp.11/4/20
Eclectic LoveNationalNear Tsnikpota Police Station, HoHo MunicipalVoltaEmpowering Girls and Boys through Love while increasing their knowledge and Engaging them Socially.DSW/7823 D.I. 23/4/19 Exp.22/4/20
International Commission Aid GhanaNationalMamobi, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Support The Poor through the Provision of Health Care and Accommdation.DSW/7824 D.I. 23/4/19 Exp.22/4/20
Blissful Sight For Kids OrganisationNationalAccra NewtownTamale MetropolitanNorthernAwarenss Creation and Advocacy on Childhood Blindness.DSW/7825 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Count-Me-In Relief And Social Development FundNationalVisa Centre, NAFTIAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Engage with Communities, Create Opportunities and Enhance with Quality of Lives by Providing Clothing.DSW/7833 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp.6/8/2021
Agri Ghana OrgNationalPlot B 298 Pankrono EstatesOld Tafo MunicipalAshantiTo Help Promote Agriculture in Rural Communities.DSW/7835 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp.1/6/2021
Sompahemaa FoundationNationalAbusuakruwaaSuame MunicipalAshantiSocial Service and Development and Humanitarian Development.DSW/7836 D.I. 23/4/19 Exp.22/4/20
Tama FoundationNationalBeside Mariam Hotel, Tamale`Tamale MetropolitanNorthernPlanning and Investment into the marginalized areas for Jobs and Sustainable DevelopmentDSW/7837 D.I. 7/5/2020 Exp.6/5/2021
Inspiration Talks 4 WomenNational104 Amakom New Ext. Assokwa four (4) junction, KumasiAsokwa MunicipalAshantiCombating Human Trafficking by Education and Training.DSW/7838 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp.11/6/2021
Sheroes FoundationNationalEast Airport International SchoolAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraA Platform to Highlight Achievement of Great Women Making Strides and Influencing Policies that Advances the Cause of Women.DSW/7839 D.I. 23/4/19 Exp.22/4/20
Providence Club (NGO)NationalPolice Station road first turn on righ, Lebanon, AshaimanAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraHealth Issues TB, HIV and Malaria.DSW/2536 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp.12/8/2021
Ami Tsiyyon FoundationNational209 Springfield logistics Complex, Habour square Meridian, Com. 1Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding General Support and Financial Aid to the Handicapped, Orphans, Brilliant but Needy Children and Poor in the Society.DSW/7840 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Elite Empress FoundationNationalPerkan Hotel/ Karmy's School near UPSAAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Charitable Facilities to the Needy an the Less Privileged and Providing Healthcare to Rural Communities.DSW/7842 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Star-Ghana FoundationNationalNo.12 Obenesu Crescent East LegonLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo convene inclusion dialoue and collaboration within civil society and within other stakeholders.DSW/7843 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp.3/10/2021
Buva FoundationNationalBreman West, behind Revival International SchoolKumasi MetropolitanAshantiBuruli Ulcer and Treatment through Capacity Building, Health Education, Screening and General Awareness.DSW/7844 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
My Heart My Life FoundationNationalJuasoAsante Akim South MunicipalAshantiTo Raise Funds to Support Children with Hole In Heart and the Needy in the Society.DSW/7845 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Yali AfricaNationalGIMPA CampusAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraLeadership Training for Young People.DSW/7846 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
BMAJ Gifted FoundationNationalOsu AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Health Services to the the Needy and Training the Needy into Fashion Designers.DSW/7847 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Future Leaders Educational Empowerment FoundationNationalNumber 60 Boundary road American House area.Ayawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraEmpower Bright Senior High Schol Students from Poor Families to Gain Admission and Scholarship to Elite Tertiary Institutions in USA and Canada, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Preparation and College Application Processing.DSW/7848 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Global Artefacts And Voluntatry OrganizationNationalAblekumaWeija MunicipalGreater AccraPromote Arts abd Culture in Ghana and in other Countries.DSW/7849 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Royal Promise FoundationNationalChurch of Pentecost - AsikumaAsuogyaman DistrictEasternTo Support Orhanage Homes, Mission Minded People and Churches to meet their Physical and Spritual need of their Community for Spread of the Gospel.DSW/7850 D.I. 24/3/2020 Exp.23/3/2021
Jodeb FoundationNationalGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Deprived Communities and to Help Improve the Life of Women and Cildren in Deprived Communities.DSW/7851 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
World Humanitarian Service FoundationNationalH/No C1037/12 Polo Mosque, Ebony Pig Farm AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWater and Sanitation Education and Training in Agriculture and Food.DSW/7852 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
All Souls Outreach NationalOpposite Fedelity Bank off Fadama roadOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Help the Needy and Less Privileged in the Society.DSW/7854 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Lady Victoria FoundationNational2nd Floor Gina Villa, Golf Course road AchimotaOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraSupport for Needy Students and Children and Provision of Vocational Skills for School Drop-outs.DSW/7855 D.I. 2/5/19 Exp.1/5/20
Naro Aged Care FoundationNationalAdentan Sakora, Ajorshi streetLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Health Care for Elderly People in a SocietyDSW/7857 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp.25/6/2021
Thinknovate GhanaNationalDansoman Allotey Bulley roadAblekumaGreater AccraScientific Research and Health systems and Policy Strenghtening Development and Implementation.DSW/7859 D.I. 8/5/19 Exp.7/5/20
Nketia Charity Memorial FoundationNationalNear MTN Pole, OfankorGa West MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Financial Support for the Poor and Needy in the Community.DSW/7860 D.I. 8/5/19 Exp.7/5/20
Top Excell FoundationNationalAdentan MunicipalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraContributing in youth employment, quality and accessible education.DSW/3476 D.I. 8/5/19 Exp.7/5/20
Cherish a Child FoundationNationalCommunity 7 LakesideAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Deprived Children to Achieve their Dreams.DSW/7861 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp.13/5/20
Oak Manna Charity National2 Libreville street, East LegonAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraSupporting Underprivileged Children founded on Biblical Principles and ValuesDSW/7862 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp.13/5/20
Toku FoundationNationalBaatsonaa, Spintex RoadKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraEducational Support to Brilliant but Needy Students.DSW/7863 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp.13/5/20
Direct the Young FoundationNationalAmanfro Weija - Tomefa roadGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Organise Health and Sanitation Programmes, Volunteer Program and Youth Empowerment and Community Education.DSW/7864 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp.13/5/20
Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GHACC0)NationalNear ARS roundabout, Opposite Rubby Kay Hostel, MadinaLa-Nkwantamang MunicipalGreater AccraNetworking of Organisations and Individuals in the Cookstove Sector.DSW/7867 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp.13/5/20
Offenders Second Chance - GhanaNationalAmasamanGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Give Support to Orphanages and Street Children, Deaf, Blind and theVulnerable in SocietyDSW/7868 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp.13/5/20
Noble Agro FoundationNationalAwutu Senya East Awutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo Offer Extension Advisory Programs to Farmers.DSW/7869 D.I. 14/5/19 Exp.13/5/20
Partnership for Volunteering and Development NationalNear Excel Community SchoolLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Local Volunteerism as a Tool for Sustainable Development.DSW/7870 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp.29/10/2021
Impact For Victory GhanaNationalGreater AccraDSW/7874 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp.16/5/20
Community Based Skills Training FundationNationalGreater AccraDSW/7875 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp.16/5/20
Child Family Health InternationalNationalBefore Adisadel CollegeCape Coast MetropolitanCentralInvolved in Global Health Education of International Students and Health Practitioners.DSW/7876 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp.16/5/20
Center For Reading Research GhanaNationalSakumono, TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraProduce and Disseminate Information about Reading Instruction and Reading Assessment, Research in Reading Skill Qcquisition.DSW/7878 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp.16/5/20
Youth Rise InternationalNationalWinneba, Near The Olympic Arena JunctionEffutu MunicipalCentralPromoting Youth Participate in Community & National Development and Health Promotion.DSW/7880 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp.16/5/20
West Africa Centre For The Protection of Animal WelfareNationalNorthernDSW/7881 D.I. 17/5/19 Exp.16/5/20
Women's DNA FoundationNationalAirport Residential AreaAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraSupport to Women Micro-Entrepreneurs with Training and Funding.DSW/7882 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp.28/5/2021
Centre For Community Resources And Social DevelopmentNationalDVLA -SCCGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Community Engagement Programme, Productive Ageining Research, Training and Publications.DSW/7883 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp.22/5/20
The Health and Education ProjectNationalNear Com Bodia Catholic ChurchGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Vulnerable with Healthcare Services.DSW/7884 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp.22/5/20
Franko InitiativeNational23rd Prison road Frafraha, AdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Opportunities for Women and to Empower and Support them.DSW/7885 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp.10/2/2022
Afrochampions OrganisationNationalManvetville GateLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraBusiness Advocacy and Research.DSW/7886 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp.22/5/20
God Sent To Deliver OrganizatinNationalLapaz near the Access Bank H/No 14 Kwashie Avenue.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Charitab le Services to Widows and Orphans.DSW/7888 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp.22/5/20
Climate Innovation Enterprise Netework of GhanaNationalNear Local Government OgbojoLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraPioneer Clean Dtechnology and Innovation to Address Climate Change Challenges.DSW/7889 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp.22/5/20
One Little VillageNationalNear Health Concern Nursiong School, Westland - North LegonLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Take Care of Children in Need and Orphans.DSW/7891 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp.22/5/20
Ideal FoundationNationalGreater AccraPromoting Quality Education and Offering Scholarships to Students.DSW/7892 D.I. 23/5/19 Exp.22/5/20
DNAM FoundationNationalDown Jefkins HotelAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Advocate and Provide Support for Mentally Challenged PersonsDSW/7893 D.I. 27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Voluntary Activities in ActionNationalH/No. 16 Gbawe-Mallam near Atomic Roundabout, AccraGa EastGreater AccraTo Help Children and the Youth by Providing Basisc Needs such as Food and Clothing.DSW/7894 D.I. 27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Team AnchorNationalNear the Anglican School, MankessimMfantseman MunicipalCentralTo Improve the Health of Members through Regular Keep Fit Activities.DSW/7895 D.I. 27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Highway-One-GhanaNationalH/No. 5 Nii Nortey Nyanohi street, Dzorwulu AccraAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Educate the Public in Road Safety and Traffic Awareness.DSW/7896 D.I. 27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Indigenous Kinowledge Study, GhanaNationalSagnarigu Dungu near UDS, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Foster Peace, Unity, Love and Transparency among Members.DSW/7897 D.I. 27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Together SystemsNationalGbaanyamnli TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernPromotion of Entrepreneurship Skills sets and the Development of Direct Trade Village Industry.DSW/7898 D.I. 27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Rescue Haven InternationalNationalHannah Larbie's Maternity HomeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAdvocacy in Health Isues.DSW/7899 D.I. 27/5/19 Exp.26/5/20
Extreme Glow Saloon LimitedNationalAt Agarthar junctionLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraBeauty Saloon and Therapy.DSW/7900 D.I. 30/5/19 Exp.29/5/20
Ripple Hope FoundationNationalBIVAC DVLA KuntunseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraHuman EmpowermentDSW/7901 D.I. 30/5/19 Exp.29/5/20
FHI - GhanaNationalBIVAC DVLA KuntunseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraSustainble Agricultural Practice, Farming to Feed the Poor and Hungry.DSW/7902 D.I. 30/5/19 Exp.29/5/20
Sticky FoundationNationalTemaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy, Widows and Orphans in the Society.DSW/7903 D.I. 31/5/19 Exp.30/5/20
Lohim AidNationalH/No D498/4 Jones Nelsn road AdabrakaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide the Welfare of Women and Children.DSW/7904 D.I. 31/5/19 Exp.30/5/20
Crossroads @U2kan FoundationNationalX202 Arde Nkpa street MamprobiAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Grant Educational Scholarship to Deprived Children.DSW/7905 D.I. 31/5/19 Exp.30/5/20
Uriel Impact GenerationNationalSpintex road 18 Junction behind ICGC Calvary TempleTema MetropolitanGreater AccraCommunity Volundteering, Teaching and Training Young Ones in Remotes areas.DSW/7906 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp.5/6/20
Christian Hope International For The Poor And NeedyNationalOld Tafo adjacent the Mora marketOld Tafo MunicipalAshantiTo Help the Poor and Needy in the Society.DSW/7907 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp.5/6/20
Joblex Nsenkyire FoundationNationalPlot 2 Block o Krofrom near Tafo Baptist Church & opposite Otumfuor's father's house, Kumai.Kumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Help the Needy, To Help the Community in Cleaning up Exercises.DSW/7908 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp.5/6/20
Faith Dawah FoundationNationalOpposite Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, Mampong-AkuapemAkuapem North Municipal EasternEducating Mothers on Good Health Practices such as Immunizations and Maternal DeathDSW/7909 D.I. 6/6/19 Exp.5/6/20
Klicks Africa FoundationNationalWestlands/Dome Pillar 2Ayawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraSpecial Education for Children with Special Needs and their ParentsDSW/7910 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp.29/7/2021
Ufeministi Anyidado for Vulnerable Women and ChildrenNationalIPLS Campus - Resolution Zone PokuasiGa West MunicipalGreater AccraWomen Empowerment, Gender Advocacyand Support for Aged and Vulnerable Women.DSW/7911 D.I. 18/6/19 Exp.17/6/20
African Health Innovation CentreNationalRev. P.K. Dagadu Memorial Methodist ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Work with Government, Indutry, Academia and Healthcare Providers tdo Improve Health Outcomes through Entrepreneurship.DSW/7912 D.I. 18/6/19 Exp.17/6/20
E-Read Right FoundationNationalSecond Labone street H.No F 154/7La Dadekotopon MunicipalGreater AccraEstablished E-Learning Centdres in Schools.DSW/7914 D.I. 18/6/19 Exp.17/6/20
The Rise Network and Outreach of GhanaNationalGbawe Weija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo be an Embodiment of Faith, Hope and Charity and to Mentally and Spiritually Awaken and Arouse Individuals through Education.DSW/7915 D.I. 18/6/19 Exp.17/6/20
Agiemens Foundation for Sexual Abuse & Health EducationNationalH/No. FE 59 Foase Ashanti RegionAtwima Kwanwoma DistrictAshantiTo Promote Human Rights and Knowledge of Sex Abuse and Advocacy as well as Health Education Outreach.DSW/7916 D.I. 18/6/19 Exp.17/6/20
Wirenkyiren Amanfrom People ProjectNationalKasoa-Buduburam near Bib AppleAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo Help the Poor and the Needy.DSW/7918 D.I. 21/6/19 Exp.20/6/20
Ritza Hope FoundationNationalAshalley Botwe, 63 nmai Dzor road near School junction, bridge Bus stop.Adentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Give Ophans and Needy Children Vocational Tdraining and Education.DSW/7921 D.I. 21/6/19 Exp.20/6/20
Jeemerce FoundationNationalAdjacent J & School AdeisoNew Juabeng MunicipalEasternTo Serve Individuals and Families in the Poorest Communities and to Create Content that Educate, Informs and Inspire Ghanaians.DSW/7922 D.I. 21/6/19 Exp.20/6/20
Returnee Migrant CentreNationalOpposite Star of the Sea Catholic ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReturnee Intergration, Migration Research and Advocacy, Sustainable Development, Social Support Services and Legal Aid and Education.DSW/7923 D.I. 25/6/19 Exp.24/6/20
The Henry and Doris Mills-Lutterodt Family FoundationNationalUnit 1 Davies ArcadeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProvide Educational Materials and Support to Primary School Children.DSW/7924 D.I. 25/6/19 Exp.24/6/20
Alliance for Equality And DiversityNationalH/No 3 La WirelessLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote and Advocate for Safe Communidties that Encourage Diversity, Equality Inclusiveness and Social Justice.DSW/7925 D.I. 25/6/19 Exp.24/6/20
Solace InitiativeNationalN/No 3 La WirelessLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Contribute towards the Prevention of HIV/IDS in GhanaDSW/7926 D.I. 25/6/19 Exp.24/6/20
Uplifting Women FoundationNationalH/No. 69 Pawpaw Street North LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Support for Women, Promote Skill Development and Eradicate Poverty.DSW/7927 D.I. 26/6/19 Exp.25/6/20
Good And Sustainable Medical OutreachNationalHaatso, Westland, Adjacent the Barclays BankGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Organize Medical Outreaches, Health Screening and Health Education.DSW/7928 D.I. 27/6/19 Exp.26/6/20
Orgeon of Stars NFP NationalNumber 12 Boundary road, American houseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAiding Nursing Mothers and Babies.DSW/7929 D.I. 27/6/19 Exp.26/6/20
Transformed Women NetworkNationalH/No. D1443/21 Dadeban Okanta street North Kaneshie Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Establish a Project to Mitigate Teenage PregnanacyDSW/7930 D.I. 27/6/19 Exp.26/6/20
BM Trust FoundationNationalPlot 16, Atwima Techiman, near Supreme Savior ChuchKwadaso MunicipalAshantiTo Help the Needy in Health Issues.DSW/7932 D.I. 27/6/19 Exp.26/6/20
Inspire you Expire Global FoundationNationalBreman AsikumaAsikuma-Odoben-Brakwa DistrictCentralTo Organise Mentorship Programs for Students in the Rural Areas.DSW/7933 D.I. 26/7/19 Exp.25/7/20
Favor Foundation For LifeNationalAblekuma AfienyaNingo Prampram DistrictGreater AccraSuicide Prevention, Support Suicidal Persons, Support Survivors and Provide a Forum for Mental Health.DSW/7934 D.I. 27/6/19 Exp.26/6/20
Shiamang Widows Care FoundationNationalDwomo roadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSkill Training to the Widows.DSW/5605 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp.17/6/2021
Strength of Eagles International - GhanaNationalGAWO near Pokuase Agric Research OfficeGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Care for Children, Youth, Single Mothers and the Aged.DSW/7935 D.I. 27/6/19 Exp.26/6/20
The Lord's Kingdom Outreach MinistryNationalNear New Town Cluster of SchoolAyawaso Central MunicipalGreater AccraSupport Pastors and Churches in Villages and the Needy in the Society.DSW/7936 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Barbarugo GhanaNationalOshie street F/183/4 OsuAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Facilitate the Setting up of Bamboo Plantations and to Engage the Rural Communities in Income Generating Activities with Bamboo as a means to Improve the Economic situation of the Rural Communities.DSW/7937 D.I. 3/7/19 Exp.2/7/20
Abiola Bawuah FoundationNationalNear Accra Technical Training College (ATTC)Ayawas Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Poor and Needy in the Society.DSW/7938 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp.22/10/2021
The PsyKForumNationalAshongman Estates near Mangoase - NEB PharmacyGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Educate, build Capacity and raise Awareness about Mental Health and Psychosocial Issues.DSW/7939 D.I. 3/7/19 Exp.2/7/20
CN1 - Human Rights and Child Protection UnitNationalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Engage in Child Care and Protection Awareness Prgrams.DSW/7940 D.I. 3/7/19 Exp.2/7/20
World Wonder Outreach Ministry NationalOff Kasoa Ofankor road, near main stationAwutu SenyaCentralSpreading the Word of God.DSW/7941 D.I. 3/7/19 Exp.2/7/20
Kids Kingdom FoundationNationalRoman Ridge opposite FARA (Forum for Agric Research in Africa)Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraCharity oriented towards the welfare of Deprived Children.DSW/7942 D.I. 3/2/2021 Exp.2/2/2022
Fortitude Child Support FoundationNationalOpposite Ghana Railway Authority Roman RidgeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Seek Medicdal and Financial Assistanace for Government medical facilities directed towards the establishment and improvement of Neonatal Intensice Care.DSW/7943 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp.26/6/2021
A Walk with Jesus International OrganisationNationalLazza SportAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Strengthen, Grow and Enrich the worship life of our members.DSW/7944 D.I. 8/7/19 Exp.7/7/20
Zongo Inspiration TeamNationalNear Barclays Bank KotobabiAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraProducing Educational Materials and esensials for deprived Pupils in Basic Schools.DSW/7945 D.I. 8/7/19 Exp.7/7/20
SFH International GhanaNational1st floor SEDCO Publishing house, 5 Tabon street North Ridge, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupport Health and Social Systems Strenghtening activities.DSW/7946 D.I. 23`/10/2020 Exp.22/10/2021
Tech Lab GhanaNationalAccra Digital CentreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromoting of rapid Prototyping through business incubation access to Solution Testing and Investments. DSW/7948 D.I. 8/7/19 Exp.7/7/20
Community Outreach AllianceNationalACP Block factory KwabenyaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Fight Against HIV/AIDS/STI/TB and Malaria.DSW/7949 D.I. 8/7/19 Exp.7/7/20
Benabi Discovery FoundationNationalCoca Cola roundabout, Shell signbard opposite Fidelity Bank.Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Deprived Children gain Access to Education.DSW/7950 D.I. 11/7/19 Exp.10/7/20
The Aludiba Foundation (TAF)NationalH/No.18 CantonmentsTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Assist the Less Privileged and Individuals in CommunitiesDSW/7951 D.I. 11/7/19 Exp.10/7/20
