The Division is responsible for the following functions:

  • Responsible for the drafting policy guidelines and concept papers;
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of Medium and Short-Term Plan, Annual Work and Financial Plan of the Department;
  • Develops standards, guidelines and regulations to ensure effective and efficient delivery of social welfare and development interventions;
  • Coordinates and facilitates compliance with standards, guideline and regulations within the delivery of social interventions;
  • Initiates the preparation of research proposals, assessment of research proposals and conduct of research necessary for decision making, planning, policy inputting and legislative requirements;
  • Formulates and monitors the implementation of the Department’s medium-term research agenda;
  • Disseminates research findings and advocate for the implementation of the recommendation;
  • Provide leadership in the enhancement and generation of social protection statistics.
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of social welfare and development interventions, organizational performance, programmes and projects of the Department;
  • Develop and Operationalize the Department monitoring & evaluation system; and
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of the resource mobilization strategies of the Department.


The Units under the Division are as follows:

  • Planning Unit:-The Unit coordinates the development of medium-term plans and policy guidelines.
  • Resource Mobilization and Management Unit:-The Unit establishes, advocates and promotes effective collaboration and partnerships among relevant stakeholders to mobilize financial, physical and infrastructural resources to support plans, programmes and projects of the Department. It also coordinates and provides technical guidance for the development of budget of the Department.
  • Research and Information Management Unit: The Unit initiates the preparation and assessment of research proposals; conducts and gathers analyzed data for the development of the Department’s policies, planned programmes and/or medium term strategic plans. The Unit also collates data to create a database and integrates new technologies into the operations of the Department. It maintains information technology network and infrastructure for the Department.
  • Standards Development and Compliance Unit:-The Unit develops, disseminates and ensures compliance to international conventions, regulations, laws, rules, operating manuals, ethics and professional standards for the effective and efficient delivery of social welfare and development interventions.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Unit:-Monitors and evaluates DSWD’s programmes, projects, organizational performance; provide technical assistance on social intervention planning, reporting and coordination; and provide monitoring parameters/guidelines in the assessment the results of the program/performance review.

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