Humanity and Nature TrustNationalAwudome Tsibu, Bethel Mission ChapelHo MunicipalVoltaTo Promote Health of People in Communities of Ghana.DSW/7952 D.I. 11/7/19 Exp.10/7/20
Alliance for Reproductive Health RightsNationalQueen's International School, East LegonGa East MunicipalGreater AccraReproductive Health CareDSW/3640 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp.12/8/2021
Fabien FoundationNationalBehind Community 3 MarketWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Poor and the Needy in the Society.DSW/7953 D.I. 12/7/19 Exp.11/7/20
Nature Devlopment GhanaNationalKintampo near the Mineral Water Factory/DepotKintampo Municipal AssemblyBrong-AhafoTo Develop and Build the Capacity of Groups and Individuals in Natural Resource ManagementDSW/7954 D.I. 12/7/19 Exp.11/7/20
Junior Shapers AfricaNationalLatebiokoshie, near Radio Gold FM stationAblekuma Central MunicipalGreater AccraDSW/7955 D.I. 12/7/19 Exp.11/7/20
Asmo - Z FoundationNationalMadina EstatesLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraOrphan Support, Education Support for the Needy.DSW/7956 D.I. 23/10/1020 Exp.22/10/2021
The Sycamore Tree FoundationNationalGaborone School junctionTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTreach about Christ, Give to the Needy and Sick.DSW/7957 D.I. 12/7/19 Exp.11/7/20
Apex Community Aid (ACAID)NationalNo. 1 Avocado street Community 20Tema West MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Environmental Protection and HIV/AIDS Prevention.DSW/7958 D.I. 15/7/19 Exp.14/7/20
Restoration Bridge The Gap FoundationNationalOpposite Training School, TubaGa Suth MunicipalGreater AccraTo Assist the Department of Social Welfare in times of Need. To Meet the Need of the Needy Church, To Support Needy Children in the Local Communities.DSW/7959 D.I. 15/7/19 Exp.14/7/20
Global Partnerships ProjectNationalAdjacent to AQUA SAFARI ResortAda East MunicipalGreater AccraBuilding and Provision of Holistic Infrastructure and Capacity in Communities.DSW/7960 D.I. 15/7/19 Exp.14/7/20
Action on EmpowermentNationalMichel Camp-Bediako, first Gbetseli junction road, opposite Fruitful Vine AcademyLa Dadekotopon MunicipalGreater AccraProvision of Economic and Social Empowerment for Women, Youth, Children and other Vulnerable Groups in Training and Development Skills and Leadership.DSW/7961 D.I. 15/7/19 Exp.14/7/20
Cooperative Agency For Research And DevelopmentNationalH/No. E209/12 Nima Highway AccraAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraSupport Vulnrable/Marginalized People/Communities Advocacy.DSW/7962 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp.26/8/2021
Africa Fashion Incubator - AFIGHANANationalCaprice building, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Advance Persons working in the Fashion nd Clothing Industries in Ghana and Africa through Tdraining and Workshop.DSW/7964 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp.23/7/2021
Network for Community Planning and Development NationalAdjacent to Globl Evangelical Church TeshieLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraCommunity Development, Water and Sanitation.DSW/7966 D.I. 18/7/19 Exp.17/7/20
Cooperazione Internationale Sud Sud - CISSNationalTeshie near Global Evangelical Church, Century roadLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraDevelopment Cooperation Programme and Projects, Training Srvicess and Provision fo Social Purposes.DSW/7967 D.I. 18/7/19 Exp.17/7/20
Nurture Nature FoundationNationalNear Mab HospitalAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Create Awareness among the Youth to Recognise Agriculture as a Lucrative Occupation.DSW/7968 D.I. 18/7/19 Exp.17/7/20
Japanese Community in GhanaNationalG 018 Christian house, Airport Residential, Liberation roadAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraInformation sharing among Members and Promotion of Culture and Welfare Activity and Education for children of members. DSW/7972 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp.6/8/2021
Mama Rina Coat of Many Colours FoundationNationalUT Holding Building, 48 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue A,ccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAssisting the Less Privileged in the Society through Vocational Skills Training.DSW/7973 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp.23/7/2021
Kingdom Come FamilyNationalGbawe CP Weija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraProviding Support to the Prisons.DSW/7975 D.I. 25/7/19 Exp.24/7/20
Citizens Watch-GhanaNationalWAEC HallSunyani West DistrictBrong-AhafoTo Initiate Sustainable Projects and Programmes that willl lead to Citizen's Participation in ?Decision Making in Local Governance.DSW/7977 D.I. 25/7/19 Exp.24/7/20
IOTA Ministry GroupeNationalAfrica Lake premises/Providence Event CentreAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo use Inspired Insights to Discover and Project out of God's Word.DSW/7978 D.I. 25/7/19 Exp.24/7/20
Every Child MinistriesNationalEC Royal Educational CentreGa West MunicipalGreater AccraMinistry to Street Children.DSW/2993 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp.7/6/2021
African Publishers NetworkNationalBureau of Ghana Languages building, Kawukudi junction AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraStrengthening Africa Publishing through Network.DSW/3083 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp.30/7/20
Ama Serwaa FoundationNationalNear Lamptey School, Kasoa Awutu SenyaCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Support the Aged and Needy Financially.DSW/7979 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp.30/7/20
Gottschalk Educational FoundationNationalNear Agatha MarketNew Juabeng MunicipalEasternProvide Educational Sponsorship for the Less-Privileged from Kindergarten through Tertially Level.DSW/7981 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp.30/7/20
One Loaf FoundationNationalLocated at Unity EcovillageMfantseman MunicipalCentralTo Provide Hands-on Workshop and Training in Sustainable Crop Cultivation and Livestock Management to Students of all Ages.DSW/7982 D.I. 3\2/2021 Exp.2/2/2022
Raise The Needy Charity FoundationNationalAsenua, Kwabre East Kwabre East MunicipalAshantiProviding Support to Orphans and Needy Children.DSW/7984 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp.30/7/20
Africa Partner Mdical (Ghana)NationalOpposite Crystal Palm HotelAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraOrganize Medical Training and related activities for Healthcare.DSW/7985 D.I. 15/5/2020 Exp.14/5/2021
Asoba FoundationNationalH/No. 28 Ninth stree, TesanoAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraUnearth Talented Players in Sports, Educate dthem in Academics and Cultural ares and make them Stars and Global Icons for Ghana and Medal Winners.DSW/7986 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp.30/7/20
Candace Taekwondo AcademyNationalNo. 30 Chantan Market street, AchimotaOkaikoi North MunicipalGreater AccraSports Training and Development and community Outreach.DSW/7988 D.I. 31/7/19 Exp.30/7/20
Eagles AssemblyNationalOpposite Community 22 Police StationAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraTo Spread the GospleDSW/4346 D.I. 8/7/19 Exp. 7/7/20
Emmoa FoundationNationalNext to Egn German ClinicAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Support the Needy and the Less Privileged in the Society.DSW/7989 D.I. 2/8/19 Exp.1/8/20
Africa Institute For Extractive IndustriesNationalNumber 11 Volta street, Airport ResidentialAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Policy Advocacy and Research Developments in the Extractive Industires.DSW/7990 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Center For Islamic Thought And CivilizationNationalMadina Libya Quarters on top of the mosqueLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Educate the Public about the True State of the Islamic Faith to Promote the contribution of Islamic Moderation.DSW/7991 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp 22/10/2021
African Security Sector NetworkNationalAround North Legon SPALa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraResearch, Policy Development and Training in the area of Security. DSW/7992 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp.13/10/2021
The Bryan Acheampong FoundationNationalAchimotaAblekuma MunicipalGreater AccraTo Improve the Lives of People Living in the Communities of the Abetifi Constituency by Initiating Program Providing Support.DSW/7993 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp.16/9/2021
As Samad Hope FoundationNationalH/No. 1 Stanfast stree, Kokomlemle, AccraAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraHelp Reform and Mitigate Lives of Prison Inmates.DSW/7995 D.I. 8/9/2020 Exp.7/9/2021
Growgh Edu InitiativeNationalNear AMA Basic School, KokrobiteGa South MunicipalGreater AccraT Help Improve the Level of Education in Needy Children in the Community.DSW/7996 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp.23/7/2021
Care & Action For Mental Health In AfricaNationalAdjacent SG Band, Accra main branchAyawaso Central MunicipalGreater AccraImrovement and Support of Mental Health in Ghana and Africa.DSW/7997 D.I. 8/8/19 Exp.7/8/20
Deprived Community AidNationalBehind EP ChurchKpone Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraTechnical Advice to Health Centres.DSW/7998 D.I. 8/8/19 Exp.7/8/20
Swiss Angel FoundationNationalAnfoega Akukome near Community CentreNorth Dayi DistrictVoltaTo Assist the Needy and Less Privileged in Society.DSW/7999 D.I. 8/8/19 Exp.7/8/20
Covenant Brothers Gate FoundationNationalKwashiemanAblekuma MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy and Drill Boreholes for Rural areas.DSW/8000 D.I. 9/8/19 Exp.8/8/20
International Volunteer Organisation for Women Educational Development.NationalJewah Church at Tsuibleoo bus stopLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo work in the interest of Women and the Youth to build their Capacity abd Enhance their Role in the Economy.DSW/8001 D.I. 9/8/19 Exp.8/8/20
Africa For Education and DevelopmentNationalLEKMA (Hospital)Ledzekuku-KroworGreater AccraAwareness Creation on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Human Rights Campaign.DSW/8002 D.I. 9/8/19 Exp.8/8/20
Centre For Criminal Justice, Policy And ResearchNationalH/No. 57 Kofi Annan street near Nyaho HospitalAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraCrimnal Law Justice and Advocacy.DSW/8003 D.I. 16/8/19 Exp. 15/8/20
Train Grow LeadNational107 Yiyiwa Drive AbelenkpeAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraYouth Basketball Tdraining and Development.DSW/8004 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Ceda CarecostNationalHaatso, Mabey road near West Land Police StationGa East Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraCreative Global Partnership with International Human Rights and Women's Rights organization to include the Experience of Violence against Women and Girls.DSW/8005 D.I. 16/8/19 Exp. 15/8/20
Solash FoundationNationalN/No. 14 Teiko Akotia Street, KaneshieAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraWe Seek the General Wellbeing and Development of Ghanaians through Humanitarian Work.DSW/8007 D.I. 16/8/19 Exp. 15/8/20
Afrifa Mensah FoundationNationalAmasamanGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Conduct Free Medical Screening in Urban-Rural Areas and Undertake Health Education Campaign.DSW/8008 D.I. 22/8/19 Exp. 21/8/20
Africa Security and Diplomacy CenterNationalKokomlemle near Bolgatanga houseAyawaso Central MunicipalGreater AccraStrategy and Human Resource Development.DSW/8009 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Maternal Rights Ghana FoundationNationalGracia Lodge AnnexAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Improve Maternal Neonatal and Child Health in Ghana by Addressing Health Inequities, Descrimination and Access to affordable Healthcare.DSW/8011 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp. 10/2/2022
AmacaresNationalNew Juabeng North MunicipalEasternAdvocacy Against Sexual Abuse.DSW/8012 D.I. 22/8/19 Exp. 21/8/20
Maj. Maxwell Mahama Memorial FoundationNationalArakan Officers Mess, Burma Camp, behind Nyaho ClinicLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraMob Justice Advocacy and Environmental Protection.DSW/8013 D.I. 22/8/19 Exp. 21/8/20
Child Research for Action and Development Agency (CRADA) NationalGreater AccraDSW/1870 D.I. 20/8/19 Exp. 19/8/20
Dream July FoundationNationalBehind Alpha Guest HouseKpone-Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Orphans and Vunlerable and to put young adults through Apprenticeshisp and Vocational Training.DSW/8016 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Inprem Holistic Community Resources AfricaNationalNear Teshie Raster roadLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo Undertake Social Interventions in Health, Education and Employment in local Communities in Ghana.DSW/8018 D.I. 28/8/19 Exp. 27/8/20
Voluntary Workcamps Association of GhanaNationalClose to Vodafone OfficeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Involve the Youth in Community Development.DSW/401 D.I. 28/8/19 Exp. 27/8/20
Education Development Project TrustNationalOpposite block factoryAwutu BrekuCentralEducationDSW/4562 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/20
AfrobarometerNationalBorstal InstituteAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAfrican Public Opinion Research, Analysis and Communication.DSW/8019 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Foundation of Nation BuildersNationalAworshie-AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo make Education Free for Children of School going Age in the Rural Areas.DSW/8020 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Agrointroductions GhanaNationalJISO PLAZATamale MetropolitanNorthernClimate change Mitigaion and Adaptation.DSW/8021 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/20
Association For Development for Northern Ghana (ADNG)NationalNakpayiliTamale MetropolitanNorthernProvision of Agricultural Training Programms for Farmers.DSW/8022 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/20
Mastbrook FoundationNationalNear Zoozugu School TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Train and Develop Responsible Leaders for the Society.DSW/8023 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/20
Creating Opportunity for Change (COC) GhanaNationalKukuo man MosqueTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Create Livelihood Opportunities for the Disadvantaged in Society.DSW/8024 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/20
Imaam Shaatiby's Foundation for the Services of the Holy Quran and DevelopmentNationalKamina TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Promote Islamic DSW/8025 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/20
Jireh Smart Child FoundationNationalAtomic Junction at Benab HouseLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraPromotion of Financial Literacy in Children, Financing of Children EducationDSW/8026 D.I. 30/8/19 Exp. 29/8/20
Dawate Islami GhanaNationalKokomlemle near SSNIT officeAyawaso Central MunicipalGreater AccraFree Islamic EducationDSW/8027 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp. 25/11/2021
Dr. Robert Mitchell Memorial FoundationNationalNo. IA Publishing road Community One TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth, Eduation and Sensitization.DSW/5007 D.I. 4/9/19 Exp. 3/9/20
Zakar OrganizationNationalNear Manna Mission HospitalLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo Train Market Women on Personal Hygiene and Sanitation.DSW/8032 D.I. 4/9/19 Exp. 3/9/20
Youth Health Aid InternationalNationalTeshie behind Lascala Market Residential GPS - GZ-057-0924Ledzekuku-KroworGreater AccraHealth EducationDSW/8033 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Empawa FoundationNationalOsu Oxford streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Empower African Artists and Creators with funding for Arts.DSW/8034 D.I. 16/8/19 Exp. 15/8/20
Education Partners FoundationNationalH/No. 2 Ayeduase, near Chief's Palace KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Provide Educational Support to the Poor and Needy.DSW/8035 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/2021
Support BrainAide Ghana FoundationNationalPapaye Food Services, Spintex roadWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Inspire and Help Needy in Society through Excellent Training and Education.DSW/8036 D.I. 4/9/19 Exp. 3/9/20
Nima Care FoundationNationalBehind Mawako, Mamobi, AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Break the Cycle of Poverty by ensuring all children have Access to Quality Primary Education.DSW/8038 D.I. 4/9/19 Exp. 3/9/20
Bok Africa ConcernNationalBerekumBerekum East MunicipalBrong-AhafoCapacity Development.DSW/8039 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Akuafo NtosuoNationalGIZ Green Building, airport ResidentialAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Encourage Farming by Institutin a Reward Scheme to Farmers and Farms.DSW/8041 D.I. 9/9/19 Exp. 8/9/20
Pat And Partners InternationalNationalAmrahia Health CentreAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraMaternal Health, Care for Abandoned Babies and Street Children.DSW/8044 D.I. 9/9/19 Exp. 8/9/20
Jepomin FoundationNationalNear Mighty Joint SportsAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraHelping the Poor and Needy in the Society.DSW/8045 D.I. 9/9/19 Exp. 8/9/20
Ghana AntI-Corruption Coalition (GACC)NationalPig Farm Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Create a Forum for Interaction Among the Government, Public, Private Sector Institutions and Civil Society Groups working in the area of Anti-Corruption.DSW/8046 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Cem Ability VillageNationalLister HospitalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Voice of People with DisabilitiesDSW/8047 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Lakside Disability Rights Advocacy InitiativeNationalWeija School junctionGa South MunicipalGreater AccraDisability Advocacy and Empowerment .DSW/8049 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Order of Saint Edmund Campion FoundationNationalAtonsu, S-line AsokwaAsokwa MunicipalAshantiTo Provide Entrepreneurial Training to HIV Patients, Street Children nd the Youth in the Society.DSW/8052 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Beacon International MinistriesNationalBehind Peduase Presidential LodgeAkuapem South Municipal EasternCommunity Development and Church Planting.DSW/8053 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Precious FoundationNationalAnyaa Market between ICGC and Assemblies of God ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assist the Needy and Orphans in Society.DSW/8055 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
You and GhanaNationalNear Peace Clinic, MatahekoAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraReduction of Complications during Child Birth and Mortality rate among Premature and Low Birth Weight Infants.DSW/8056 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Christian Service InternationalNationalAhomfa FMCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Demonstrate Gods love through committed Men and Women who Seve as a Channel for Promoting the Goal of Humanity and Individual and Community Groupings in Need.DSW/8057 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp. 18/11/21
Gut And Liver FoundationNationalPLT BLK W, Asokwa opposite NIITAsokwa MunicipalAshantiEducation, Training, Research, Advocacy and Awareness Creation into Didestive and Liver Diseases Prevention through Screening and Vaccination.DSW/8058 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Kigndom De Dios Family FoundationNationalEffutu Omanhen's PalaceEffutu MunicipalCentralEvangelism and counseling, Providing Financial and Soial Support t the Poor and Needy.DSW/8060 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Monphy And The Youth FoundationNationalClose to the Community cemetryNkoranza South MunicipalBrong-AhafoHumanitarian ServicesDSW/8061 D.I. 13/9/19 Exp. 12/9/20
Greenway International FoundationNationalAshalley Botwe, Abudankade Bus stopAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTree PlantingDSW/8062 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Akwaaba Nippon FoundationNationalLegon Avenue, East Legon Mensvic HotelAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Educational Sponsorship, Make Donations to the Needy in the Society and to Introduce Japanese Culture into Ghana.DSW/8063 D.I. 19/9/19 Exp. 18/9/20
Better Livelihood FoundationNationalGwollu D/A Primary School and HospitalSissala West DistrictUpper WestTo Provide Healthcare in the Rural Communities.DSW/8064 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
The Yeslyn FoundationNationalNew Achimota, Gonsee AMA streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy Grow into Healthy, Productive Adults and Citizens.DSW/8065 D.I. 19/9/19 Exp. 18/9/20
Neighbours HandsNationalAccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Win Souls for Christ, To Raise Funds for Charity Work, To Help the Needy and the Poor in Society.DSW/8066 D.I. 19/9/19 Exp. 18/9/20
Whitefield Zoe FoundationNationalNear Universal Oil & Southland CollegeLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraEmpowerment Conferences, To Help the Aged, Prisons and Orphanges and Skills Acquisition Programs.DSW/8067 D.I. 25/9/19 Exp. 24/9/20
Astel FoundationNationalH/No. A567150 King Tackie AvenueGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Safeguard the Rights of the Child and Provide for the Well being of Children in Need.DSW/8068 D.I. 25/9/19 Exp. 24/9/20
Grace Station FoundationNationalY21A Agostinho Neto road, airport ResidentialKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraEducation and Allivation of Hunger.DSW/6431 D.I. 23/12/2020 Exp. 22/12/2021
KJM FoundationNationalCom 11 next to CSSA TrasacoTema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraPromoting Health and Wellbeing of the Community.DSW/8069 D.I. 27/9/19 Exp. 26/9/20
MSEF Charitable FoundationNational1st Lagoon, Sakumono VillageTema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Support Eduation of Members of the Community, to Provide Helth Care Support Services to the Community.DSW/8070 D.I. 27/9/19 Exp. 26/9/20
Little Steps FoundationNationalBlock B. 3 Concourse, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Raise Funds and do Advocacy to Support the Care and Medical Treatment of Sick Children under the care of Child Health.DSW/8072 D.I. 27/9/19 Exp. 26/9/20
Peace Village GhanaNationalAjacent Achimota MelcomGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Facilitate the coming together of Ahmadis to Enhance Congregational Prayers.DSW/8076 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
IDP Foundation, Inc NationalKuntunse (KOANS gated Estate (BIVAG _- Private Garage)Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraEncouraging and Supporting dthe Development of Innovative and Sustainable Solutions to Complex Global Issues.DSW/8077 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
American Hope FoundationNationalH/No. 5 Atomic road, near SawmillGa East MunicipalGreater AccraChallenge Poverty in Creative Ways, Educdation and Helping the Less Privilege.DSW/8078 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Jallowalihi Charity FoundationNationalAM 41X, Wangara House Ayawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Livelihood Opportunities through Skills Enhancement.DSW/8080 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Thatchermora FoundationNationalAround Regional Minister's residence HoHo MunicipalVoltaTo Care for the Aged and Single Parent, Orphans and Empower Women for Small Skill Business. DSW/8081 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Med - Screen GhanaNationalBehind Municipal Education officeHo MunicipalVoltaTo Help Create Awareness and Medical Screening to all Ghanaian including the Remote Areas.DSW/8082 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Angel-Zoe FoundationNationalAccra Digitalcantre (John Dramani Mahama building)Korle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraRelief and assistance of people in needDSW/8083 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Zero Litter GhanaNationalFise Amasaman near El-Shaddai bus stopGa West MunicipalGreater AccraSanitationDSW/8084 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Network of HopeNationalYomo Specs, Teshie Behind Supreme Academy SchoolLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in the Community.DSW/8085 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Obaapa Souls for Christ FoundationNationalF307/4 Near Blue Gate Oko Dan road, NyanibaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCater for the Less Privilege in the Society.DSW/8086 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Enny FoundationNationalAbelenkpeAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraProvides Interventions for Children with Special Needs.DSW/8087 D.I. 3/10/19 Exp. 2/10/20
Grasscutter Initiative For Rural TransformationNationalIn the Premises of Dept. of Animal Science,University of Ghana Ayawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraPromotion of Sustainable Grass Cutter Rearing for Rural Livelihood, Enhancement and Environmental/Wildlife Conservation.DSW/8090 D.I. 11/10/19 Exp. 10/10/20
Homeless HomeNationalOkpoi Gonno, Spintex roadKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in the Society through Economic Empowerment.DSW/8091 D.I. 11/10/19 Exp. 10/10/20
Dashen Evergreen InternationalNationalKlagon NDC bus stop near Liberty Schol (GT262-4502)Tema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Develop a Livelihood Schemes, Development Programmes Vocational Skill Acquisition Programmes and Mentorship Programmes.DSW/8093 D.I. 11/10/19 Exp. 10/10/20
Workers FundNationalKasapreko junctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Welfare Sevices to its Members.DSW/5453 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Tree Aid GhanaNationalBehind Gariba Lodge Kanvilli, TamaleSagnerigu MunicipalNorthernPoverty Alleviation through SylvicultureDSW/8094 D.I. 15/2//2021 Exp. 14/2/2022
Participatory Action for Rural Development AlternativesNational1st Floor of Ministry of Food and Agric Regional Block BolgatangaBolgatanga Municipal AssemblyUpper EastTo Promote Community Base Organisations in Northern GhanaDSW/8095 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Oman Ghana BaakoNationalOficial town, AmanfromGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Communities with Social Amenities.DSW/8096 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Holistic Development OrganisationNationalBehind Rabito Clinic/Miller Institute, YikeneBolgatanga Municipal AssemblyUpper EastEmpowering Children.DSW/8097 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Ghana Permaculture InstituteNationalNew Onyinase, TechimanTechiman Municipal Brong-AhafoWomen and Children in Development.DSW/8098 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
International Help for Disabled Children (Ghana)NationalTipper road adjacent to Ebenezer House AmanfroAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraSupporting Disable Children in Ghana.DSW/8099 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Enough Grace FoundationNationalAwoshie 2nd LAFA streetAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraProviding Fee-Free Basic School Education and Vocational Skills, DSW/9000 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Tender Hope Crisis CentreNationalKumasi MetropolitanAshantiDSW/9001 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
The Co-operative Development Foundation of CanadaNationalNaalore Estate House number 92Tamale MetropolitanNorthernReduction of Poverty in Northeern Region.DSW/9003 D.I. 18/10/19 Exp. 17/10/20
Baby and Mom Mobile ClinicsNationalAsikafo Ambantem H/No 39 Nana Mbrah road Cape Coast MetropolitanCentralWe offer Free Reproductive, Infant and Child Healthcare in Underdeveloped Communities in Ghana.DSW/9004 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Vision Ghana 2005 FoundationNationalNo.68 Kwame Nkruman Avenue Adabraka-Next to Graphic ClinicAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Prepare Students (Specifically Out-Going Ones) to Select Career Objectives Through Guidance and Counselling and Sensitization Programmes.DSW/9006 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Call To ActionNationalLEKMA Hospital road to Penny Last stopLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraMalaria Control Advocation, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Influence Policy Formulation and Assisting the Needy.DSW/9009 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Disability & Rehabilitation ssociation of GhanaNationalAdjacent African American Internationl SchoolLedzekuku-KroworGreater AccraTo Advocate for the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, Empower and Finacne the Lives of Persons with Disbilities through Capacity Buildingn and Training.DSW/9010 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Hearts Firstaid AfricaNationalARS roundabout (East Legon)La Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide First Aid Care to the Community.DSW/9012 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp. 11/11/2021
Partners For Strategic Development and ResearchNationalBubiashie Ayigbe town, Pentecost ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Address Economic Challenges and Alleviate Poverty.DSW/9013 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Inspiring Youth AchievementNationalNear Abelenkpe Prebyterian ChurchAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraMentoring , Organising Career and Self Development Workshops.DSW/9014 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
Cocoapreneurship Institute of GhanaNationalAlema Avenue, Airport Residential area Meridian ApartmentsAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Fill the Gap in Education and Business Development Resources and to Inspire and Support Cocoa and Chocolate Entrepreneurs by Training, Education, and Coaching and Promotional Events.DSW/9015 D.I. 24/10/19 Exp. 23/10/20
International Centre For Advocacy And Social ReserchNationalOgbojo junction GoilAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/1060 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Life is Jesus FoundationNationalEjisu Serwaakura NewsitdeEjisu MunicipalAshantiHelping the NeedyDSW/9018 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Charly Care Needy FounationNationalKuntanase ToafomBosomtwe District AssemblyAshantiTo Help the Needy in Society.DSW/9019 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Redeeming Hands FoundationNationalAdumanu near doato M/A School, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Raise Funds for the Medical Treatment for Needy Children.DSW/9020 D.I. 3/12/2020 Exp. 2/12/2021
Mensah Mental Health Rehabilitation ProjectNationalOkyerekrom Aboagye EstateEjisu MunicipalAshantiMental Health Advocates.DSW/9021 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Exuberant Philanthropic FoundationNationalThe Catholic ChurchEjisu MunicipalAshantiTo Help The NeedyDSW/9023 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Global Active Christians DevelopmentNationalAmpayooAwima Kwanwoma DistrictAshantiTo Orgainise Special Classes to Improve thbe Skills of Disadvantaged and Slow Learners in the Community.DSW/9024 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Jesus Kids Garden of HopeNationalPlot No. 10 S.K Boafo Avenue AtasemnsoKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Develop and Produce ppropriate Sundayy School Materials for useDSW/9025 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Society in Need FoundationNationalShop No,. SF 21 Baam MarketKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Soure Dontions For onward Distriution t te Abandoned, Needy and Rejeced in Society.DSW/9026 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Women's Health to WealthNational11, Block F, Fankyenebra, Mary Banfo Drive KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Promote Healthy lIfestyle and Humanitarian Assistance to Women.DSW/9027 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Future Focus Network NationalKatamato, Nautical road, NunguaKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo Undertake Sensitization Programs t Educdate our Communities on Hazardous Practices on Health.DSW/9029 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
God Alive FoundationNationalClose to Old District Assembly BlockMpohor DistrictWesternHealth and EducationDSW/9033 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Lydia Osei Charity FoundationNationalApire New SiteKwadaso MunicipalAshantiTo Care for the Needy and Less Privileged and to Support Brilliant but Needy Children.DSW/9034 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Global New Generation InitiativeNationalEast Legon, Mango close Adjiriganor, Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraFree Grooming of Artistic, To Develop in the Field of Music.DSW/9036 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Partnerships For Rural Development Action (PRUDA)NationalPiina roadLambussie District AssemblyUpper WestAgriculture and Cultural Development.DSW/9037 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Time And Chance Adult Protection CenterNationalMadina EstatesLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdult Day Care CenterDSW/9038 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Africa Medical Relief FoundationNationalGreater AccraDSW/9039 D.I. 3/12/2020 Exp. 2/12/2021
Rural Youth Education Empowerment OpportunityNationalFise, Amasaman Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Assist the Youth Exchange Programmes and Cultural Exchange Programmes and to Promote Social Entrepreneurchip among the Youth nd Communities.DSW/9040 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
AGF Aid Global FoundationNationalOfankor Police StationGa West MunicipalGreater AccraCaring for the Needy in the Society.DSW/9041 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
JustreachNationalAgbogbaGa West MunicipalGreater AccraRoutine Awreness Creation on Neglected Tropical Disease and Reduce Stigma Associated with Diseases.DSW/9042 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Benekie Foundation NationalMedie, Opposiste Charlie T's VenturesGa West MunicipalGreater AccraHealth Education, Blood Donation, Community Development Projects and Skills Training &Development.DSW/9043 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Great Samshei FioundationNationalAccra NewtownAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraCare for the Needy and Less Privileged nd Support the Brillint bu Needy Children.DSW/9044 D.I. 5/11/19 Exp. 4/11/20
Rural Action Foundation NationalNear Old Roxy CinemaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Understanding and Co-operation Between people in the Rural Communities to Develop their Communities.DSW/3509 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Making Learning HappenNationalLa Dade KotoponLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Desks and Chairs to Deprived Schiils in Ghana.DSW/9046 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp.12/11/20
Dream Women African FoundationNationalMadina Social WelfareLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Empower Young Girls who are aspiring to make Impact in their local SocietiesDSW/9047 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Equal Help GhanaNationalFosterHome down, AdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraMedical Volunteering of Malaria and Construction of Soial Amenities, Childcare Provision of Clinics and Scholarship to Needy but Brilliant Children.DSW/9050 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Ghana Wildlife SocityNationalEfua Sutherland Childre's ParkKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Information on all aspects of Wildlife to the General Public and to Promote Establishment and Proper Management of Wildlife Protected areas in Ghana.DSW/9051 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Community Sustainability an Empowerment FoundationNational500 meters to Leonardo HotelKpone Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy, Sensitization, Training, Exchange Programs and Mentorshorship and Education.DSW/9052 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Evangelical Layman's ChurchNationalAdjiriganor near Rawlings houseAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Spread the Gospel, and to Provide Spirituual and Health Education based on the BibleDSW/9053 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
River of Blessing FoundatiionNationalSimpoa miensa street junction, Near Apenkwa off Kasadjan/Poly road, KoforiduaNew Juaben South MunicipalEasternTo Serve Local and Rural Commiunities by Organisaing Education Programmes, Cultdural Exchange and Socio-Econmical Programmes within the West African Sub-Region and Africa as a whole.DSW/9054 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
PDG Trust FoundationNationalHse No 321 Westlands, opposite the Prsebsy Church, KwabenyaGa EastGreater AccraTo Assist Deprived but Brillian Children in Villages in getting Scholarships and to Help the Needy and Homeless in Society through Humanitarian work like building Schools.DSW/9056 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Bryankissieh FoundationsNationalH/No GCA 0029 Appiah street Autis Kwabenya, AccraGreater AccraCharity Sevices for the Vulnerable, Street nd Orphaned Children.DSW/9057 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Open Doors Salvation MinistryNationalBoaheshie junctionnear Afienya-AkosomboNingo Prampram DistrictGreater AccraPreaching the Word of GodDSW/9058 D.I. 13/11/19 Exp. 12/11/20
Platinum FoundationNationalMamobi, AccraAyawaso North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy by Supporting them in terms of Education, Food, Clothing and Accommodation.DSW/9059 D.I. 21/11/19 Exp. 20/11/20
Africa Centre For Human Rights and Sustainable DevelopmentNationalAsylum down, near the CathedralKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraCapacity Building, Advocacy Capaigning, Research and Consultancy.DSW/9060 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp. 11/11/2021
Justice For The Vulnerable OrganizationNationalNear Akate Farms, KumasiKwabre East MunicipalAshantiTo Carry out Interventions that Prevents and address Human Rights Abuse, Violation and Injustice in Ghana.DSW/9061 D.I. 26/11/2020 Exp. 25/11/2021
Da Vinci Model SchoolNationalSowutwuom, Roman Hill AccraOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Offer Scholarships to the Less Privileged Kids in the Community Skills Training. DSW/9062 D.I. 21/11/19 Exp. 20/11/20
Edu SpotsNationalH/No 22 ST 1 Kwabenya Abuom JunctionGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Establish Community led Libraries in Remotde areas.DSW/9063 D.I. 21/11/19 Exp. 20/11/20
Keep Them Smilling FoundationNationalResearch street, NimaAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Care for Special Children in Special Schools.DSW/9064 D.I. 21/11/19 Exp. 20/11/20
Music Love Maths FoundationNationalAlaska, opposite Apostolic ChurchAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraHelp the Needy but Brilliant Children, to be Educated and also Assist them Persue theidr Music Career.DSW/9067 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
K A Amissah FoundationNationalOpposite Gra Nima and UNN Shop near Afienya TollboothAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Poor in the Society.DSW/9068 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Africa's Health Matters FoundationNationalNorth Legon HospitalLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Create Awareness amongst tdhe Youth on Proper Healthcare on the African Continent.DSW/9069 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Umulkhair AsociationNationalUnumbered plot near Chief PalaceLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Develop the Islamic Eduation Economically and Culturally and Enhancing the Society's Producdtive Capacity.DSW/9070 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp. 21/1/2022
Tender Hearts & Love FoundationNationalC10/12/37A Near Raphal HospitalTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Aid and Support to the Poor and Needy in Deprived Communities and in the Country.DSW/9074 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Ama Adoma Interntional FoundationNationalNear ECOBANK, LaboneLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraProvision of Shelter, Crfisis Cine and call Centres, Advocacy for Emotional and Psychological Health.DSW/9075 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
Shear TransformationNationalLa Dade KotoponLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraService and Advocacy Facilitation of Human Development and Social Empowerment Programs and Advocacy Events Planning.DSW/9076 D.I. 2/12/19 Exp. 1/12/20
CGE Charity FoundationNationalNungua RavicoKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Widows and the Fatherless and to Support Poor People and the Needy in the Community.DSW/9078 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Nilloc FoundationNationalAkporman old Ashonman Estate near Manna Police StationGa East MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Scholarship to Brilliant and Needy Children and Provide Clean Water Project.DSW/9079 D.I. 12/1/2020 Exp. 11/1/2022
Global Street FoundationNationalFree town Pentecost ChurchKpone-Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Curb Streetism.DSW/9081 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Oak Angels FoundationNationalKronti PalaceKuapem North MunicipalEasternTo Support Needy Children.DSW/9082 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Saisha FoundationNationalSchool Kessim, MankessimMfantseman MunicipalEasternTo Reduce Early Marriage and to Encourge the Girl-Child further Education.DSW/9084 D.I. 3/2/2021 Exp. 2/1/2022
Kasa Initiative GhanaNationalAchimota KingsbyOkai NorthGreater AccraSupport Civil Society Capacity Building Participation and Advocacy for Responsive and Accountable Natural Resources and Environmental Governance.DSW/9085 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Tag Education Trust FoundationNationalA & C Square Avenue, East LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Raise funds to Support the Education of the Less Privileged.DSW/9087 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Help From AboveNationalVag Hall premises behind Sunyani East Municipa AssemblySunyani East MunicipalBrong-AhafoTo Support the Educational Needs of Under Privilege Children in the Society.DSW/9089 D.I. 10/12/19 Exp. 9/12/20
Ambassadors of Free SHSNationalEasternDSW/9090 D.I. 11/12/19 Exp. 10/12/20
MT. Grace Foundation-GhanaNationalSpraha publicationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in Society in dterms of Financial Assistance.DSW/9092 D.I. 11/12/19 Exp. 10/12/20
Family Life Educational TrustNationalSDA junction overhead bridgeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraProviding Funding for Educational Needs of Underprivileged Children and Promote the Holistic Developmen of School Agxe Children dthrough the Implementation of after School Programs.DSW/9093 D.I. 11/12/19 Exp. 10/12/20
Patmos TrustNationalLarteh road, AkropongAkuapem North MunicipalEasternTo Organize Training Programmes for Members.DSW/9094 D.I. 11/12/19 Exp. 10/12/20
Dr. AfisahFoundation for the VulnerableNationalCantonment, 5th Circular streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducational Support Programmes, Family Support Programmes and Community Support Initiatives and Livelihood Creation nd Stdrengthening Programme.DSW/9095 D.I. 11/12/19 Exp. 10/12/20
Global Community InitiativeNationalHo MunicipalVoltaHealthDSW/9096 D.I. 11/12/19 Exp. 10/12/20
LDB FoundationNationalNo. 4 Apple street East LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraHealth and Education.DSW/9100 D.I. 17/12/19 Exp. 16/12/20
NtetsiaNationalBlock D2/28 GICEL Estate New Weija. Opposite the Electorial CommissionWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Start-Ups in Job Creation and Sustainabilities.DSW/9102 D.I. 17/12/19 Exp. 16/12/20
Pumping is LifeNationalGN Bank, WalewaleWest Mamprusi DistrictNorthernTo Provide Portable Water to Underprivileged Communities.DSW/9103 D.I. 17/12/19 Exp. 16/12/20
RUWA-GhanaNationalOpposite Ambariya Islamaic Institute, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Encourage tbhe Organization and Registration of Women and children group for their Mutual benefit.DSW/9105 D.I. 17/12/19 Exp. 16/12/20
Sherifiya SocietyNationalGhanshegu-Naa Palace House No. 5Tamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Provide Education to Destitute and Needy children to become useful members in the Society.DSW/9106 D.I. 17/12/19 Exp. 16/12/20
Beacon of Knowledge SocietyNationalBanvim-Dohini, Tamale Workshop Block DTamale MetropolitanNorthernTo Provide Basic Education to Orphans, Destitutes and Needy Children.DSW/9107 D.I. 15/2/2021 Exp. 14/2/2022
Oasis of Destiny Child FoundationNationalAtomic Down, Dome Salem Ministry InternationalGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Find and Support Domestic and Internation Adoptive Families for Children an Engagement in in-ountry and Inter-Country Adoption.DSW/9109 D.I. 18/12/19 Exp. 17/12/20
Love Lane Adoption AgencyNationalF436/1 Yeboach Duncan street, Osu MallAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraAssisting and Facilitating Child Adoption and Liason Services for Adoptive Parents in Ghana.DSW/9110 D.I. 18/12/19 Exp. 17/12/20
Damsel-Net GhanaNationalCredit Union Head Office - WaBolgatanga Municipal AssemblyUpper WestMentoring of Girls and Young Women.DSW/9111 D.I. 18/12/19 Exp. 17/12/20
The Afua Sarpong FoundationNationalSakora park, Close to the Vice President's HouseAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraAn Advocate that seek the Development of Women Health Care and odther Issues related to Women through Diverse Social Intervention Projects. DSW/9112 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
Star Rangers Humanitarian FoundationNationalAlhaji Norga MosqueAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in the Community.DSW/9113 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
Bazonta FoundationNationalBehind the Kaneshie Police StationAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Poor and Needy with Medical Assistance and Educational Support.DSW/9114 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
Hope Alliance FoundationNationalAkweteman, Aaye-Ayee fee close near the N1 High Way Abeka Ecobank BranchAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Help the NeedyDSW/9116 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
Ef-Afa FoundationNationalKpeshie Police StationLedzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in Society and to improve on Social Welfare of the Underprivileged.DSW/9118 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
One World Peace Maker FoundationNationalAblekuma Awoshie near Power Zone MinistryAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Invest on Humanitarian ProjectsDSW/9119 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
Geonet FoundationNationalDarkuman on the 23 Owusu Kofi street near the Christ Ebenezer SchoolAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraEnvironment Advocate and Economic Empowerment.DSW/9120 D.I. 19/12/19 Exp. 18/12/20
Suraj Al-Munir Association For the Revival of the SocietyNationalNear the Ahenkro Health CentreAgya Kwabre DistrictAshantiTo Promote Development of the Youth in the Society.DSW/5821 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp. 22/12/20
Redeem Charity Foundation - GhanaNationalAK 507-7134 Kotei Kumasi near Dr Brobbey ClinicOforikrom MunicipalAshantiTo Bring together Charitable Individuals and Organisation, To Solve Problems facing Needy children and to Strengthen self Help Initiatives.DSW/9121 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp. 22/12/20
Young Feet FoundationNationalStore Number 17 Kumasi Sports StadiumAsokwa MunicipalAshantiTo Support Little Children Especially Orphans to have equal say in the Society.DSW/9122 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp. 22/12/20
SYPPANationalOpposite Country-sude Pub.Ashaiman MunicipalGreater AccraTo Awaken the Sense of Africanization through Intelectual and Physical Development of African People .DSW/9123 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp. 22/12/20
Ideal Royals MissionsNationalSHC 114 Patasi Mango Down Atasemanso, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Promote the Kingdom o Jesus Christ and to Help and Support the Less Privileged in Society. DSW/9124 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp. 22/12/20
Cerveau InitiativeNationalNear Ecobank main office Community 1 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraInitiation and Promotion of Capacilty Buildin Programmses and Activities for the Disadvantaged in Society.DSW/9125 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp. 22/12/20
Youth Netwok for DevelopmentNationalSpintex road oppositde Standard Chartered BankTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Empower the Youth in Natural in Natural Resources and Endowed Communities to Demand Prudent Managxement of hese Resources.DSW/9126 D.I. 23/12/19 Exp. 22/12/20
Global Purpose FoundationNationalClose to the Old District Assembly office, HwidiemAsutifi South District AssemblyBrong-AhafoEmpowering Marginalised People and to Protect the Right of People with Disabilities and Children.DSW/9127 D.I. 24/12/19 Exp. 23/12/20
Sera MatrixNationalTantra Hill Community ClinicCape Coast MetropolitanCentralResearch and Development, Communication and Media Policy Advocacy.DSW/9129 D.I. 24/12/19 Exp. 23/12/20
Loving Hearts FoundationNationalAdjacent Dawenya Police StationNingo Prampram DistrictGreater AccraTo Preach and Spread the Word of God to lost Souls and Humanitarian Activities.DSW/9131 D.I. 30/12/19 Exp. 29/12/20
Superstars International Children FundNationalBehind Jay Dee Restaurant, Ngleshie Amanfrom, Ga South Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Education, Care and Training for Kids.DSW/9132 D.I. 30/12/19 Exp. 29/12/20
Lord's True Worshipers NationalAssemb;ies of God, Parako Etate, around Superior ClinicGa East MunicipalGreater AccraLead the World worship God, Disciple the Youth in Christ and Create Record label. DSW/9134 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp. 8/1/2021
D'Olex FoundationNationalFormer Peace FM buildingGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy and Underpriviledge in Society.DSW/9135 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp. 8/1/2021
Hope Avenue Foundation AfricaNationalNear Fidelity Bank, Head Quarters OsuKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Charity and Offer Career and Skills Training.DSW/9137 D.I. 9/1/2020 Exp. 8/1/2021
Nasarp FoundationNationalAjacent the Nsawam SHSNsawam Adoagyiri Municipal AssemblyEasternTo Provide Support to Families through Adoption Process.DSW/9138 D.I. 18/1/2021 Exp. 17/1/2022
Safe Haven Rehabilitation CentreNationalBehind DAP MotorsAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraStreet Children and Drug AddictsDSW/1524 D.I. 10/1/2020 Exp. 9/1/2021
Genesis Precious-Live FoundationNationalAkyem Adubiase Adjacent Methdust Mission house.Akyemansa DistrictEasternTo Help Promote good Education and good Health among children and the Youth.DSW/9139 D.I. 14/1/2020 Exp. 13/1/2021
Paralympic Sports GhanaNationalOpposite Prebyteriaan Church, SekondiSekondi-Takoradi MunicipalWesternTo Create Sports Opportunities for all Persons with a Disability in Ghana.DSW/9141 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Global Foundation for Dental Healthare and AwarenessNationalNear Pentecost Church, Kasoa AwoshieAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo Provide Free Dental Flosses, Dental Clean ing and Dental Health Education.DSW/9142 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Africa Extreme Pioneer Eduational TourNationalTaifaGa East MunucipalGreater AccraRescuing Failing Students or Getting Addicts off Drugs and Delivers Seminars, Lectures and Courses on the Tools for Live Improvement.DSW/9145 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Dialogue Genitalia GhanaNationalGlobal Peace Christian CentreGa East MunicipalGreater AccraOpen Forums, Research and Provision of Su[pport System in Reproductive Health.DSW/9146 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Mantebea FoundationNationalSSNIT Flat Near Nungua Ashaiman road Sakumono TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help Rural Development, Help the Orphanages, Help in Need of Support for Surgery and to Provide Borehole for the Community.DSW/9147 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Nation Builders C M NetworkNationalTesano Commercial PlazaOkaikoi North MunicipalGreater AccraOrganising Capacity Building Programmes towards Self Reliance.DSW/9148 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Union Church Planting NetworkNationalOyarifa - Sececial IceLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Train Christian Leaders to Effectively handle the Bible with Integrity and Passion and to Train and Raise Resources for Planting Gospel centered Churches across Cities in GhanaDSW/9149 D.I. 17/1/2020 Exp. 16/1/2021
Jamia Centre for Islamic Affairs (JCIA)NationalOpposite Dakpema PalaceTamale MetropolitanNorthernPropagation of Islam in the Community, To Improve Living Standard of the People and to Promote Peace Building Among Youth and Women.DSW/9150 D.I. 24/1/2020 Exp. 23/1/2021
Elikem Vision Crystal FoundationNationalCrystal Palm AnnexOkaikoi North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Needy Women & ChildrenDSW/9152 D.I. 24/1/2020 Exp. 23/1/2021
Mission Africa 2000 AidNationalNear Coca Cola round about or opposidte Kasapreko junctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHumanitarian ServicesDSW/2644 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp. 21/1/2022
Simon Agbotsu Foundation for the Young DisabledNationalZeneth at Palm wine junction, below the Soccer Belt.La Dadekotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Empower Young Disabled Persons to be Independent, and to Fund Young Disabled Persons with their Medical Needs.DSW/9153 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp. 29/1/2021
Score Training Solutions GhanaNationalNo. B27/C14 Sakumono (Community 14) B road near Church of PentecostTema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Train Enterprises, To Train and Certify Trainers to Source Enterprises for Training to Train Micro Enterprises to Undertake other Activities.DSW/9155 D.I. 301/2020 Exp. 29/1/2021
Transformation 108 FoundationNationalWestlands SupermarketGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Poor and Needy, Cultural Exchange, Harikrishna Forums, Vocational Training, Research Center, Disaster Support and Poverty Assistance Projects.DSW/9156 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp. 29/1/2021
Volunteers Impact InitiativeNationalOpposite foir Atlantic Bank, KotobabiAyawaso Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo Improve the Lives of People at Less Privileged Rural Communities through Education and HealthDSW/9157 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp. 29/1/2021
Asante Akyem North District Cocoa And Other Crop Farmers Association NationalPresby Centenary Hall, Asante Akim North - AgogoAsante Akim North DistrictAshantiTo Assist and Educate members on how to increase Cocoa Producdtion and to Encourage members to cultivate the Habit of Savings.DSW/9159 D.I. 30/1/2020 Exp. 29/1/2021
Meken FoundationNationalNear King's Villa Guest HouseGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Established a Sustainable Business model that equips Members with the Ability to afford decent Housing.DSW/9163 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Touching Heart Foundation (TOHAF)NationalMadinaLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraProvision of Humanitarian and Social Services.DSW/9164 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Odoom's FoundationNationalEseefor street, Dan MortonBehind Trust Towers, Asylum Down Email:odoomsfoundation@gmail.comKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraTo Engage in Community Development and Social and Human Right works.DSW/9165 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Joseph Ayim Prempeh And Partners FoundationNationalA & C Mall , Est LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraEmployable Skills Development and Humanitarian Research and Policy Formulation and Advocacy Resosurce Mopbilixzation.DSW/9166 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
OG World FoundationNationalAsylum DownKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Humanitarian Services to the Needy and to Create Opportunities for Young Prfessional to Volunteer their Time and Skills for Development.DSW/9167 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Love Your Neighbour Caring HomeNationalH/No D 23 Block M - Dwease, Asante Akim CentralAsante Akim Central MunicipalAshantiCare for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.DSW/9169 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Lododo Art FoundationNationalET Sutherland Drama StudioAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote and Advocate for Arts, Film and Theatre Festivals and to Promote Visual and Performing Arts.DSW/9170 D.I. 6/2/2020 Exp. 5/2/2021
Ghana Non-Communicable Disease AllianceNationalOyarifaLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraIdentify and Aligh Strtegies and ctivities towrs reducing the common risk factors an barriers to chane the Pattern of NCD that ffets the Population.DSW/9171 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp. 13/2/2021
Teimako And Blessings OrganisationNationalMadina, Behind the Faith Community Baptist SchoolLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Ophans in their Studies and to Offer Scholarship to Good but Needy Students to further their Education in Turkey.DSW/9172 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp. 13/2/2021
Saferside Homecare FoundtionNationalMallam, ECG Sub stationWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Cae for the Elderly and Aged.DSW/9173 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp. 13/2/2021
Investigroup FoundationNationalOfankor 2nd power street (Near the Ofankor New Hospital)Ga North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Poor and Needy through Income Generatin Activities.DSW/9175 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp. 13/2/2021
Goodness 2020 FoundationNationalOpposite ECOBANK Okofo house branchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Help the Needy and the Poor.DSW/9176 D.I. 14/2/2020 Exp. 13/2/2021
Youth Path OrganisationNational3 Mango Tree, Bosue LaneAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraYouth DevelopmentDSW/5683 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Ebenezer Akwanga Human Rights And Humanitarian InstituteNationalH/No 67 ECOWAS road AgbogbaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraOrganise Training for the Preservation and Protection of Human Rights.DSW/9180 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
New Hope Wellness CentreNationalAsonomaso, Kwabre EastKwabre East MunicipalAshantiProviding Rehabilitation and general welllness through Behavioural TherapyDSW/9181 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Tidi FoundationNationalAyeduase New SiteKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Help the Needy and to Provide Education to the Hopeless and Poor.DSW/9182 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Ruth Natie FoundationNationalMount Zion Holy City Church International /Near Valley Fresh Factory, Dodowa Shai-Osudoku DistrictGreater AccraTo Provide Support in terms of Healthcare, Financial Aid and Scholarships to Orphans.DSW/9183 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Ghana Italian Women AssociationNationalRing Road CentralKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraOrganizing Fund Raising Events to Assist Needy Children in Education.DSW/9184 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Wehass FoundationNationalNear Benyadze Market ElminaCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Help the Poor but Brilliant Students Acquire Education.DSW/9185 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Africa Neutral DemocracyNationalNear Paradise Spot AmossimaCape Coast MetropolitanCentralCampaign Against Political Violence and Settlement of Chieftaincy Disputein Ghana.DSW/9186 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Gutta Sole FoundationNationalH/No. Efua Sutherland Street DzorwuluAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Increase tdhe Awareness of Preserving our Arts and Culture.DSW/9187 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Green Crescent ZuriaNationalNew AchimotaGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Fight Against the use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Gambling Addiction.DSW/9188 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Ghana Coalition of NGOs In HealthNationalCocoa street Tin EstateGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Establish a Forum for Non-Governmental Organisation and Community Based Organisations that actively Engaged in the Fidght Against Malaria.DSW/9189 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Faith International GhanaNationalKumasi MetropolitanAshantiChild Welfare, Wter Purification and Child Prominency Development.DSW/9191 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Precoius TelevisionNational105 Olusegun Obansanjo, DzorwuluAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Serve as an Entertainment Platform for Christian to Propergate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to Serve as an Educative Platform for Families.DSW/9192 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Path of Life FoundationNationalAbossey Okai, Zongo junctionAblekuma Central MunicipalGreater AccraDSW/9193 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Xu Marie FoundationNationalAgyarkwah street H/No. 14 Saki NorthKpone-Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraDSW/9194 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Accra Theatre WorkshopNationalNear Abelenkpe junction bust stopAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Theatre TrainingDSW/9195 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Action on Preeclampsia GhanaNationalH/No. 6 1st Mensag Mamfee street, Shiashie, Est LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Educate, Inform and advise the Public especially the Pregnant Women and Health Professionals.DSW/9196 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Right Aid InternationalNationalNear Kanda Bakery & Kanda Post officeAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Social DevelopmentThrough Eucational and Health Intervention Programs.DSW/9197 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
Growth AidNationalOpposite Hajia Seida Community 4 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Development Support to Communities.DSW/9198 D.I. 28/2/2020 Exp. 27/2/2021
The Nygard FoundationNational1st Floor, Redcohouse, North Ridge, Tabon StreetAyawaso Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo Advance the Education of Children in Ghana Particularly by establishing and Operting a school or schools in the Country and To Prevent or Relieve Poverty in Ghan by Providing or Assisting in the Provision of Educdation, Training, Healthcare Projects and all the necessary support to enable individuals to generate a Sustainable Income and be Self-Sufficient.DSW/9199 D.I. 2/3/2020 Exp. 2/3/2021
National Consortium For Voluntary OrganisationsNationalH/No. 58 near Shopping Mall, AdentaAyawaso CentralGreater AccraTraining and Supporting Non Governmental Organisations to Achieve their AimsDSW/9200 D.I. 2/3/2020 Exp. 1/3/2021
Our Hearts For Humanity FoundationNationalTesano near the Police DepotOkaikoi South MetropolitanGreater AccraEducational Development and Youth Empowerment Through Training and Capacity Building.DSW/9201 D.I. 5/3/2020 Exp. 4/3/2021
Women Empowerment & Children Advocacy FoundationNationalMain Anyaa NIC FootbridgeGa Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Renewable Energyn to Rural Communities.DSW/9202 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
HOPin FoundationNationalYamusah storey building, Water Works roadTamale MetropolitanNorthernEntrepdreneurship Promotion and Training, Skilss Development and Student Enterprise Development.DSW/9203 D.I. 5/3/2020 Exp. 4/3/2021
Jayash Soccer AcademyNationalIn the Premises of DOVSO Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraHelping Young Kids in Building a Football Career.DSW/9204 D.I. 5/3/2020 Exp. 4/3/2021
Maagrace FoundationNationalAdamafio link Shiashi opposite Ghana Standard AuthorityAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraEliminating Complex problems Associated with AIDS and Poverty among Women and Girld-Child Education.DSW/9207 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Damfopa FoundationNational7th Avenue, Greda Estate, Near ECG transformerKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraSupporting Widows, Widowers, Orphans and Less Priviledge.DSW/9208 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
DNI FoundationNationalThird Avenue, GREDA EstateKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraHelping the Disabled in Society.DSW/9209 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
House of Champions MinistriesNationalKutri No.1 opposite Roman Catholic SchoolBerekum East MunicipalBrong-AhafoAdvancement of Christian Faith through Evangelism and Music.DSW/9210 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
King of Harvest CentreNationalBehind Anglican Junior High SchoolMfantseman MunicipalCentralCatering, Dressmaking, Hairdress Councilling and MentoringDSW/9211 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Refugee Integration OrganisationNationalAirport West at Osibisa closeAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Educate Refugees and Integrate them in the Soiety through Cultural, English nd Tasferable Skills Eduation.DSW/9212 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Africa Centre for Education and Community DvelopmentNationalApesokubi near D.A JHSBiakoye DistrictVoltaEnvironmental Protection for Sustainable Development, Technical and Vocational Skills Training for the Less Privileged in tdhe Society.DSW/9213 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Seers Nest Humanity FoundationNationalOpposite Sand Hotel, Mango-Tso roadLedzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraCare for the Needy, Orphans, Widows and Psysically Challenged.DSW/9214 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Agriculture And Climate Empowerment Center GhanaNationalNo. 7 Baiden Avenue, Villa VictoriaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Empower Communities to Adopt Strategies that Mitigate Climiate Change and Enhance Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Forest, Renewable Energy and Water land and Ecosystem and Biodiversity.DSW/9218 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Divine Family Charity CareNationalHouse No. GB 263 GbetsileAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraYouth Empowerment, Empowrment of Disabled Persons and Vocational Training.DSW/9219 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
Precious Years HomeNationalMadina - Baba YaraLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraCaring for the Aged and To check the Aged Health Status for seven days.DSW/9220 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
TKB Motivations InternationalNationalWater Works, AwoshieGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Engage in Community And Child Aid Acivities.DSW/9221 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Care For Society Network InternationalNationalAwoshie-Mallam highway, Water WorksGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Build Future for the Less Privilegded and to Create Platform for Career People.DSW/9222 D.I.12/3/2020 Exp. 11/3/2021
Ghana Society for the Prevention of TuberculosisNationalOpposite National MuseumAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealthDSW/3383 D.I.13/3/2020 Exp. 12/3/2021
Sekyere Communities Development FoundationNationalBodomase near the Chief's Palace-KumawuSekyere Kumawu DistrictAshantiTo Seek the general Welfare of Society.DSW/9224 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
Mental Health Advocacy Foundation-MhafNationalBehind Gariba loddge, Gumani TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernAdvocacy to Create Awareness in Mentdal Health Issues.DSW/9225 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
Green Voicem GhanaNationalBlock 42 Block X Ayiga near the lorry stationOforikrom MunicipalAshantiResearch and Advocacy in Forestry, Agriculture and Environment.DSW/9227 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
Positive Chain ReactionsNationalAyigaOforikrom MunicipalAshantiTo Promote Rural and Environmental Health Education. DSW/9228 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
Re-Sham FoundationNationalBanana-In, near Mambruk parkOkaikoi North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Support and Assistance interms of Feeding nd Accommodation to Less Priviledge in SocietyDSW/9229 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
KhanYil Woman FoundationNationalH/No.6/10 Shippi close, CantonmentsLa Dadekotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Train the Girl Child to become a Virtues Woman in Future.DSW/9230 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
GVI TrainingNationalKokrobite AccraGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Professional Training Service to Support Ghanaians Progress in United Nations Goals.DSW/9235 D.I.19/3/2020 Exp. 18/3/2021
Paediatric Society of GhanaNationalPaediatric Intensive Care UnitKumasi MetropolitanAshantiThe objectives are for the Promotion of Friendship and Understanding among Paediatricians and all Professionals dedicated to the Developnment.DSW/9237 D.I.24/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
Association of Parents of Children with Kidney DiseaseNationalPediatric Renal Unit Kumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Educate the Parents of Children with Kidney Disease on How to Report Symptons on time.DSW/9238 D.I.24/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
St. Jacinta & Davids Foundation InternationalNationalOsu RE Oxford steet AccraKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraHumanitarian Services, Poverty Migration and Children and Women Empowerment.DSW/9239 D.I.24/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
Dream Shapers FoundationNationalOsu Papaye street, linking to Asanka local junctionAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromoting and Sustaining Quality Education across the Nation and Beyond.DSW/9240 D.I.24/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
Dada FoundationNationalAdjacent Ecobank round about branchAyawaso North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Eucational Support to the Poor and Needy in Society.DSW/9241 D.I.24/3/2020 Exp. 23/3/2021
Balanced Life FoundationNationalSakumono Community HospitalTema WestGreater AccraTo Improve the Welfare of Families and Children in the area and Child Survival Rights and Education.DSW/9244 D.I.22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
The Tony Show FoundationNationalSantasi Main streetKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Talk on Moments of Life Show and to Educate and Inspire people to Free Them from Depression and Anxiety.DSW/9245 D.I.22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
Dr Sunny Agbana DSA FoundationNationalOsu, Oxford street House No. 6Korle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraTo Preach the Gospel and Operate a Charity.DSW/9248 D.I.22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
Medtronic Labs GhanaNationalH/No. 9 Bissau Street East LegonAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promote Health and Wellness while expanding Access to Health Care Producdats and Services.DSW/9251 D.I.22/4/2020 Exp. 21/4/2021
Solar Electrification Education and Development ProjectNationalBuena Vista Homes, Tdema Beach roadKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Solar Electricity for Rural SchoolsDSW/9254 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Angelic Eyes Home of the SocietyNationalAwoshie last stop around Royal Dede HotelAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Support DSW/9254 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Ecological Organic Agriculture Platform of GhanaNationalOsuKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy Training and Prmotion of Ecological Organic, Agriculture Development.DSW/9256 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Together For DevelopmentNationalNear EP University College, HoHo MunicipalVoltaTo Organise Health, Social and Environmental Educational Programmes.DSW/9257 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Clothe The Naked NationalOpposite Pentecost Church (Emmanuel Kwadwo Kyei Assembly Accra)Tema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Second-Hand Clothes, Schol;arship and Legal Aid and Motivational Talks to the Needy.DSW/9258 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Afican Robotic Artificial Intelligence And Space Education FoundationNationalAwoshie near Odorgono Senior High SchoolAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Work with Institutions to Cultivate Knowledge and Experience of Robotics, Spcae Scinc and Aritificial Intelligence.DSW/9259 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
SeklnsnNationalSakumonoTema West Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Protect the Public interest in real estate brakerage transactions.DSW/9261 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Scaleup FutureNationalNear Holy Family Maternity Home, KasoaAwutu SenyaCentralTo Provide the Academics Soial and General well being of Young Adults in and out of School.DSW/9262 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Serve BeyondNationalGreater AccraDSW/9263 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Baraka Policy InstituteNationalARS Roundabout, near America houseAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraConduct Research and Influence Policy. DSW/9267 D.I.29/4/2020 Exp. 28/4/2021
Green Africa Youth OrganizationNationalNear Sammy OtooGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Research and Provide Solutions to Pressing Environmental Issues.DSW/9268 D.I.7/5/2020 Exp. 6/5/2021
Salvest Baby FoundationNationalOpposite the Finders News PaperAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Social, Educational and Economic Empowerment to Women.DSW/9269 D.I.7/5/2020 Exp. 6/5/2021
Little Tokens FoundationNationalAdenta SakoraLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Benevolene in our SocieDSW/9270 D.I.7/5/2020 Exp. 6/5/2021
Lifeline Holisic Counselling HavenNationalNungua Cold StoreKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo be a Haven for Touching Lives and Transforming Communities.DSW/9272 D.I.7/5/2020 Exp. 6/5/2021
Climate Action Netework - GhanaNationalK. Ofori Building,Klagon, Ashaiman Nungua roadTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Prevent Dangerous Climate Chnge through Awareness and Capacity Building.DSW/5924 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Alpha-Giic FoundationNationalBehind SDA Church OyarifaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Shelter for the Needy and to Provide Education for Steet Children.DSW/9273 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Dare 2 Dream GhanaNationalAll Naions UniversityNew Juaben South MunicipalEasternTo Help Children and the Youth to Identify and Develop their Talents and Passion especially in the Creative Arts and Promote Reading.DSW/9276 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Fankyenebra Hospital FoundationNationalInside Fankyenebra Hospitl premises, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Promote Access to Basic and Quality Health Care Services through Referrals and Partnerships.DSW/9277 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Al-Huda Eduational and Dawa CentreNationalBuobanAsokore Mampong Municipal AssemblyAshantiSupporting the Needy and Brilliant Children in the Community.DSW/9278 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Akuffo Hereitage FoundationNationalNear the PalaceAkuapem NorthEasternTo Build the Live Museum of the Akuffo Heritage for Research, Recreation and Education of Visitors and he Family on Heritage.DSW/9279 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
West African Alcohol Policy AllianceNationalNear Ebony Hotel Pigfarm downAyawaso CentralGreater AccraTo Prevent and Contdrol Alcohol use theorugh Effective Policies and Programmes.DSW/9280 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Cradle-Trust FoundationNationalCantonments AccraAyawso NorthGreater AccraTo Provide Health and Educational Services and Materials to Deprived Communities.DSW/9281 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Hope Global GhanaNationalTantra Hills Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Embark on an Outeach for the Underprivileged in Society through the Providion of Welfare Aid in the form of Education.DSW/9282 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Financial Sector Deepening-GhanaNationalNear Osu Market or Osu Presbyterian ChurchKorle Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraBuild & Strengthen Financial markets in Ghana and Africa.DSW/9283 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Afro-Sino Centre of International RelationsNationalTop Herbal ClinicGa East MunicipalGreater AccraResearch Consultancy, To Undertake research on Chinese Engagement in Africa.DSW/9284 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Hope For Adolescents Ghana FoundationNationalNsawamNsawam Adoagyiri Municipal AssemblyEasternEducation and Sensitization Programmes on dolescents Sexual and Reproducative Health and Setting up Adolescent Clubs in chools and Community Training.DSW/9285 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Footprints in the SandNationalAmissanoCape Coast MetropolitanCentralCreating Nutritional Programs, To provide School Day Meals for Children.DSW/9287 D.I.15/5/2020 Exp. 14/5/2021
Ghacoe Women's MinistryNationalNear Yegoala Executive HostelAblekuma North Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraTo Evangelise, Discipleship Training and Vocationl Enterprenueal Skills.DSW/187 D.I.21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Akandem Maxwell ApakyineNationalOpposite Radio BuilsaBuilsa North DisrictUpper EastTo Promotde Inclusive Development for Persons With Disabililtie, to Advocate for Rihts f Persons with Disabilities.DSW/9289 D.I.21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Presbyterian Agricultural Services-NorthNationalSandema - KobdemaBuilsa North DisrictUpper EastTo Promote Sustainable Food Security and Incomes for Small Holder Farmers. To Facilitate the Development of Sustainble Value-Chain Sysdtems in Various Communities.DSW/9290 D.I.21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Hunter Ghana FoundationNationalTrade FairLa Dade-kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraEconomic Development , Job Creation , Education and Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Population.DSW/9291 D.I.21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Project Haven MinistriesNationalNear Funney HospitalGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Preach the Gospel of Salvation to Mankind.DSW/9292 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
The Pearl Safe HavenNationalH/No 58 George bush highway, Mako house building Dzorwulu AccraGa South MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Temporal residence for survivors of Domestic Violence, Counseling, Follow-up Services, Legal and Social Protection and Training. DSW/9293 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Skills Acquisition FoundationNationalBehind Anani International SchoolAyawaso EastGreater AccraTo Make Valuable use of our Resoures to Improve Life, Create and Build Creative Ideas among Ourselves.DSW/9294 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Nayado FoundationNationalMadina Estates - Madson hill streetLa Nkwantang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraPromotion of Social Cohesion, Awareness Creation on Irregular Migration.DSW/9295 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Foundation For Education and Intergrate HealthNationalTantra Hills, Pear street Quodosh buildingGa West MunicipalGreater AccraHelping Students to Access for Education by Providing Scholarships.DSW/9296 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Life Door FoundationNationalH/No. 25 Madina AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraRendering Support to the Needy and Sick and Building Hospitals.DSW/9297 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Islamic Organization for Humanity and DevelopmentNationalClose to Young Executive SchoolAwutu Senya MunicipalCentralWe Help Vulnerable People to Access Basic Services including Education, Water and Sanitation, Economic Empowerment and Healthcare.DSW/9298 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Refresh-RX FoundationNationalKpehe, Caprice J.A. Kufuor Avenue H/No 19/17Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Promotde Mental Health as an Integral part of General wellbeing/Health Care of the People.DSW/9300 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Team Outreach WorldwideNationalWeija Ayigbe townWeija MunicipalGreater AccraTo Preach the Word of God to Mankind DSW/9301 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp. 14/1/2022
Tiyumba Hope FoundationNationalNaa Luro Estate, Plot 123Tamale MunicipalNorthernDSW/9302 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Tamale Ecclesiatical Province Human Empowerment and Development (TEPHED)NationalTamale - Kumasi main roadTamale MunicipalNorthernTo Provide Pastoral Care and Promote the Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Vulnerable in with Disabiliity.DSW/9303 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Tamale Ecclesiastical Province Partnership Action-TeppiaNationalVillage Water, amale - Kumasi roadTamale MunicipalNorthernCreating more Awareness among our People about their CivilDSW/9304 D.I. 21/5/2020 Exp. 20/5/2021
Spero FoundationNationalH/No. 1 Adei Cresent, East Legon Accra Shopping CenterAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Raise Money purposely to finance the Education of Brilliant but Needy Children of school going age Purely on Charitable Basis.DSW/9306 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Sejona Sports FoundationNationalKaneshie Awudome Estates the road to Awudome JHSOkaikoi South Sub MetroGreater AccraTo Provide more Opportunities for Children and Youth to be active via School Sports and Amateur and Nationl level Athletic Development for the Purpose of Promotiung Physical and Mental Development.DSW/9310 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
United Songhai For the World FoundationNationalDansomanAblekuma North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Train the Youth in areas of Agriculture and Business.DSW/9311 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Evangelism & Counseling OutreachNationalMadina WarehouseLa Nkwantang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraReaching Out to the Poor, Evangelism and Counseling ServicesDSW/9313 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
The Medical ReformistNationalTsanodome StreetHo West DistrictVoltaTo become the Dchampions Primary Care Delivery throughout Ghana and Beyond.DSW/9314 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Love Community ChapelNationalNear SIC main buildingHo MunicipalVoltaTo Offer Humanitarian Services and establish Bible Schools.DSW/3627 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
The P.H Awareness FoundationNationalKorle-Bu Teaching HospitalAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraHealth Education and Providing Medical Aid.DSW/9315 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Maben-Arthur FoundationNationalDirectly opposite Nyakrom Rural BankAgona WestCentralProviding the Needy with Education Supports, Food Aid, Clothing, Health and Awareness creation to selected Community.DSW/9316 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Gitac International FoundationNationalMinistry of Business & Development premises, Ridge AccraAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSupport of Healthcare Startups and Education.DSW/9317 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Chrissah Global FoundationNationalGreater AccraDSW/9318 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
The Safe Space FoundationNationalH/No 155 lindy street trassaccoGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Assistance nd Support to Victims of Sexual Violence.DSW/9319 D.I. 29/5/2020 Exp. 28/5/2021
Magic Eyes Band FoundationNationalNew Aplaku near Wst Hills MallGa South MunicipalGreater AccraA Musical Band of Group of Visually Impaired who Play for Charity.DSW/9322 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Educo Mobilia FoundationNationalH/No. 2 Nii Tsawe street, AdjiringanorAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraRural Mobile SchoolsDSW/9323 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Project Nima InitiativeNationalOku street NimaAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraEducating Children in Nima and its Environs.DSW/9324 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Evaseb FoundationNationalOlivera Avenue, H/No. 8 Ho MunicipalVoltaTo Provide Basic Social Amenities in Rural Communities, To Help Alleviate Poverty through Education and to Promote the Welfare of Vulnerable and Neglected Kids.DSW/9326 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Presbyterian Development and Social Services - NorthNationalBehind Regional Electoral Commission officeBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastHealthcare Delivery, Community Based Rehabilitaton for Persons with Disabilities and Food Security InterventionDSW/9332 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Presbyterian Health Innovative ProjectsNationalGound floor, Ministry of Trade and Indusrty, RCCBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastTo Promote Information and Social Accountanbility Issues in Health Delivery Systems.DSW/9333 D.I. 8/6/2020 Exp. 7/6/2021
Eaglesnest Foundation GhanaNationalDansoman SSNTI flat Block 1Ablekuma North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide a Robust Support System for Pastors' Wives and leading Ladies to be assured of the Unfeignes Love of Christ for them.DSW/9334 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Agyeman Eye FoundationNationalAsarfo YF Lake road Industrial areaKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Educate and Raise Funds for People in Need of Eye Care.DSW/9336 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Sexual Health FoundationNationalAsokwa Chirapatre opposite Chief Palace KumasiAsokwa MunicipalAshantiRaising Awareness on Sexual HealthDSW/9337 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Al Aziz Humanitarian ProjectsNationalAsawasiAsokore Mampong MunicipalAshantiHelping the Less Privieged in the Society.DSW/9338 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
Savanna Recovery And Development (SARDEV)NationalAdjacent Regional EC Office, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernRecovering the Savanna lost or Degrated Land through Tree Planting nd Prevention of Bush Burning.DSW/9339 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
All Hands on Deck for AfricaNationalNear Kosovo Junctiona Ashiyie, AdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraCommunity Capacity Enhancement, To Provide Opportunity for Children Growing up in Institutions to have Access to Counselling.DSW/9340 D.I. 16/6/2020 Exp. 15/6/2021
Adullam OrphanageNationalObuasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Provide Shelter to Orphaned and Needy Chidren.DSW/3489 D.I. 12/6/2020 Exp. 11/6/2021
African Rights Initiative InternationalNationalNear Institute of Local Government StudiesLa Nkwantang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraChild Poverty CampaignDSW/9341 D.I. 16/6/2020 Exp. 15/6/2021
Sahara Advocates of ChangeNationalWAEC roadWa MunicipalUpper WestSharing Skilss and Ideas to Change Lives.DSW/9343 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp. 17/6/2021
Humanity Charitable FoundationNationalWoraba Estate, Agona Swedru Mallam Bashiru streetAgona WestCentralTo Help the Needy in the Society.DSW/9344 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp. 17/6/2021
Mission Resource, GhanaNationalCommunity 21 Central street, Opposite ICGCAshaiman MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Economic Development, Job creation through establishment of Business and Training in Enterprise Creation and Management.DSW/9345 D.I. 18/6/2020 Exp. 17/6/2021
Women of the Savannah Development ProjectNationalRoman Ridge Shopping AcadeAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraCapacity Building, Rural Income Improvement and Technical Skills.DSW/9346 D.I.26/ /6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
West African Drug Policy NetwokNationalEast Legon near Starbite No.9 Bamboo streetAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Conduct Advocacy on Drug Policy Reform in West Africa.DSW/9347 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Sharing Education and Learning for Life Programme Ghana NationalTamale Village Water Reservoir Office, Block B. Tamale MetropolitanNorthernIntegrated Peace Human Development, DSW/9348 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Codesult NetworkNationalEstate roundabout, Nana Yaw Gyebi loopBibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai MunicipalBrong-AhafoTo Organise Training on Water and Sanitation and Children Development Survival IssuesDSW/9349 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Van Moorhouse FoundationNationalH/NoB323 B18/22 3rd Mokose street, North Kaneshie Okaikoi North Sub MetroGreater AccraHelping the Underprivileged in SocietyDSW/9350 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
The Aya Growth FoundationNationalAdentan ClinicLa Nkwantang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraSupporting Undeveloped Communities to Improve their living conditions.DSW/9354 D.I. 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Ministry of Encouragement FoundationNationalPlot 81 Block A PankronoOld Tafo MunicipalAshantiTo Help Poor and the Needy in the Society, To Help Orphans and Widows in the Society.DSW/9357 D.I 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Recycle Up! GhanaNationalEjisu-Fumesua Plot 33Ejisu MunicipalAshantiTo Empower the Youth and Develop Local Solutions for Ghana.DSW/9358 D.I 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Happiness HomeNationalDSW/9359 D.I 26/6/2020 Exp. 25/6/2021
Kelly For You FoundationNationalDoku MadinaLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support and Encourage the Less Privieged Especially Women and Chiren in the Rural Areas.DSW/9360 D.I 30/6/2020 Exp. 29/6/2021
Eke School NetworkNationalBoi-Nye AvenueGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Assist Schools Improve Performance through Teacher Training and use of Project Based Learning Approch.DSW/9361 D.I 30/6/2020 Exp. 29/6/2021
Open Ghana NationalNear Discovery Hotel - TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernAgribusiness Development Capacity Building Project Implementation Research and Surveys Policy Advocacy Consultancy Services Humanitarian Services.DSW/9362 D.I 30/6/2020 Exp. 29/6/2021
Maker's Disabilities FoundationNationalDansoman Sahara Down - Church of PetecostAblekuma WestGreater AccraTransforming Lives for People with Cerebral Palsy in Society.DSW/9363 D.I 2/7/2020 Exp. 1/7/2021
Alpha Communications & Health FoundationNationalBehind Star Basic SchoolTema Metropolitan Greater AccraImprove Nutrition and Health of the Population we Serve.DSW/9367 D.I 2/7/2020 Exp. 1/7/2021
Butus FoundationNationalGreater AccraEducational Empowerment, Health Empowerment and Economic Empowerment.DSW/9368 D.I 2/7/2020 Exp. 1/7/2021
Hope For Rural Africa FoundationNationalNear Oasis of Love AcademyKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Provide Free Health Care And Education to the Needy in Society.DSW/9369 D.I 8/7/2020 Exp. 7/7/2021
St. Anthony FountNationalOyarifa Ghana FlagLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraRehabilitation and Surveillance of Treated Mentally ill Patients.DSW/9373 D.I 8/7/2020 Exp. 7/7/2021
The She Hub GhanaNationalPlot 34 Block E, AdiembraKumasi MetropolitanAshantiBusiness Development Training and Incubator and Acceleration on Training Programs.DSW/9375 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Eyes of Light Foundation GhanaNationalTafo-Pankrono road Zongo junctionOld Tafo MunicipalAshantiCombating Social, Societal Needs and Grievances on the Ground, such as Poverty, Nuritional Deficiency, Poor Healthcare and Homeless.DSW/9376 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Initiative For Responsible Teenage MotherhoodNationalOyokoSekyere Kumawu DistrictAshantiTo Support Teenage Mothers.DSW/9377 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Wilphin FoundationNationalBolga Upper EastGa East MunicipalGreater AccraRural Support for Poverty Alliviation and Health Education.DSW/9378 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Sila FoundationNationalLamptey, KasoaAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralEmpowering Women to Become Small Scale Business Leaders through Training and Skills Development.DSW/9379 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Pearl DengNationalBehind Oais Hotel, Kaare, Building Number 48A Winkongo Tongo road, Talensi DistrictBolgatanga MunicipalUpper EastCommunity Development, Health and Education Development.DSW/9381 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Faith Charity Foundation GhanaNationalKasoa-Nyanyano roadAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo Provide Help to Poor and Needy Individuals, Insitution and OrganizationsDSW/9383 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Marisis AidNationalH/No EAB/22/20A Ashaly Botwe, AviationAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraSupport Less Privileged and Support Christian Evangelism.DSW/9386 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Family Based Care AllianceNationalEast LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraFamily Strengthening, Family Reunification, Foster Care and Foster Care.DSW/9393 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Jacad Livelihood Empowerment Program (JLEP) GhanaNationalLorry station, Pacas townGa Central AssemblyGreater AccraPromoting Awarenes and Training on Sanitation and Personal Hygiene, Provision of Boreholes, Place of Convenience (ToietFacilities) and Materials to the Needy. DSW/9394 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Strategic Youth Network For DevelopmentNationalNear Wisdom Ways Academy SchoolGa East MunicipalGreater AccraInfluencing Environmental Policies, Assisting Decision Makers to Planning.DSW/9398 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Philip Charitable FoundationNationalNear CAC Church Osu AccraAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraTo Assist the Youth to Discover their Talents and Help them to Realise their full Potentials.DSW/9399 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
EKB FoundationNationalNear Kanda Post OfficeAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraTo Provide Clean Water and Sanitation.DSW/9400 D.I 16/7/2020 Exp. 15/7/2021
Africa Center for EpidemiologyNationalBroadcasting road, Gas Ga South MunicipalGreater AccraPublic Health Research Work, Health Education and Publication on Health Information.DSW/9402 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Factspce West AfricaNationalNear Golden Child SchoolOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Apply the Best Practices of Journalism and Code of Principles and to ensure ready Access to Credible Infrmation and Increase Public Understanding.DSW/9403 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Health Club For The Aged FoundationNationalAdenta - New SiteLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraFree Training Programmes, Providing Health Training and Sensitization and Ensuring the betterment of Members Lifestyle.DSW/9405 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Nula FoundationNationalPedu Cape Coast Cape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Provide Cultural Education and Heritage Preservation.DSW/9406 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Innovation Centre for Water, Sanitation and HygieneNationalPlot 19 Block Q Asokwa KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Us a Veriety of Social Mobilization Strategies such as Drama Peerformance to AdvocatDSW/9408 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Rights and Advocacy Initiatives NetworkNationalSantasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Pomote Inclusion of All Relevant Stateholders in the National Decision-Making Process.DSW/9409 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Vansel FoundationNationalAshaley Botchway near Ebenezer Presby Church, Sraha downLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Work for the Social Development of Underprivileged Individuals, Groups and Communities.DSW/9412 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Zion's Aid FoundationNationalOpposite Volta Serene HotelHo MunicipalVoltaAssist Pay School Fees for less Previlege Students who cannot afford to pay their Fees from Primry to Senior High, Assist students with items like Uniforms and Books for those who cdannot afford to Enhance Learning.DSW/9413 D.I 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Iseguri InitiativeNationalNear Community Center Ho MunicipalVoltaDSW/9415 D.I. 24/7/2020 Exp. 23/7/2021
Austin Gamey FoundationNationalE 7 Community 12 Extention, TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraTo Educate, Train and Help Prevent and Experience Early Resolution of Differences through Dialogue.DSW/9420 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Maudlokko Breast Cancer FoundationNationalTeshie ner Home Fast FoodLedzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraBreast Cancer Awarness and Cancer Health Screening. DSW/9421 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Sociale Artsen FoundationB3970:J3973NationalAdjacent End Point Home Ledzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraFarmers Support, Women and Youth Support, Social and Civil Advocacy.DSW/9422 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
It Is Well Water OrganizationNationalMethodist junction 6th street, DawhenyaNingo-Prampram DistrictGreater AccraTo Provide Portable Drinking Water for Communities.DSW/9423 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Alaman Humanitarian DevelopmntNationalSite 1 Tema Central MosqueTema Metropolitan Greater AccraTo Promote the Welfare of Members, To Help the Members of the Association in Times of Need and Drilling of Boreholes.DSW/9424 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Dream Esteem Cycle GH OrganisationNationalChoggu Yepalsi Central Mosque, TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernFacilitation of Youth in Governance and Leadership, To Create a Platform to Aid the Youth in Projects and Development and Incubation.DSW/9425 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Farmer Welfare AfricaNationalEast Legon HillsLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraSet up Welfare scheme for Farmers , be the Mouthpiece for Farmers on all Issues affecting Farmers Welfare, Seek Local, National and International Support for Small Holders Farmers.DSW/9426 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Yefl-GhanaNational56 Naa Luro Estate, Opposite former Class one Court Hotel, behind Modern City Hotel.Sagnarigu MunicipalNorthernTo Empower Youth Politically, Socially and Economically at all Levels.DSW/9427 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Savannah Young Farmers NetworkNationalJesonayili 82 Kamina road, Sagnarigu Sagnarigu MunicipalNorthernDelivery of Agricultural Extension Services, Agricultural Value Chain Development and Advocacy and Youth.DSW/9428 D.I. 30/7/2020 Exp. 29/7/2021
Concerned Christian Ladies of GhanaNationalPlot 11, Bebere road, EjisuEjisu-Juaben MunicipalAshantiTo Protect, Encourage, Support and lend a Helping Hand to the Underprivilege Widows and their Children, as well as Orphans in Ghana.DSW/9431 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Evergreen Autism CentreNationalAnwomsoOforikrom MunicipalAshantiTo Help People with Autistic Problems in the Society.DSW/9433 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Elgam FoundationNationalObeyeyieGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Rural Women in their Chosen Vocations to Aquire the required skills to Start, Manage and Maintain the Business.DSW/9436 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Succoth Adoption Services LBGNationalNear Akosombo House Labone, La roadLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide for Child Adoption Services and Related Services.DSW/9437 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Joyful Home InternationalNationalBehind Fidelity Ban, Abeka roadOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Support the Physically Challenged, Orphans, Aged People, Widows and Widowers.DSW/9440 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Forgotten Child FoundationNationalOpposite Nyanyano Post OfficeAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralTo Help the Needy ones, To Undertake evelopmnt Projects for Needy Communities, To Empower Children to Idntify their Talents and to Help Communities who Need Basic Amenities like Bodreholes.DSW/9441 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Alinea FoundationNationalBehind Northern School of Business - NOBISCOTamale MetropolitanNorthernImproved Enabling Environment and Reduce Gender Spcific Barriers for Women's Participation in Economic Growth.DSW/9443 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Noorur Rahma Social OrganizaionNationalPlot 19 block B Tafo AdompomOld Tafo MunicipalAshantiPromoting of Eucation to the Youth in the Society and to Help the Needy in the Society.DSW/9444 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Corrections Reforms PlatfomNationalOpposite tdh Police Hospital, CantonmentsLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Collaborate with the Prisons Service and Prisons Ladies Association identifying Needs, Priorities and Programmes to be Undertaken within the Service. DSW/9445 D.I. 7/8/2020 Exp. 6/8/2021
Wellcare FoundationNationalH/No. 96/5 Pantang WestGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Rehabilitate Persons Addicted to Alcohol and other Drugs.DSW/9448 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Tractors For Africa AfoundationNationalOpposite ST. Johns Grammer School, Near Vision One FMAblekuma Central MunicipalGreater AccraSupporting Farmers to Improve Agriculture DSW/9449 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Mzuzah AfricaNationalSaflo Link AbelenkpeAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraTo Inspire, Empower and Provide Key Tools fr the \ecnomic, Social nd Environmentl Sustainbility of Leadlers in Emerging Economics.DSW/9450 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Reach Out Medicdal TeamNational10 Amoo Street North Dzorwulu AccraAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraSupporting Entrepreneurs and Creative Professions with Resources and Materials for Professional Growth Mentorship Programs.DSW/9452 D.I. 19/8/2020 Exp. 18/8/2021
Root to BloomNational10 Amoo Street North Dzorwulu AccraAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraSupporting Entrepreneurs and Creative Professions with Resources and Materials for Professional Growth Mentorship Programs.DSW/9453 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Hallmark Relief FoundationNationalAllied Heights building on Olusegun Obasanjo Highway AbelenkpeAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraEnhancement of Skilss and Livelihood, Poverty Reduction.DSW/9454 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Global Kids OrgnisationNationalDansoman, Liberian road near Peace clinic in the Ablekuma North MunicipalAblekuma North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Create a Community Where Children have Basic Needs in lifde such as Education, Protection from Hunge rand Human Rights Abuse.DSW/9455 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Ernestay Disabiity & Sports FoundationNationalBubiashie in the Okai Koi South Sub MetroAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraPromote All Kinds of Disability Sports and Organise Activities for Persons with Disability.DSW/9456 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Coastal Conservancy OrganisationNationalNungua Mokwe street, Junction MallKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraBeach Cleaning Campaign, Coastl Conservation Campaign, Beach Restoration Campaign, Beach Enhancement Campaign and Beach Management Campaign.DSW/9457 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
Kuta Youth FaoundationNationalNear Nurudeen-Islamic SchoolAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraHelp Members Access Health nd Educational Opportunities, Help Vulnerable Members Access Social Services and to Provide Mentorship Services to Students.DSW/9458 D.I. 13/8/2020 Exp. 12/8/2021
CTIW FoundationNationalClose to Adehyeman Savings and Loans, DomeGa East MunicipalGreater AccraPropagate the Word of God to Children, Seek the Welfre Needs of Children and Teach Children Moral Values.DSW/9459 D.I. 19/8/2020 Exp. 18/8/2021
Manarts Paq FoundationNationalOld French EmbasseyKorley Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraNeedy Support, Conflict Resolution and Fighting Trafficking. DSW/9460 D.I. 19/8/2020 Exp. 18/8/2021
Thankful Hearts Community ProjectsNationalH/No. 4/7 Ablorh AdjeiAyawaso North MunicipalGreater AccraHumanitarian Projects that will Equip the Vulneraqble in Society Especially Persons with Disabilities, Women and Children with a Source of Livelihood, Achitectural Services for Underprivileged Communities an Climate Change Projects. DSW/9461 D.I. 19/8/2020 Exp. 18/8/2021
Mondolf FoundationNationalGreater AccraDSW/9462 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Advocates For Biodiversity ConservationNational6th Coconut Close NTHC Prestige HomesAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTio Conserve Biodiversity for Human Development through the use of Community-Based Solutions.DSW/9463 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Elite Mentoring ProgramNationalGbetsile main lorry stationKpone Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraTo Reach out to the Poor and Vulnerable for a Better Life and to Provide a Support System through Mentoring.DSW/9464 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Toi Et Moi FoundationNationalNear Cube HotelAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraProvision of Accres to Safe Drinking Water, Livelihood Improvement and Health Education and Skills DevelopmentDSW/9466 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Afrika AfricareNationalEsuekyir off Kakam National Park roadCape Coast MetropolitanCentralWomen Empowerment and Women Advocacy.DSW/9467 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Forty LivesNationalRITZY building near KNUST GuesthouseKorley Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraProviding Material and Emotional Support to the under Privileged and Vulnerables.DSW/9469 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Fages InternationalNationalSaint Paul Methodit Church, WinnebaEfffutu MunicipalCentralTo Provide Health Care Facilities and Improve the Quality iof Life for the Aged to Offer Educational Support for Needy Persons (Children, Teenagers and the Youth.DSW/9470 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Emmnarg Grupe FoundationNationalManya JoparnyaShai-Osudoku AssemblyGreater AccraTo Help th NeedyDSW/9473 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
The Borngreat FoundationNationalWeijaWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Less Privilege People with Potentials and Dreams to attain their Goals, Capacity Building and Training.DSW/9474 D.I. 27/8/2020 Exp. 26/8/2021
Gold Coast Sustainability and Governance InstittuteNationalAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralDevelopment and Humanitarian Works, Societal Research and Livelihood Studies.DSW/9476 D.I.4/ 9/2020 3/9/2021
Elderly Love InternationalNationalNear Crystal TVAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraTake Care of the Elderly look after their Financial Welfare.DSW/9479 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Alliance for Christian Advocacy AfricaNationalAmasaman Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraCreate Platform for Fellowship for Individual Christians (Both Ordained and Lay) and Christin Groups who are into Christian Advocacy Ministries.DSW/9483 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Ghana American Sterile Processing ProfesionalsNationalMile 7Ga West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Promote Education on Sterilization of Surgical and Medical Instruments to help Support Members in Every aspect of Life and to Seek for the Welfare of Members.DSW/9484 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Margliz FoundationNationalClose to the SDA church ACP PokuaseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Afforestation, Aggro-Ecological, Agriculture, Information Technology, Natural Resource Conservation, Better Sanitation and Environmental hygiene as well and Advocacy of Gender Party.DSW/9485 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Starlight FoundationNationalTaifa - SDA JunctionGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTio Seek the Welfare of Women nd Girls on Street and to help Empower Women and Achieve Equality among Females.DSW/9487 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Aya International Development & Indigenous Knowledge InstituteNationalMadina Nii Army Okle streetGa East MunicipalGreater AccraPromote Global understnding of the Role of Culture, Development and contribute to the Sustainable Development of Ghana and Africa.DSW/4495 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
International Foundation for Intercultural learningNationalPig FarmAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Organise Study Exchange ProgramsDSW/9488 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Resourcetrust NeteworkNationalAdjei Mensah, Agbogba Ga East MunicipalGreater AccraPromote Sustainable Development through good Resources GovernanceDSW/9489 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Sophia Horner SamNationalAnita Mensh street H/No 12 Near Raybow Hotdel, Beach road TakoradiSekondi Takoradi MunicipalWesternEconomically Empowered Underprivileged and Vulnerable Girls with Employment and Enterpreneural Skills which is Vital for their Smooth Transition from Youth to Adulthood Provide Vital Healthcare Assistance to Public Hospitals in Deprived Communities across Ghana. DSW/9490 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Hedva FoundationNationalHaatso Ecomog roadGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide and Safe Guard the Rights of the Child and Provide for the well being of Women and Men in Deprived Communities.DSW/9491 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Jonny and Friends 4 Autism FoundationNationalLaLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Create Awarenessw on Disability, To Advocate for the Disables.DSW/9493 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Centre for Employment of Persons with DisabilitiesNationalAdabraka Barnes road near Rehab CentreTema West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote the Employment, Empowerment f Persons with Disability.DSW/9495 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
God With Us Christian MissionNationalExcell Filling Station (Nungua Barrier)Tema West MunicipalGreater AccraEvangelism and Discipleship, Preaching the Gospel.DSW/9496 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
The Frank Asiedu Bekoe FoundationjNationalAbla Avenue, Nmaidzorn East LegonGa East MunicipalGreater AccraEducation, Scholarship, Community Dvlopment nd Skills Development and Empowerment.DSW/9497 D.I. 4/9/2020 Exp. 3/9/2021
Foundation Relief DevelopmentNationalTobodomTechiman MunicipalBrong-AhafoProviding Social Amnities for People in Deprived Communities .DSW/9501 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
African Centre for Retirement ResearchNationalAblade street, Kanda Urban square buildingAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Contribute to National Dialogue on Pensions trough research, Embarking on Activities aimed at Improving the ives of Old-Age Pensioners.DSW/9502 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Leadership Training and Advocacy, GhanaNationalCommunity 4 TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraLeadership Taining and Advocacy CentreDSW/9504 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Selma FoundationNationalTuba secon bsridge roadGa South Municipal Greater AccraTo Assistt he Less Privileged in terms of Education and Health Issues and Eeradication of Exteem Poverty in Communities.DSW/9505 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Aan Humanitarian Foundation InternationalNationalSt. James Catholic ChurchKorley Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy, Foster Unity and Vocational Training for the VulnerableDSW/9506 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Thesaurum International mining Trianing CentreNationalTakwa-NsuaemAblekuma North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Train and Eduate Pople on Mining ctdivities and to Promote Best Mining Practices in Mining Communidties.DSW/9507 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Love and HopeNationalNuumo Okang Nmashie streetLedzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraTo Train the Youth xpecially the Young Ladies measures that wil help them p[revent Teenage Pregnancy and to promotde Early Childhood EducationDSW/9508 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
World Relief Fund InternationalNational4th Mandela Drive, East LegonLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAgriultural and Food Security, Demoracy Human Rights and Governance Economic Growth and TradeDSW/9509 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Priorities on Rights and Sexual HealthNationalNear Derbu Royal Hotel container junctionGa Central Municipal AssemblyGreater AccraSexual Health Education, Human Righdts Advocacy, Gender Advocacy Projects, Public Health Initiatives and Social Protection Intervention.DSW/9510 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Agrihouse FoundationNationalDzorwulu Tetteh kwei streetAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraAgricultural Base Advocacy, Capacity Building Program and Agric Trade PromotionsDSW/9511 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Growing Trees Network GhanaNationalNear Mainland HotelAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Plant Trees, Protect andRegenerate Forest, Combat |Dersertification and to Support Hosehold o Plat Trees on their wn land through Agro Foresty whis is method of Integrating Trees into Farms.DSW/9512 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
The Armah Institute of Emotional JusticeNational12 South Riddge St Roman Ridge AccraAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraEmotional Education in the context of race, Gender and Culture with Prospects and Training and Thought Leadership.DSW/9513 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Nonprofit Resource CenterNationalN1 Highway street SCC beside DVLAGa South MunicipalGreater AccraCharity Sustainability Programs Training, Research and Documentation Volunteer Programs, Counseling and Community Development Support Services.DSW/9514 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Nyame Dua Foster HomeNationalNankrom oppositde Harvest time junctionAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Give Scholarship to Needy but Brillian Students and to Provide care and Support for Orphans.DSW/9515 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Getcare FoundationNationalNew BotianorGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Schools in Deprived Communities, To Promote Access to Qualiy Healthcare, To Support Agricultureual Activities in Communitieisand to Create Conducive Environment for Communities.DSW/9516 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Bishop Anima Kwapong FoundationNationalOpposite Consolidted Bank Ghana Limited, Abeka BranchOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Help the Poor and Needy in our Society, To Help in the Social Development in our Community and to Assist Brilliant Students to Assist in Agriulture Support Initiatives in the Rural Areas.DSW/9517 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Sankofa LifeLine InternationalNationalAgbogboshie Community H/No. 62/30Okaikoi NorthGreater AccraSupport fr Poor Children, Livelihood Support, Educdational Support, Edu-Tour for Needy Children and Business Support for the Poor.DSW/9518 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Waste or Create HubNationalNo. 35 South street St. John bus stop along Achimota Nsawam main roadOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraEducating the Community on Proper Waste ManagementDSW/9519 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Wilkimedia Ghana User GroupNationalOsuLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraPromotion of the use and Improvement of Media and its related wikis through capacity building, Training People to Creat Ghanaian Educational Digital content.DSW/9522 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Girl CodeNationalLabone AccraLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Traingin for Girls in the areas of Information Communication and Technology, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathemtics.DSW/9523 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Aim Life FundationNationalKwashieman 2nd Palace street near Happy Kids SchoolAblekuma North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Establish Basic Care and Education to Victims of Child Trafficking in Ghana.DSW/9524 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Hope For Thana ChildNationalNorth Kaneshi, Palace streetOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraProviding and Supporting Underprivileged School Children with Welfare, Education and Recreation.DSW/9525 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Art Cares FoundationNationalGbawe ZeroWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraBuilding Self Esteem in Girl Child, Improving tdhe Welfdare of the Disadvantage in our Community.DSW/9526 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Les Passerelles GlobaleNationalNorth LegonGa East MunicipalGreater AccraHelping Migrants from Ecowas to Integrate into the Ghanaian Community, Developing Programs in functional French that can assist economic well being and Developing for French in KindergatenDSW/9527 D.I. 17/9/2020 Exp. 16/9/2021
Thread FoundationNationalOpposite Antonso Post OfficeKwabre East MunicipalAshantiTo Equip Schools and Orphanages with Leadership Skills and support and Create Awareness on Health and Environmental Issues.DSW/4177 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Westphalian Children's VillageNationalOyoko AshantiSekyere Kumawu DistrictAshantiTo Provide and Promote affordable Healthcare to all and sundry.DSW/24 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Rohiya FoundationNationalH/No. EA 163 Paraku Estate, AbokobiGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Less Privileged Children in the Society in tderms of Education and Trining and Establish them in Christ.DSW/9528 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 28/9/2021
Africa Transitional Justice Legacy FundNationalH/No 4 Sai Agbo Oyarifa Lokko streetWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Funds and Technical Assistance to Smaller Communities.DSW/9529 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
African Fdestival FoundationNationalBehind VVIP Bus Terminal, TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraTo bring the African Countries together under Socio Economic Programme and have Global Bond with other Countries.DSW/9532 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Seascomostar Africa FoundationNationalMakoadze shopping entre, opposite the cold storeTema Metropolitan Greater AccraPhilantropist, Humanitarian Welfare Services nd Capacity Building.DSW/9533 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Makarios FoundationNationalNunguaKrowor MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in the Community.DSW/9534 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Need Build AfricaNationalNear Pentecost Church, WirelessLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Give Health, Education and Sanitation to tdhe Under Privilege.DSW/9535 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Yaa Nhyira FoundationNationalNear Mallam Gbawe Police StationWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Orphans, Widows and Less Privileged Women in Society.DSW/9536 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Yayra-si Youth FoundationNationalNear Don Bosco ChurchKpone-Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraYouth Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Youth inclusion and Gender inclusions.DSW/9537 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Iale FoundationNationalKwaprow near Nest HostelCape Coast MetropolitanCentralProvision of Targted Interventins tdhrough Education, ?Tdraining and Empowerment for Disenfranchised Groups DSW/9538 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Vivat TurksonNationalPedu Cape Coast Cape Coast MetropolitanCentralChildhood Cancer Awareness, To Support Cancer Children and provide Support to the Health Centres.DSW/9540 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Youth Evolution FoundtionNational23 Hanson st. dentan Housing DownAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Organize Periodic Eucational Workshops for the street Youth, Designed to Teach them Practical Skills DSW/9541 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Wud Aid FoundationNationalTema 56 Emmanuel Quist road Com.8 TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraDonation of Nose Masks and Hand Sanitizers to the Needy, Donation of Food Items to the Needy and Promoting Good Sanitation and Healthy Living.DSW/9542 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Techthepoor InitiativeNationalSheik Nuhu Sarabutu street behind C21 Security buildingAyawaso Central MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Less Privilege in IT Training, To Support the Poor in aid of Education and Financial Support.DSW/9543 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Centre for Health Systems StrengtheningNationalThe Cabin opposidte MTN office near Lizzie's HotelOforikrom MunicipalAshantiTo Strengthen Health Systems in Ghana, To undertake operational Researchinto Health Related Disease.DSW/9544 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Yesha FoundationNationalAppadu School junctionOforikrom MunicipalAshantiTo Promote Education in Deprived Cmmunities through the Provision of Educational Materials.DSW/9545 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Easyway Preventive Health EducationNationalH/No. 64 Asafo Adjacent Asfo Chief Palace, KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Promote Health, To Educate People to present Diseases, To Help the Poor and the Needy and to Help Life Style Changes Promotion.DSW/9546 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Adwoa Brago FoundationNationalNear Green house behind the Queens PalaceOforikrom MunicipalAshantiTo Support Needy Children and their Rights.DSW/9547 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Stars of the Needy InternationalNationalOpposite University of Education, Winneba-Kumasi Campus East GateKwadaso MunicipalAshantiTo Help Children in the orphanages through Donations and Academically to orghanise Career Guidance Services for Students.DSW/9548 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Keana FoundationNationalKorle-bu AccraAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraSkills TrainingDSW/9549 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Cost Sekondi - Takoradi FoundationNationalSekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Sekondi Takoradi MetropolitanWesternTo Create a Strategic Platform for Information Sharing and jint Advocacy wih Key Stakeholers at Different Levels in the Deivery of Public Infrastructure.DSW/9550 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
RDE InternationalNationalNear Obeng Block factoryGa South MunicipalGreater AccraTraining and Workshops, Evangelism and Mission, Esablishing Schools and Train Children in the Gospel Ministry.DSW/9551 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Fruitful WarriorsNationalJah Marcus Drive, Kokrobite AccraWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraCaring for the Less Privileged thrugh Talent Development and to |Provide Support for Street Children.DSW/9553 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Honour GhanaNationalKorle bu Medical Students HostelAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraTo Organize Workshops and Cnferences to rain Leaders and Change Makers and to Consult for Government Agencies, Departments and Agencies in the area of Developing Tools for National Service.DSW/9554 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Youth Frontiers GhanaNationalKapayili, Ghana Libyan Senior High School TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernYouth Skill Training and Development, Support Services by Government and MMDAs, Partner with Government an Civil Society to Achieving Sustainable Developmnt Goals(SDGs)DSW/9554 D.I. 29/9/2020 Exp. 29/9/2021
Kids Promise FoundationNationalIsaac Aryee close - opoku junctionAblekuma WestGreater AccraTo Help the Needy but Brilliant Children.DSW/9556 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Akoma Baako ProductionNationalOyarifa Special IceLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocates for Improvement in Healh, Education and Welfare Sectors; Assist Youth to Achieve a Sustainable Future.DSW/9557 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Startup Fraction FoundationNationalOyarifa - Lilystreet Ubuntu CourtsLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEducation for Entrepreneurs, Event Management, Counsulting, Financial Support for Entrepreneurs.DSW/9558 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Awoyaa Charity OrganizzationNationalPlot 92 Extd, Abesim - Dominase, SunyaniBrekum East MunicipalBrong-AhafoPhillanthropy and Social Well-Being, Promoting the Welfare of others by generous Donations of money.DSW/9559 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Green for Change GhanaNationalJisonayili streetWa MunicipaUpper WestTo Disover and Promote Effective Environmental Practices and Policies and to Alleviate Poverty through Practice and Climate Smart griculture Practices.DSW/9560 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Social Initiative For Literacy and Development ProgramNationalOpposite Total Filing stationWa MunicipaUpper WestTo Fight Against Poverty, Ignorance and Disease, to Promote Mothere-Tongue Literacy and Education.DSW/9561 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Edward Ofori Behome Memorial FoundationNationalGPS CODE: AK-018-3389 Adum KumasiKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Provide Free Quality and Effective Health Care Systems to the Citizens within the local Environment.DSW/9562 D.I. 4/10/2020 Exp. 3/10/2021
Planet Africa Relief FoundationNationalNear Corpus Christ SchoolAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraTo Provide Relief to the Vulnerable in Societies who are uanabl to enjoy the Basic necessities of life, with Key emphasis in alignment with SGDs.DSW/9564 D.I. 6/10/2020 Exp. 5/10/2021
Women in Finance Industrialization & Technology FoundationNationalNear Corpus Christ SchoolTema Metropolitan Greater AccraWomen Advocacy for Stem Ssubjects, Health(Materenal, Information Communication Technology and Education.DSW/9565 D.I. 6/10/2020 Exp. 5/10/2021
Fafa Ark FoundationNationalChief Anthonio's House TegbiKeta Municipal AssemblyVoltaTo Improve the Living Condition of Vulnerable in Society and to Encourage and Train the Citizenry on how to use Natural Resources.DSW/9566 D.I. 6/10/2020 Exp. 5/10/2021
Al-Khareenij Foundation of GhanaNationalRitz junction, Doku streetLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraBuilding Mosques, Islamic Schools and Offering Financial Assistance for the Poor and Needy,DSW/9567 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Manner Homes OrganizationNationalGHS Housing - Willow CourtGa West MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Support to Orphans, Support Homeless and Needy in the Society and Support Widows and Brilliant but Poor Children in the Society.DSW/9569 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Aqua Premier FoundationNationalOyarifaLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Training to People in Handicraft, To Provide Financial Assistance to the Aged, Children and Underpriviledge.DSW/9570 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
African Foundation to Help the Poorest of the poorNationalBehind TT brothers buildingLedzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help the Needy in Society.DSW/9572 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Mother's Alliance Network-BusimomsNationalNo. 1 Nii Adjei Adjetey stree Tdeshie-Gonno Cluster of SchoolsLedzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Innovative Community Based Products and Services for Teenage and Middle-Aged Mothers to Pursue their Careers and Children upbringing successfully.DSW/9574 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Mental Health Hub GhanaNationalAtomic EnergyGa West MunicipalGreater AccraEducation and Awareness Cretion on Mental Health Issues.DSW/9575 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Greys for GhanaNationalManet Palm Estates Ogbodjo Adentan Goil Filling station bundary roadAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Rescue the African Grey Parrots, To Establish and Manage Sanctuaries for the African Grey Parrots.DSW/9576 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Youngsters Development InitiativeNationalAshalley Botwe boundary road, Ogbojo new market, off St Peter;s SchoolAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraBuilding Young People and strengthening youth organisationzs involved in development programmes and social change.DSW/9577 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Godfred Donsah FoundationNationalH/No 47/C SSNIT New road, SunyaniSunyani MunicipalBrong-AhafoMental Health, Social Development, Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote well being for all Ages.DSW/9578 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Training Tomorrow's LeadersNationalBlock 170, Shishegu, Sagnarigu MunicipalSagnarigu MunicipalNorthernLeadership Training, Community Development and to Establish Community Health Centres, Provision of Water and other Social Amenities.DSW/9581 D.I. 14/10/2020 Exp. 13/10/2021
Ghana Book TrustNationalNear UPSA, Adjacent Fidelity BankAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Develope and Promote Reading and Writing Culture among Students.DSW/403 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 30/10/2021
Amlio GhanaNationalKpaguri behind Upland HotelWa MunicipaUpper WestTo Empower Vulnerable Communities through Knowledge SharingDSW/9582 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Charitable Society For Mercy And CompassionNationalAdjacent Islamic Institute ResearchAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Build Mosque for Needy Communities, Digging of Wells for Communities and Building of Schools for Communities.DSW/9583 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Myhelp-YourHelp FoundationNationalAdentan Post Office, Block CD6Tema Metropolitan Greater AccraTo Take Care of the Poor, Needy and Less Privilege in tdhe Society.DSW/9585 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Virelam Rescue FoundationNationalAbeka Lapaz AccraOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Provide Support for Girl Child Education, The Empowerment of Women and the Rescue of Childrten from Being Trafficked.DSW/9586 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Bassuah Llegacy FoiundationNationalOyarifaLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraEmpowering Single Parents and Promoting Health and Well Being. DSW/9587 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Rosa Care Foundation NationalKings Cdross Lane-Ritz junctionLa Nkwantanang- Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Care and Support The Needy in Society and to Care and Support Widows and Orphans.DSW/9588 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Health Wealth AccessNationalAccra MetropolitanKorley Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraHealth Screening, Health Educdation and Research into Health Relaterd Issues.DSW/9590 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Cross Cultural Cdenter for African Partnership and EducationNationalMain lory station, Nsawam Densu RiverNsawam Adoagyiri MunicipalCentralEmergency Medical Bike Corps, Health Fair, Annual Fitness Challenges and Farm and Food Cooperative Employming Youth.DSW/9592 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Happy Familyu 247 InternationalNationalMaame Dokono street Greater AccraCounseling and Advocacy for FamiliesDSW/9595 D.I. 23/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2021
Osu Library FundNationalClose to Old Passport officeAccra Metropolitan AssemblyGreater AccraTo Advance Education in Ghana by Providing Support to an Existing Library Project.DSW/530 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp. 11/11/2021
Einstein Memorial Project, Ghana LBGNationalAbokobiGa East MunicipalGreater AccraClimate Damage Mitifation and Air Pollu Mortality Reduction.DSW/9596 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Nayel SocietyNationalMadina Taxi rankLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraProvide Support in the area of Health, and to Help Needy but Brilliant Students.DSW/9597 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Foundation First Charitable TrustNationalFijai, Sekondi-TakoradiSekondi-Takoradi MetropolitanWesternTo make major Contributions, to Developing Ghanaians Kindergaten Children's Learning, Experiences and Outcomes. And to Organize Seminars and Workshops for Teachers.DSW/9598 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2022
Decka Foundation GhanaNationalBeijin AdjriganorAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraDsupport for Agricultural and Livestock Production and Provision of Educational Infrastructure.DSW/9599 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Simonne Eye Care FoundationNationalNaa Dzama streetKorley Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Free Eye Cdare Services to the Poor and Needy in SocietyDSW/9600 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Transforming Teaching, Educdation and LearningNationalEast Legon No.135 Ambassadorial Residential areas, Dzarkwei closeAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide High Quality Technical Advice, Project Management, Research and Implementation Support Services and to Transform Teaching and Learning.DSW/9601 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
MGF Morning Glory FoundationNationalGE-206-4472 Musuku street near Gambo filling station Ashongman EstatesGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Unity and Love among Members to afford Members the Opportunity to Spread the Word of Gof to Support Needy Women and Children in Terms of Cash and in Kind.DSW/9602 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Oman Sankofa Cultural Heritage FoundationNational H/No. 7 Manye Ordoro Avenue, Opposite Achimota MelcomOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Bring Community Development, Socio Economic Development Services, Human Resources, Empowerment, Advocacy and Capacity Building.DSW/9604 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Aqua Fresh Access Initiatives (AFAIT)NationalJisonayili, Sangnarigu streetSagnarigu MunicipalNorthernEmpowering Communities for Sustainable Livelihood and to Improve the Quality of the Lives, Dissemination and Exchange of Information of Technologies and to Improve Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services.DSW/9605 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2022
World Inspiring NetworkiNationalBehind Pentecost University, Wowutuom AccraGa CentralGreater AccraEmpower Youth through Serious Volunteering Project, Community Services, Clean-up Campaign, Sex Education, Health Talk, Wealth Creatiaon and SeminarsDSW/9607 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 22/10/2022
Kerryk FoundationNationalCommunity 9 TemaTema Metropolitan Greater AccraTo Provide Education, Medical and Financial Support to Children, Aged and under-privileged.DSW/9608 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Famami ghana FoundationNational355 place, closer to Fiesta Royale hotel DzorwuluAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Engage into Charitable Food Donations.DSW/9609 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
The African Centre for SDGs Policy and ResearchNationalHaatso road near Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd Ga East MunicipalGreater AccraPolicy and Research.DSW/9610 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
The Truth Group WorldwideNationalAshiyie Adentan opposite Ashiyie Fulani ICGCAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Ensure the Development and Good Standard of Living of the Ordinary Citizen of Ghana.DSW/9612 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Vouch Initiative InternationalNationalAdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Access to Computers, Tutoring aqnd a Comprehensive work space that is Resources and Staffed on the most current Software and Applications.DSW/9613 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Dora Awuah FoundationNationalAdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Create Awareness on Mental Health, Screening Exercises and Counseling.DSW/9614 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
Shakers and Movers Educational FoundationNationalLegon AcccraAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraYouth Empowerment theough Ediucdation, Entdrepreneurship, Mentorship, Professional and Personal Development Programmes.DSW/9615 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
King James FoundationNationalAyikai DobloGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support the Vulnerable, Orphanage Homes and Provide Portable Water to the Community.DSW/3899 D.I. 30/10/2020 Exp. 29/10/2021
B-HeCK AfricaNationalAdentanAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Undertake Cddredible and Effective Demographic Governance Advocacy, Citizenship inclusion and Rights to Partake in Democratic Governance Advocacy.DSW/9617 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Abak Foundation GhanaNationalGPS code: AK - 799-3015 Sokoban TimponuKumasi MetdropolitanAshantiTo Provide Support for Youth in Aid of Schools and Women Reproductive Age.DSW/9619 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Awake Islamic FoundationNationalKanda near the Yahweh International SchoolAyawaso EastGreater AccraTo Promote Developmen t and Peace, Co-Existence of the Sub Muslim Cdommuinty Among the Laqrger Community. DSW/9620 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Advocacy for Women into PowerNationalAsylum Down near Giligold PharmacyAyawaso EastGreater AccraAdvocacy for Women Empowerment to Occupy Public Office posts.DSW/9621 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Project Wheel of Hope FoundationNationalSokoban New siteKumasi MetdropolitanAshantiProvision of Free Health Care to the under Privileged.DSW/9622 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Ancestors ProjectNationalGa East MunicipalGreater AccraPromotion and Preservation of African Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Education and Empowering of African Youth through Arts and Performance.DSW/9624 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Neetgreen GhanaNationalGreater AccraDSW/9625 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Barbara Asher FoundationNationalCape Coast MetropolitanCentralDSW/9626 D.I. 5/11/2020 Exp. 4/11/2021
Agoo-Bi Nii Cultural ArtsNationalAwoshieOkaikoi SouthGreater AccraTo Promote Ghanaian Traditional Drumming and Dancing and Music Train Pereformers in Authentic Culture and Inprofessionalism.DSW/9627 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp. 11/11/2021
Huminds FoundationNationalNo. 6 Indian Ocean street, Cdencor Venue, behind 335 Place, North Dzorwulu Ayawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraSupport to Farmers in Agricultural Practices, Promotion of Health Education among Ghanaian Communities and Promoting ICT Education among Youth in Rural Ghana.DSW/9628 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp. 11/11/2021
Healing the Nation & BeyondNationalH/No B 13 Near Dansoman PolyclinicAblekuma West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Render Help to the Needy and Underprivileged People in the Country.DSW/9629 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp. 11/11/2021
Nana Enoo Mutaku II Educdation Trust FundNationalBehind DATUS Complex School, DansomanAblekuma West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Brilliant but Needy Students.DSW/9630 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Art NetworkNationalH/No. FJ, Fijai Kasoa Awutu Senya East MunicipalCentralDesign Creative Programmes to Curb Violence and Reach Out to Communities with Social Interventions.DSW/9631 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Kinder Zentrum InternationalNationalKasoa, Kae Mebre streetAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralEducational Sponsorship for the Needy, Provide Financial Support for Needy Children.DSW/9632 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Multiples Club Support GhanaNationalGSO1638771 Bort 43 street, Kasoa/SCCAwutu Senya East MunicipalCentralGiving Emoptional, Financial and Educational Support to Moms and Expecting Mothers and to Families of Multiples.DSW/9633 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Mata Da Aiki FoundationNationalAlhaji Tabora Top OilGa CentralGreater AccraTo Empower, Improve and Support the Livelihood of Women through Entrepreneurship and Social Development Programmes in the Northern and Zongo Communities.DSW/9634 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Heya Foundation InternationalNationalDavor road near the Mosque Ho MunicipalUpper EastTo Provide Aid for the Disabled, To Provide Educational on Health and to Create Jobs for the Youth.DSW/9635 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Chrissy FoundationNationalGlory House Bible Church, Afram Publication road Okaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Spearhead the Course of Poverty Eradication among Widows, Orphans and the Marginally Deprived acrioss tdhe Globe though PhilantropismDSW/9636 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Islamic Ummah Relief GhanaNationalBehind Mawako Restaurant Gomoa East DistrictCentralTo Provide Psychological Security, Feeding, Shelter, Love Care and Education as well as Pipe Borne Drinking Water for underprivileged children and individuals in Deprivedd Communities.DSW/9637 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
The Bureau of Public SanitationNationalGomoa Budubram behind Pentecost Community CentreGomoa East DistrictCentralTo Educate the Public on Sanitation and To Embark on Fanitation Project.DSW/9638 D.I. 12/11/2020 Exp.11/11/2021
Legends For Humanity FoundationNationalYeji Post Office street along GCB BankPru District AssemblyBrong-AhafoTo give Support to Vulnerable Women, Youth and Children to have access to Basic Social Services.DSW/9639 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
CFI FoundationNationalNear the Chief Palace, SarpeimanGa West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Assist the Underprivileged by giving tdhem Education, Clothing and good Health Care.DSW/9640 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Ikanag NetworkNationalFiseGa West MunicipalGreater AccraRoad Safety Campaign, Training and Education on Road Safety and Promotion of and Storaqge Assistance from Farm Produce.DSW/9641 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Noyam African Dance InstituteNationalOpposite Legacy Internet Cdafe Madina New roadLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Teach/Reform and Develop African Performance at the International Level and Organize Exchang Programs and Interntional Festivals.DSW/9642 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Pankrono Development UnionNationalPankrono beside the Community CentreOld Tafo MunicipalAshantiTo Help Curb Social Vices in our Community, Support the Aged and the Disabled in the Community and Support the Youth in Entrepreneurship.DSW/9643 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
No More Neglect FoundationNationalBungalow 26 NhyiaesoKumasi MetdropolitanAshantiGiving People Living with Disability the Opportunity to Achieve Economic Stability and to contriubute to the Ssocio-Economic Development of their Communities.DSW/9644 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Guardiabns of the Gray Mastsers FoundationNationalOppositde Jesus is Evergreen (Iron rods and Cements)Kumasi MetdropolitanAshantiEseek the Welfare of the Older Adult, To Educate the General Public on how to Prevent Abusing the Older Ones, Advising the Younger Genereation to Live Good Lives in otdher to make their Life Cdomfortable during tdhe Old Age.DSW/9645 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Rescue Mission Foundation InternationslNationalKumasi MetdropolitanAshantiRunning of a Mission School, To Help the Less Privileged and Vulnerable in Society and to Help Orphans in tdhe Society and the World at large.DSW/9646 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Reputed Agriculture 4 Development FoundationNationalFumesua-Kokobra EjisuEjisu MunicipalAshantiTo Educate Farmers on Climate Change and how to Producde their Producdts and to Provide Basic Needs for Farmers.DSW/9647 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Busamkam Wola FoundationNationalEjisu - near Spiritan University CollegeEjisu MunicipalAshantiTo Help the Needy Girl-Child and to Empower the Needy Girll Child.DSW/9648 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Our Hearts and Minds Aloud LBGNationalJokers, LaLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraProvision of Mental Health Care to the Less PrivilegedDSW/9650 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Hospitality Professionsls Network GhanaNationalAdjacent Premiere BetAyawaso North MunicipalGreater AccraDialogue, Organize Training Network, Mentorship, Awards, Policy Formulation , Educatiuon and Talk Series.DSW/9651 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Africa Dyslexia OrganisationNationalMamobi Premiere BetAyawaso North MunicipalGreater AccraChampioning Developmental Projects in Africa Dyslexia Educational Awareness Creation, Dyslexia Projects and Dialogues and Dyslexia Leqarning Centre.DSW/9652 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Black Diamonds CdlubNationalBehind Hans Cottage Botel YaayaakwanoCape Coast MetropolitanCentralEmpowering Girls between 13 -18 years through after School Educational Activities.DSW/9653 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Central Region Concerned Ladies AssociationNationalH/No. 256 Ola Estate, Cdape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Promote the Welfare of Members, To Embark on Acrtiovities tdhat will enhance Development in the Community.DSW/9654 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Hatshepsut's MigrationNationalA I Ansapetu, Cape CoastCape Coast MetropolitanCentralTo Promote Sustainable Development among Rural Communities in Ghana and to Provide a Balances Economic, Environmental and Social Needs of Rural Folks.DSW/9655 D.I. 19/11/2020 Exp.18/11/2021
Akomapa Foundation GHNationalH/No. 47 JJ Rawlings High street, Elmina near the Police stationKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem MunicipalCentralTo Create a Support System that would continually improve the Livelihood and Standard of Living of the Aged and he Youths in the Society and to Support the Needy in the Society.DSW/9658 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Therep FoundationNational26 Boundery road, East LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support the Youth in terms of Education, To Adviocate for the Youth and Assist in Healthcare Innitiatives.DSW/9660 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Crown Jan FoundationNationalC106/18 Alhaji Sulley street, close to Abelemkpe JHS SchoolAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Help Students with Learning Material and to offer Financial Support.DSW/9663 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Repao FoundationNational4th Link GREDA estate, Teshie Swiss Palm LodgeSouth Dayi DistrictVoltaTo Support Unmates with Focus in Females and to Support Orphans Upkeep and Education and People with Disabilities.DSW/9664 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Centre for Education, Research and TrainingNationalOpposite Volta Regional MuseumHo MunicipalVoltaFacilitate Research Collaborations with Reputable Institutions for Human Resource Development.DSW/9665 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Helpers Charity African FoundationNationalBehind Faith in God Assembly Church, Louise GasHo MunicipalVoltaProviding Educational and Fiancial Support to the Needy and Providing Health Outreach Porograms for the Community.DSW/9666 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Riverside Food Bank FoundationNationalPlot No. 7 Sai Kojo streetKpone-Katamanso MunicipalGreater AccraProvision of Food Support to Vulnerable Commujnities.DSW/9667 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Aya CollectiveNationalClose to Shell signboardAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducational Sponsorship for the Needy, Provide Financial Support for Needy Children.DSW/9671 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Purity Royal FoundationNationalOpposite Engen filling station near Dome market and Adjacent Omni BankGa East MunicipalGreater AccraVocational and Tdechnical Skills Training for Vulnerable Girls and Boys, Public Health Education, Foster Care for Orphans and Vulneravble Children. DSW/9672 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Ghana National TB Voice NetworkNationalLegon Avenue, Shiashie near Oak Plaza East LegonAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraAdvocacy Network of TB and Fighting the Spread of Tuberculosis.DSW/9674 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
Elpizo Foundation - GHNationalAdumanu Market Building No. AK - 167-1205Kumasi MetropolitanAshantiMother and Child Health Advocacy, Child Protection, Education Advocacy and Women Empowerment.DSW/9676 ID.I. 26/11/2020 Exp.25/11/2021
TP Women InternationalNationalMadina Redco Ware HouseLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraPreventing Teenage Pregnancy, To Include Good Morales into Young Women and most Especially the Teenage so as to ebable them Occupy Higher Position in Society.DSW/9677 ID.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Bountiful Stem Educational FoundationNationalAdjacent Paloma HotelAyawaso East MunicipalGreater AccraFundraising for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education in Underprivileged Schools, Funding Robetic Education and Promoting Girl Child Education.DSW/9678 ID.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Human Intervention GhanaNationalAmerican town, Penuel Int. SchoolAwutu Senya MunicipalCentralTo Provide Medical Care, Clothes, Capacity building and Financial Support for Children and Women and Orphans.DSW/9679 ID.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Waca Development PartnersNationalKwabenya streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Engage in Community Development Activities.DSW/9681 ID.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Regain HopeNationalNear International Charismatic ChurchAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraSpiritual Wellbeing and Empowerment, Food Nutrition and Health of Prisoneres.DSW/9682 D.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Juliana Naa Kwarley Cobbold Memorial FoundationNationalBehind OLAM Catholic ChurchTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Counselling Services for Bereaved Families, To Provide Materrial/financial Support for Children for their Education.DSW/9683 D.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Development Law Clinic ProgrammeNationalNext to Obama Sport and Close to washing bayGa East MunicipalGreater AccraTo use law clinics models to make local services and basic level education more accessible and affordable.DSW/9684 D.I. 3/12/2020 Exp.2/12/2021
Centre for Social and Economic Right LBGNationalPlot 13 Block EE. Kwadaso Dr. Osei Tuffour by-passKumasi MetdropolitanCentralTo Provide Social Cover for the Poor, Vulnerable and the Disadvantaged.DSW/9685 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp.10/12/2021
Green Pastures Christian Evangelism FoundationNationalTse Addo High Street last stopLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraEvangelism and BenevolenceDSW/9686 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp.10/12/2021
Trans-Atlantic EnvironmentalNationalLife Bridge International Academy Sakumono EstateTema MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Donate Solar Lamps, Provide Material Support and Share the Gospel.DSW/9689 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp.10/12/2021
Bridge InstituteNationalAgric TamaleTamale MetropolitanNorthernPromotion of Islamic Knowledge and Literacy, National Advocacy for Muslims and the Deprived Mentor-ship to Muslim Youth and Students.DSW/9691 D.I. 11/12/2020 Exp.10/12/2021
Philadelphia Tree of Life MinistriesNationalPlot 1 Block 4, New Amakom ExtensionKumasi MetropolitanAshantiTo Win Souls for Christ and to Help the Needy in the Society.DSW/9692 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp.16/12/2021
Akuma Group Wellness and Edudcation Foundation (AGWEF)NationalCross road restaurant, Osu REKorle-Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraMental/Health/Wellness for Youth, Orphans, Widows, Telemedicine to Rural Residents and to Provide Educational Materials to the Needy.DSW/9695 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp.16/12/2021
Sawtel foundationNationalAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraDSW/9699 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp.16/12/2021
Shalom Health FoundationNationalClose to Roman Catholic Church, MatahekoAblekuma Central MunicipalGreater AccraFocusing on Community Health, Education on Disease Prevention and and Control and Family Health Activities.DSW/9701 D.I. 17/12/2020 Exp.16/12/2021
NyaHO Dopve FoundationNationalNyaho Medical Centre, AirportAyawaso WestGreater AccraHealthcare Research, Training of Medical Practitioners, Sensitization and Education on HIV/AIDS and other public Health Activities, and Healthcare Policy Forums.DSW/9704 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Groundbreaking OrganizationNationalH/No. A405 and 5 near Global Evangelical Church Tse Addo, Accra Email: La-Dadekotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Advance Innovation in Addressing Social and Economic Issues in Ghana.DSW/9705 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Providence Hear FoundtionNationalNorth Kaneshie H/No. B 128/10 Out streetAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraEducating the Community on Cardiovascular Diseases, and Fund Raising to Support Medical Research and Cardiotherasic Surgery and General Surgery.DSW/9706 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Adom Caritas FoundationNationalAgomedaShai-Osudoku DistrictGreater AccraTo Help Underprivileged Children in Society, To Extend Support to Widows and Orphans as the Need arise.DSW/9707 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Agyapa Buabeng FoundationNationalAfienya - FiakonyaShai-Osudoku DistrictGreater AccraProvide Support to the Less Privileged through Quality Education and Care and Engage in Charity Projects.DSW/9708 D.I. 30/12/2020 Exp.29/12/2021
Dxahli FoundationNationalNorth Industrial areaAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraInformation Technology, Education, Health and Corporate Governance Awareness and Advocacy.DSW/9709 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp.11/12/2022
Senya Baraku's DiasporaNationalKrobuse junction, Senya BerakuSenya Baraku DistrictCentralTo Support and Enhance the Health, Social, Education and Cultural Experience of Senya Beraku and Develop a closer connection among its citizens being championed by the Diasporians.DSW/9712 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp.11/1/2022
Afi Antonio FoundationNationalNungua Addogonnor 29 Oko Adotei streetLedzokuku MunicipalGreater AccraBasically to Support the Needy in the Society and Empowering the Youth to become Responsible and Independent Adults.DSW/9714 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp.11/1/2022
Lifetime Wells Vision LBG NationalManet Court, Sp;intex road near Sheridan HotelTema MetropolitanGreater AccraProvision of Eye care and related activity in deprived communities and to support underprivilege individuals and other other NOGs in Eyecare delivery services.DSW/9715 D.I. 12/1/2021 Exp.11/1/2022
Diana Care TamilyNationalAshaiman Channel 11Ashaiman MunicipalGreater AccraTo Take Care of Orphans, the Aged, Destitute and Provide Skill Training for the Youth.DSW/9716 D.I. 13/1/2021 Exp.12/1/2022
Centre for Community Participation and DevelopmentNationalWa Technical University road, WaWa MunicipalUpper WestHealth Related IssuesDSW/9717 D.I. 13/1/2021 Exp.12/1/2022
Kidsdom's Containment ParadiseNationalH/No. 12 Railway Byp;ass AchimotaAyawaso North MunicipalGreater AccraTo Sponsor the Education of Less Privilege Children.DSW/9718 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp.14/1/2022
Aggrey Freedom FoundationNationalSaltpong opposite the GCB BankMfantseman MunicipalCentralTo Develop the Underprivileged Child.DSW/9719 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp.14/1/2022
Womens Haven AfricaNationalKingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnessAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Provide Business Development Support to Women Start-Ups Entrepreneurs and Women Empowerment Programs.DSW/9720 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp.14/1/2022
Dadaba FoundationNationalRegimanuel Estate road, KwabenyaGa East MunicipalGreater AccraProviding and Organizing Health Screening, Assisting under Privileged Schools in Rural Communities,DSW/9721 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp.14/1/2022
Sustainable Development AllianceNationalRitz junction Ashaley Botwey road vulcanizerLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote Social Development in General, To Promote theWell being of Vulnerable Group such as Children, Women and Persons with Disability.DSW/9722 D.I. 15/1/2021 Exp.14/1/2022
Aduhene FoundationNationalGA-030-4321 Number 1 off Independence Avenue RidgeOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Provide Education Scholarship in Support of Girls from Poor Families, Institute and Disbursed Education /Scholarships to Intelligent but Needy Girls.DSW/9725 D.I. 18/1/2021 Exp.17/1/2022
Neu World FoundationNationalBlock 10, Baatsona, Com. 17 TemaTema MetropolitanGreater AccraWomen and Children.DSW/6526 D.I. 18/1/2021 Exp.17/1/2022
Allumuah Roots GhanaNationalBoi street in the Okaikoi South Okaikoi South MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide Financial Support for the Poor and Needy in Society and to Help also Operate a Library in the Society.DSW/9728 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp.21/1/2022
Orange CornersNationalRing road west Accra MetropolitanGreater AccraPromoting Youth EntrepreneurshipDSW/9729 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp.21/1/2022
Vestpaiva FoundationNationalOpposite mother Mary, Airport West AccraAyawaso WestGreater AccraTo Help the Poor in Society, To Develop the communities, To Deliberate on National Issues and to Develop the Communities.DSW/9730 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp.21/1/2022
Dr Adorsu-Djentuh FoundationNationalD-Lane H/No. D-54 SakumonoTema West MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Award Educational scholorships to Tertiary Students, Support other Charity Organisations and Promote Charitable Courses and Community Development.DSW/9731 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp.21/1/2022
Accountable Causes AssociationNationalLa Dade-KotoponLa Dade-Kotopon MunicipalGreater AccraTo Hold Duty Bearers Accountable and to Support Brilliant but Needy Girls.DSW/9732 D.I. 22/1/2021 Exp.21/1/2022
Chief Alhaji Sulley Issah FoundationNationalH/No. 838/24 Adom Junction,Market road Abeka Okaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Support the Needy, To Sensitized the Community and the Youth , To Empower Women and the Girl Child and to bring Development to the Community.DSW/9733 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
Our Earth TomorrowNationalBekwai-AshantiAmansie EastAshantiEnvironmental Education, Waste Management and Recycling and Environmental Legal Support.DSW/9735 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
Imam Abdul Wadud Foundation LBGNationalAboabo Akurem St. Patrick HotelAsokore Mampong MunicipalAshantiTo Help the Poor and the Needy in the Society and to Support Widows and Orphans.DSW/9736 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
KING Jesus Charity HomeNationalBoadi behind KNUSTOforikrom MunicipalAshantiTo Educate the Ghanaian Poor Street Children , Orphans and some children of Poor Parents up to JSS level.DSW/9737 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
Men's Hope Prostate FoundationNationalAyeduase inside Mireku PlazaOforikrom MunicipalAshantiChampioning Prostaqte Cancer Awareness and to Set up Data Centder abd Statistics for Prostate Cancer.DSW/9738 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
People' Foundation for Health and WealthNationalAtronieSunyani MunicipalBrong-AhafoTo Promote Community and Individual Healthy Wellbeing, /to Empower People with Entrepreneurial and Business Skills, Health, Education on Clinic Care. DSW/9739 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
Markaz Aleawn Alyaqin Humanitarian ServicesNationalPankrono EstateOld Tafo MunicipalAshantiProvision of Boreholes and Mosques for the Deprived Communities and Providing Assistance to the Needy in the Society.DSW/9740 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
The MLG ProjectNationalOpposite Vicandy International schoolKwadaso MunicipalAshantiSocial and Community Services.DSW/9741 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
Unisphere Alliance LBGNationalChoiceWeija-Gbawe MunicipalGreater AccraTo Advocate for Regional Iontegration in Africda through Research and Publications, To Advocate for Healthy Wellbeing of Ghanaiians through Public Education and Campaign.DSW/9742 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
Lake Agege Farm Association LBGNationalBaifikrom, MankessimMfantseman MunicipalCentralTo Help Organic, Sustainable Farming and Earth Building members in Ghana and Beyond.DSW/9743 D.I. 28/1/2021 Exp.27/1/2022
Disabled Christian Fellowship InternationalNationalAccra Rehabilitation CentreKorle-Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraDisabled SportsDSW/653 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp.10/2/2022
True Worshippers Prophetic Dance MinistriesNationalKaneshieOkaikoi WestGreater AccraUsing Dance and Drama to reach out to the Lost Souls and Reaching out to the Needy with Food and the Word of God, Clothing them.DSW/9746 D.I. 3/2/2021 Exp.2/2/2022
TGVA FoundationNationalBaatsonaTema West MetropolitanGreater AccraVocational and Skills Development for Disadvantage Women and Sex Workers.DSW/9747 D.I. 3/2/2021 Exp 2/2/2022
I Hope Centres Worldwide LBGNationalNear the Eletoral Commission officeAccra MetropolitanGreater AccraTo Assess the Basic Needs of Children, Young People and Provide Formal Education and Internal Education.DSW/9748 D.I. 3/2/2021 Exp 2/2/2022
Grace Inner City FoundationNationalGreenligjht storey building, opposite the Police StationSunyani West MunicipalBrong-AhafoAssisting the Vulnerable People in Society.DSW/9749 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Genda in Focus LBGNationalBehind Total Filling Station Effia-Kuma roadShama DistrictWesternTo Improve the Socio-Economic Sttus of Women and Girls through Capacity Building Actgivitdies and Advocacy.DSW/9750 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Connect Trade NetworkNationalInside Ghana Innovation HubAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTraining for individual entrepreneurs and businesses.DSW/9753 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Cybersage GHNationalNii Noi Kwame street, 5 Akua Maase st near Dzorwulu Special School., Ayawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Provide the General Public with Information and Tools that will enable them to understand current and Future Threats.DSW/9754 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
MGC For Women and ChildrenNationalNo. 10 Duala Link, East Legon within the Wellness Centre BuildingAyawaso West MunicipalGreater AccraTo Promote and Provide for the Benefit of Children and Women in Need, Amenities of their Spriritual, Academic and Social Development.DSW/9755 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Church Music AfricaNationalAdabraka OdornaKorle-Klottey MunicipalGreater AccraTo Parrticipate Actively in the Formulation, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Local, National and International Programmes for the Production and Dissemination of Good Quality Church Music.DSW/9756 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Smart Elect FoundationNationalClose to Miracle Gospel ChurchLa Nkwantanang-Madina MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Orphans, Widows and Prisoners both in Cash and in Kind.DSW/9758 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Africa Interdiciplinary Research Institute (AfiRi) LBGNationalMadinaAdentan MunicipalGreater AccraTo Support Researchers in Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Science, Health Sciences and other Disciplines by undertaking, Facilitating and Coordinating.DSW/9759 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Jackie & Dentaah Love FoundationNationalOdorkor, opposite Martin Luther School on the Nii Ayi streetGa CentralGreater AccraSupport the Needy in the Society in Cash and Kind.DSW/9760 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022
Sara Galloway Health FoundationNationalPlot No. B66122/88 Musuline North Industrial areaOkaikoi NorthGreater AccraTo Educate and empower Women and the Girl Child in rural Areas on Menstrual Health and Sexual Transmitted Diseases.DSW/9761 D.I. 11/2/2021 Exp 10/2/2022

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